March 11, 2010
Caribbean nations fear ill effects of climate change

Worldfocus producer Megan Thompson recently traveled around the world in 18 days to see firsthand the effects of climate change on small island nations.

In the Caribbean, she heard from residents of Grenada and Antigua how rising tides are dramatically effecting their livelihoods.

The trip was sponsored by the U.N. Environmental Program and coordinated by the Alliance of Small Island States. Some of the underwater footage was provided by Acqua Films.

Read Megan’s blog from the field: Message in a Bottle: reporting from Antigua and Grenada.




Omg I grew up in trinidad and tobago and this is horrible to hear going on. I now reside in the United states and i just started paying attention to world focus and this is by far the best station that needs to be aired on every news channel. It would be a disaster to cancel this show!!


My wife and I always watched your program, and found it most interesting. There are so many worthless newscasts, it would be a shame to let this one go.


Unless you live next to the ocean few people will see the temperature change as a threat. Nor will they see the pH level change into an ocean with a high acid state.
It is like looking at acid rain.Those people who live around the source of the coal burning plant do not understand that the smoke from that plant contains sulfur which when mix with rain will produce acid rain. Out of sight out of mind.

The planet earth has too many people on it. Maybe your God/Gods can reduce that number by 90% just to save what is left?


World Focus is second only to the PBS News Hour as the news program I watch the most. It is far better than any of network news programs. I hope that you find some way to keep it on the air.


We are so sorry to see you quit the air. We have enjoyed your program so very much and have relied on your program to get International news. I hope something happens that will keep you on the air. We will miss you.


i sit on the board of directors of the ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS GROUP here in Antigua and we are working hard to communicate the devastation taking place. as a canadian i know western countries in the north take the idea of climate changee lightly but do not realize that one degree of ocean temperature increase is as hard to coral reefs as if we humans experienced a 50 degree temperature change to our environment. if you wish to keep abreast of these issues directly from our organizations here in the caribbean, please visit our websites: or


I appreciate hearing and seeing world news as presented on World focus and I wish that it would be continued. Thank you for the fine coverage of news. So little international news is shown nor explained here. I have lived outside the US most of my life so I do appreciate your coverage. World Focus helps people to understand people of other countries and the difficulties developing countries experience.
So thank you again for the helpful service you have given.

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