March 15, 2010
U.S. couple killed in surge of cross-border drug violence

In Mexico, an American couple and a third person were killed over the weekend just across the U.S. border in Ciudad Juarez, a city consumed by drug violence.

All three of the dead were connected to the U.S. Consulate there, underscoring the risks of living and working in that city.

The State Department has authorized the families of its diplomatic personnel across northern Mexico to leave the country.

But, as Tom Ackerman of Al Jazeera English reports, the killings were just a few of dozens in Mexico this weekend.




Time to legalize drugs.


18,000 deaths in the Mexican drug war so far! Check out this short multi-source video that looks at what the US should be doing to end violence in the region:


Lets maybe, just maybe look at the fact that this “war on drugs” is un-winnable,just as prohibition of alchohol was back in the ’30s
You are fighting human nature: escapism and the black market.
If you legalize it, governments can control and make money taxing & at the same time, put these cartels out of business !


It is terrible to be a target. Sends a message to the Americans that going against the Drug Lords can and will get you killed.
The next step is to put a couple of RPGs into the US Consulate, just to show the Yankees who really runs the country.

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