March 26, 2010
Worldfocus special edition on renewable energy in Denmark




we should focus on wind mill and solar energy. We don’t have to say drill baby drill. We are falling behind other develop country on renewable energy production.


Whether the planet is warming is irrelevant to the need to get off fossil fuels.

The economic, geopolitical and environmental benefits will kick in even without a CO2 benefit. Less pollution, less military deployments, energy dollars stay at home.

Reaching out to global Progressives at the new site ; – and check out the awesome satellite view of earth / front page!


I was happy to have visited Denmark last summer. Approaching Copenhagen our plane flew low over the harbor and my grandaughter pointed out a number of windmills arrayed like a necklace just off shore. The visual effect of the slowly turning windmills was actually quite attractive and combined with the knowledge that they were providing clean energy left one with a very good feeling. By any measure the Danes are free and happy people who approach issues with the ability to find an intelligent and progressive consensus.


Our firm, Ronald Frink Architects, has just started a blog, entitled, thought2form-creative living – and we wonder if we may have permission to uee the video dealing with energy in Denmark on our site. We saw this program, thought is was excellent – and we are saddened the show will no longer air. Thank you for your time and consideration.


To Mr. Dan Gibbons:
You link is on nuclear energy, and not on what you claim it does. Can you check your reference and post the correct link, otherwise, I’ll have say that your statement is unfounded based on your link.


To Dan Gibbons:
You link is on nuclear energy, and not on what you claim it does. Can you check your reference and post the correct link, otherwise, I’ll have say that your statement is unfounded based on your link.



You should then toss all of your plastics and cosmetics. Take the tires off your car, and, if you gave a car, get rid of it. Take the tires off your bicycle. Toss all of your appliances. Don’t buy anything that was transported by ship, rail or truck. Don’t use your computer. And above all, don’t breathe b/c you are only generating more carbon.



At first I believed World Focus to be a reliable news source. Long before re-airing its biased wind-power segment on 3-26-10, however, World Focus’ true agenda was quite clear. The reiteration only reinforced this observation.
Good riddance!


Kerry, Have some hope, politicians like Al Gore and his repower america and oil mogul T Boone Pickens (a man who made his fortune in oil, but sees that America’s future independence relies on alternative fuels) and the Pickens plan are trying to lead the way away from big oil , check it out


Watched the show twice – compelling. Can I get a transcript of the show?


I found this story very empowering, very well done. Can i buy a dvd of this story? Please reshow it again and again. Thank you, Thank you


I used on the average between 40-65 Kw of electricity per month. What do you used. By the way what are you going to replace those oil products in your home with? Why do you not become oil free? Anything that you have in your home that contains oil toss out. Live oil free.
If you can not do that then you are full of cow dung.


Rodemarz, I can think of a lot of things that are uglier than a windmill. I think it’s uglier to fight wars in the Middle East based in part or in whole on our dependence on crude. I think it’s uglier to leave future generations a planet that’s been stripped of its natural resources. I think it’s ugly to blow off a sustainable future by acting like the Danes are cheapskate penny-pinchers. They actually looked at world events and chose a smart policy to correct the obvious problems with the current systems. They’re saving money in one place–and spending $50,000 on a small car to help subsidize the green energy. I don’t think they’re cheap. I think they’re facing reality, which America is not. What’s more…imagine if you could add to your income, especially in retirement, with profits from your investment in a windmill. Considering other sectors of the economy, it sounds darn good to me.


Unfortunately, Worldfocus TV will cease to exist on 2 April 2010. Once again foreign news stories like this will be hard to find as the corporate run MSM enters the the Dark Ages. I love Worldfocus. What a loss.


This Denmark show was another standout reason why World Focus is such a dynamite show. Nowhere else in the news world can touch it. Among other things, the show does what it says: the WORLD.


great program on energy efficient Denmark, would love to have a video, and to RODEMARZ, your attitude sucks


Would love to have a DVD of this show. If they can do it in a cold country like Denmark, I see no reason why it can’t be done in Vermont.


I found the show inspiring, especially from the perspective of how individual citizens can take very effective action – singly and collectively.

