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March 12, 2010
Week in Review: Middle East peace process

Israel today tightened security in Jerusalem and sealed off the West Bank for 48 hours to prevent a repeat of last Friday’s clashes between Israelis and Palestinians.

But there were nonetheless more scuffles as Palestinians tried to enter Jerusalem’s Old City to attend Friday prayers.

The recent upswing in violence was sparked by Israel’s decision to include two West Bank shrines on a list of national heritage sites.

This week, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited the region, meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to push the peace process forward.

To discuss the issues, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with James Rubin, an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and a former assistant secretary of state in the Clinton administration, and Ian Bremmer, the president of Eurasia Group, in our weekly roundtable.




In response to Kerrys remark about alleged “racism”…may I point out that since Jews are NOT a race, (there are black and chinese Jews) and since palestinians are mostly white, how is that “racism”?
Besides…..palestinans are sore losers…they should go to jordan where they belong !


J Garbuz: # 90 I do not wish to confuse very much since your abilities in reading are very limited. Go and check two Palestinian authors who wrote about Palestine before you and your parents knew about Palestine(Khalil Sakakini and Rawhi Al Khalidi)


J Garbuz, See in 1905 who exported oranges to the UK and then ask the question about development in Palestine


How much taxes did those Arabs pay to construct and maintain the waterworks? Before Israel came into the West Bank, most water was hand drawn from wells. Most homes had no indoor plumbing. How much taxes did the Arabs pay towards developing and maintaining it?


One fact that remains to water-racism against Arabs by Jews. If your Jewish you have access to the National water system–if you arab you don’t. Now you Jews on here will throw a fit because someone points out a racists policy by Jews against Arabs. But a fact is a fact.


To Thomas Savage

If you can refer me to an Arab book written in “Palestine” about this Palestinian nation and culture you speak of, I’d be much obliged. Any history of the Palestinian nation between 638 AD and 1948 AD would be most welcome. I don’t deny that Arabs and others occupied and made use of Jewish soil, but so did Jews in Medina, Baghdad, Morocco, Poland, Germany, etc. But I never heard of Jews claiming any part of those countries to carve out a state of their own.


The various races and countries have been plagued with clashes and conflicts due to petty, selfish interests. Every house is shaken with conflict. How many wars have plagued the world? How much blood has flowed into the rivers of the world? So can we truly say that there is no difference between people? Where is the unity which creates a common bond among human beings? To get the proper answer, one has to go deep into human psychology because true unity lies in the realm of the human mind. The extroversial mind of human beings, due to inherent Sam’skaras, becomes obsessed with and influenced by the external environment. A person influenced by the imposed Sam’skaras of the society may start to hate another person, but this hostility, this enmity, is something external. Internally, all human beings feel a deep attraction for others. This attraction is the natural wont of living beings. Had there been no balancing force among the objects created by the Macrocosmic Mind, then the entire cosmological structure would have shattered into pieces. The cosmological balance is maintained due to this attraction amongst the different objects and entities. From atoms and molecules to human beings with developed consciousness, all entities feel attraction for one another. He keeps all the finite entities bound to Him by His inscrutable Cosmic Love. All entities drift in the vast divine flow as the minute manifestations of the Supreme Lord. They are entitled to Cosmic Love by birth. That is why one should remember that attraction is the law of nature. Attraction is not negative repulsion, rather repulsion is negative attraction. The so-called differences we notice amongst human beings in the external world are nothing but the expressions of negative attraction. For differences not to occur people must enter into some sort of relationship with each other. Without close proximity there cannot be any friction. A serious difference of opinion today may be changed into friendship tomorrow.
google me


#78 Tomath Savage: Deffinitly, you are talking about America and Britain. Yoyr knowledge on Israel and ME does not comply with credible highschool education.

Definitely, you are talking about America and Britain. Your knowledge on Israel and ME does not comply with credible highschool education. Israel was created over 3500 years ago with a capitol of Jerusalem. Then, she was destroyed and occupied by numerous times. In 1922, British administration of occupied Israel allocated about 75% of Israel territory to Palestinian arabs and created Transjordan (now Jordan). Thus, all so called “Palestinians” must be relocated there per League of Nations resolution which was adopted later by UN.


J Garbuz: # 80, I know the level of your ethics on the issue by comparing the natives to Jewish settlers.


JGarbuz: What Palestinian Culture and you need books. Ok read and Israeli Jwish publication by two leading Jewish Israeli scholars Joel Migdal and Baruch Kimerling. And see Baylis Thomas, how ISrael was won. I do not want to tell you see Rashid Khalidi and Mohammad Muslih and others on the subject. Go read and then comment



Why does this broadcast not appear in the broadcast record, and why are no comments possible, except indirectly via other stories?

So far as well there is similarly no opportunity to comment on the next signature story; why?

If this is the case for Western listeners, what about in the East? In which nations is your broadcast subject to partial or complete censorship?

CENSORSHIP is a story in itself. Perhaps WORLDFOCUS can do a signature broadcast on the subject of CENSORSHIP, to which there are many aspects, such as STATE CENSORSHIP, BIAS CENSORSHIP, AND CENSORSHIP BY THE WITHHOLDING OR DENYING OF FUNDS.


