March 8, 2010
Our Worldfocus broadcast will go off the air after April 2

Because of fundraising difficulties, Worldfocus will be going off the air after the April 2 broadcast.

During our nearly 18 months in production, we’ve sought to inform viewers about life around the world — as we said in our very first broadcast, to give you a better idea how the other 6.5 billion live.

Anchor Daljit Dhaliwal explains our decision to go off the air and thanks our many partners, experts and viewers.

Here is a statement issued by Neal Shapiro, President and CEO of

I regret to announce that our nightly international news broadcast Worldfocus will end its run on April 2, 2010.

We are unhappy that the program will be ending but we are also proud that Worldfocus has been an important laboratory for us during these past two years. In a very short time, we have created an entirely new digital production process that is more economical and more efficient; we have brought a wide range of diverse voices to our viewers by cultivating reporters and analysts from around the world and we brought a new generation of adult viewers to public television.

We demonstrated that there is a demand for international news but we had the misfortune of launching a brand new program into the teeth of the recession. Success in the news business is often attributed to being in the right place at the right time; we were in the right place at the wrong time.

Nonetheless, we managed to raise a substantial portion of the required funding but found ourselves a few million dollars short of what we need to sustain the program on air for the long term. Given the economic environment we now face, it is not prudent to continue the broadcast at this time. It is not an easy decision but it is the right decision.

Worldfocus has been a fertile testing ground that has pointed the way forward in a rapidly changing media environment.

I’m proud of the contribution it has made to television journalism during its short time on the air. I thank the stations that supported it and I commend my colleagues, staff and the fantastic team of reporters and producers who worked so hard to meet the highest journalistic standards of public television.

Since announcing our that our last show will be broadcast on April 2, 2010, Worldfocus has received about a thousand emails and comments about the cancellation.

We appreciate all the feedback. Mark Cataldo of the Viewer Relations Department offers this additional statement on Thursday, March 11:

Worldfocus has been an important part of our ongoing commitment to presenting in-depth international news and analysis. Unfortunately, despite the high quality of the newscast, it was unable to attract the sustained financial support necessary for it to continue.

We have tried tirelessly to secure major long-term support from individuals, corporations and foundations, but support has not been as forthcoming as we had hoped. Even though we produce Worldfocus in the most economical way possible, using innovative digital production methods, the series still costs many millions of dollars a year. The challenging economy has forced us to make this difficult decision in the name of maintaining the financial stability of our public television stations. We simply do not have the funds to subsidize the newscast without major sponsors at the seven-figure level.

We join you in lamenting the loss of this award-winning series. If there were some way to keep it alive, we would. Please know how much we appreciate your taking the time to express your opinion and for letting us know that international news is important to you. We thank you for your viewership and your support, and we promise to do everything in our power to continue to bring you programming that is meaningful and informative to you and to everyone in our community.


As always, we welcome your comments, including your thoughts on the news about Worldfocus.




I’m a 19 year old student at a public college and, something tells me, the youngest spectator here. So much in this country convinced me to change my major from Journalism to a double-major in English and French. There is an absolute lack of international interest among the majority of students I know, and the lack of world culture saddens me.

To whom it may concern, a.k.a. every intellectually-minded person: it behooves you to make your opinions known. For as much as you cared or care about international affairs, I urge you all to continue to voice your thoughts for the sake of learning itself.


I’ve watched a great deal of news shows over the last few years, but have found my list has shortened as time went by. World Focus remained at the TOP of the list, straight through (segments of the Newshour came next). After-wards came the broadcast networks for laughs (literally), I gave up on CNN completely, the F channel? Please! That’s propaganda. And yes, the BBC is first rate. I wish we had an uncensored feed from the AP. I don’t need a nanny to protect me from what I know full well is going on. I guess I’m not surprised about the lack of corporate sponsorship, and I want to be angry at PBS for not making paying for the production of WF a priority but I know how our government has treated funding PBS over recent years (put simply: NOT). I just wish something was said six months ago so “we” could have tried to do something instead of lamenting after the fact.


Wonderful show. I am very sad it has been canceled.

Any chance of continuing with a reduced frequency? (With the hopes of increased frequency again in the future…)


The US needs a show of this nature and quality. TV may be out of date when the Internet provides for a combined media of print, audio and video on demand.


This is a sad day for Americans. So many in this country lead such isolated lives as if the United States is the only world concern. Sadly, they have no experience and no knowledge of the realities outside our boundaries. I love my country, but far too many have blinders. Unlike Europe, where world cultures are shared and celebrated. This program brought hope that with knowledge, perhaps prejudices could be forgotten. I will never forget the extraordinary programming that World Focus brought into our home and into our minds every day. We are grateful for your extraordinary programming efforts and will hope for your return.


What is up with folks at PBS?