I wish to have a copy (DVD preferred) of the show to screen with others. Is same available?

Thanks. jw


This special on Energy Technology in Denmark was inspiring. Please keep up the “honest” reporting you are doing. I feel hopeful again. Somehow folks in Denmark are not giving into corporate power & money. Please do a follow up to this story as it relates to money incentives all along the evolution from foreign oil dependency to non dependency in Denmark. I would like to link this story to everyone I know. Tell me how to do this and keep the story alive on the internet?

I remember 1973/74 and my hopes for the US to change its ways. What I think went wrong was that the incentives for our legislators and our news coverage was skewed. What is needed for the US to change its approach to this fossil fuel problem??
What values are we demonstrating by our choices?? The “our” refers to every citizen and especially to every government elected official. What are their motivations, I wonder???

That was excellent reporting and making me want so much more on the subject. Thanks again Worldfocus Staff.


Can I by a video (or 100 )of the Denmark renewable energy show? I thought it was excellent and should be shown to as many peole as possible


I found this story fascinating. I’d never heard of Samso, but they are amazing! If they can do, so can we!


I was fascinated by this show, as I usually am by World Focus. This has so many lessons for the United States and its legislators.


I find the windmills aesthetically pleasing… much better than an offshore oil rig or a cooling tower belching steam into the sky.


For me,the ugliest thing you can do is put a wind turbine on a scenic coast or countryside-even out to sea,they are grotesque.But these people seemed pleased with themselves-I guess they are just boring Danes,trying to save money at any cost!


While your story was interesting, it was somewhat misleading.

Denmark produces most of its electricity from fossil fuels, not wind, and emits about 50 percent more CO2 per capita than Sweden, Switzerland, and France.


The US imports $750 billion worth of oil each year. Whats stopping us from building 10 million wind turbines and going electric ? Big oil money and
bought-off politicians like the liars and traitors in Washington DC.


Excellent success story. If there is a will, there is a way. Please re-broadcast the program again and keep the video archive available for a long time.


By the way, James. Your post suggests that these are ideas in the future. FYI: decades ago, an American governor pushed for green tech legislations, but was outpowered by the oil industry and big corporation lobbyists. He was sneered at, by a smear campaign which called him moon beam. That was about the same time similar initiatives were made and passed successfully in Denmark. That governor’s name is Jerry Brown. What’s past is past. Essentially, I agree wtih you here and now.


If PBS had not indoctrinated us on how the big corporation sponsors like Exxon-Mobil have been “heroes” saving us by doing green technology research to take us out of the dark ages of oil based technology, Americans would have written to our senators and congressmen, complaining why our government kept protecting the big oil industries in our legislation. PBS: stop giving us the propaganda, by giving as Masterpieces Theater, and axing NOW and WORLD FOCUS, so that all these decades, we thought the technology has not been here. The technology HAS been here. The necessary legislations just have not been possible because of the powerful lobbying power of the oil industries.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that Bush and Cheney, being deeply entrenched in the oil industries, led us blindly into wars to protect their oil supplies. It may be partly subconscious— the effect on their decisions– and not lying, as Karl Rowe likes to defend Bush in his book. I call that rationalizing and denying the effect of blatant conflicts of interests on his decisions. And to think that many Americans still defend Bush and Cheney…

What if we had spent the trillions of dollars on renewable energy instead of on Iraq. The Afganistan and Pakistan issues would still be the same, but we would have generated many green tech jobs, and could have become a major exporter of green technology already.

We also would have saved all the cost of the post-traumatic stress syndromes and the suffering of our veterans. By that I mean human, emotional, social costs, in addition to financial costs.

PBS, McNeil Lehrer Newshour, Inside Washington(Krauthammer & the likes who talked us into going to war in Iraq and, now, distracting, discouraging America from investigating the Wall Street crooks to the fullest by blaming free trade)– all of you should feel ashamed of your participation and responsibility in misleading us on the true status of green technology, the true cause of the financial meltdown, and the Iraq war.


This is inspiring. A goal for all to set.

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