Peace talks will be only talk for now…..two scriptures that do not agree results in clashes. Other narrow socio-sentiments also clash. The good and well-being of the people there can only be found in new realizations of their basic unity and basic humanity. google ‘neohumanism’ for the only hope.


..You can see…77-[jgarbuz]..&69[grand ma] it is just not enough for Israel to say..HOP,SKIP & JUMP Through the Hoops THAT THE Palestinians..[Iran’s little puppet/Hamas][ ?]
you think ? >>>>wanted to place on Israel.
…enough is not..enough !..but little is pushed
on Palestine’s to say Isreal is a GOVT.or is ACCEPED as a Nation ?.. not ANNIHILATION !!
Now thanks to Obama’s huffy.. tough words & Hillery’s too ..all about homes..that were not
even in the deal.. homes or NO -Homes, to build.
The Obama’s so call policy’s is to through
u.s. friends under the bus to ..SHOW those MIDDLE-EAST Nation’s or even AL-qaeda[just guessing]
slow up their[RECUITMENT]..WoW…WE CAn get ..real tough on are friends ..ALL for PEACE]
….But little said about them who Incite chaso
[trouble maker]=stone-througher…the call for Hate..cleric’s.. who call for Jewish annilation. just saying ?? ENOUGH… WILL NEVER BE …ENOUGH


What “Palestinian culture” existed before the Zionist return in the 1880s? Please describe it to me. Please refer me to books and histories and elements of this “palestinian culture” you claim the restoration of Israel destroyed? The fact is, there was no “Palestinian culture.” What there was prior to the Zionist return were gloomy tiny villages often at war with the neighboring village,and clans at war with other clans, and villages raided by Bedouins, and a great deal of banditry and desolation. That was the REALITY of “Palestine” in the middle of the 19th century. That is what Mark Twain and many others testified to on their pilgrimages. If you have written or other evidence to the contrary, please enlighten us all.


The Arabs hardly suffer in “Greater Israel” anything compared to what native aboriginal “Indians” have suffered and continue to suffer in many parts of Greater America, which managed to expand from 13 colonies along the Atlantic coast all the way to the middle of the Pacific Ocean when it stole Hawaii from its native peoples and Queen.


to Mr. Savage

The world media is not focussing on the eviction of Jews from their homes in Gaza, Judah and Samaria, nor the building of well over 42,000 illegal Arab homes inside Iserael itself, not to mention the territories. By “illegal” I mean homes built without legal building permits that all citizens, Jewish or non-Jewish, must adhere to. In the US I cannot build wherever I want, and my home must have certain legal permits for certificates of occupancy. In Israel, and in the territories, many Arabs have simply ignored Israeli court orders. So when the bulldozer finally shows up (and since all homes in that region are built of concrete, a bulldozer is usually required to tear it down), the world media cameras show up. The media does not show up in the courts where the legality of these homes are contested. So the media has contrived this whole anti-ISrael issue and distorted it.


It must be very difficult being Arab or Jew in greater Israel. I hope that someday there is a peace all can live with and the pain and suffering is placed in the past. A very hard task to accomplish, but, needed. Thank you all for the insight into your homeland. May god bless you all with peace and if not, peace of mind.


J Garbuz, so evicting people from their homes is human, uprooting trees is human, driving over people by cars is human, destroying an entire culture and uprooting its people is human, burning people alife is human as in Gaza, preventing people from reaching places of worship is human, burning harvest is human. All the above mentioned acts of terrorism are committed by the Israeli Jewish public against the native Palestinians. It is very interesting to see how how you and JGE define humanity


To Grandma
The argument for Israel is very simple and straightforward, but I agree that ISrael has not been very good at presenting it. The argument is simple:
1. In 1920 the Council of the LEague of Nations ruled that Palestine is the National Home of the Jewish nation-in-exile and invited Jews to return and rebuild the country.
2. In 1947, following 25 years of struggle because the Arabs refused to accept no. 1, the UN offered a compromise: to split western Palestine between the Arabs and the Jews. The Jews accepted, but the Arabs went to war to destroy the Jews, but the Jews won. And that caused two refugee crises (a) Arabs running away from Israel, and (b) Jews running away from the Arab countries.
3. Israel has offered many concessions despite many wars the Arabs have waged, and their refusal to recognize the right of the Jewish state to exist, but they do not budge. They refuse to accept the Jewish State.
So that’s where it stands.


No, the “Palestinians” don’t have to convert to Judaism. They just have to convert from acting like animals to acting like humans and then we can talk to them on an equal level.


Yeah, the US is talking pretty tough against Israel for daring to build some houses in the only Jewish capital in the world. Not such tough talk against Iran and North Korea though. I guess being an “ally” of the US is more dangerous than being a friend. If you’re friend of the US, you have to hand over half your capital when Ms. Clinton snaps her finger. I guess it takes a village to raise an idiot.


JGE, That is why all Jewish childern in Israel grow up to join the army to become child killers. You live in fantasy!!!!!! wake up. Peace will come to theregion when Jews in Israel tell their childern to treat everone equal


The best solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict is for the Palestinians to convert to Judaism. Golda Meir used to say that peace will come when the Palestinians love their children more than anything else. Just like the Jews do.




Well the way I see it Israel already has enough Nukes and Iran has enough houses. Perhaps Israel can trade some nukes to Iran for some houses, … problem solved!!!!