First you take BBC off the airwaves and put WF in its place, then you take WF off and replace it with BBC?! Most confusing state of affairs for viewers that speaks volumes about the real lack of commitment to international news and information. Seems you stick your finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing on any given day and then plunge in. How whimiscal, even mercurial of PBS. Funny I always thought the folks at PBS were smarter than the rest of us, but I guess not.

Seems you only gives a damn about viewers when you want to leech off us for our contribution dollars, but then reward us by sticking the knife.
Time you ignore PBS: it is irrelevant.


Why do nice things in life cease to exist?


I really enjoyed World Focus and looked forward to getting my news everyday. It helped make me feel more connected with what is going on in other parts of the world. This is something that is very badly needed in our country. Since we are all becoming one as world economy, we must start looking after one another. Please say you will be coming back on the air in the near future!


Sad, really sad seeing Worldfocus end. Worldfocus, show the world in the right focus. Martin Savidge and Daljit Dhaliwal, outstanding job and thank you.


Losing World Focus is very unfortunate. It was a welcome alternative to the PBS News Hour, which is often ponderous, predictable and boring. The News Hour posits a balanced story simply by showing two opposing views, absent detached analysis. World Focus got to the point with energy and intelligence. Losing it will mean the loss of more demanding viewers. I would have readily sacrificed PBS News Hour to keep World Focus. Do we really need New Jersey News?


Neal Shapiro,
I can’t believe this. Our country needs “World Focus”. Dalji Dalawal and Martin Savage gave us the best World News ever.
People need to see this. They need to know about the rest of the world. We are just a small part of the whole picture. The network news programs are all highly bias. Dajit Dalawal is the best news anchor and interview ever. She told the stories the way they are. You have to bring her back. I want my children and grandchildern to learn the truth.
There must be other sources of funds available. Please continue the search for the funds and let us know if we can help. Bring back Dajit Dalawal.
Please, do not give or sell my e-mail address to anyone. Thank you.


I used to look forward to watching WorldFocus at 5:00p in Albuquerque. It seems like anything good to come on TV gets cancelled. This news format was special. I really hope it somehow comes back. It is really what the world needs today.


There was no World Focus yesterday – I had known it was ending but the shock when I tuned in and it wasn’t there was great. It was an excellent program and I hope it will be revived at some time. Many thanks for the 18 mos.


I recently read an article in the NYTimes indicating that “coincedentaly” WNET had made up with the BBC at the same time that they were canceling World Focus. I wonder if the whole World Focus enterprise were just a way of showing clout to the BBC, a sort of thumb your nose at them, rather than a real committed effort to support this show. Here in Boston we get BBC World News as well and World Focus was consistently better.


I am heart broken to see World Focus News is no longer on the air. The best newscast ever on TV.


Absolutely our favorite news program. Interesting, varied, succinct… We miss it terribly! And hope that somehow it can return.


We greatly appreciated the international perspective on news that Worldfocus brought into our home. We hope that, in time, funding will be restored. Meanwhile, thank you for all your efforts.


Thankyou Neil Shapiro , Martin Savage, the editors , and reporters. To discontinue the broadcast is a shameful disgrace , unfortunately consistent with the trend in news media.
– T m


I’ve been watching for the past few months after moving here to Colorado and am extremely disappointed to see World Focus end. It was a high-quality show that provided wonderful news and views of life around the globe. The show was exactly the kind of programming we’re sorely lacking in America. Thanks for all your hard work!


You should indeed be very proud of your accomplishments with WorldFocus. We watched it regularly and now miss it greatly. Sincere compliments and congratulations on your work. Well done. Let’s all hope you may return.


World Focus was a news show I looked forward to watching and the only one I made certain not to miss. For the first time I felt I had a more complete view of the world. I am so very, very sorry to see you go. There’s so much junk and so little of value. World Focus was a class act.


I am dismayed that World Focus is off the air. We were finally able to get a global perspective on the news instead of the watered down dribble that the local and national news provides. I hope that there will be a way for World Focus to return in the future. Thank you for your wonderful broadcasts.


I am extremely disappointed that World Focus will not be on the air. The internatioinal coverage, interviews. snapshots of culture around he world were excellent and well balanced. I hope that any appeals for further funding wikll be answered.


I am very sorry that WorldFocus has gone off the air. I enjoyed the programming very much and found the information very valuable. I hope that funding can be found at some point to begin broadcasting it again.


Just imagine that the people actually owned the airwaves, (what we call the public airwaves). If most people felt that there should be more / less of certain kinds of programming, then the mix of programming could be made to change, to bring it into line with the will of the people.

If a random sample survey were conducted where a program or sample of a program was presented to citizens, and those citizens were asked to characterize the program as being in the public interest or as promoting private or commercial interests, then those programs that scored higher on the public interest scale could be awarded a subsidy. The funds to support the subsidy could come from fees charged to those whose programs scored low on that rubric.

