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March 9, 2010
Tentative talks resume in the Middle East

After 14 months of silence, Israeli and Palestinian leaders are set to hold indirect peace talks.

For more on the Middle East negotiations, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks to two specialists on the region: Ghassan Shabaneh, assistant professor of international studies at Marymount Manhattan College, and in Washington, Steven Cook, senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.




ISRAELI & PALESTINIAN..Two-step…2-steps forwards
….3-steps-back.. !
IRANIAN Regime…mean-while.It.seems to be STOMPPIMG Their way-forwards…to the NUCLEAR DREAM.. ? !!!
Hillary& OBAMA…..Carries a LITTLE STICK..&
…TIMES -RUNNING- OUT…Tick-T A L K..Go’s the Clock….MEAM WHILE [Obama’s]..still-a-waiting !!


SMS, I wonder if you really understand the ignorance and hatred for all of humanity that your posts reveal. I feel sorry for you and will pray that god takes mercy on your sole. I understand your point. The killing and destrustion must stop on both sides. We both agree with that. There are evil-doers villians on both sides who must be stopped. Only god can stop them.


SMS #79 } ~ you said that there are many called gods.. let’s be say that their is but One GOD WHOS MOST GENUINE…The LORD
GOD Who CREATED The Heavens & Earth ! & WE are
His Children..if you believe in GOD…[ ?] :)


First, you are paranoid because you think that I would use another name for a supposed reason in your head (it had never occurred to me to do it, but now I know that you have been doing that). I think more and more people know what is going on in Palestine and more and more people are standing up for the Israeli Apartheid Regime in Palestine. I have addressed all your issues from religious, historical, and current affair point of view and when you ran out of arguments, you acted as all irrelevant because “Your God” said so. Well, I have news for you, there are many “Gods” that people believe in and you do not shove YOUR interpretation of your “God” on other people. I think you created your own God to rationalize oppression and transgression in a way to avoid your responsibility as a human being to abolish vile and evil in the world. And I consider the Israeli occupation of Palestine an evil and vile act.


Good Christian, (SMS) Reality Check
Your words have no power because beneath the lies a void of perception. I am truly sorry for lack of understand you have demonstrated. Your fired from having a resonable conversation with.


SMS under the disguise of “Good Christian”
If you think that “Gods Will” is accomplished by peace and harmony you have never read the scriptures. I think when people try to communicate with you they may have a hard time knowing of you are present or not.


Kerry, what is the difference between you and the Iranian president Najad. Both seem to me are talking about God and understanding the will of God more than the rest of us. If God asked the people of Israel to go back, did God also command that you go and kill civilians and uproot them from their homes? Did your God ask that Israel be build on the runies of others? Did Your God ask you to throw natives in Jerusalem out of their homes so Russians and American Jews can come and repalce them? The whole world looks at as an agent of love and respect, you and your brain washed new immigrant to historic Palestine see him as an agent of hate and kill. Thus you and the Talban and Najad are the same


SMS, A person would have to be blind not to see the harm that is being done. But there is a way of things you are not inclined to understand. I see you stuck in the dogma of US propaganda. It was Saudi Arabian Terrorists who attacked the US, not the Taliban. Yes, the two side harbor ill will to each other, even hatred. A person would have to be blind not to be sympathetic to the plight you have in detail described. God scattered the people of Israel and brought them back to reunite their country. If you cant understand that then you will not be able to have a perspective on the unfolding of events. You will be mired in confusion.


Now, as for things are “progressing”, using your own word, and the killing on the both sides. When Israel kills 1400 Palestinians – mostly civilians- in a war compared to 11 Israeli soldiers, I won’t call killing is on both sides. Unless you choose to be blind to the truth of what is going on their (Goenocide and war crimes- Wellsotne report), then I can’t help you. As for “preserving the American way of life”, I am not sure if we are living in the Same America. The America I know will never stand idle when it sees apartheid and injustice being inflicted on a whole people daily. The America I know stands for human rights in the glob on the behalf of all oppressed people. The American I know will not cower before the intimidation of AIPAC that caused us great harm in the world because we always protected Israel from facing the consequences of its lunatic behaviors against the wishes of our European allies. So do not lecture me about what this country stands for to justify the inexcusable support of such evil apartheid regime. Note: I wanted to say that prophet Abraham was from Iraq in my previous posting.