Optical Illusion ? It sure amases me just how
the world & U.S.Leaders[Obama]can.. act the tough
talk on Israel…then let the perception of Iranian REGIME..TALKS BE…. w i p p y !
…NOW THE U.S. Worry about al-QAEDA’S Ability
to gain followers[goblel ijhad]because , ISRAEL’S
building some homes….the illusion is… IT DOESN’T MATTER …. THEY ..ARE AND WILL BE ALWAYS
So in my mind’s eye….it is better to build a unclear bomb…and to build some home in Israel ??
So back at the Acropolis… they thought
all the World would the allure of a few…and the acclamation…come from them self…when U.S.starts throughing GOOD FRIENDS
Under the ?- bus…for some al-qaeda radical’s
talking points…In fear of recruiting more followers WoW ! ..perhap all sides can come together back at the.. ACROPOLIS for a Beer summit? ………….yeah think ?


I heard there were protests against the establishment of historic sites.

If Reagan were advising the Palestinian leaders to foster peace, he would have told them to say, “Thank you very much for making plans for our tourism industry in the new Palestinian state. We will welcome tourists of the Judaic Christian heritage, as well as tourists from the Palestinian culture to visit our new Palestinian state.”

To me, the Israeli government lost their moral right when they appeared to go about things in a sneaky way, rather than presenting their facts and argument in a logical, reasonable, upfront manner. By now, I don’t think there is any possibility of peace if the new Palestinian state does not include those two geographic locations(the historic sites and the settlements). The world just sees the Israeli government as deliberating fueling protests and fighting rather than taking the ready opportunity of negotiation as a proactive way to promote peace & cooperation.


to brea #65:“throw israel under the nearest speeding bus”- Jews have been avoiding for 5000 years more than “bus”.
“get the zionist out of our foreign policy which they’ve been guiding for 40 years! get them out of our financial mrkts”- Yes, join Arab league and put Chinese, Saudi, Korean in our financial mrkt.

“take away mainstream media from them immediately”-Yes, only Al-Jezira, BBC and CNN.
these people have become little more than very bad spectator sport! GAME OVER!!- “this people” always make the History and you cannot stop them, dear brea!




A building contractor wants some quotes to build 2 flats…

The Irishman builder quotes £500,000….

“How did arrive at that figure?” asked the contractor….

” £200,000 labour, and £300,000 for materials.

The Scotish builder quotes £600,000…

£300,000 labour and £300,000 for materials.

The Jewsh builder quotes £1 millon….

The contractor sais “how did arrive at that figure?”

“Easy” sais the Jewish builder ” £250,000 for you, £250,000 for me…. and we will get the Irishman to do the job


throw israel under the nearest speeding bus.
get the zionist out of our foreign policy which they’ve been guiding for 40 years! get them out of our financial mrkts.
take away mainstream media from them immediately.
these people have become little more than very bad spectator sport! GAME OVER!!


The Jews would live in peace with the Arabs, but the Arabs would never live in peace with the Jews unless they were dominant. My ex-father in law used to bring his car in from Beersheba to Gaza to get repaired at half price. Gazans used to come across every day to work in Israel and get free health care. Then the intifada broke out in 1988 it went downhill from there. The Arabs got decent salaries working in Israel. They just want revenge for 1948, a war the Arabs started causing all the trouble. It’s all about vengeance and hoping to loot the Jews. They never had a state and wouldn’t know how to run one any better than you see in most Arab countries. They just muck everything up everywhere, and fight amongst themselves if not with the Jews or anyone else.


Cant expect cats and dog to live in peace neither will Jews and Arabs in a single state.


The idea of a “one state” solution has kicked around since 1920, but it was mainly the ARabs who at best might have accepted an Arab state with a “protected” Jewish minority. And no right of JEws to come back to their homeland without Arab permission. SO that went nowhere. There are some who hold out the idea of a one state solution with Jews holding on to a narrow majority. Anyhow, history shows, with few exceptios such as Switzerland, that “one state solutions” don’t work. Or don’t work well. Even the US didn’t want to absorb Mexico in 1847 when the US defeated it. Two very different peoples with different visions and cultures. Basically it’s an unworkable idea. Even Czechoslovakia broke up into SLovakia and the Czech republic.


what happen to # 6 0… 62 ???


#60 } ~ Sorry…. Sex is neither work…nor it play ! ….REPOPULATING THE EARTH..Gensis 1:28
.. 9:7…… GOD WILLS IT !!!!! LOL !

#62 }…..LOOSE WOMEN !!!..yes it it most wrong to have abortion. BUT.. Remember it Takes TWO…TANGO !..
They so should share..EQUALLT the Wrong !


The number of Jews and Palestinians living in the Israel/Palestine areas is about equal. How about a one state solution where all are equal. If a Jewish dominated government provides a good life for the Palestinians most of them will vote for that government and the area will have a Jewish government. The problem would then be the religious zealots on both sides.


First of all, sex with your spouse on sabbath is a “mitzvah” or positive deed. The sabbath is for rest, contemplation and sex with the wife or hubbie. And unfortunately it’s mainly the orthodox Jews who are having all the babies, because the lefties have adopted the abortion and gay agenda of self-liquidation.


ok, all of yo angry people, try looking at the bright side. Without America Israel as you know it would not exist. YOU’R WELCOME!


