April 2, 2010
Worldfocus staff and contributors say goodbye

Martin Savidge in the Worldfocus studio.

Martin Savidge, who hosted the show for much of its run, comments on the end of the program:

Well, gang, our nightly global road trip has come to an end. There’s no point dwelling on the why. Sometimes that is just the way it is.

Even so, I will miss the show and all of you. We shared a common passion and interest wanting to know more about the rest of the world which we share. We wanted more than just the big, mostly violent, headlines preferring the simple intimate portraits of life and people in other places. We traveled far to find stories that in many ways reminded us of our own. The good news was it wasn’t all bad news.

So maybe it’s time to take a break and unpack. You know, catch up on the laundry and the mail all that kind of stuff you do when you come off the road. It’s also time to recharge, rethink and plan for the next journey. I’ll be out there somewhere. There is still too much to see and get to know.

Not sure where I’m going just yet but isn’t that the fun of it? Let’s stay in touch, I’m not a hard man to track I’m on Facebook so look for me.

Yes it’s sort of sad but it’s also not so bad. We had a wonderful adventure I know that because like any great journey it feels ended too soon.

Wishing you safe travels and friendly customs agents!

The Worldfocus newsroom, with Sally Garner in the foreground.

Sally Garner, who was a producer at Worldfocus, writes about her experience:

More than 2,000 viewers have written to say they will miss Worldfocus. Ratings surveys show more than 300,000 were watching. But behind the scenes there were just a few dozen people writing, editing, reporting, researching, telephoning, creating graphics, searching for experts, and on every single day — laughing.

Yep, a newsroom filled with generally happy people. That’s what happens when a good idea gets off the ground with a great staff.

We found out, whether it was our first job in TV news, or maybe our last, that it’s a team sport. We may be going off the air, but there’s not a chance I will forget looking across three long tables in an open workspace and marveling at what was happening.

Our newsroom (pictured above right) might look like a meeting room to you, but that was the whole place, the whole staff. I’m proud to have been a part of it and I will miss every person who shared the experience of Worldfocus.

Oh, and may I say to my colleagues — table one rules.

Mohammad Al-Kassim at work.

Mohammad Al-Kassim, a Worldfocus associate producer, recalls his time on the show.

The last 18 months have been the best in my life — with all its ups and downs. I was blessed with the honor of working with some of the best in the journalism profession. I came here with a little bit of knowledge of the profession of journalism, and I leave today with the experience of a lifetime. Worldfocus has enriched my life in so many ways, and it made coming to work every day a moment I looked forward to.

Edie Magnus, a Worldfocus correspondent who reported from Chile, Canada and Brazil, writes about her memories:

I was always pleased and proud to contribute to the content of Worldfocus.

Edie Magnus fills in at the anchor desk.

Whether I traveled overseas to report or watched from home, I always learned something that was actually NEW in the Worldfocus news.

Worldfocus offered a window into the lives of others beyond our shores that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else. Each night was a gift.

I hope PBS will find another way to put the world’s pressing issues on our collective radar. In the meantime, the Worldfocus staff should feel very proud of the work it did to make it happen, and I wish my colleagues success as in taking this experience into the next meaningful project.




How are the American people going to know what is going on from other peoples’ perspectives? We need to continue to broaden our way of thinking in the world as a nation as well as individually. Thank you for all that you were able to give us in those short 18 months.


When President Bush leaves the American TV is it a time of great joy for progressive people. When World Focus leaves American TV we feel geat pain and sorrow. Please return so that we do not have to repeat history! We love you.


World Focus often displayed the rare quality known as “heart”, as well as genuine class and brilliance. I’m so sorry you have gone.


Alas, I am terribly bummed to have WF go off the air. I go traveling to Oceania for 3 weeks and come home to nothing in the 9:30 PST slot. I loved WF. I must now go back solely to the BBC, NYT, France 24 and Bangkok Post…It was a great program…Americans can now go back to ignorance…


Thank you WF for giving me the opportunity to travel abroad (mentally) through the lens of your reporting and coverage. I learned a lot about others and more importantly about myself and how I can further be involved in international affairs: a primary focus that I will always follow because of PBS shows like WF, Newshour, Wide Angle, Frontline …

You all did a great job; great reports, excellent guest speakers, and amazing international coverage that is uniquely your own.


I so miss World Focus. It was a sane, informative, format. It engaged us to think as citizens of not only the local but also to ponder the wonder of the world stage. Hopefully, this was not the end, but a beginning. Thank you, so much.


