March 15, 2010
Catholic Church grapples with sex crimes in Germany

In Germany, there are increasing calls by Catholic groups for Pope Benedict to make a statement about a growing scandal involving violence and sexual abuse against children.

The latest chapter involves allegations of such abuse against children in a boys’ choir dating back to the time when the Pope’s brother was in charge of that choir.

Church officials say that while the Pope was the Archbishop of Munich in the 1980’s, he approved the transfer from one city to another of a priest convicted of sexually abusing children. That priest has since been suspended.

For more on the sex scandal, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Nikolaus Piper, senior correspondent for the German daily newspaper Süeddeutsche Zeitung.

And as Deutsche Welle reports, the latest revelations are fueling a debate on whether the German statute of limitations should be extended so that those who committed sex abuse might still be prosecuted.




Any sign of child abuse should mean immediate explusion from the church until the law has determined the truth. Guilty until proven innocent. Protect childrens right before the rights of potential molesters. Also, make the preists post 1 million dollar bonds which bond the against
molesting chindren.


It is becoming increasingly obvious that sex crimes – and their subsequent cover-ups – have been, and are still, running rampant throughout the Catholic church. Surely it is time for all countries to consider reigning in their strength, even to the point of ostracizing them altogether.


For those who are disappointed by Judiasm and Christianity, please find refuge in Sex crimes are not a problem therein. No Zionist delusions and no Pope to worry about.


#5..Why blame..GOD,…for man’s free sin or not …SIN !!! CHOICE’S ?


Maybe this amazing priest/little boy story is God’s way of telling us to dump all religion and learn to think upon the infinite is a more devotional way.


The male sex propensity is a bit odd sometimes, but never as odd as our religious propensities.
Both need to be controled in their abuse of body, mind and soul. Look on the bright side – at least Galileo was not sexually abused as a child, they just ruined the rest of his life.


It is so sad that either these Priest’s ..or the Church..allowed…this to go on. It puts the Church at a lesser or lower ..Moral Authority.
Sex abuse…with children is more then a sickness,’s evilness. These Priest think they can Hide SIN..from GOD. GOD WILL HAVE ..NO PART OF SIN… !!
.#2…sex with minor..[children]
boy or girl….is WRONG… !


It seems that the Catholic Church did not learn it lesson since it paid out millions for hush money in the USA. Catholic priests/nuns are human after all. They have a sex life. It is either with fellow priests or church nuns. What choir boy would not want to have sex with a healthy Catholic nun. Better, which nun in that church has not have sex with the boys choir?


Why aren’t current choir boys been asked about current abuse either at the gate of their dorm or over the internet???

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