As for Historical rights of the Jews in Palestine: Here is a history lesson for you. When Abraham arrived in Palestine, he purchased a small land in Hebron called Macfilla (probably 2-3 Acres). He paid 200 sheikels for it. This tells you that the land was owned by someone else. So much for your argument of “Historical Rights”. Besides, Abraham’s offspring lived there as individuals until they were called to Egypt by Joseph. Then they came back to conquer the Philistines with David. The Jews had kingdom for 100-200 years 3000 years ago. So what? You know how many civilizations came after that…Palestine was the historical homeland for many civilizations. Therefore, it is an insult to any religion to be used in such away to justify the eviction, killing, and disposition of a whole nation just because lunatics thing that this is the “will of God”. This is Taliban mentality not logic. I don’t by it and will never by it.


Kerry Masterson, #69:

You can rant and believe what you want. But facts are facts. You understand me wrong when you thought about the equality of the 1.5 million Arabs in “Israel”. I am talking about the Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel has never left Gaza or the West Bank. In Gaza, they control the air, the sea (they shoot at any fisherman who dares to get to the see fighting ordinary people on their daily living and livelihoods), they control the water, the boarder crossing along with the coward government of Egypt and people in Gaza had to resort to tunnels to get everything from baby formula to building supplies. Basically, Israel is controlling the lives of every Gazan. As for the West Bank, Israel goes in at whim to kill or kidnap Palestinians with impunity. The West Bank has been quiet for years and all the Palestinians got in return was more settlements and more checkpoints. I can go on and on. So Israel has no intention of peace what so ever and the settlers’ numbers tripled after the Oslo accord which was supposed to give the very land back to the Palestinians. I can go on and on about Israel intentions, but that is enough for now.


52]`~ C.a.i.r. & …SAUDI……WAHHABISM IS A RADICAL FANATICAL ..IDEOLOGY OF ISLAM..A NARROW VIEW..MADRASSA..SPREAD OUT THEIR ..HATRED OF THE WEST..Global…seed of hate…WORDS OF HATE ..PUT IN TO ACTION…WELCOME ..THE TERRORIST =CALL FOR their justification…they’er dying to go to killing of innocent people and themself…..what is the end game KHALIFA..OR PARADISE………..W H A T E V E R ???..


jgarbuz, nice rant see mine in #2 which I retracted


SMS, you have made many points which reflect a a general theme that you are against the very nature of the government that now exists in Israel. If I understand you correctly you would rather have a representative government that reflects the composition of the population. About a million and a half Arabs live in Israel. Mostly as equals but not without limitations. Israel is and will continue to be a Jewish State because god wants it to exist as one. As a Jewish state the government will be made of Jews who promote the self interests of the Jewish State. You will have to accept that fact before you can begin to understand the nature of the solution. When I was growing up the PLO, now the PA, were scattered into refugee camps, now they are mostly in Gaza and the west bank under their own goverments. Except Hamas in Gaza is a front for Iran.
Progress is being made, but, it is slow. Yes, people are being killed by both sides. Do you expect the Israel will some how give up its determination to exist ? What exactly is your point besides being unhappy with the way it is ? Its a very cold hard world. If not for sound and strong men protecting the American way of life you would not be a comfortable as you are. America exploits the world and we all profit from that exploitation. And the rest of the world hates us just as much as they hate the Jewish state. Do you expect
that our government will just roll over and submit to what others deem as fairness ? Israel, is the historical home of Jews for thousands of years. Perhaps you need to rethink your position and find another cross to bear. If you have some clear position as to why you are unhappy, then post it. If not, please refrain from offering pointless disconnected prose.


What exactly were Biden and Clinton thinking, that Israel will allow part of Jerusalem to become the capital of a 22nd Arab state??? Why not redivide Berlin? Or give part of Washington DC to the “indians?” There is more chance of Texas going back to Mexico than part of Jerusalem becoming another Arab capital! If this is “American help” then thanks, no thanks. With friends like this, ISrael is better off alone with its enemies. The US is negotiating on behalf of the Arabs! They can’t squeeze any concessions from the Arabs, or stop the Iranian nuclear program, so they feel they can just squeeze little Israel. They got another think coming. The US can’t even squeeze Cuba. The US is not a serious country anymore.


