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April 2, 2010
Worldfocus special edition: slices of life around the globe




April 2nd was a sad day.


I second Earle’s sentiments. World Focus is much needed & there are tons of us who would like 2 do our part to save this show- so if there’s anything our voices, letters or even money can do please let us all know & we’ll show just how much we love & need this show in a world where news has become akin to basic entertainment. We are prepared to act to save this show -please let us know if it is at all possible.




In all my years of continual education,as life is a perpetual road to understanding,when the dawn of time takes hold of reality,and you must capitulate finality being “to smart too late,to old too soon”,oh why,…oh why is youth wasted on the young ,someone once said. I have never experienced such profound ,and poignant inspirational journalism that triumphs the well being of mankind thru the hourglass of virtuous awareness. You have given sight to the bigoted,a voice for the once illiterate,a bifurcated sounding-board for the deaf too cogitate thought,and a sixth sense embellishing cerebral hope. May the continuum of your journey beyond “Worldfocus” be forever altruistic,…God Bless.

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