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March 16, 2010
Full Show: March 16, 2010

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Yet, if I had not seen the program, I would not have known to search the website and look for it, finding the “archives” option in small print at the bottom of the Worldfocus webpage. This was a Signature broadcast, yet neither it nor the subsequent equally fine Signature broadcast on the world of Islam can be found under the topic “Signature Stories”. Neither is the story listed by “Region”. The story disappeared from prominent view overnight! This is not right. For the first time that I can remember in my own lifetime, I actually saw a fair and even positive broadcast about Israel, for an entire half-hour! As if ashamed of it’s broadcast, this particular broadcast has disappeared from prominent view! After forty years of anti-Israel propaganda in the mainstream news, most especially the BBC and other European outlets in the Western media arena, it was like a moment at an oasis in a long and dangerous desert trek, to see this broaddcast. Many such positive broadcasts could do much to contribute to peace and understanding in the Middle East.


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last nite i was about to call thirteen and tell them off… i notice you didn’t load the this program on your site, so i suspect some technical issue.. but when i saw thirteen have no volume i was piss. When i start dialing 2 minute or 3 in to the program, then the volume came back….. and this has happen many-time in the past where i would just shut off the TV and look at it on the web… wow thirteen is determine that they would put the final nail on the coffin.


I only learned of Worldfocus leaving the air last night, and am extremely saddened. When Wf came on the air replacing news from the BBC, I likewise was upset, but soon came to appreciate the high quality of Wf’s broadcasts and its unique, magazine-like approach to unearthing and reporting news of importance to people around the world but rarely reported in America. Your incisive, unbiased program will be sorely missed but I ask, is there anything even at this late date that can save Worldfocus?

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