I heard Joe Biden say, “Continuing construction of settlements will serious inhibit the progress of peace negotiation.”

I think Reagan would have said, ” Thank you very much! I see that you built new houses for the Palestinians to move in, as soon as the new Palestinian state creation is complete with or without your obtructionists’ approval! How nice of you!” And Reagan would have said it with his trademark broad grin.


To SMS #63: Political cover in UN:From 2008-2009, the U.N. General Assembly (GA) continued to spend a disproportionate amount of time focusing on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, passing 20 resolutions which are one-sided or blatantly anti-Israel.
Of 10 emergency special sessions called by the GA, six have been about Israel. No emergency sessions have been held on the Rwandan genocide, ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia, or the two decades of atrocities in Sudan.


Hi SMS, well you ignored my question. The most distant outpost of King Solomans trading empire was—- Paraguay in south America. His Ships were built with Cedars of Lebanon (phonecians). And they stopped where on the way back ?


To SMS, #54: Urgun and the Haganah DID NOT fight with Palestinians. They fight with British army!


See, when you have no answers you try to dodge the questions and say stuff like “get high school education”. I will take your “advice” for what is worth. Now, what about Jordan occupying West Bank? How about the terrorists that founded Israel, how about that while some Jews lived in Palestine, they have no rights to rule over the majority. How about using your logic, to give America back to the people who lived here for ever. I am sure you are blank. But telling me Solomon and David, try again. This is when you leave logic aside and start making things up. How about one person one vote? This is what a civilized people do, not force themselves against other people and establish the most brutal apartheid regime in recent history. And Sanford, stop using the oldest trick in the book when it comes to Israel: Criticize it and you are an automatic anti-Semite. I have news for you…This excuse is over used and misused and will eventually back fire because people are smart and see Israel for what it is: an occupying power that stops at nothing to abuse the human rights of the native Palestinians. How do you explain the hundreds of thousands of Jews who are pro-Palestinians? So this is not about Jews and Palestinians, it is about Israel living above the law because we in the States give it money and political cover in the UN


To SMS, #54: Oh! Really, budget of CAIR only 1mill. What about rest of Muslim organizations? Like I said, they have “very poor” sponsors. All oil money wash on Dubai Island.
To Thomas S.#60:“who want to come with guns and kill and then cry wolf”-, one more pro-Arab slogan, used to cover Palestinian terrorism. Yes, I cry, when they kill my friend’s teen girl in Dolphin club.


Thomas and SMS, why do you dislike Jews ?


Thomas Savage: there is no such things as Zionist Jews, Colonial Jews, or Imperial Jews, as there is no such thing as Imperiam Americans, Colonial Americans, or Stupid Amerians, There are just Jews and Americans. Jews are only native to Israel and nobody else. I recommend you and SMS to get a proper highschool education. If you need address< I will send it to you.


Mark, SMS never said that Jews left, and he never siad that they do not have the right to live there as equal citizens. He says that Zionist jews, imperial Jews, and colonial jews have no right to come and repalce natives. The Palestinians have no problems with Jews who want to live as equal, but do have huge problems with people like you and Borris who want to come with guns and kill and then cry wolf


Obviously, SMS follows street-popular “history and information” and knows nothing about anything. Jews never left Israel land, for information. Jews always live there.


SMS trading centers


SMS, I am impressed with you logic yet I have one question i bet you can not answer. How far and to where did Solomon kingdom travel at it height ?


#50 speaks of Solomon and David ruling Palestine. So What? Let’s apply this logic on earth and see how many civilizations we have to destroy because someone ruled somewhere some time. I can’t really understand this logic. Do not go far…Our beloved USA. Let’s give the land back to the Native Americans and it has only been 500 years under American control….not thousands of years as some suggest that since Solomon ruled there, it belongs to them. How about this, Solomon did not rule USA, so Jews have no right to be here. What kind of logic is this?