Then broadcasters would try to tailor their programs to be in accord with what a broad spectrum of the public would identify as consistent with the public interest.

We would see, I think, more broadcasts that resemble World Focus and BBC News. We would see fewer broadcasts that merely aim to sell us something or appeal to our baser instincts.

More on equal ownership of natural resources at


This program is news without boarders, giving real life depictions, intervies and insights to a world that we cant see and never hear about. Real news should be funded and encoraged. Amazing how this program gets beat by american idol and dancing with the stars- clearly many people have their priorities mixed up…


April 2nd was a sad day!


WorldFocus is an essential part of PBS programming. It is an essential part of the education of American citizens. It keeps us in touch with all the diverse events and happenings across the globe. It brings them into our homes each night; and reminds us that there is so much more to the world than we know. Your interviews with experts were always concise, aimed and informative. Your questions were always probing and important. Sincerely and with all my heart I hope that you can find a way to come back onto the air. This is a major loss to PBS and to all of us. Please try to find a way back to us. Very, very soon….. There’s a void now on PBS at night. Where once there was life, insight, information, history, wisdom. I pray that this decision can be reversed. I welcomed Daljit and Mr. Savage into my home whenever they were on. By doing this, slowly, the whole world entered my home. Let this not be the end of things. But a new beginning…….


This is such a valuable news program, especially in the U.S. where there are very few authentic news programs.
Bring Worldfocus back!!


As a retired professor, I shall greatly miss the wonderful coverage you had of world events! Hope you might get better funding and come back on–you are sincerely missed in our lives ! Bill&Nancy


Really saddened to hear that this show is going off the air. I am a young journalist and I found your nightly broadcast refreshing and inspiring. I enjoyed the contrast in your reporting versus the BBC and how you featured stories that often go unheard, even through their service. This is a sad thing to hear for American broadcast journalism, but please know that I watched your show faithfully in the short time it was on and it was a nightly treat to view each evening.

You will be missed. Thank you all that work at Worldfocus.


We already miss World Focus very much. Another antiques roadshow has replaced a program that goes to places and represens people in a way that nobody else on TV has done. It was so broad spectrum, containing good news, cultures and trends that nobody else touches. Enough of antiques in England! Come on PBS/CPB, help fund World Focus! World Focus, please build back your strength and return to the airwaves!


I was a regular viewer. I am so sorry that World Focus will no longer be available over the air. Is there a possibility that it could continue over the web?


I was very sorry to see your program come to an end. I watched a great many of your broadcasts on WLIW in New York and you covered a great many topics that I found less coverage for elsewhere. I will miss your news program.


Hi Daljit
No Good, very sad to see the end of my favorate new show.
I use to see almost everyday from Monday to Friday.
Daljit, you are excellent host,I have been watching you since you were on BBC.
Good Luck, Hope to see you again one day
Dad Durani NY


So sad to see this show end. When I lived overseas it quickly became apparent to me that US television “World News” was not world news at all, but just more national news. World Focus News actually provided insight for U.S. viewers about the rest of the world and is critically needed for us to be well-informed citizens of the world and understand our place in it.


Martin, Daljit and Worldfocus team;
Very sorry to see the end of Worldfocus. It was a ‘must see’ news program each day with broad spectrum of items and subjects. Hopefully, you will return soon.
Many thanks,
Lloyd Stevenson


Dude! no way!! This is not good, you guys are the only legit news source for america. I am a college student and it is very important that I get legit information about the outside world. This is a deff let down. Work on bringing it back please!!


this sucks……this was one of my favorite shows my banquet dinner and daljit…..crud


I am deeply saddened at the loss of Worldfocus, which I have been watching every weekday for over a year. I looked forward to the show every day. It was the only program that offered Americans a regular glimpse of the outside world, and I think I speak for many of your viewers in expressing my distress at its disappearance. Worldfocus provided a unique and indispensable remedy for the insanely stupid, unoriginal, and deceptive programming that normally passes for “news” in the United States. Viewers wishing to supplement their print journals will have to return to the internet to find similar broadcasts from Deutsche Welle, ORF, France Culture, Al-Jazeera, and other high-quality international news sources in order to escape from the madhouse-ramble of the incurious and intellectually feeble American broadcast media. I hope to see the wonderful Ms. Dhaliwal on another, similar program sometime in the near future.


HI, I was just beginning to watch your show and now you’re gone. I realized right away how important it was in just a few episodes. I will be digging a little deeper from now on with my PBS donations so I can make sure I am doing my part. I hope something can be done about your show going off. This was something very special informing us here in the US of the other 96% of the world. WOW! Too bad…


As I have said in my earlier posting I will miss everyone even those who did not make a public appearance but worked behind the scenes. If there is funding again someday it would be nice to revive this show. It would be nice to have many of the original people from the show including the two anchors. Of course people from here will have new jobs by then. If World Focus cannot be revived then I hope its spirit lives on as a model and inspiration for some future news show broadcast. I hope some future tv journalist projects echo its structure, especially its pluralistic and inclusive views. May this torched be passed on to future generations of tv journalist.


