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March 15, 2010
Chinese leadership takes on an increasingly assertive tone

With its growing economic might, China is seen as increasingly turning away from the West and its demands for reform — whether on human rights, internet access or the valuation of its currency.

This shift was reflected in some tough talk this weekend by the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, as the annual meeting of China’s parliament drew to a close.

For more about China’s increasingly assertive tone, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Michael Kulma, Director of Global Policy Initiatives at the Asia Society.

Our German partner Deutsche Welle reports on Wen’s defiant speech.




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You get to employ a carrot + stick approach when you are talking. When you isolate, it’s just stick. So the opposite side hardens, and 3rd parties don’t come over to your side of the matter — saw a cool site; Balkingpoints ; incredible satellite view of earth


Pretty hilarious watching that interview with where the expert says China is not being assertive at all, especially if one looks at it from a historic perspective, but Ms. Dhaliwal seems to completely ignore his analysis and reassert the claim China is being “assertive”, by asking what should be done by their assertiveness.

Manufactured news for you.


Communist China is not our friend-it has that posture, but wants to be the dominant worldpower.American companies that send work to them,are actually loading the gun that will shoot us.Their intentions are not at all friendly…….


China has always been a very tough nut to crack. In general, the US has backed down a lot on pushing China to change, witness SECSTATE Clinton’s recent remark on human rights. A lot of China’s tough talk reflects the need of its leaders to appear strong in front of an increasingly nationalistic domestic audience. This phenomenon is not all that different from the way some American leaders point fingers at China over economic problems.


strange as it may seem china is a blssing in disguise. they may FORCE us to come to terms w/ our own unwillingness to face our problems!! we should get out of the middle east. dump israel likes it’s hot cause it is. they do nothing for us that doesn’t benefit them more. china may be able to discourage a 3rd unfunded war.
i hope china pushes hard on america. they realize they don’t need to, there is no leadership in either party in this country.
we’re misguided, divided amongst ourselves, what more could they ask for?


…CHINA ONE DAY PLACE…The American Congress..
..into ALLOUANCE…so much money to go around !


China in the past forty-plus years has tried the Soviet Economic model,and watched it fail miserably. It wasn’t until the “Cold War” ended that the Chinese realized America’s Model of “Free Market Capitalism” was the secret bullet. China has grown exponentially since ,and hasn’t looked back. They are a very methodical,pragmatic,disciplined,and patient eastern culture staking their countries future on communism,and soft deceptive marketing too enhance their ultimate goals of “World-Wide Hegemony”. We as americans are told not to worry,for our GDP is approx. four-times greater than China’s which the daily financial news,and generic tele’s have done so successfully over the last twenty-five years,… a feeling of invincibility,so sad. Unfortunately for America – if China raises its currency value to that of the United States both countries would be on the same level playing field economically therfore bringing GDP’s inline with each other. The United States would crash and burn,as would China,but China would benefit most of such a happening. The United States would be held hostage because of over-leveraging,hedging,and the antiquated Central Bank run on the ponsi-scheme of a failed “Fiat-System”! Hyper-inflation would cripple the United States,period. This is something both countries would rather keep hidden from prying eye’s – the draconian effects would be devastating, but this fait’accompli – the financial reality that most if not all american citizens are about to be exposed to! Fortunately,for all American Corporation repatriated in China will gladly compromise,and shake hands with the devil rather give up their fortunes made,and fortune’s to be made in China’s bright future, at the American laborer’s expense. Thanks worldfocus

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