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March 17, 2010
Full Show: March 17, 2010

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well now the garbage from the west is polluting east


THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE, SUCH AS COMMENTATORS #1 AND #2, WHO ARE SO FULL OF HATRED, BIGOTRY, AND BIAS THAT THEY CANNOT EVEN CONCEIVE OF THE POSSIBILITY THAT THERE IS MORE TO HUMANITY THAN MEETS THEIR NARROW, MURDEROUS EYES. There is no more validity to their character assassination of Daljit Daliwal and Worldfocus than similar such diatribles by some of the pro-Israel commentators to Worldfocus. No doubt such persons are so filled with propaganda from the moment of birth that they would argue that a square peg is round based on some bizarre dogma requiring it to be so! As to their failure to appreciate the humanity these programs have portrayed about real, ordinary people in Israel and in Arabia, I hope and pray that their eyes, minds, and hearts will open, sooner rather than later. It would not hurt, if they had greater exposure to history and not just the propaganda diet they feed themselves on. If they knew more history, they would know that most of their accusations against Israel are either entirely unfounded or badly distorted. Peace will come one day, despite their ignorance and hatred.


Looks like Israeli tentacles have managed to strangle all honesty out of this miserable programme as well. So what was the price for your soul Daljit? Its true everyone has a price. Who footed the bill Rupert Murdoch?


Interesting to note the stark and indeed negative portrayal of the Islamic world as a violent, gay, sexually promiscuous, and archaic but failed social structure versus the warm, caring successful and florid – dare we mention, the “Apartheid & Jewish” state of Israel, as depicted in the previous segment. No mention of the fact Israel cluster and phosphorus bombs specifically targeted Lebanese Muslim areas while sparing the Christian sectors in Apartheid Israel’s last illegal foray into Lebanon and who were soundly beaten back by Hizbollah. No mention of the fact Israel has violated every UN Security Council resolution. No mention of Israel’s illegal assassination teams who regularly murder innocent civilians in Europe and Asia. No mention of Apartheid Israel’s virulent racism towards Jewish African migrants, Muslims and Arabs who are victims of not just the overtly biased policies of the the Apartheid State of Israel but worse they get absolutely no state protection from the daily vicious and hateful physical and verbal abuse from the many Jewish settlers in seized Palestinian territories and homes across Apartheid Israel. Palestinian farmers and their families are regularly beaten, illegally evicted, their farm animals shot and killed at random by Jewish settlers for fun with the full support of a cheering Jewish army. Worst many farmers and their entire families have been murdered at night or even in broad day light by Jewish settlers supported by the Israeli army or the IDF and almost always the murdered Palestinian families are labelled as terrorists, even the dead women and children as young as 3 and 5. Then quick as wink the Apartheid state rushes in to confiscate their farms and animals and almost overnight there is a new Kibbutz constructed where there once stood a Palestinian farm house for over 12 generations. Stone throwing boys as young as 8 are arrested and almost always they come back severely beaten and with a souvenir – a broken arm or leg, broken with a brick by IDF soldiers. How can anyone equate Army weaponry and bullets to stones thrown by children and then be evil enough to break the bones of children? Dalgit Daliwal is disingenuous in her reporting and biased against Muslims at best, at worst she is complicit in Israel’s war crimes by supporting the criminal & Apartheid state of Israel. She would have no problems getting a TV spot in Israel or better yet – Fox News. I am quite glad that it won’t be long before our homes will no longer be plagued by the Apartheid and Zionist propaganda telecast of World Focus.

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