I am so sorry to see WorldFocus ending its broadcasting, it has been a great show with news about the parts of the world that we otherwise have only the ‘normal’ news channels to depend on. Which means very little honest and unbiased news of the parts of the world that affect our present and future. Bless you, Daljit and Martin and your staff, and I look forward to your next appearance on the air. May it be soon!


My wife and I are going to miss your broadcasts each evening very much.We have travelled widely and always are rewarded with news from the remote areas of the world. Thank you.


I will miss the program a lot. Thank you for your work.


It is a shame that World Focus is finished. I found it a very good and very informative news program. Martin and Daljhit were excellent hosts.


We will fell a deep loss with your end, but, we will also remember the stories and the community which existed here.


What a saddening loss for your regular viewers who came to depend on your program for news they could not find elsewhere. You will be deeply and sorrowfully missed.


World Focus brought me many stories about real people around the world that I would never have seen anywhere else. It was one of the few programs I looked forward to seeing amongst all the poor quality programming that now dominates the TV schedule here in San Francisco.

Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin, I am sure you will have a great future in the news business as you set a very high standard and will be missed.
I wish all the folks that help put the program together all the best in the future. You should all be proud of the work you have done.


We only recently started to receive World Focus on a secondary digital channel; I stumbled upon it by accident. For all the reasons stated I found it a worthwhile and valuable addition to broadcast news. I was surprised and saddened by its cancellation.


I have read many of the comments above and ditto them all. We have appreciated the value which your program sent our way. Thanks for having had the program. We wish it will come back.


World Focus will be sorely missed. There is a huge hunger for international news of substance and about real people, not puffed up political figures or make-believe celebrities. U.S news media have retreated from international coverage and from substantive news. You filled a gap no other program even addresses. Please consider returning, either in your current format or in some other way, such as broadcasts on the Internet or podcasts. Consider too a reasonably priced subscription fee based business model. I would support such a model.

Kudos and farewell to Daljit, Martin, and all the reporters and behind the scenes technical and support people who made possible a real news show.

Note to PBS: shows like World Focus are THE reason I contribute to public television, and I am disturbed by your inability or unwillingness to sustain them.


This is Sad day. I hope you guys come back on air again, because I always watch worldfocus even if I am not home I recorded on DVR. Wishing All the best luck in the future and please try to come back again we will even do whatever it takes to support the program


It’s a pity this television program is closing. How come North America is not capable of supporting a no-nonsense reporting? Shame, shame on us. A lamentation by a Canadian, .


The outstanding production that is World Focus on the theme of an equitable view of every part of the world will be missed. Daljit’s and Martin’s pleasant, engaging, often inspired and always honest presentation of the features and interviews was a refreshing break from the hard edge of most other news programs. Most encouraging in the context of geo-political and cultural domination was the focus on a cultural aspect of Palestine in the final soirée of World Focus. Thank you all.


We really enjoyed your program. It was part of our routine. We will miss seeing it daily. Due to the important information relaying to the viewing community we would like to suggest that the program be made a weekly program. Local affiliates could run repeats of the program for those viewers that missed the original airing of a particular segment. Please keep us posted of your status on your blogsite.


WorldFocus was a delight, and I hope it returns in some incarnation. And by the way, Daljit is a perfect 10.


Thank you very much for the 18 months of first class information. Please come back with similar top level program.


Of ALL the news shows on air, World Focus would be the last show I’d cut. I am SURE your viewers would support the show. WHERE do I send money? OK ~ gotta go now ~ listening to the big babies (democrats & KKK republicans) agrue AND ~ of course~ gotta find out if Jesse James is still in rehab. GIVE ME A BREAK. Please, don’t take World Focus off air. Bring it back.


I think I say it better here:


Sorry to see a well prepared and iterestingly presented program end. Good Luck Dalzit and Martin. Hope to see you again.


Shock and sadness


It was a shock to hear tonight that you’re suspending your program! You’ve been a regular part of my news diet since the beginning. Please don’t give up permanently!

World Focus has been a unique and invaluable window into rarely seen corners of real life, as well as deep coverage of serious matters. There isn’t anything out there that can replace you! Its especially important to have U.S. people connected and made aware of the wide world out there, with all its rich nuances and complexities.
WNET, please bring World Focus back!


