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March 25, 2010
Ethiopian marathon runner fueled by homeland

Long-distance running is not only Ethiopia’s national sport; it is a source of pride for Ethiopians all over the world. Ethiopia boasts a long list of champion long-distance runners, including Abebe Bikila, Haile Gebreselassie and Fatuma Roba.

Derartu Tulu, a native Ethiopian, added to her long list of professional first-place finishes by winning the New York City Marathon in November 2009.

Worldfocus contributing blogger Tesfaye Negussie went to Ethiopia and interviewed Tulu about what it takes to be one of the best runners in the world.




Tesfaye you already know how i feel about your work!! =]


Inspiring story, Tesfaye!


Beautiful and powerful piece,Tesfaye. Until I have the privilege of visiting Ethiopia, I will rely on your work to get me up to speed!


Great stuff bro! Could use your skills out here.


Hello Tesfay;
You don’t know me but I know you well, anyway I’m so proud of you! You did a very good job I’m proud to be Ethiopian keep up your good work.


[…] the Olympic movement and earned her the unofficial title of best runner in the world. In this brief interview with Worldfocus blogger Tesfaye Negussie, Tulu discusses her training and how a serious health scare almost forced […]


Tesfaye you make me proud to be Ethiopian everyday..keep doing the great work you are doing, and trust me you’ll go a long way in life..Peace Brother


i am proud of you.tesfaye


Peace Tesfaye,
Superb job. Great story — professionally presented on the international scene. Love knowing and seeing you — the cream — rise! Peace.


Great original work about the great runner. I salute your determination to make it happen.




Great story choice Tes.


Great interview and story


Great job Tesfaye! This was an awesome interview…Tulu is a world class athlete!


Nice work habibi, you put alot of work into this and it was worth it. Thank you for putting the focus on a strong african woman.


We rarely see journalism at its simplest but finest form anymore. This interview, shooting of landscape and amharic gives the interview an A+. Thanks for taking me there with your camera!


we proud of out atheletes


As an Eritrean, African, Ethiopian born, I am proud of not only Derartu, but all Ethiopian Kenyan and eritrean runners


Great interview. Thanks Tesfaye.


Our pride! I am proud of you!


you are great Derartu, we are all proud of you. Cheers!!


She is a talented woman with abundant victories not only in the Olympic game but also in cross country disciplines .


Derartu is the Greatest athlete of all time, thx for the great clip!



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