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March 23, 2010
Worldfocus special edition on health care




programms like world focus should be continued as it is an eye opener to millions who take life for granted.


Regarding the show on Tuesday, 3/23/2010, I was wondering if there is any way to provide assistance to the young man Rohan that you profiled.

Please let me know if World Focus (or any other organization) is accepting donations to assist Rohan and his family.

Best Regards,

Scott Fudala
Los Angeles, CA


Sorry for the spelling error for the word receive and also repeating like.


I would like to like to recive additional information regarding Rohan featured in your segment on TB in India. I like to be of help.
Thank you.


I would like to receive additional information on
the segment about the problem of TB in India. Aired on your program on Tuesday March 23.Can you help?

I’m so sorry to hear that Worldfocus will no longer be on Air from April.

Thank you. Patrick Coote

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