I was so sad to see your fine World Focus end its run tonight.
For the last few weeks I have been trying to not miss any of your
last few broadcasts and have seen most of them.
Daljit and Martin, you have both done such an outstanding job as
on-camera anchor persons and the field producer-reporters have
just done such a marvelous job of bringing fascinating stories
into our living rooms from the world’s most far-flung corners!
Your broadcast is one of the very few on any network that I go
out of my way to not miss. You are all a fine credit to both the
profession of journalism and to American broadcasting in the main. I have learned so much along the way. The recent series,
presented by Daljit, profiling the diverse culture of Muslim women
in divergent countries was stunning. Your recent broadcasts about
the development of tehcnology and its utilization in developing
countries has been fascinating. The stories from Latin America
tonight were superb and fascinating. Great, Great field production
from an insightful team. Our country needed what you have
brought us in your informative profiles of diverse global trends,
frequently highlighting both progress and HOPE for mankind.
Network television will be much poorer for the lack of your
Worldfocus on the air. I can’t fathom what WNET is thinking in not
being more proactive in seeking funding and grants of support
from the numerous sources available to broadcasters. Just look at
what ITVS, alone, gives out in production grants in a year!
In this one producer’s humble opinion, you have essentially
contributed more good to the development of American Public
Television through your one news documentary series that has
perhaps the entire output of WNET and WLIW programing, both
combined. Seriously, the demise of Worldfocus is a lamentable
loss to the United States of America. You did great and gave many
young and promising journalists a wonderful career opportunity
to develop insightful reporting along the way. Most of us out here
will be watching, with no detached interest, to see where the very
talented Daljit and Martin show up on the air next. There will be
many open venues, I think, for such capable and sophisticated
reporters to explore the report the news. Good-bye Daljit and
Martin, for what will be a short interval, and good luck!
Best regards from the journalists, the producers and directors,
the cameramen and engineers, the filmmakers and intellectuals,
and your devoted fans out here in Mid-America who have
followed, enjoyed, respected, and appreciated your work.


I am greatly sorry your program will no longer be aired. You filled a gap that cannot be replaced.
The importance of international news, more than ever, cannot be overemphasized. The lack of quality programming, except for pbs, is a serious problem on American television. Hopefully an insightful donor will materialize to keep World Focus on the air. I sm sure that thousands of viewers feel this way. Good Luck, and thank you
for the excellent journalism you have provided.


Indeed the best international news I was able to view, and now you are gone. My world has shrunk.


I was saddened to watch the last broadcast of World Focus. Thank you Daljit, Martin and all of the staff for a great 18 month run. It was truely an unique program. We will miss you but hope to find you on other world news programs.


We feel like we’ve lost a dear friend. Once in a while, out of the vast wasteland of American TV, a truly worthwhile program which informs as well as entertains, emerges. Such is WorldFocus. Whether it is the lovely Daljit Dahliwal or Mr. Savage, the content is always presented professionally and objectively. For every comment of support you receive, there are probably hundreds of other viewers who feel the same way. Rest assured, WorldFocus, you have done a superb job and you will be missed more, and by more people, than you can imagine. Martin & Daljit, we look forward to enjoying your talents elsewhere in the future. Best of luck.


Daljit, worldfocus was my main source of foreign visual news. There are many people who do not know anything about the World in this region of the World. This was their only chance to start catching up. And now, you are closing. What’s wrong with PBS? I pray for worlfocus resurface!


What?!!World Focus is going off the air?! This is the best news show on tv. Certainly the best for us that do not have cable tv. I have learned so much and love Daljit and Martin. I can’t believe such an intellectually stimulating show must go. This sucks beyond belief!


With everyone saying good-bye to Daljit and Martin, I’ll add my fond adieus to Edie Magnus, Martin Seemungal, and all the producers responsible for the “signature stories” that brought the world into my living room every night.

While other, more popular news shows spent the last 18 months yammering about Tiger Woods’ mistresses, WorldFocus stayed true to the stories that really mattered.

It was a pleasure to get to know you, and I hope for your return.


Don’t dare lose Daljit; you’ll losing focus far more than the show.


Dajit Dalawal is my favorite anchor. She is crips, intelligent and a great interviewer. I and my friends will miss her badly. This show surely deserves to stay on. Pete Peterson should take the money he is wasting on trying to destroy Social Security and fund this program in perpetuity.


I am really sad to see your show end, it has been a joy watching your show each weeknight. i have learned so much and felt so connected to the rest of the world through the information you provided. Global matters are so important, i am not sure why many disregard it. But thank you again for all you have provided. You did an outstanding job. :) bye for now


I think it is more of the takeover of PBS by the right wing


It’s a shame that you have chosen to cancel this fine program instead of dumping some of the pundit shows like Washington Week or the stuff intended for your boomer audience (Antiques Roadshow is an example). It is more and more obvious that you have decided to cultivate that audience to the detriment of others, undoubtedly because they give the most.(We too are boomers but apparently of a different stripe.) You are now trapped in a vicious circle. We recently decided to stop contributing because of the increasingly bad programming and advertising. The loss of World Focus comforts that decision.


