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April 1, 2010
Worldfocus special edition on 21st century Africa




Nobody bothers with what you know, until they know how much you care…

Apparenly China has shown that they really care it wont be long before they are the only trusted friend Africa has and the western world is kicked out..

China does nothing for no gain but the way they seem to be dong it i a WIN/WIN situation for all


Some westerners here seems to have just wake up from their dream. China have built up trust in Africa by building the Tanzanian-Zambia railways, gave generous help to Egypt to defend its Suez canal in the 60’s when many western commentators were not yet born. As for comparing chinese to Nazi, didn’t these same people compared Beijing 2008 Olympic to the 1937 Nazi Olympic in Berlin? So we will wait for another years to see if china attack its neighbor like these hypocrite wanted us to believe. One thing for sure, chinese pay for the minerals and mine at market value, Rio Tinto and the like owned by former white colonizers in London and NewYork get their mines free from the white colonial masters. These hypocrite also cry foul when chinese company bought african mines but keep mum when the chinese buy over mines and minerals from Canadian and Australian companies, when the different is African get the proceed when selling their mine, whereas in the second case, Australian aborigine in Alice Spring and the original people in reservation turn concentration camps get nothing for the mines or ore dug out from their land, all proceed directly deposited in the London, Paris, and NewYork stock market. Isn’t this atrocious. You think people are so stupid not to see the differences?


What Westerners can do to help the situation is to keep advocating for environmental protection in Africa, but it is counterproductive to complain that China is building ports and roads. Africans have found a partner that is as motivated to develop Africa as they are. If Western powers are truly concerned they should start building modern ports and buildings to rival China’s efforts. Maybe they just aren’t interested in Africa enough to do that.


I see a problem – the universal problem of exploitation: China’s goals are China oriented – or shall I say – businsess oriented (Chinese based). The end result is the economic exploitation of Africa. There should be an encouragement of localized economy, but it is complicated. African business men are just as capable as Chinese business men at exploitation. We need to encourage the Proutist system as a final answer for the good and well-being of the local populations.


China is offering assistance without passing judgement on policies and actions of the African governments. Not that there are no wrongs but just that at times the assistance is what is needed to fight the malpractices that are being experienced. And what is “the market price” of these goods. Who is determining these world market prices…? If demand and supply determine these market prices then is China not playing by the rules? I wonder….


Africans themselves know whether China’s involvement makes their living better at the end of the day. Westerners need not past judgment as it will only betray their fear and jealousy. Both sides want to benefit and should the Africans feel they profit less they will demand more next time which is unlike the colonial days.


Personally, I felt that this was the most enlightening program about 21st century Africa that I have ever seen. I was stunned by the dramatic change in Nairobi, and completely surprised by the Chinese ‘inroads’, especially by
the African students learning to speak the language. This is one program that you would never have seen – or will see – on network television. BRAVO… and kudos to Daljit …she
will be sorely missed.


Hi Secretary. I think you are overly pananoid. Comparisons to 1939 Germany, and Military take overs. Really come on now. The West is losing its monopoly as the key player on the continent. This loss has not only been driven by Chinese ambition but also as much by western ambivilance, complacency and arrogance toward African business potencial


Germany did a similar type of project before 1939 and you saw what they didis in the rest of the world. You saw what happen in America. American low paying jobs ($15.00/ hour) went to China ($.50/ hour). Those low paying jobs will never return to America.
In Africa the movement of China is natural to take over a country by starting at sea level and move inland. They build the sea port, the roads, the rework of government policy. Look at the video you see China as more as a country that runs its own project. The workers who are Chinese are by far military (troops) workers. They are Red Army. They are not going home any time soon (if ever). In that African country they have undermine the country inferstucture to such extent that likly if they all went home the same day that country would go into civil war. China is the modern colony builder. Not with guns, but changeing the lives of the locals with cheap goods. Cheap goods below market cost cripples the locals. They China gets the mineral wealth of the country and when or if that stops China goes home, no way. If this country had a problem with the Europeans it will be nothing to being a suburb of China.

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