Boris: Looks like you r a guy with a lot of time. Do you really compare CAIR who budget is probably a million a year to Fox and AIPAC ? on a different note, So what if there were a Jew or two in Palestine in 1929. They were minorities and were Palestinians. You mentioned 63 of them were killed in Hebron…But the Jewish terrorists organizations like the Urgun and the Haganah (which did not contain one member who was born in Palestine, all immigrants from God know where) killed hundreds even thousands of Palestinians. So you and your like is the last people who can speak about terrorism because the state of Israel was founded by arch terrorists like Menahim Begin, Isaac Shamir and Itshac Rabin.And Finally, you did not answer my question, Who did Jordan occupy the West Bank from? (I hope you are not going to say from “Israel”). You have to admit that people lived there before Abraham arrived and just to be picky about when you can decide to use History as a reference does not work. Palestinians had continuous history in Palestine. Jews had a 100- history 5000 years ago. Let us bring the dinosaurs back then if you are using this logic.


Michael, It is hard to be objective when you, yourself, has not been to both Israel and to the West Bank or Gaza. America is nice and safe, have you ever
traveled to see how the rest of the world lives ? Not Mexico. It is very easy to be critical when your having a BBQ in you back yard on a warm sunny day in a well protected community. Try having those same thoughts and feelings when you are living on the front lines. I am sad that you have not read or have not understood the New Testament.


To SMS #49:Have you heard about CAIR (Council on American Islam Relations) its located very close to Congress, of course their sponsor Saudi Arabia is “very poor” country. All the times Jews have presents in Holy Land, there was pogrom in 1920 in Hebron, Arabs kill 63 Jews. Al-Jezira, BBC, CNN, ABC and even FOX has Saudi Arabia shareholder.


MARNIE, I was angry in # 2 and retract it.


For those who uneducated in Israel history here it is a very brief origin to avoid discussion on historic Jewish rights. If anybody would like to know more, this is my address I will send.

King David ruled Israel from 990 BCE to 968 BCE; and his son Solomon ruled after him until 928 BCE. David enlarged his kingdom and brought it to the peak of political and military power. Solomon “ruled over all the kingdoms west of the Euphrates River from Tiphsah to Gaza; he was at peace with all his neighbors” (I Kings, 4:24).
King Herod, of Edomite extraction, was king of Israel from 40 BCE to 4 BCE. He was appointed by Rome and conquered the kingdom from the Hasmoneans. When Augustus became the Roman Caesar in the year 30 BCE, Herod convinced him of his loyalty, and Augustus rewarded him by adding Jericho, the coastal region south of Dor and the region east of the Sea of Galilee. In 23 BCE, he was given the Bashan, Horen, and Tarchon regions, and three years later, the Golan Heights.


Shabaneh, as usual very informing. Other guy, just finding excuses for Israel. Those who say that there is an “Arab propaganda” in the US..Yeah right. Fox News is an Arab Propaganda; there is not even an Arab Lobby like AIPAC in this country. So who is doing the propaganda, CNN may be. So do not lie a lie and then believe it, it is not healthy. And one person mentioned that “When Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria…” My question occupied it from what, who was in charge there…There was not a Jewish soul living there in “Judea and Samaria”. What is wrong with you people?


To Rachel Kane #40: I am sure that you were posted before under different names, with same slogans of pro-Arab propaganda lie machine: ”America whearas every stone built in Israel was somehow financed by the Americans ..”- Huge Lie. Hard work, skills and good education of Zionists, build industrial country in a desert. That makes you sick. Yes, Americans help a lot. Palestinians are receiving more finance aid per person than anybody in the World and what they have? Your friends, Arabs dictators, are keeping them in the refugee camps, to blame “Israeli Aggressor”, but in the same time they are building Treasure Island in Dubai. About 20mil, Hamas and Hezbollah also allowed to do so. You forgot to mention the biggest Arab aggression, supported by Soviets in 1972.


LOL…HeyK.M.>#2.U-said..arrogant Israel…brought to knees…in the END by the son of…WASN’T…JESUS..FAMILY & HIS SELF…JEWISH ??


God? what god is that Kerry. You must be one of those fundamentalists who has never read the New Testament. Nor, apparently, is there any aspect of history of the region, that hasn’t been infected by your personal religious beliefs. You can believe anything you want to, but your opinions are at odds with the Geneva Conventions, the World Court, and International Law, all of which God’s so-called chosen people have chosen to violate. And,isn’t there something in the Ten Commandments about ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’. And as far as Nazi’s goes, the shoe fits the IDF quite comfortably. Their trangressions are too numerous to list though well documented. Their indictment for multiple war crimes and crimes agains humanity is well deserved, whether you so-called Christians choose to belive it or not. Put your Bible down for awhile and get an education.