I’m sorry to see worldfocus has gone. I only recently began to watch it as it shows on one of my digital PBS channels, and I appreciated seeing reporters from various countries, instead of just the US or UK, highlight the many important stories that all too often are put on the back burner by US news sources. It was nice to see human interest stories of areas where there aren’t natural or manmade disasters that force US news companies to take notice.


Is there any possibility of you guys coming back on the air. Please, please say yes. It was The best news broadcast and our evenings are not the same. Maybe you can find another form of broadcasting. We need the follow ups on your interesting stories otherwise we will spend a lifetime wondering whatever happened. Wish you all the best.


Elections have consequences, so too do poor decisions: each time I receive a solicitation from PBS, THIRTEEN, GBH, etc, I return the envelope with the following scrolled across the form: YOU’VE MADE YOUR DECISION BY DROPPING “WIDE ANGLE” AND NOW “WORLD FOCUS”, and now I’ve made mine: NO CHECK, NOTHING, NO MONEY. TRUST AND SUPPORT GOES BOTH WAYS!!


I loved the program! I yearn for international news and your provided interesting in depth stories from all over the world. BBC is great but you were special. I looked forward to the news with you each evening that I was home….it was quiet and “wordly” and unbiased and allowed us to make our own judgements. Thank you very much and good luck – we need news shows like these without an agenda except to thoughtfully inform. Is anyone listening??


Worldfocus is exactly the kind of programming that more Americans need to broaden our ever narrowing perspective on the world.


Worldfocus is never is to seen on Channel 13 WNET PBS again. Because we’re all going to watch BBC World News to be brought back permanently this week of April 2010. So, I don’t like Worldfocus, I dissatisfied it. It’s off the air and the Worldfocus online will be no more and it’s over and good-bye.


I am totally bummed you’re gone. Totally. Your stories were creative and courageous. Your “borrowings” from other media outlets, such as Al Jazeera and Deutsch evella? (sorry, I’m sure that’s spelled ridiculously) were tasteful and relevant. Your on-air journalists and personalities were excellent. I have no idea why you’re going off the air and hope that in some form, PBS will recast this program and make it accessible again. Looking at BBC WorldNews is fine, but it will not be the same. BBC does have a point of view, and I found the journalists on WorldFocus to express a more neutral point of view than BBC, much as I appreciate BBC. Thank you for all your great work and hope to see you again in whatever format.


Six O’clock and I am lost. The thoughtful reportage of WF was my compass in a news landscape rife with meanspiritedness and shlock.
I must comment on the extraordinary grace of Daljit and the entire staff in the face of this tremendous loss. A class act for sure.


Americans want to police the world, but we have no interest in what happens there! How sad is that.

The staff at World Focus should feel proud that they produced a first class news program. I can only hope that somehow, someway, it will be possible to get your program resurrected. somewhere else.


Have the “Powers that Be” lost their collective minds? Is it only the “Bean Counters” that are in charge? What kind rationale can possibly explain this idiotic decision? We desperately need more international news about the world we share with the rest of the planet, NOT LESS!!

In a time period where the world becomes smaller every day and far too many Americans are uneducated about how we truly “fit” into an ever changing world, to lose a short 1/2 hr daily program of the excellent calibre and quality of World Focus is extraordinarily short-sighted.

How do Americans, whose vanishing access to information about non-headline stories, expect or even hope to be literate about our world and the people who populate it?

I had faith that PBS, in it’s commitment to quality programming, would recognize the strong value and necessity of World Focus to American citizens!! Couldn’t consideration be given to not produce the program daily, but make it longer (1 hr) and show it weekly, versus not producing it at all?

Please tell us what can be done at this late date to change the wise(??) minds who have made this decision and have them reconsider.


World Focus was my #1 news program because of the balance of good news and bad news and news from outside of the United States. Most of current news focuses on the US, Europe and the Middle East. And the content is war, economics and politics. Your idea will not go away–perhaps reborn in another format.

Dan from Cincinnati


To replace world focus with NJN news is to slap us in the face with a wet codfish. A country whose view of the world extends no further than the New Jersey turnpike does not deserve the leadership of the free world and very soon will cease to enjoy it.


