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March 18, 2010
Full Show: March 18, 2010

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Tradition is a f9ne thing and very noble.
But at teh same time we all have to acknowlege and accept that the world does not stand still and change is part of daily life whether we like it or not as the worlde does move on.
It’s difficult for many to breake with tradition and to let go but to do so invites more difficulties and complicates life in general.


Why oh why is this content always currently unavailable to meee?? :(


Correction, Line 2, COMMENT #2, should read: “…SOME WOMEN” and not “WOME WOMEN”. I apologize for the typo.


THIS WAS A CLEAR PRESENTATION THAT, WHILE HARLDY THE NORM IN THE WORLD OF ISLAM, THERE ARE BASTIONS OF FREE WILL FOR WOME WOMEN, WHETHER OR NOT THEY CHOOSE TO ADOPT TRADITIONAL VIEWS AND GARB, OR NON-TRADITIONAL ACTIVITIES AND GARB. These “cracks” in the world of Islam reveal what we all know in our heart of hearts, that people are human beings everywhere, with human wants, desires, needs, intellect, and capacity for understanding and compassion. Bravo!


I found your newspiece on Turkey on March 18 2010 very misleading and biased. You present it like another “Bend It Like Beckham” case whereas Turkish women have their own leagues in numerous sports and compete internationally in skiing, basketball, dance, etc. etc. etc. Picking a particularly poor and rural spot in Turkey may give you the “Women in the Middle East” vision that you may like to project on others but no doubt you are compromising (a much complex and multilayered) realism for the sake of your populist and reductive headlines (for instance, you particularly pick a veiled parent since otherwise your argument would not hold). If you want to see a world outside of binaries (in your case tradition and modernity in the Muslim world) start making news programs that do not reiterate and falsely legitimate those binaries in worlds that you do not know (and cannot know via your correspondents).

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