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March 31, 2010
Worldfocus special edition on technology




I work as a web master and have been suggesting for the past 10+ years that a card like the one shown in Estonia story should be in use here in the USA. Like a drivers license on the info super highway it could separate the ages and validate one’s legitimacy in age sensitive areas on the web.

We’ve thrown all ages in together on the web and
have too often observed an honor system that simply doesn’t work. I’ve advocated a Jr web for those under 18 or whatever age is legal in their area where they would be safe from older predators
as well. Thus those up to high school graduating
age would be safe and held to the laws of minors.

Legal age adults would be safer from underage people spoofing older identities. Thus a safer internet for everyone with this technology and we
could move beyond the present Wild Wild West net culture.


Another great view of the world. Concerning paying a congestion fee, i don’t think NYC residence would allow it. We pay so much in fine everyday from deceptive parking meter attendant (meter-maid, get a real job), high tolls and don’t forget mismanagement of its resources by it own city council. The mayor who bought his seat, can well afford to pay for any short in his budget.

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