The Arab Palestinian population in Israel, West Bank and Gaza has grown from 1.3 million to nearly 5.8 million today, and that is not counting another 5 million in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere. Now, nearly a million Jews left the USSR and 650,000 Jews came from the Arab countries. If life for Palestinians is as bad as often depicted, why do they stay and grow so fast? If life under Israel is anywhere nearly as brutal as claimed, why do they stay? Russian Jews knocked on the door for decades until they were allowed to leave. Why aren’t the Palestinians banging on the doors of the 56 Muslim states crying to escape?


The fact is, the US airlift in the ’73 began about a week after the Soviets airlifted resupplies to Egypt. That part of the story was never told. Also the US broke its agreement with Israel made ten years earlier that the US would lead an international flotilla to break the Egyptian blockade if reinstituted. The US, tied down in Vietnam, balked when push came to shove, and Israel once again was on its own. Nothing changes. The US calls Israel “an ally” but just extends its hand of friendship to those who want to destroy both Israel AND the West.


When Iran’s missile and nuclear programs are fully developed in 5 to 10 years while the world is busy condemning ISrael for a handful of apartments in Jerusalem, it will then wonder what the hell they were thinking? North Korea got away with it, and so will Iran. When the US is surrounded with NK missiles on one side and Iranian missiles on the other side, you can then fit your granddaughers with burqas.


What is most laughable is Hillary’s response to Israel’s [building of new homes]..tough talk ??
….Mean While IRAN..can Hop…Skip…Jump-over..W.H.Obama.. &Hillary and other world leaders
… Little is said…… why ??
But..let Isreal build some homes…While IRAN is off building unclear…bombs……[ ?]
…………now if they could ..just talk that tough… the Iranian Regime..who beat up
the Iranian PEACEFUL Protesterd OBAMA ..SAID Very Little..KILLING..of innocent..freedom…fighter
w.h….mute ?…who’s…dumb…or dumber… ?
…nuclear..vs..building homes ???? tell me ?


Mark B, are you sure about that ?
Operation Nickel Grass was an overt strategic airlift operation conducted by the United States to deliver weapons and supplies to Israel during the Yom Kippur War. The Military Airlift Command of the U.S. Air Force shipped 22,325 tons of tanks, artillery, ammunition, and supplies in C-141 Starlifter and C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft between October 14 and November 14, 1973.


America has never been a real Israel friend. In 1948, the very same day when UN declared restoration of the State of Israel, arab countries attacked Israel state. The only country offered a military help was USSR, American government denied. USSR sent weapon on regular basis and 1000 men strong special forces division to fight arab armies under british command. In Jerusalem there is a museum dedicated to this brigade. In 1973 when Israel was loosing the war and needed weapons, Golda Meir asked Nixon for help. Nixon consulted with Kissinger who sad “Let’s Israel to bleed”. Fortunately, Nixon declined his advice. American governments use Israel as bargain chip in relations with muslim world and sell Israel anytime, anybody, for anything and for nothing. Even bUsh betrayed Israel in 2006 in war with Hezbullah. He supported UNSC resolution to stop the war when Israel was winning. UN, EU and US saved Hezbullah for future attacks on Israel. This administration is the worst due to muslim background of Obama and profoundly primitive education of American public.


The people commenting in this section point out the insoluble problem — Settlements are off limits in negotiations and thus there is nothing to negotiate. This is a religious war and there is no solution, no compromise for many. That said, the US should withdraw from the area financially and militarily and let the two sides fight it out.




Israel’s ‘unshakeable ally’ awaits formal response
Mark Mardell | 19:32 UK time, Monday, 15 March 2010
“The US state department says it is waiting for a “formal response” from the Israeli prime minister after his telephone conversation with Hillary Clinton about plans to build new homes for Jews in East Jerusalem. But the USA’s relationship with Israel was declared “unshakable”.”


To Rachel Tomphson, #42:Your historical vision of conflict is based on Arab propaganda bias. Its looks real only for not educated street crowd. I am saying in respond: Historically Jews have more rights on Holy Land than Arabs. During Arab occupation it was almost not populated, empty, deserted land. Zionist started restoration of Holy Land, but Arab Sheikh does not want have New society near their Middle evil regimes. In May 1948 they give the order to Arab “to leave the area only for 2 weeks, until Arab armies clean it from Jews”. Arabs started cycle of wars an violence. But you denied these facts!! You have your vision, I have my, but your brutal language is only show the level of your intellect.


To Rachel Thompson or Thompsom, #37: I am sure that the same way you are thinking about millions immigrants coming to America, but afraid to say that openly. There is no cell in your brain which will understand why Jews from Russia, Rumania, Ethiopia, France and many more, are coming ready to fight and die for Land of Israel.


TO realitycheck, #23: “Conventions and Court were established to prevent war and to punish the offenders”: Arab countries are the real “offenders”, by lunching aggression wars in 1948, 1967 and 1972. They should be punish, like Germany was punish for aggression.


…Tready’s can’t wipe away all the tears of generational years of..decent,conflict mistrust &
open hostilities…with each other . Sorrow & pain…is not so easy forgotten…or written away
in man-made…accords !You see treadys are just paper & ceremonys.. & a smile of a performance ?
…Diven Intervention.. A MIRACLE is most needed !