I’m sorry to see world focus go off the air I love the show since day one. You did a hell of a job of teaching the world about international perspective. I will miss the show dearly.


We have come to rely on World Focus for a balanced perspective- much more objective than any other coverage of world events we are aware of. We were saddened to hear tonight’s closure announcement and hope the talented staff ‘land on their feet’. Thanks, for your great work!


Thank you for your integrity and superb reporting. I have looked forward to your uplifting and informative news casts every evening. Your broadcast has made me smile and my heart smile too. World Focus is a newsteam with an honest heart. Thank you so much for letting us see and experience not only the tragedies in the world but the goodness. Thank you. World Focus is one of my favorite shows and I am very sorry to see it go. I hope that you will be returning soon. Thank you again for brightening my day and my view of the world . We all need programing like this – especially our children. The world is a good place. Thank you and hope to see you again soon.


I am sorry to see a show such as yours leave the T.V., but the path of media in general has trended away from the truly unique and thought provoking and illuminating, to the corporate driven, “Report what we tell you in order to get ratings”, variety of early evening pablum crafted toward the goal of a less enlightened audience.
Nice try and I hope that you and the whole organization will not stop trying to broadcast stories may be about less profitable markets, are more worth the telling than many of the leads on my local and national broadcasts.
Best of luck in future endeavors.


I was really surprised and disappointed when I saw your broardcast tonight to be informed it was the last. I have enjoyed the international perspective greatly since I discoved Worldfocus. A real loss.


I preferred World Focus over any other TV news program, including the Newshour and BBC. I get to see how others around the world live. I’m disappointed to see the show end.


Today I saw my first and last World Focus broadcast, and I am sorry to see it go. After only seeing one show, with such rich content, I cannot understand why fundraising was an issue.


Rush Limbaugh is rewarded $50 million each year to spew hateful right-wing propaganda… and Worldfocus is canceled due to lack of funds. The Gods must be crazy!


BOO! Why do the great shows get canceled while so much crap survives?
I’m truly sorry. I wish you all the best and hope to see your work continue in another form soon.


Sorry to see you go because international news is lacking in USA. I’ll have to get over it but I still have the same sad feeling that I had when the ITN program went off the air. Good luck crew and thanks.


I have to say that World Focus was one of the best shows I have ever watched. It sure beats ABC, CBS and NBS and a few others. It has a totally different perspective. I guess no one wants us to know what is going on in the world or what other people or countries think of us. I guess they will now put on some stupid ridiculous show. It scares me that many people don’t seem to care what is happening in the world. Hopefully they will find a way to have World Focus return. I have watched just about every show that has been on. I have a thought. Maybe no one wants us to know how far many other counties have come along…like Cuba, Kenya. who knows. I just know I will truly miss this show.


World Focus was my favorite news program! Americans pay too little attention to the rest of the world. We desperately need news programs like World Focus.


We regularly watch World Focus on PBS/WHUT Channel 32.World Focus is a breath of fresh air when it comes to televison journalism. We not only hope that you will return to PBS, but that your hours will be extended.We also believe that the journalistic prowess of World Focus would be an asset to some sophisticated cable networks. To Daljit and staff,we look forward to seeing you soon.


Farewell dear Friend,
You were an essential part of our dinner time news watching. It was so interesting to see a different perspective on world events. Your format was so refreshing and your hosts Daljit and Martin were so engaging in their interviews.
You will be missed.
A sad Canadian today,
Dick LeBleu


I can’t tell you how much our family and friends have enjoyed WF or how much we shall miss the program. It is tragic and scandalous that you will be going off the air.

It strikes us as telling that corporations spend untold, obscene amounts of money on executive pay and political contributions yet, will not come through for such a worthwhile endeavor. The trash shows stay and even go into re-runs, while those that are socially redeeming, enlightening and worthwhile get cancelled. There also seems to be plenty of money for war and rebuilding other nations. Keeping Americans ignorant seems to be the name of the game.

PBS should consider pulling some of the sillier programs such as those broadcast during pledge weeks. On that note, we never saw any fundraising appeal for WF.

Thank you to Daljit and Martin for being the out-front faces and voices of World Focus. Thank you to all the people who made WF such a wonderful, enlightening program. May you have much success in your future endeavors!



Thank you all at World Focus for the incredible broadcast journalism that you brought into our homes. Your in-depth coverage of people and places around the world helped to broaden my perspective and inspire me. I am sad that I (once again) find myself in a minority here in the US of those who crave more than a sound bite of sensationalistic news coverage.
I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you again as you continue your professional careers.