I feel like I lost a good friend. I have to remind myself, it was just a news program. It was an excellent one, and I thank you for putting it on for these past 18 months! Thank You, all! You did a great job. I hope everyone effected will find happiness and fulfilling projects in the near future. Good luck to the entire team and, again, thank you very much. You will be missed


Stop crying in your beer. There is a rat loose somewhere. My wife tells me (and I listen)that she saw it on the air one day that ABC(American Broadcasting Co.)was “affiliated” with Worldfocus”. This already tells me something. Since ABC, like the other major networks is in the non-news business, WF was an embarrassment because WF told it straight and that was too “inflammatory”. I’m not some crank: I have a PhD and I’m a Professor at a Major US University. I have more education than any of the LAST 3 presidents, combined (Throw St. Reagan in as well). My message to all you who, like me, feel hurt to the core at the loss of WF, is simply this: Open up your minds and think, stop whining and get proactive. I was impressed by the gentleman in Minnesota who sent his concerns to his senators. I wish I could offer more, to buy out PBS and ensure WF’s ongoing success, but I can’t. I spent $$ to get Obama elected and I think you can spend some of your time becoming more involved in your surroundings. There is a conspiracy afoot. Keep your eyes and ears open. Best.




I was very disappointed to see you go off the air. There was no other program like it in giving us informative and interesting glimpses of life around the world. Public TV has lost me as a viewer in the 7:30 time slot that World Focus occupied.


The presence of the show’s absence is and will be noted by me. I was always informed and frequently moved by the content of World Focus programs. The piece on Haitian “dirt cookies” was especially poignant. Somewhere in the “media universe” the intent of the program must again be “real-ized”…the need for it definitely exists


One comment above struck a chord and that was the person who wanted to know why WF waited so long to announce they were running out of money. I smell a rat.


The losers in the unfortunate cancellation of World Focus are viewers in America who have no alternative when it comes to video-reporting from around the world. Even as the US engages more with the rest of planet Earth, people in this country know less of what happens outside the shores of this insular country. The “winners” in this unfortunate loss are those who benefit most from public ignorance – the rulers of the US and from the military/industry/government complex.


Worldfoces was surprisingly balanced and professional TV broadcasting. It is sad to lose it. PBS TV station should instead cancel BBC as their “reporters” are poor educated, profoundly ignorant, dishonest, and only proficient in Geobbelse propaganda.


More and more channels are appearing,but without adequate funding-so then they start pledge drives,hoping to continue on your hard earned dollars.Dont start if you cant afford it to begin with……….


Good riddance. WorldFocus was a waste of time and a waste of resources, including the many former employees who were sacrificed to this venture. It was easily predicted to fail. Don’t blame the recession. WorldFocus was a terrible idea from the beginning, moved forward by arrogant and incompetent leadership at Thirteen, and by those who sought to secure their place at the table there.


Thanks. Very much, thanks.


So sad, but I am happy to know that so many awake and compassionate humans beings are alive and working to help human progress biospheric justice. Jai. gunapie


We can only hope that PBS Newshour can pick up the slack. We’ll be watching for you!


What a huge loss to those of us ( too few) who value refined and intellectual presentation of internationally important news.


What a loss, thanks so much for the elightenment you skillfully shared with us … this was predicted, TV will become senseless fluff more and more.


Edie Magnus said it perfectly. “Each night was a gift,” and I think we should all take Martin’s advice and be glad we were able to enjoy World Focus while it was here rather than dwell on why the show was prematurely ended. Thanks again World Focus and the best of luck to all of you.


Thank you for expanding my knowledge of world events. The fact that you did it with insight, compassion and intelligence made World Focus a joy to experience. You will be sorely missed.


you guys will be missed , the best world news program around.. Good luck in your next venture!!


thank you! but if there is anything we can do don`t be shy.


What touching words:)


I am so saddened to see Worldfocus go off the air – I have lived in many parts of the globe, and do not hesitate to say that despite all their resources, American news networks produce programs that leave their viewers as clueless about the world outside their shores.
Worldfocus was so different – a half hour that was worth hours of other news channels programming.
Please bring this talented group of people back!


Yesterday I sent a copy of this letter to each of our Minnesota Senators:
Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken:

Thank you for your good work in the Senate.

Enclosed is my concern. I have been listening to “World Focus” on Public Television from the Twin Cities for the last 18 months. It is now going off the air because, they say, they don’t have enough millionaire sponsors.

I thought public television was suppose to be the alternative to company sponsored TV, especially news programs.

Please see if you can get this program back on the air.



Often seems the good things never last,and the news that World Focus is being pulled proves that again.
Was’nt the audience large enough for a program which often shook viewers out of their comfort zone,and detailed the issues and places which mainstream media news outlets superficially cover?
Thanks to everyone involved,for the effort to go beyond the ordinary.