Rachel: To convince its not black and white is all:
Gazans Treated “Like Animals”: Carter
Former US president Jimmy Carter said he had to “hold back tears” while touring scenes of devastation in the war-torn Gaza strip on Tuesday, June 16, and seeing Palestinians treated more “like animals” under the Israeli stifling siege.
“Tragically, the international community too often ignores the cries for help and the citizens of Palestine are treated more like animals than like human beings,” Cater said as he toured the blockaded enclave, reported Agence France Presse (AFP).


Fred, are suggesting that the Palestinians pay for Borris’ sickness with their land and their lives. The Palestinians had nothing to do with what had happened to the Jews in Europe between 1859 and 1940. Fred are a trained social worker/therapist? if yes, you should be worried about the victime (the Palestinians) not the aggressors the Israeli. If you do so, you will be unbaised


#35 03/14/2010 :: 03:26:50 PM
Mark Bernadiner Says:
“…All islamofascism organizations operating on Israel territory occupied by Palestinian muslims, such as PLO&Fatah (created after WWII on the principles of Hitler’s ideology and with close ties to Nazi party and SS), Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Agsa Brigade, must be totally, unconditionally and immediately exterminated. …”
Of all the anti-Jew/Israel organizations, Hezbollah is the most radical, and the one closest to Nazi ideology. It calls for the extermination of Jews worldwide, not just in the Middle East. And yet, Israel failed to destroyed it in 2006 South Lebanon War.


Retract #37


Rachel, your comments are very biased. Perhaps for Boris having found freedom from the oppression he faced in Russia he has not found the balance between the good and the bad side of freedom. Perhaps if you were to cite specific examples, homes destroyed, only 17% of land in east J owned by non-jews is zoned for residential buildings. Perhaps you might want to look-up attacks against Israel in the past year too. People are dying on both sides.


Finally the Middle-East has come to it’s “Omega”,…the precipice of its self-made ubiguitous undoings! The religous Potentate’s on both sides of the isle will get their own personal sisyphus in “Real-Time”?…..,”our genesis orphaned by arrogant adversarial forces to conquer – diabolically opposed to the planets guardian nature – the sheer makeup of our existence through evolution imposes a resolution to rebel with abominably recalcitrant destruction – we as humans feel an estranged entitlement as host symbiotic administrators, rather than welcomed guest,an illogical self-invidious prophesy – to reiterate,we have fashioned our very co-existence with “Mother-Earth” as not of equals but ruthless conquerer’s with no plausible narrative – unfortunately,our existence depends upon her fickle temperament con-currently being gored by our intolerance for balance, the “Yin and Yang” of our universe on planet “Earth”- sooner rather than later her equinox will shun its equilibrium pacifying her lust for vengeance, sinuously undulating belching out mankinds transgression, leveling the playing field once again,humbling one more species to the past,but this time “Mother Nature” will have the past,and present species of “Man’s Own Handywork in the Mix” with the creator’s own fingerprints all over it”! PS. We are hostile creatures by virtue of natural selection,which parallels our religious ambiguities for compromise? Thanks Worldfocus


Borris, you are not only ill-informed , but you are also a xenophobic individual. You came from Russia with a lot of package: hatred, Zealotry, racism, and no education. The Palestinians have been putting with a lot, if this is the average Israeli immigrant


Reality Check vs Kerry
Score 47 61


What do you think are the driving factors except for beliefs, that is the true nature of the debate/conflict. Its scary for most to debate in that realm because in the back of their minds they are still conflicted with their own beliefs. And since you can not enter you have lost the debate, even you know that.


Reality Check, yes in the end all actions are judged


Israel-Arab Peace Plan Principles

Starting in 1948 from very first day of recreation of the State of Israel on the part of Israel territory, Arab countries waged several wars to eliminate Israel from her historic land. Israel won all wars and now Arab countries propose a peace agreement with Israel under conditions, which they intended to dictate. However, only Israel, who won all the wars and defeated Arab countries, has legal rights to formulate and dictate peace agreement terms and conditions, which, in general, shell include the following provisions:

1. Palestinian muslims must compensate Jews for damages caused by Jews massacres (actually, it was Holocaust) conducted in Palestine in 1920s-1930s under British administration supervision, for providing Hitler with idea of Final Solution and for taking active part in implementing the idea in Europe.
2. Arab countries must compensate Israel for damages inflicted on Israel during wars launched by Arab countries.
3. Arab countries must compensate several million Jews expelled from Arab countries between 1948 and 1953, where they lived for centuries, for violation of international law and stealing Jewish properties.
4. Arab countries must recognize “Article 24 of the 1964 PLO charter addressed to UN, which stipulates: Palestinian muslims do not claim Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza their territories” which gives Israel full legal rights to remove muslims from occupied Israel land of Palestine.
5. Arab countries must comply with Geneva Convention, which recognizes Israel rights on Gaza, Judea and Samaria, historic Jewish land liberated by Israel in 1967 war from Jordan and Egypt occupation.
6. Arab countries must recognize Jerusalem as historic Israel capital.
7. Egypt and Jordan are obligated to relocate Palestinian muslims (their former citizens) from Gaza (Egypt), Judea and Samaria (Jordan) inside their territories within 1 (negotiable) year term.
8. Arab countries have no right to develop or acquire WMD or weapon that can be used against Israel.