And with that I am sad :(
A void will now exist, not only in my own bubble of daily unwinding and relaxation, but in the nationally-available news media, which will now have no daily international-focus newscast; a true tragedy. It’s very sad and I hope to all that is good that you guys will come back in the future.
Daljit, Martin, your wonderful correspondents and production crew: thank you. You guys are golden. Much love and respect for you and know that if you return your audience will be ready for you. Daljit, Martin; I will be looking for you elsewhere in the meantime.
Thanks again,


Your departure from the airways is sad beyond belief. Only you and the BBC provide anything remotely resembling international news, which, in a global village, is every bit as important as national news. I am sick at heart to see you go.


Good luck to everyone who was a part of World Focus. We will surely miss the best “world” news ever. Do come back very soon.


How very sad to learn that World Focus will be no more. Thank you Martin Savidge and all the super staff for very high quality international presentations. We need more of worldfocus and not less. Hope it is reincarnated, and soon. Robert Lawrenz, Maryland


I am saddened and disappointed in PBS for allowing this to happen. Thank you Daljit and Martin for bringing us many interesting views of other countries and cultures. We’ll definitely miss World Focus.


Just a word of praise for an informative program with a different ‘focus’. I enjoyed the show and will miss it on Monday when the clock reaches 4:30.


This is not right. My one source of world news from a perspective that is not so U.S.-centered is PBS. The fact that PBS offered a full program focused on world news made it quite distinctive
from any of the network news channels, the cable news channels, and even the major U.S. newspapers. Those other sources tend to present the world from U.S. eyes rather than each country from its own eyes, and THEN adding the U.S. perspective. What a loss! What a loss!!


I feel as though I am losing a dear friend. Thank you for all you have shared. I wish the best to all of you at World Focus and hope to see you continue to enlighten people.


We will miss both Daljit and Martin and do no not understand why your being canelled? Your reporting and your consultants will be missed, there is no substitute on the networks!


We will miss both Daljit and Martin and do no not understand why? Your reporting and your consultants will be missed, there is no substitute on the networks!


We loved this program and feel it is a tragedy that it is ending. There are few dollars for programming of this exquisite quality while trash abounds on the nation’s airwaves. I am disappointed in PBS, that they would let this program go off the air while there are others not worth retaining. Even some PBS programs, like the Sharp series on Masterpiece Classics should go before this fine news program. And these anchors, especially Martin Savidge, are so superior to PBS stars like snarky Gwen Ifill. Such a terrible shame. Just know that you were appreciated, and we hope you return someday, when PBS wakes up to their mission and tradition of providing the best.


This is a bitter blow, but I am a little concerned about the reasoning given. If this is related to fund-raising, why wasn’t a public appeal made? U.S. raised millions of dollars for Haiti just by asking ordinary people to donate $5. I truly believe that a program of this importance could raise similar amounts. I’m a little upset that your viewing public was given eleventh hour notice. You’d be surprised what can happen when the public takes the initiative. We can’t afford to lose another program where we can actually learn something new about the world.


You will all be missed. Peace


Daljit Dhaliwal is unique in being able to convey world events in a way that is both professional and caring. Her viewers can’t help but sense how much she loves her work, which makes it impossible not to be drawn in to the different worlds she introduces us to. Let’s hope she finds another opportunity to publicly showcase her talents.


It’s a real shame that such great programming as World Focus has been terminated. Where else can people get the broad perspective given on programs such as these. I will truly miss all of you!


I love this show – so informative and focused on bringing the entire world home to Americans. I felt privileged to watch and learn. I will miss you.


I have pretty much given up watching the traditional news programs and rely almost exclusively on PBS programming. The loss of World Focus is a disaster for me. I guess I will simply be left with a huge void because I see no where else to go.


Sorry to see that world focus is going off air, is there anyway to save the program?


I miss your program already. I stopped work just to see you one last time. Best for all of you.
(I remember Eddie Magnus when she worked in Cincinnati.)


I regret that tough financial times are causing you to conclude broadcasting your excellent program. Congratulations on your wonderful work–and thank you. Take good care of yourselves.


Worldfocus will be extremely missed.I watch the show everynight.Thank you for opening the world to us.


Well, the sad day is here, and I am disgusted, totally horrified. This is inexcusable, and I think it is PBS’s way of censoring news they don’t like, along with Bill Moyers and Now going off the air, this is the last somewhat alternative newshow that is on the PBS schedule. They didn’t want to find the funding. Simple as that. I don’t know if I will have the heart to watch the last one, I have lost too many shows in my time. But, I love Martin and Dalgit and thought you all did great work. I mean,if Democracy NOW! can make it on shoestrings, there is no reason that World Focus couldn’t. This is painful and outrageous. It just keeps Americans simple and uninformed that they are a part of the rest of the world. I am just so sad, and kudos to you all. There must be some way… but PBS doesn’t have the will. Peace, in Solidarity, Connie


I have been missing you for some time since our local (Reno, NV) PBS station stopped airing you for reasons I don’t know. I will miss your excellent coverage of what’s really happening in the world. Other so-called “news” programs are no comparison and most Americans are so ignorant of what goes on elsewhere. Your program excelled in promoting world peace and understanding. I hope you will try to come back after this recession ‘ends’. Thank you for your work.