You all a bit nuts if you think the issues will be settled in here, but, I guess that is why I am here—–to tell you so.


LG, we need to steer clear of a war with Iran. But Iran is not who will invade the United States. The threat is someone you would never suspect. The threat is the United States of Europe which will become a superpower in the next 20 years. they already have a standing army of 4 million and have 9 million reserves. Ask yourself this, who are the most war loving countries on the face of the earth ? Who has the united states always fought against ?


Americans, by the nature of their faith, will support Israel until the end of the world. I applaud the raising of money to help defend Israel against lurking Arab armies. I applaud our veto power against UN measures designed to do Israel harm. The United States is a Christian country who feels its is destine to help Israel restore its god-given homeland. Rachel, you have no insight whatsoever if you think Boris is a professional agent for Israel. Waldo, Hamas in Gaza fired hundreds of rockets into Israel before they were put in their place. We all feel for the innocent who are killed by both sides, but, God has decided that the United States will stand by Israel. Until he decides otherwise that the way it is. Michael, Nazi storm troopers, are you comparing the IDF against the most brutal army the world has even known ? Perhaps you know nothing of the history of the Nazis or you were just got carried away. The bottom line it this, Israel has a right to defend itself, to ensure its people are not attacked, to build a nation. But the three of you claim that Israel does not have that right. And you are all three WRONG!


There were no negotiations in 1948, there was the Balfour Declaration which basically told the Palestinians and there Arab neighbors that their land was being taken to create the state of Israel, sort of like it or lump it. Then the French and British Bombed the Arab states into submission when they attempted to resist this land grab. And to correct a previous comment. the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, are not disputed territory’s in the eyes of the world, or international law. They are indeed illegally occupied by a by a brutal Israeli Defense Force whose actions can be fairly be likened to those of Nazi Storm Troopers.


Here is the problem for the US in addition to the Billions given to Israel, the US stock piles millions in munitions which Israel uses in its war with Lebanon and Gaza. Tha Gaza war killed 1400 Palestinians many women and children while Israel suffered 3 civilians and 10 IDF troops. The war also caused damage to thousands of homes and business. Israel is not letting the Palestinians rebuild. The war produced the UN Gladstone report which the US and Israel did their best to deny. The report has recently been accepted by the EU. As a result of the Gaza war the PA pulled out of peace negotiations. the US twisted the PA arm to begin indirect talks and then Israel announced new settlement building. According to mid-East news, the PA has now backed out of the indirect talks. The US should be outraged at Israel’s behavior but like a good supplicant has sided with Israel. No wonder the Arab and most of the rest of the world no longer trusts the US.


Boris, you are a very ill informed human being. The US gives Israel almost $5Bill a year and allowes Israel tariff free product and other economic allowances with more $18 Bil. Add to that protection at the UN and the loan gurantees that the US allowes Israel to borrow every year. Some people who may read your pumpus might think that Israel is protecting America whearas every stone built in Israel was somehow financed by the Americans at one point or the other. Imagine the US no longer protects Israel at the UN, who among your leaders can leave Israel? all of them will be arrested for war crimes. By the way last night Gabi Askeknazi raised $20 Million in New York. How many armies around the world are allowed to do so??? very interesting. In your ansewer do not forget to mention that 7 Arab armies attacked Israel in 1967 and 1948, and do not forget to mention that Arabs the aggressors and the Arabs occupay the Middle East. Very nice to read you and read J Garbuz. As two trained professional decivers by the Israeli Foreign Ministry


To yowza #37:“International agreement after ww2”, “whole world came to”, “much of oil money come right back”, – its lie and false. Good for dummy street crowd. If under your pressure, US government decided to stop aid, Israel will easily survive.Israel budges is $93Bill/year, but it will give Israel freedom to fight Palestinian terrorists. Second, Israel will be able to sign many arm contracts with India, China and Russia.


yowza and Boris, do you two have some specific points to make or are you planning beating around the bush ?


#35 Boris, if you still believe the Joan Peters/Mark Twain’s propaganda/observation, then that is up to you. But the whole world came to terms that was a lie. Israeli’s new historians uncovered evidence that they were a big propaganda campaign to justify the existence of Israel when it just came into existence.