If any Arab country denies this peace terms and conditions, Israel has full legal rights for preemptive strike against this country using all available military power. All islamofascism organizations operating on Israel territory occupied by Palestinian muslims, such as PLO&Fatah (created after WWII on the principles of Hitler’s ideology and with close ties to Nazi party and SS), Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Agsa Brigade, must be totally, unconditionally and immediately exterminated. All other Palestinian muslims must be expelled from Israel back to the countries of their origin.


If the US thinks that Israel is harming US troops in Afghanistan or Iraq, it can pull them out today. If this administration is falling into that propaganda trap of blaming the Jews for their involvement in the MIddle East, then let them take all forces and leave Israel alone by itself. If God will it, it will survive. My mother survived Hitler’s killing machine. An uncle of mine survived in the forests fighting with the partisans in WWII at the age of 14 after his mother was killed. Ishallah, if God wills it, and if the Jewish people know they have no one else to count on but themselves and their God, they will either survive or perish. The US is a weak reed now. It is not to be leaned on. Israel must get off its crutch and get back into the mental place it was in when it was surrounded and all alone in ’48 and ’67. It cannot hope that anyone will come to the rescue, because they won’t. God helps those who help themselves.


It really doesn’t matter what anyone says or does; there will be no capital of a 22nd Arab state in Jerusalem. Period. To get that, the Muslims will have to conquer it. Propaganda alone won’t get it for them, and the US will NOT deliver it to them on some silver platter either. Nor will the UN, or anyone else. Jerusalem was never the capital of any other state but the ancient Jewish state and the modern Jewish state.
If the Arabs want a 22nd ARab state in Judah and Samaria, they could have had it in 1947 and 2001, and even now if they fully recognized the right of the Jewish state to exist in peace. But since they refuse to concede even that point, it is nonsense to talk about “peace” except as a messianic hopeful vision.


Israel is not interested in peace talks. It wants to make life so miserable for Palestinians so that they can leave the West Bank. Its intention is to make the West Bank part of Israel. I see a parallel between the action of Israel towards the Palestinians and the Nazis towards Jews.


After his recent humiliation, Biden was quoted as telling Israeli officials “What you are doing here (expanding settlement building in East Jerusalem) undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and endangers regional peace.” This is as close to admitting that Israel’s actions are promoting terrorism against the US that our government has admitted. Much of the terrorism against the US and world is due to the Israeli/Palestine issue. It is long past time for the US to tell Israel that she is on her own and withdraw financial and military support. If Israel is God’s country let him intervene as he has supposedly done in the past.


You can believe what you like just as LG believes what as he likes and so does the rest of the world. Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians will be judged here on earth. Just as no one elses religious belifs will enter into it, nother will yours.


Reality Check,
My point is that you believe in your laws based upon the laws of man while others believe in laws based upon their perception that gods law is higher in authority. Since you nor I can not change the way
we consider god there is no way to reconcile our divergent points of views, both of which are moral and legal based upon our perceptions.
International law is only applied when stronger nation needs an excuse to exploit weaker nations. Like the United States does so effectively in exporting its subsidized commodities. The effect of mans law , your law, in that field(s) is barren fields on rich-tropical islands where all the food is imported and the people live in destitution. That is compliance with mans laws. Such insanity should not be promoted reality check!

Israel is restoring it ancient capital and its ancient homeland under the authority granted to it by god. Since you abstain from that belief you will
have problems of citing examples where gods law has failed. Mutual exclusion being the nature of that beast. I offer this compromise. You believe what you want to believe and I will do the same. Your follow the laws of man and I will respect your believe in them. Yet, I will follow the laws of god and you must respect my faith. This world is based upon free will, do you not agree with that ?


The final fallacious arguement is an appeal to an expert – your version of God. It is an odd thing that man has been on earth for millions of years but only a few thousand year ago God decided that this little piecwe of land belonged exclusively to one group. Unfortunately for your arguement the discovery of DNA makes it pretty clear that we are all genetically related and the differences come mainly from adaptations to the environment. Holy books were and are produced by man as a way to promote cohesion in the group and/or to explain natural phenomena, You apparently know exactly what your God means in spite of the fact that Jewish scholars continuously debate their interpretations.
Sorry but you are going to have to get used to the fact that here on earth you will have to live by man’s law and international law can only be applied fairly if religion is not a part of it.
Just like Netanyahu you want to cherry pick from past agreements but ignore UN Resolutions and other agreements. Since when were Palestinian farms uninhabited? Or do you mean that if Israel can cut off the land from the Palestinians it is OK to build on it? Nice try.
As for the latest posts I see that some of you have come full circle by your personal attacks on other posters. Personal attacks, appeals to higher powers and nameless experts and distractions win you no debating points and get you a faileing grade in logic.


Because God is a figment of the Jewish imagination, man’s law prevails. Mosaic law is plagarized from Hammurabi’s code. Also there is no evidence for Exodus. Jewish fables are worthless claims for Jerusalem and add nothing to the peace process.


