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March 30, 2010
Special edition on women in the developing world




World Focus, once again, doing what is better done by them than any news forum in the world. What a last hurrah! You will be sorely missed.


Women are the corner stone of our existance.


This is the first episode of World Focus I’ve ever watched as I have just discovered this show tonight. Tonight’s show about the women of Africa and India was inspiring and enlightening. I would have liked to have seen shows about women of other countries as well and I am crestfallen that is is no longer to be as World Focus will not be airing after April Second.


What a brilliant segment. The approach in Liberia is so straightforward, logical and lets hope it will take less than generations to accomplish the objective. As to Rwanda, can Rwandans please teach us in the US how to get along?


Your stories never fail to enlighten me, and inspire me… this show has done it again.
What links, orgs etc can we connect with to help these women, one on one??
Thank you..please STAY ON AIR!!


The Dalit have lived in squalor for generations. All praise to this woman who refuses to stay in that living hell. What agency(ies) in North America (US and Canada) allow us to link with that effort?


This edition on women in the developing world was very moving. I was particularly moved by the the first segment about the Congo and about the situation of women like Georgina Kasheka who have been twice victimized, first by being raped and then by being deserted by their husbands. If there is any way for those involved in this segment to get word back to Georgina’s husband, Andre Shekakere, please tell him that I admire his honesty in being interviewed and that I pray he will find the strength in his heart to return to his wife, Georgina. What happened was not her fault and she clearly loves you. You can be happy together again.


Excellent program … the progress women are making (and in their own hands) is so encouraging. And it was great to see Martin Savidge again, I enjoy his commentary.


I watched your news cast tonight on women in Africa and India. I am so proud of these women who are struggling against such horrific hardships. We in the United States have come thru some of the same stigma of rape, class and race and we still have a ways to go, but the peoples of other countries are only addressing these issues. It seems so primative to me now, how people view those subjects in “developing” countries. I put developing in quotes because we all are still developing. I only hope and pray that with women at the wheel, it will bring their people to a quicker equalization of human rights for all and someday a more peaceful world. Rock on ladies!! Please WorldFocus keep us updated on the progress of these stories. They were truely inspiring and I only wish the larger networks could do a good as job as you with such uplifting stories.


What a beautiful and enlightening program. The woman who went to college, building her small stone “house” as a prayer to have a house of her own with love was such a powerful symbol. I pray she succeeds!


its a pleasure listening to your reporting over the months and i wish you well on your next project….

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