Martin Savidge says: “Yes it’s sort of sad but it’s also not so bad”. Although I highly appreciate Savidge´s work I do not agree with him. It is very bad that the only alternative international news cast currently being aired in the United States has been cancelled due to lack of funding. It is sad and depressing that we do not have access to international news and that corporate media choses to cover the same topics, always of some political interest. As an American who has lived in 3 different continents other than the United States, I thrive for international news and do not know where to go. Just a couple of days ago I was out with a friend and the bar´s TV set was tuned on Fox News (of all places). I heard the anchor say: “Now, “around the world in 80 seconds”. So, they have a segment that is meant to cover international news in 80 seconds. That is pathetic. CNN has also lost touch with international news. Oh, how depressing.
So, yes, it is very very bad and I do not see a new programming approach heading our way soon. I sure think PBS should have the lead on this one and am very surprised that it was unable to handle the situation.
Best of luck to all the staff and thanks for the brilliant work. Best of luck to all of us.


I wonder how come World Focus producers didn’t tell viewers they were having PROBLEMS with the show until recently I think to safe to say if they claim they have funding problems they could come to us


PLEASE – if there is some way or thing any of us can do to get World Focus back on PBS – TELL US ! That has been such a great program, bringing America to the world and the world to America – we NEED such a program – THANK YOU, ALL WHO WORKED ON/IN & FOR THIS PROGRAM ! COME BACK, PLEASE !!!


This is the best news program I have seen. I have looked forward to watching it each evening. I was delighted when it appeared, and shocked and disappointed to hear that it was leaving. What will it take to bring it back? The show gives an important perspective on the global world in which we live.


“World Focus” was my favorite news program in the evenings on PBS. I only found out this morning WF was being canceled and am greatly disappointed. So little world news seems to make it into the U.S. market and WF filled that large gap. You all will be sorely missed!!


It’s been tough watching the last month since Daljit announced WorldFocus’ cancellation, but the highlight episodes gave me the chance to watch segments I’d not seen the first 12 months. Unfortunately, I only found out about the show in Oct 2009 when Foreign Exchange was cancelled and Daljit took over as anchor – I had only watched that program a short time too :(

You’ve done a great job enlightening me on world news with a human touch, e.g. the Biblio Burro. I’m grateful to have experienced such great journalism, even for a short time.

I’m confident that your talented staff will grace our presence again, and hope the winning combination proven with WorldFocus will persist.

Good luck to all of you!

PS. If the going gets tough, give Mr. Savidge a call – he’s got a winning attitude ;)


I could not believe it when it was anounced that world focus was no longer going to air. Your’s was the best news program ever. I looked forward to watching it each and every evening and now it will be gone.

I could not believe it when it was announced that Word Focus would no longer be on the air. I can’t say enough just how missed your program will be. I so looked forward to watching it daily and now there is nothing to take it’s place. Before I discoverd you progam I would watch (I still do) BBC, but yours is the better of the two. I will miss Mr.Savage most of all. I wish all of you reporters and staff the best of luck and hope that by chance we will see you again.


Word Focus made a big difference to me. You offered a new and enlightening look at the world which U.S. media ignores and Americans should know more about.. Looks as though it is now going to be “politics as usual” literally,on other news outlets. Just the same old predictible same old, full of sound and fury, but little objective insight..


Dear World Focus, Thank you for creating and presenting this excellent, much-needed program which connects us with people from all parts of our shared world. We are very grateful, and hope you will return soon. Best wishes.


I come home everyday on time to watch this special
world focus. Now I have nothing but regurler Srap on time. Thanks for bringing the big world so close in our home. We miss you.


Devastating News. Nothing in news will be the same until you return. No more contributions to PBS from me until it does return. Who is running this PBS anyhow?


Your reporting and discussions have been fair and honest. On top you have brought the real world to our knowledge. A rarity and absence in present tv and cable. My suggestion is that you should become a web site a la Huffington Post. You have a responsibility to inform the American public what is the world doing in an honest and fair way just like you always have done. You gave us what was like health care reform in many other countries, and you opened this new information for me, and I got involved more actively. You reports on energy tackling by other countries Denmark, Greece, Israel were illuminating, informative and practical. And the many discussions on the hot topic of the Middle East helped me to go and study the facts and present them in my blogs.

I can mention many other subjects, but you opened a new and fresh forum
for the knowledge people in the USA and the World have to have.

