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March 25, 2010
Worldfocus special edition on preserving the past




Life coming out of Africa is THEORY…

I wish people would stop falsely thinking and promulgating THEORY as FACT, it is not. Too bad this relies on so-called scientists/priests to stop making presumptuous assertions that can never be verified, and to cease leading already ignorant CULT-ures into a false complacency about the drastically limited knowledge of history and the origins of earth and mankind…

Even so, it remains in the realm of possibilities rather than certainties, but to declare it as certain and thus fact, as the modern day scientific paradigm does, is unquestionably the height of human arrogance.


It’s hard for “Western Culture” to rationalize the “Grandiose Contributions” that were brought to the forefront regarding Ethiopia,and their apostolic crafting of mankinds earliest civilization. It was their migration by way of the Red Sea into Egypt,and thus traversing northeast to seed,and thus settling the historical landmark we now call,”The Cradle of Civilization” via the Euphrates,and Tigris Rivers convergence known today,…only as the Western Culture so righteouly would call,”The Axis of Evil” – the diabolical “Great Iraqi Empire”! There’s a narrative here – all life came out of Africa; all Culture; all Creativity; all Genius; all the genesis of a world we call “Mankind”! Now,..look at what modern man has done to its ubiguitous birther – so sad,…this abuse of inherited inteligence we call knowledge! Thanks Worldfocus PS. Poverty as is Wealth,…is the interpretors task,and interpretation is vindicated upon survival co-existence?


This was a most interesting show. It was quite something to learn about the antiquity, and to imagine people living in that time period. I also marveled at the woman (women?) in Ethiopia who managed tremendous loads on a daily basis. It made me re-think lugging in a large box from the car to the bathroom.

Thank you for all of this.


Mal ly you don’t need to ask nobody to help others if you really want help the north ethos all you have to do is go visit them or help through the red cross however I don’t think N ethos are expectin and body to help them they are happy the little things they have and that’s enough mankind to much results to unhappiness. Worldfocus is the best we need more news like ya’all one love to africa and peace to somalia


After watching your show. I would like to help Northern Ethiopia. How could I do that?. Would you please help me how to help them, the Ethiopian people?. Thank you.

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