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March 31, 2010
Migrants stranded en route to Europe

Last year, during a trip to Morocco, Worldfocus correspondent Hoda Osman, producer Rebecca Haggerty, and cameraperson Megan Thompson visited the autonomous city of Melilla. There they met dozens of migrants desperate to get to Europe.

Translations courtesy of United Sikhs.




We watched every night worldfocus. we will miss the show. I hope it will come back again.


Too many people want to move to an easy life somewhere else. Going to Europe is just a stepping stone to America. America is a place where you can make millions or thousands more then you could ever make in Europe. These people are using Europe as stepping stone. Europe does not need more migrants especially those who can not offer a high education. Even if they get to Europe then what? Speak the local language is a problem, most people will not hired you if you do not speak their language. The only employment will be in the underworld of crime. World Focus might have done these people an injustice since their Bio-faces now sit in Interpol files.

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