Open a web site to continue this very necessary work, in view that sites like yours are practically unavailable. It is your responsibility and ours to support you and keep you alive. Otherwise the people will sink into the
darkness of failure, bigotry and violence that ignorance brings by false propaganda of the powerful.


Edie said it just right: “Each night was a gift,” which has been such a privilege to receive. I find myself shocked by my grief over loosing this show, but I suppose its natural to bond to something which has given me so many of those gifts, each crafted with love, care, skill, insight, wisdom and understanding. Although I mourn the show’s loss, I can’t help but think that it lives on in all of us who have been increased by its life. You have changed the world for the better by your gift. You are what PBS aspires to be.

I ask you, please, not to be discouraged. We all crave your work. Once more unto the breach!
Heartfelt thanks to Martin, Daljit, Edie, Mohammad, Kristen, Gizem, and the whole staff. God bless you!


Although your anchor was really hot, the show was somewhat boring with an anti-American slant. Loved your final show with that pro cuba “we love baseball for the game, not the money” cuban propoganda! I am sure that they love the game. Nothing better than penny popcorn, 5 cent tickets and free healthcare. Sorry, I lost my cable and forced to watch things like world focus.


Loved the show thanks to all involved!


Goodbye and Good Luck to World Focus Staff and Crew, Thanks for a year and half of excellence in television journalism!


a worthy competitor to BBC world news, I love martin savidge, it was actually the first time I felt Americans could actually produce an informative news program, sad that good things must come to an end


I’m sad to see this wonderful program come to an end. I looked forward to watching each night after Tavis. I want to thank and wish the best to Daljit Daliwal, Martin Savidge, Kristen Gillespie, Martin Seemungal, Dave Marash and so many others who made this program so informative and enjoyable.




What a pity. A heart felt “thank you” for your fair and interesting program. We are left with: How to get rid of the world. Watch US television.


So why exactly is world focus ending? I just barely found this program and it is the best show on world news and events I’ve ever found. Good things end to soon. Can someone tell me why?


That’s what’s happening in America…intelligence is always being trashed! Saying ‘I have no idea!’ is the mantra. I had to keep awake until 11 pm est just to watch your show! Now, where and what other program can I watch? Perhaps it is a handy excuse to hit the sack early, huh.I hope they will not trash BBC news next.


Bummer . You will be greatly missed!


Thank you for the wonderful program. You will be missed.


What a shame, I guess we are going to miss an informative program. Best of luck to each and every one of you. Hopefully some how we could see you on the internet.


This was truly outside view of the world. There is no other program in US TV news line that provides a world view. When Fox offers “Around the world in 90 seconds” for the rest of the world in a 1 hour broadcast, that tells you the sad state of affairs. You will be missed, World Focus. If there is a link to donations/ restarting the program, please announce on WHYY and PBS. I am sure people would be more than willing.


What a shame! I always enjoy finding a show that shows a perspective different from the monolithic shows that those of us in the United States are offered. The world is lessened by this show’s passing.


This program filled a void of international news; it displeases me that it is being dropped. Thank you all for your creative and informative reporting.


I am so sorry to hear this news! This is a wonderful program. How could it be cancelled? It was very popular with everyone I know.


What a shock! This was my favorite program. My wife and I looked forward to it every evening. It filled a definite gap in international reporting. It will be missed.


I am so disappointed – the show was so interesting and informative, I will miss it very much!!


Losing this program is a shame. It filled an important void in broadcast world news. Thanks to the writers, editors and producers for having produced such thought-provoking, solid journalism.


Worldfocus filled a void I didn’t realize was so vast … it and the tireless dedicated staff will be missed. I hope each of you finds fulfilling work, and that perhaps soon, Worldfocus, or it’s next generation, will return soon to fill the big empty space left behind. Best of luck and travels to each and every one of you.


You showed the faces of people…people just like us…families with dreams and hopes. How many times does that happen? We are more the same than we are different. Your kind reminding voice will be truly missed.


WHY! We enjoy World Focus! Watch it every night it’s on. Now what?


I’m very disappointed in PBS! It has been the only source of dignified and educational TV viewing in our family, besides the genuinely informative Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. Where the US-centric children can ever learn about the rest of the world, besides having the financial means to travel! A very sad and depressing prospect, indeed!


Truly a shame, you will be missed.


Sorry to see it go. I followed from the beginning. You wouldn’t know that though since I pick it up for free, via Philadelphia, PA, USA, on PBS WHYY ch12.1 antenna – no cable connection. Are you still accepting donations?


World Focus filled a need. It was more interesting than the standard news. It will be missed.


