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March 22, 2010
Worldfocus special edition on the Health of Nations




A very fine program. It is sad indeed that a show the quality of World Focus is being taken off the air.


Not every health care system is good for every country.
In teh US MONEY is the number one issue in health care.
WHY: Insurance companies are in charge and dictade how the ssyetm operates and doctors are as money and income conciences as the insurance industry.
As long as money is the overriding issue the system weill never function as it should.
ZIdeally, let’s take the aspects of those systems that work in different countries and create one more universal system.
Anytimke you offer any and all ttreatmenst for free people will take advantage of it as is human because they feel entitled to receive such services.
Every citizen must be responsible for his or her well being and do their part to live and act accordingly and not greed by doctors and insurance companies.
Employees need to contribute via their income on a monthly basis and not exp-ect teh erst of socioety to pay for tjeir health care.


Excellent programme and it’s well balanced. I have healthcare insurance in the US and it is considered to be a higher tier coverage. But the healthcare is so rationed–and this is a “market oriented” healthcare plan. The dates to see my physician is not just days but weeks and that may not be seeing a doctor. The coverage in the US is poor and services weak. Healthcare can be outstanding if you are in the top 1% and can pay for top service. So I do not know what the difference would be if healthcare was socialized in the US because it has the worst of all healthcare worlds. It makes no economic sense to have such a highly inefficient system. The bureaucracy on both public and privates sides of healthcare is not just staggering but absurd. There is so much waste in shuffling paper and people that the wait time to see a physician is inhumane. The politicians who voted against healthcare reform are those who do not experience what the rest of us experience.

This change is positive and I do think once implemented cannot be rolled back and that is a good thing. Healthcare in the US needs further reforms and if the reforms including universal healthcare perhaps more people could be more entrepreneurial and help to create a vibrant economy once more.


To Otto: why the same treatment as a King, just the same as member of the Congress: we are democracy after all :)


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Agree its an excellent show, as always have one thinking about the issue. Hoping that the health system in the US… should one day be effective and pro life not pro business. Both Singapore and Canada system looks very much a working system. I 100% agree with Brazil but Chile is kind of bias and not for all…

Basically if your a working class or poor you get screwed but if your budget could afford it you’ll be able to handle most medical situation here in the US. Surprisingly people from outside this US think that everyone get great health care.



Now … surely we don’t want to return to the SPARTAN WAY of jetting over a cliff anyone who is not healthy … , but neither one can ask that anyone should have the same treatment of a King.


as usual, an excellent show

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