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April 1, 2010
Moroccan hip-hop group fuses traditional music with rap

During a reporting trip to Morocco last year, Worldfocus’ Hoda Osman, Rebecca Haggerty and Megan Thompson met the members of hip-hop group H-Kayne.

We met up with H-Kayne in a Meknes studio while reporting on a story about Sufism. Their biggest hit, “Issawa Style,” pays tribute to the renowned Sufi brotherhood of the same name.

Although they cultivate an image of urban grittiness, in person the young men are surprisingly earnest. During the visit, they performed a freestyle song about the importance of education. And they take pride in their music’s wide appeal to a broad cross-section of Moroccans.

In this brief interview, the members of H-Kayne discuss their musical influences, including Moroccan traditional music such as Aissawa and Gnawa.

– Rebecca Haggerty

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