Reality Check, you are correct ” Israel is building —- settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem in contravention of the Road Map to Peace.” Their idea is that If the land is inhabited by Jews then by default it will become Jewish Land. Said lands are part of Ancient Israel and God is restoring it to Israel. Good point though, many people have empathy Palistine and the 3.5 million refugees who are still unreturned.

For the record Gods law is higher than mans law, then UN, Convention, ect.I think you already understand that; but, you need to hear it clearly to change your perception of the events which are taking place.


Boris. This is a discussion about Iraaeli policies. Whatever finger pointing you want to do is not relevant. Many on your list happened before the UN which came into being in 1945, the 4th Geneva Conventions which were signed in 1949 and the International Court of Justice which came later. Any entity who’s people feel that they have been occupied by another can appeal to the UN for resolution. The UN Resolutioins regarding Israel apply to Israel and the Geneva Conventions apply to all. The UN, Conventions and Court were established to prevent war and to punish the offenders. Israel is building illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem in contravention of specific UN Resolutions and the Geneva Convention.
Your personal comment isn’t worthy of an answer.


Reality Check, #19:You are very active on this page; SMS was on page March 9 with same stile?? Brittan occupied N. Ireland, Forlean Islands, Gibraltar; Pakistan occupied Kashmir; Turkey: S. Armenia, E. Cyprus; Poland: E. Prussia; Russia: Kennigsberg, Chechnya, Japanese N. Islands and many more; Iran: Kurdistan and list can go on and on. Kosovo, Rwanda, Darfur… In 1948, 1967, 1972 Arab attack Israel in compliance with all this conventions, you mentioned?? According to you all of them comply, but not Israel.


earle, Jerusalem is where the finish and the start takes place


Realitycheck, You must be living in fantasy land if you think the United States will use weapons against Israel. As far as money you are right, the PLO, which is now the PA, was invited by the United States and Israel complied under the threat of “Money” to allow them to live in the West Bank and Gaza. No longer living in tents, nor in camps, scattered through the middle east is an immense concession made by Israel to Palestine. After many innocent lives were lost, wiki intifada if you need more details for you future posts, something had to be done to preserve life. Thus, having millions of potential enemy combatants just a few hundred yards from Israel populations prompted the construction of a wall to keep potential conflicts minimized. Tell me do you lock your door at night? Well so do we.

The International Court of Justice has exhausted its recourse by submitting matters to the UN Security Counsel where they Vetoed by the US. But nice try at citing legal actions where your side of the argument lost. Please try using facts not just broad statements issued by others which you think supports you cause, which by the way I am not sure you even spelled out exactly what you cause was— except to admonish Israel for doing what all states have the right to do. To defend itself, to defend its citizens against attack, and to grow economically.

Since when has the world complied with the Geneva convention on the use of “occupied” territories. Have you forgotten the Warsaw Pact nations ? Or Cuba ? This is they way I see your arguments. You do not have specific facts so you consolidate some world authorities, lump them together, and try and convince us that you are a intellect worth taking note of. But what you have failed to do if to tell us exactly what your issues are with Israel ?
Be specific ? Give us a real Realitycheck.

But before departing here is one for you: It is hard to be objective when you, yourself, has not been to both Israel and to the West Bank or Gaza. America is nice and safe, have you ever traveled to see how the rest of the world lives ? Not Mexico. It is very easy to be critical when your having a BBQ in you back yard on a warm sunny day in a well protected community. Try having those same thoughts and feelings when you are living on the front lines.


Hey Boris. Nice to see that there a couple of “nameless experts” who represent the Arabs, the international community and the US poitions. You might check the signators of the UN Resolutions and Declarations, The Geneva Conventions and rulings of The International Court of Justice before you state others’ positions. It is “illegal” to confiscate “Occupied Territory”. It is “illegal” to build a fence/wall on other people’s land.


Re: @ jgarbuz ,…your passion is undenialably sincere as is your cause, yet religious ideology,and logic are at cross-roads. Think about what is said of todays Jerusalem,as to being the known center of the world’s religious universe. The great scientist “Galileo” ironically discovers the isochronous property of the pendulum,and investigates laws of gravitation,and oscillation – invents proportional compass,and constructs the astronomical telescope thus unravelling the mystery of the planets with respect to Earth’s. Galileo Galilie publishes,and now faces,…”The Inquisition From the Mighty Catholic Church” with a death sentence for defying the churches dogma’s regarding,”the earth is at the center of the universe”,God’s only realm! His science as we all learned proved correct – that indeed our solar system revolves around the sun – so it is,…point being that juxtaposed with secular Jewish rationale that Israel is the center of the known religious universe. Religion,and God are omni-present,and all religious have their hearts in the right place ,but unfortunately their heads somewhere else. Thanks


Before, Arab countries and “international community” were considering Israel arms arsenal as obstacle for “peace”, not any more. Housing construction on territories, Arab lost in wars with Israel is a main obstacle for peace. They give up to take them back military.
Arabs are trying to take territory back by using Kosovo scenario.
What position US administration took at this situation??
One can find in March 9,2010 #68 by jgarbus.


To Boris G
Do you really think that there is only one critic of the Israeli government policies? Stick with the issues and move on from the personal attacks.


To Reality Check#14: SMS, how many names you are using??


