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March 12, 2010
Bloody attacks by Islamic militants rock Pakistan

In Pakistan, a series of deadly bombings shattered a period of relative calm that also saw the capture of several high-level Taliban officials. Today, two suicide bombers targeted army vehicles in a residential neighborhood of Lahore, the country’s second biggest city.

At least 43 people were killed, including about 10 soldiers, and 100 more were wounded. Insurgent groups are still very much a force in Pakistan, a year after the army claimed it defeated them.

For more, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Ahmad Kamal, a Pakistani diplomat for 40 years.

Hashem Ahelbarra of Al Jazeera English obtained unusual access in the Swat Valley.


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Mr. Ahmad Kamal is so correct – it’s frightening. What’s disconcerting about his pithy,yet somewhat surreptitious prognosis,…is the emulation of american political leaders as a whole – their arrogance ,and hubris not to heed history,and fiscal responsibility is borderline treason. America doesn’t belong in Afghanistan,nor Pakistan,period! The United States is surviving on borrowed money from foreign countries who would more than welcome our demise. Mr. Kamal is actually doing us a great favor with his stark,and candid revelations regarding the deep-bonding of the “Afgan/Pak People” as a whole – the insurmountable obstacles that lie ahead for our military forces? Here’s a (approx.rounded-off) reality check(10years)list regarding the United States “Revenues FY02-FY11” :$2tn;$2.1tn;$2.2;$2.3tn;$2.4tn;$2.5tn;$2.6tn;$2.7tn;$2.8tn; and $2.9tn (please note the revenues increase approx.$100bn/year & FY11 est.). Memo: I would like only to compare “The Total Budget Authority for National Defense” as follows: (supplementals,and procurements included)for FY02-FY11 $450bn;$550bn;$570bn;$580bn;$625bn;$680bn;$790bn;$910bn;$965bn;and $1.2tn (noteworthy-FY11 est.). The amount of defense spending in proportion to revenue 2010,and 2011 is an eye-opener – $965bn/$2.8tn = 34.5%,and $1.2tn/$2.9tn = 41.4%! Lastly,…I would like to quote Mr.James Madison,The Political Observer,1795 — “of all the enimies to public liberty,war is perhaps,the most dreaded because it comprises and developes the germ of every dollar. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes…known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few…No nation could preserve it’s freedom in the midst of continual warfare”,…..Thankyou Worldfocus

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