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March 29, 2010
Worldfocus special edition on deadly diseases




Diease has been natures way of keeping the population of any species in check. It was not until the last century that humans made great impact upon the dieases of the world. 30 years ago the AIDS virus came out from the bush into the world. It was spread not by fleas, not rats, bats, or gases in the air. It is a diease that can only be spread by human to human. The AIDS virus is not cureable, but it is a changeing virus. People are living longer not dying off as they did in the 1980s. Every year that it is allow to continue the problem is that it will become an air borne diease. Then it could very well mutate to another deadly disease. It could go similar to human plague or Small Pox where death rate could reach 98% in months. Remember that in the last 30 years each generation of people has sworn that they will practice safe sex, yet it usually the Christian church that are against safe sex practices. Maybe the local Christian priests should change their ways or get the AIDS virus themselves. It the USA certain Catholic priests have change their ways and will live a longer lives because of it. Since many of these places still believe in an God maybe tose who have spiritual power over people should put the fear of God, devil and death into those who have AIDS and those who do not.


I was touched by the efforts of both the scientists and communtity efforts re: tuberculosis in South Africa. It’s rare to see a piece that emphasizes both scientific break throughs and community support given by the women in S.A. Both are so equally important and successful in fighting disease. Bravo for such balanced reporting.


[…] Worldfocus special edition on deadly diseases includes a piece by Debra Daugherty about how one South African community has somewhat successfully […]

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