Note, One state solution is what the right wing Israelis want also, except they don’t want the land to come with the people.

As for US spending all that money on Arab oil, is it the US govt spending that money? And do you know where all that money goes to? Much of it comes right back to the US to buy useless stuff like weapons. Note, this is not money we give them, this is money in exchange for goods. They might have our money for a short while, but we took their oil for good.

Your numbers are a bit off also, importing around 1 million barrels a day from Saudi Arabia amounts to around $18 billion/yr. Your $750 bil weighed against $3.2 billion /yr for israel (which is also wrong, given you didn’t factor in Loan Gurantees that never gets paid) is misleading.


To waldo #34: US financial aid to Israel is $3.2 Bill, but US spending on Arab oil $750 Bill, instead of pumping own oil. How much US spend on military bases abroad in Japan, S.Korea, Germany, Cuba.., nobody knows.Health reform required $ Bill, $3.2 of aid to Israel will not help much, but it will free Israel hands to fight with Palestinian terror.


To yowza #33:“In time, the explosive population growth of the Palestinians will reveal the reality that there could only be a single State.”- Here is Arab “secret” plan, they could not defeat Israel in battle field and in time they’ll try to repeat Kosovo scenario. That why you and Palestinians oppose new construction. Read Mark Twain book “Innocents Abroad”, about his travel to Palestine in 1849:“this wasteland of Palestine”.


An article in said that the US would give indirect talks four months and then determine who to blame and and take appropriate action if the talks failed. The PA has pulled out of the talks because of Israel’s new settlement building in East Jerusalem. In addition to the 1200(?) units announced the day VP Biden visited there are reports of 50,000 units planned. There is no doubt who is to blame for the failure – Israel. It didn’t take four months, four weeks or even four days. If Israel wants to go it alone she should do it on her own dime not the US taxpayer. With the billions saved from supporting the world’s most subsidized country the US could pay for a substantial part of universal health care for Amewricans.


I see many people still believe in the book by Joan Peters, believing that it was a land with no people on. That book and idea has long been discredited.

As to all the people who claimed that the Israelis were there first. It is a ridiculous that these Europeans, takes this book of fables and claim legitimacy over land that they never saw.

There is no point bickering, and no point for Obama to send Biden or Mitchell over to have mud thrown in their face over and over again. In time, the explosive population growth of the Palestinians will reveal the reality that there could only be a single State.


To Kerrry Masterson, #22: As, I can see you don’t know much about Israel, but you rush to blame Israel. Here are many fractions and parties and all of them have different vision, how to reach peace. Announce of construction plan came from far right, but there are far left liberals, who ready to live under HAMAS rocket attack. In my strong opinion nobody from outside, even closest friends, should tell as where and how to build. Do you know what king of peace our hostile nations will accept, read your #2.


I disagree with the choice of words by the interviewee from the Council of Foreign Affairs. He said Obama “had to” back off, so don’t expect much. Obama CHOSE to back off. When he campaigned, he said he would not back off from pressure.


To #26 yowza.Please, tell me when and who sign that “International agreemt”. Do you agree that, Arabs were the first who didn’t recognize that “agreement”, by starting aggression in 1948 against Israel? But, because they lost in 1948, 1967 and 1972, you demand that Israel should follow that “agreement”.




The Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” are no more indigenous than Scots-Irish are in Kentucky. In fact, even the Canaanites were not indigenous, and were semites who arrived after 3000 BC. In fact, Hebrew is the only existing Canaanite language. The Canaanites and Phoenicians were essentially one and the same. By contrast, the so-called “indians” of North America are the first known primates to enter the Americas. Even neanderthal fossils were not found here, whereas Israel is full of neanderthal fossils. So neither Jews nor “Palestinians” can claim to be indigenous. To say that Israel “stole” lands of indigenous peoples is another piece of mythological Arab propaganda.


Yowza states after WW2, no lands can be “stolen” from “indigenous” peoples……..and I strongly disagree !
Firstly, Israel, in its defence, was attacked numerous times, including ’67 where they conquered land that a)Jordan had no right to have in the first place….b) Jordan is the illigimate state in the region becuase the hashemites were bussed in to establish a nation c)The desecrated Jewish holy sites (wanna debate that?..can you imagine if Israel did that to the muslims?) c)”indigenous” is not fitting for the palestinans because they are a made up name eminating from turkey … they are as well, illigimate !


