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March 9, 2010
Jordanian advocate fights against puppy mills

In a Worldfocus signature story, we turn to the issue of animal rights. While such protections are well-established in the U.S., in many parts of the world, they are all but nonexistent.

Special correspondent Kristen Gillespie looks at an unusual effort in Jordan, where an unlikely champion of animal rights is trying to end widespread abuse and help her canine friends.

Read Kristen Gillespie’s blog about adopting one of the rescued dogs, A mistreated dog gets a new home in Amman.




I echo comments #3,5,9,10,11. Many good reports to come will be really missed if this program does not continue.

Please advise what would help to make it stay on the air.


The only true down to earth world news;my favourite program;why are you leaving?


So, after a full program infomercial selling us the Israeli plug-ins for electric cars, you even things up by showing us Arab women watching Oprah. I hope you don’t think that your funds-seeking driven programming is too subtle for us “dumb goyim.”


who the hell is talking about Israel?!? Focus on the topic at hand and stop trying to remind everyone that you’re Israeli! great job Kristen! and i dont see how helping animals in any way detracts from helping people and the children in gaza. people are woking on that, we’re working on this. its not mutually exclusive!


Why is World Focus being canceled?
It was my favorite news program


How can we seek for puppy mills rights in world with no rights for human ? Millions of people nowadays lives in a houses made by tin can , so far i think people will start thinking of special type of surgeries to turn themselves into puppies so that they can get some rights, in the mean time we cant search puppy mills rights in countries with no rights to anyone ..


Economics is silencing many new businesses because reporters cost a lot of money. Of course when there is something really interesing going on, like a war between Israel and the Arabs, then they get a big viewership and can afford to pay reporters, usually to slant the news against Israel. But they get a big audience. When there is some degree of peace, the news business dies down. Peace is a depression to the news manufacturing industry.


The media used to be seen as a part of the checks and balances of government in the United States.

After Watergate, however, sinister forces in the government and world obviously did not think that was a good thing. The invisible one world order has obviously deciided the most powerful position in the world (the President of the United States) being undone by two young journalists, was unacceptable.

By silencing World Focus, one of the last bastions of reason and enlightenment, they try to ensure that news seekers are relegated to a steady diet of vapid and insipid folley.




your special edtion on womens rights in morraco and the orphan kids at philipines and the donkey man with the library.. its simply overwhelming and such a beautiful inspiration for others… please keep them coming so the world can learn a lot from u…. thankyou for doing this..


You think this is bad?!!! Go on youtube and see the Chinese cooking cats alive and beating dogs to death and EATING THEM! GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!


This good news for the Middle East. As long as people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to human beings. Now we need to fully understand that we should try to live in such a way as to cause the least amount of pain and suffering to other living beings (human and non-human, because we are all children of the same source). If religion can not explain basic moral principles, then religion should get out of the way.


I was in Amman a year ago, it’s great to see people are starting to become aware of the plight of animals there. It was very disheartening to see so many feral cats & dogs out on the streets. I have often thought of going back over there myself & trying to help out. Thank You World Focus for reporting on an important issue such as this one.


Thanks WF once again for your “focus” on issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. Awareness begets action.


WORLDFOCUS covers important issues — including animal rights — that go unnoticed by commercial broadcast networks. Thank you for this excellent report.


I have spent my entire life protecting animals in the wild as a little girl until now as a grandmother. It is absurd to say people before animal. Without the animals, human life, compassion will cease. It can be balanced. I thank all of you in this work in Jordan. Most of all World Focus should stay on the air- its news is focused and unbiased showing international stories, news. Please.- Chloe in Austin Texas


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How about contrasting Jordan’s lack of animal rights laws with Israel’s protection of animal welfare which rests upon the Animal Welfare Law of 1994 which is composed of an Animal Protection Law and an Animal Experimentation Law?

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