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March 12, 2010
Maldivian leader sees peril and promise in country’s future

Mohammed Waheed Hassan was elected vice president in the Maldives’ first democratic elections in 30 years.

In this extended interview, he talks about why he believes his nation faces grave danger from climate change — and how the Maldives hopes to set a positive example by becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral country.

Watch our signature story, Creeping seas threaten tiny island chain of Maldives.


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Right. Right on brother. Nice building used as fill, except that it too will become part of the sea. That chain of islands will be under water. I’m glad they decided to give up all forms of using anything that will give off CO2. The problem that they face is that they will still see those islands vanish under the waves.
Still it does not matter what these islanders do “for it as been forseen by the Will of Allah that those who accept the way of the Infidels shall drown.” He has a cell phone.

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