#19 Brant, International agreement after WWII dictates that a State cannot steal land through war. The zionist’s dream of creating a Nation State took place at a time when all the occupied land are being returned to the indigenous people of the land, except for a few places like occupied America. If I could make up some random historical gibberish and declare it my religion and demand I get my homeland of Manhattan back, then every crazy loonie would be doing it. But the fact is they can’t. Even the outcast philanderer who made up the whole Mormon religion could not get to declare Utah as their own State (State as in country).


The Arabs, with the possible exception of the Egyptians & some Emirates, will not accept Israels existence, ever. They want them GONE! PERIOD! There will not be peace as long as Israel exists. For that matter, there won’t be peace until the Arab Muslims have killed all us “Infidels”. It’s that “peaceful” mindset again. Sorry, but it is what it is!


Re: Boris D.- #11 I’m sorry to inform you but I never posted on story,…what I did post has been censored,…not because of “AIPAC” – but because I choose to write my mind in all fainness to all you “Don-Quixote Zionist” out there!


#19 If you want to make good points try it on paper before you post it here. We Texans fought for freedom from Mexico, it was always our land. Get your story straight next time before making your self look i’gnant.


Borris, Brant, I guess I did not understand the daily struggle that Israel faces just to survive and the price paid in blood to restore your true capital city. News reports indicate that the decision to make the announcement about construction came from factions within the government who are against the peace process. I stand corrected and retract my statement that Israel did not want peace.




Whos is this “Kerry Masterson” and what world does she come from with all this naivete ?
Israel owns the land fought in a war and won !
What part of that dont you understand?
Mexicans dispute Texas and Arizona and California….why doesnt the USA stop building on their land?


Lets all not forget that in this world of hypocracy, where all nations that are nations currently, have gotten to be nations by “land grabs” and war…..why should Israel be held to a higher vision?
Note: Jerusalem is Israels’ …they won it fair and square fighting a defensive war against all odds !
The jordanians, who abused all Jewish evidence and holy sites just cant have it both ways ! You cant go to war and cry like babies when you lose !


To Kerrry Masterson:Since, Israel establishment in 1948 hostile Arab nations attacking Israel almost every day for 62 years, but you do not see it as obstacle for “real peace”, but you saying: “announce construction plans to derail any hope of real peace talks”. As a Christian you really believe, that if Israel stop construction, Arab will stop attacking Israel, as a Jew do not believe in that. They will attack Israel as you sad in #2 until: “Arrogant Israel will be brought to you knees in the end by the son of man”. You better put in touch with a Jews for Jesus chapter in your area some Arab peace activists.


To Kerrry Masterson#15: Arabs received huge Soviet support or you didn’t know that?!But , there is no more Soviet Union and who will support Arabs now? We know very well that we are surrounded by hostile nations (200 millions), that why we cannot give up any territory.


Borris, if you have ever read the Christian Bible you would understand that “New Jerusalem” is after the defeat of the enemies of Israel and the recognition by the remaining Jews that Jesus is the son of god.
If you want I can put you in touch with a Jews for Jesus chapter in your area ?

As far as world Focus their show is balanced and fair to all but a few xenophobic persons who think that racism is behind every action.


Borris, The wars, I pray that Israel always has a swift and decisive victory in them and that America always supports you. But give the peace talks a chance to succeed, don’t “flip the bird” at VP Biden by waiting to announce a massive construction project the very day he arrives. If it were me I would have got back on the plane , flipping you the bird at the top of the stairs. The majority on both sides want a two state solution, that means peace talks must succeed. If you want more war you surrounded by hostile nations who are more than willing to let you have one. Give the peace talks a chance, don’t cut off you nose to spite you face.



One hopes that Worldfocus will continue to strive towards the use of such objective language in it’s reporting. The terminology “Disputed Territories” accurately reflects the reality in the Middle East in law and on the ground. The accusation that the terminology “Disputed Territories” is dictated by AIPAC is ridiculous and repugnant.


To #12 Kerry Masterson: “Without remorse” Arabs lunch 4 aggression wars and thousand terror attacks against Israel, it sound very “polite” to you. In 1972 they try ,with Soviet support, retake Jerusalem, but unfortunately for you, they fail. I am sure that your dream about new Jerusalem will never happen. But now Jerusalem is open and shared for all religions.


