March 11, 2010
China and India sign on to Copenhagen climate accord

China and India — the world’s two most populous countries — are churning out more and more damaging greenhouse gases every year.

These two rapidly growing economies have formally agreed this week to be part of the climate change accord that was worked at last December’s climate change conference in Copenhagen.

The nonbinding document calls for limiting the rise in global temperatures.

Andrew Potter of Al Jazeera English reports on the significance of the news.




Overpopulation and Deforestation are the extant problems. This other business is a smokescreen.


Oh yeah sure…and I’ve got a bridge to sell you!


Just when you thought Copenhagen was dead… ;^)

Whether the planet is warming is irrelevant to the need to get off fossil fuels.
The economic, geopolitical and environmental benefits will kick in even without a CO2 benefit. Less pollution, less military deployments, energy dollars stay at home.

Thank you and good luck to the Worldfocus team. You may write at length on world issues at Balkingpoints (www) – see the front page for an incredible satellite view of earth

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