It was with such a delightful surprise that I discovered World Focus 18 months ago here on PBS. How promising it was for peace in the world when the mass-media in US finally showed a great recognition of the culture and people in the world, outside of USA. Alas, that hope is very, very short-lived! What a shameful loss. And, why does US TV still needs more reality shows and talk shows, and more “fair and balance” commentaries.. Utterly unfathomable to me! Huge thanks and appreciation to the brave and talented WF staff.


I guess Americans will have to go back to 5-alarm fires, the News Hour, and the venom of Fox fixed lies. That leaves Rachel Maddow as a shining light, next to Bill Moyers and Now. PBS has lost something of value. Too bad.


Shocked. That’s all I can say. This was true NEWS program and I want to know why the plug was pulled!!! Anemic view from a board room I bet.


Horrible news! With reference to Martin’s comment, I would like to know Why? this valuable news show was canceled. Perhaps PBS should do a contract with al jeezera.


I will miss getting news from around the world
that I never got in this country before “World Focus” came onto the air. I will truly miss this incredible news program.


I cannot believe this 1/2 hour gem is not going to be on the air any more! It was was an excellent, excellent show! I loved it’s diversity, the in-depth looks at a variety of international issues, the human interest vignettes, and the excellent reporting and production. There will be a great void, which no one will fill–given the state of corporate rule these days.


No other news program in the US came close to this one. You’ll be missed greatly


Our whole family will miss our favorite news show. We appreciate all of your hard work.


It is sad to see Worldfocus leave the air. I have been enriched by the stories that you have presented and the public will have one less avenue to open their hearts and minds to the world


Great job Worldfocus. Your end will leave a vacuum
that PBS has a responsibility to urgently fill with equivalent content. Happy trails to you.


Martin and Daljit very great reporters and your staffer who are behind the sence I want to say a sincere thanks for making this program happen althou short live. I always say this but i mean it sincerely Thank You for stand up for those who can’t. I want to say “no don’t go…” but we all know every thing comes to an end. ty for a great time while you lasted.
Bye……:( @>—-


What a shame! my husband and I enjoyed your ability to bring the customs and traditions of other countries, their people, and their world closer to us. We will miss your news broadcast. We hope to see you in another venue. There are Americans who see beyond our borders.
Thank you


You will be missed. your reports were always informative and truly the only international new worth watching. Truly a fantastic program. Hope BBC will still be around.


Thank you all for your efforts to make World Focus such a wonderful program. You will be greatly missed!


We are devastated! This is our nightly news program: we want a perspective on the world that it more global and thoughtful than typical news programmes with two-minute sound bytes. What will we do Monday. I am so sad.


Your integrity in reporting with a real
World Focus” will be missed. Even as a young teen in the early 60’s I always enjoyed listening to news from outside the US because of the varied focus. What a team of reporters you had. I cannot recall a more diversified and skilled team for international reporting. I hope to see you all around in various venues. None of you deserves to be “out of work” for long. Thanks for all the good work and thanks to whoever will be responsible for at least keeping the web site active as an archive of good reporting.


Thank you all for the wonderful program. We will miss you. We have our fingers crossed that it will re-emerge at some point in the not too distant future.


This suck I just hope PBS do offer another international news show in the future I going miss World focus


you did a very good job ! finally an American daily show focusing entirely on the rest of the world ! alas, Americans are not ready for this… luckily we still have the BBC ! thanks to all of you for trying !


Thank you for all of your hard work, WorldFocus staff! I wish you all the best as you try to find work in this difficult economy. Your high quality journalism will be missed big time.


I shed a tear (more than one). World Focus was the ONLY American international news program worth watching. I will truly miss the program. Thank you all for doing the great reporting you did.


I really enjoyed the show. I was really bummed out when Daljit announced the show would end. I also enjoyed watching her on Foreign Exchange and was really bummed out when that show ended. I really thought the show would be a PBS staple like Nightly Business Report and The NewsHour.


Why? How I shall miss this full half hour of world news!


Thank you all at Worldfocus! Great job on an underserved media market.

Reaching out to global Progressives at the new site ; Balkingpoints.com – and check out the awesome satellite view of earth / front page!


A heck of a loss. WF was one of the best and most informative news shows there were. Dare I hope that something of the sort will again arise ?


Big DITTO!!!


You and all of the staff who worked with the show will be missed. I wish there was some way to keep it on the air. World Focus was such an outstanding program. It allowed me and so many others to have a better understanding of the world outside of the United States.

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