Arab Propaganda? No one has a better propaganda machine than Israel including those who are “self-appointed”. Given the access to information we all have available, the Israeli propagandist are being challanged and of course they are over-reacting. Calling anyone who dares criticize Israel anti-semetic has triviualized its meaning. Cconsequently the content of the criticism is being judged on its legitimacy not the label that someone else has attached to it.


To earle of FLorida

Since Muslims outnumber Jews by over 100 to 1, and when you add on their antisemitic supporters it doubles, someone has to stand up and start telling some truth. I nominated myself a long time ago for the job. Amongst the avalanche of Arab propaganda, someone has to do it.


B. Kelly

You don’t what you’re talking about. No such thing happened. Not a single Arab was kicked out of a home UNTIL the Arabs started war and attacked. I don’t know where you get your information from, but try a real history text on the subject like “1948” by Benny Morris.


Jgarbuz, you said that if the Arabs wanted peace, they could have had it in 1947. Are you saying that the Arabs should have accepted the Israelis kicking over 100,000 Palestinians out of their homes one year earlier, in 1946?


Always playing the victim by selective history does not validate Israel’s land grab or the oppression of the Palestinians. Netanyahu either can’t contol his own coalition or he knew about the houses in East Jerusalem. Either way he is unable to negotiate or he is just trying to provoke the Palestinians. As usual Israel’s peace plan – delay, provoke and blame the Palestinians.


Thanks to all the Zionist foamers for sharing their fairy tales, delusions, and hallucinations about Middle East affairs with the rest of America. Share with us more nonsense, please. Remember the!


Re: @ jgarbuz #1,#3,#6,and #7….are you planning on occupying,…ie)a permanent settlement regarding the Middle-East blog’s via Worldfocus?


There is not, nor ever was, nor ever will be a genuine “peace process” but only a “strangle Israel” process. If the Arabs wanted peace, they could have had it in 1947, or ’67 or 2001 or whenever. But there is no reason for them to make peace. Why should they? There are 56 Muslim states who do not accept the right of a Jewish state to exist on religious and other grounds. Sadat finally came to make peace (only to get his precious Sinai with its oil fields after again failing in the ’73 war) and paid for it with his head. To make peace with Israel is sin according to Islam, and will probably also get you killed. Israel wants peace, but has no one to make it with. This myth of a “peace process” only exists as theater and a lucrative feeding frenzy for media circuses. Peace in the Middle East as is as theoretical as traveling to different dimensions, or back into time. It is science fiction. Political theater. The only “peace plan” the ARabs have is to destroy Israel by one means or another. The US is only useful to the extent it helps them do it. Otherwise, they don’t the US.


To reality check

There no longer is “East Jerusalem” or “West Jerusalem” just as there is no longer East Berlin and West Berlin. THere is only Jerusalem just as there is only Berlin. There will be no capital of a 22nd Arab state in Jerusalem. Sorry, “the world” will just have to settle with Disneyland and Peter Pan’s NeverNeverLand. Jerusalem was divided for 19 years with barbed wire when it was occupied by Jordan. There were Jordanian snipers on top. Jews were not allowed to even go worship at their wall. All the Jews who had lived in that part of Jerusalem were expelled and all synagogues destroyed, some 60 in all. That is forgotten history, dead and buried. The “world” is welcome to visit, worship, and spend money in Jerusalem, but it is now the permanent unified capital of the Jewish state. If the Arabs now claim they want it so bad, let them come and get it the way Saladin did. But Saladin had a Jewish doctor, Maimonides. There never was, and shall never be an Arab capital in the city of Yerushalayim, the capital city of David. The world can go shove it if they don’t like it.


Israel says they will build new settlements and the U.S. taxpayer will pay for them. So, send us the usual $5 billion and shut up Mr. Vice President Biden.


Jerusalem is already divided as recognized by the International Community. East Jerusalem is “Occupied Territoy” and its annexation by Israel is illegal. The Palestinians who live there were born there and “ethnic cleansing” is a very ugly term not well accepted by anyoine.
The US holds the ultimate weapons to force Israel to back off – money and weapons. Many more stunts like the one this week and Israel may find itself alienated from its biggest benefactor. This week the EU voted to accept the Goldstone Report in spite of the heavy pressure by the Israeli lobby. Apparently rebranding doesn’t appear to be working too well. Maybe a genuine effort by Israel at peace would fair better.


Yisroel, you might be just a little bit “meshuggah” there. Leave the third temple to the messiah to bring along with him. But no ARab capital in Jerusalem is enough for now.


Jerusalem is the eternal capitol of Israel. It really doesn’t matter what governments (Israel, US, Arab dictatorships, the UN etc)say or do. Jerusalem is the “place that I will show you” promised to the Jewish Nation. The third temple will stand there and all the people on Earth will worship there…G-d willing…soon.


Israel has to make it crystal clear, once and for all and forever, that Jerusalem is the one capital of the one Jewish state, and that no Arab capital has ever existed, or will ever exist in the capital of the Jewish state. They can redivide Berlin, but not Jerusalem. As for the US-ISraeli relationship, the US has been leaning too much on Israel and doing nothing on the ARab side. The US never came to Israel’s aid in ’48 nor in ’67, and only tepidly in ’73. The US has no right to dictate the creation of an Arab capital in Jerusalem. Let it cut of aid if it wished, but no ARab capital in Jerusalem. Period. Relationship or no relationship with the US.

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