Of course Jerusalem is the ancient capital of Israel and will be again when its known as New Jerusalem; but, now it is shared by and is the home of the Faiths of many. You bull dose Arab homes without remorse and announce construction plans to derail any hope of real peace talks.
Sound both arrogant and rude to me.


To: #2 Kerry M.;earle; #8 yowza: Term “occupation of Palestine” dictated by 20 Arab countries. They do not have enough Oil money to control the whole media, they just control some like: BBC, CNN, AL-Jezira, NBC, … Jerusalem was conquered by Arabs in 12 Century. In 1967 Jerusalem was liberated by Jews. Jerusalem was, is and will be the Capital of Israel, in spite of all aggressions, terror attacks, lies and hatred of so call “international community” or anti-Semites.


The time for talk is over. It has not been proven that no group in the middle east is a chosen people. It appears that no group there can claim any special traits that are noble. It is a case in what can go wrong when people are slaves to ideologies that fall short of universalim.


When Jordan occupied Judah and Samaria in 1949, the UN did NOT recognize its annexation and its renaming of it to “West Bank,” but also did not go on day after day lambasting Jordan for “occupation of Palestinian soil.” It did not malign Jordan for occupying East Jerusalem and expelling its Jewish inhabitants who had been the majority in Jerusalem since 1840. Nor did it call for the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. The fact is that Judah and Samaria ARE disputed territories. There never was a Palestinian state in all of recorded history. Many times, territories have exchanged hands, like Alsace-Lorraine. Disputed territories. Now Iraq, and Japan, and Germany were states when they were indeed occupied after wars. But “Palestine” never was a state. Disputed occupied territories might be the best description.


World Focus being balanced? Using the term “Disputed Territory”, the term dictated by AIPAC, is being balanced?

The mainstream news kept on saying “Occupation of Iraq” for the last 7 years, but no media, including PBS, dares to call the takeover of the whole Palestinian territory an occupation.


Israel is going to continue to build in Jerusalem just as Germany builds in what used to be East Berlin. Jerusalem is a Jewish settlement, and has been since 1000 BC. Israel has made more than enough concessions to the Arabs and has nothing to show for it but more skewed media reporting that always takes the Arab side, in order to get larger Muslim audiences. But Worldfocus’s going off the air proves that this tactic of smearing Israel does not pay off financially after all. I hope BBC is next. I hope it is replaced by IBS, the Israeli Broadcasting System so that Americans can get another point of view for a change.


Well it seems to me that if they were serious about peace they would just sit down and get it done. All the war-dogs of Israel and Palestine want is to kill each other. They should have an all out slaughter until one side wins, got enough bullets ?


The Palestinians should withdraw from indirect talks with Israel and the US because Israel has just shown with new settlement building in East Jerusalem and the West Bank that it has no intention of finding a solution to the issue. The US should save face and cancel the negotiations.


Christian nutcases and their fairy tales will not help the Palestinian peace process. Neither will the building of Israeli housing in East Jerusalem help the peace process. Zionist greed has no end.


The Obama administration is following the same mistaken path as the Bush administration in pressuring Israel to continue making concessions to those that are determined to totally destroy Israel.

The time is quickly approaching when a “peacemaker” that Israel will trust will arise from the Middle East who will make a seven year treaty for Israel’s protection. While this treaty is in place that false peacemaker with his armies will invade Israel. Most of the Jews will be killed.

The rise of this Antichrist is foretold in the Bible along with the wars and earthquakes of increasing intensity and frequency. The world’s widespread disease, famine, lawlessness, and immorality have all been written about in advance.


The peace talks got a slap in the face with announcement by Israel of 1600 new homes. Arrogant Israel will be brought to you knees in the end by the son of man. Until then I guess we should expect you to act like a spoiled child who kicks the United States in the teeth after all the support we have given you. Shame on you Israel, shame!


Prior to your broadcast, I listened to the Jim Lehrer News Hour. Your report on this topic was so much more comprehensive and balanced. World Focus can not go off the air. We desparately need this kind of reporting in the US so that all US citizens can continue to be informed about the world we live in. What can we/I do to keep you on the air?

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