I am sorry to hear that World Focus is going off the air. Your team did a great job and I always looked forward to your broadcast when I got from from work each day. I will have to look elsewhere for quality global journalism. I hope all of your team land safely in new jobs. Best wishes.


I am deeply disappointed to hear of the cancellation of this excellent program. Coverage of foreign affairs is so paltry on the commercial stations that this program served a very useful purpose. With the ending of the Bill Moyers and David Brancaccio programs, this is shaping up as a disaster for THIRTEEN.


I too came upon WORLD FOCUS just recently like others have and I am quite dissapointed in its untimely end. It was a fresh outlook on world news and events. Thirty minutes of concise indepth coverage on 3 subjects was enlightening and will be missed. Lets hope that it will be re-incarnated in another format bringing the same intelligent level of coverage. I am glad I came across it even toward the end of it run. I will be reviewing past broadcasts on the site.


I am very sorry to see Worldfocus leave the air. I have only recently discovered the program and was instantly a huge fan. It is sad that we are unable to hold on to a program that is so thoroughly global and unpolitical – we desperately need more of Worldfocus, not less.


I will miss your Tv coverage of world news. you went into great depth and created a full understanding of the situation in other countries, most of which has gone unreported by the regular TV news media. We can read about it in the newspapers but the video was so effective. I will continue to monitor your website.


Neal Shapiro says that canceling WORLD FOCUS “is the right decision”. I think it is the wrong decision as the program is possibly the best news program available on the air. If the Public Broadcasting System and Channel 13 are unable to raise the necessary funds, then surely you could have cancelled some less important program and transferred the funds. And I saw no fund-raising appeal to your general supporters for this important broadcast. WORLD FOCUS gave us an open eye on the whole planet; PBS has decided to close it. That’s really too bad….


I, too, have only recently discovered World Focus and never failed to be impressed by its coverage of truly relevant and important global issues and the professionalism of Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savage. What a pity to see it go under.
I’m a retired person but more than willing to donate what I can to keep this program on the air – even if only on a weekly basis.


I love this program, and its so sad to hear that it will be no more.

Daljit Daliwal is charming, intelligent, and lovely. No doubt she will have continued sucess all her life.


Having lived in North America for more than half of my life, Worldfocus provided a rare lens through which I could see changing life in sub-Saharan Africa and other places around the world.

I am saddened that this splendid showcase will stop so soon. It is hoped that a shorter version would be resurrected someday. You say goodbye, I say hello! So long!!


I just recently discovered Worldfocus a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed the insightful and informative reports. I especially appreciated really being able to get a better idea how people live in other places. I am really sorry to see that it will be off the air soon and am disappointed I didn’t discover such a gem earlier.


Sorry to say but your program did not meet the expectations of the American viewing public. Perhaps if you would have included an amateur singing or dancing segment; something about libidinous golfers or a group of nobodies from New Jersey you would have made it. Good reporting and an unbiased view of the world just doesn’t make it in this country anymore. You will be very, very missed.


I am stunned and disappointed that I will not find the same any place else:(


Dear World Focus Team and especially the excellent anchors, I really regret that this program will be ending, it is unfortunate that in this time when journalism is becoming more entertainment than information, that this high quality program is financially unable to continue on-air. I hope that perhaps a well intended philanthropist will see the value of maintaining and supporting such a program. If I may, perhaps our Mayor Bloomberg, who is no stranger to pioneering journalism, might offer some help. I wish all of you the best of luck and thank you for top notch journalism.


I got rid of tv a few years ago. I watch your program online. Im sad to see you go. Honest fair concise reporting presented in a thought filled manor is lacking in news presentations. Yours was wonderful. Im sorry you werent able to pay the bills to keep yourselves running. :(. Thanks for the good 2 years.


I’m very sorry to find out that you must stop your broadcasts. Unfortunately I only found out about your broadcasts in the past few months while “surfing” the news during our local news hour, 5-6 PM. But for the short time that I “found” you I was able to watch you on our local PBS station KETC DT to the exclusion of my local news that came on at the same time.

Ms Dhaliwal and Mr Savage are top professional reporters and have become my favorates, even above the PBS NEWS HOUR folks that I have been watching for many years.

Best of luck to Ms Dhaliwal and Mr Savage and I cross my fingers that someone will come to your rescue. Thanks again for the great program.


You people who have dominated the MEDIA at our expense from day one. Have done a great injustice to us VIEWERS who appreciate sophistication, honesty and world class reporting from the far corners of the world via Daljit Dhaliwal and her remarkable crew! Why don’t you open the books?!! You’re not going to get away with this … for 45 years I’ve been a devoted viewer.


I am heartbroken that we live in a world where such excellence is not sustainable. Trash TV everywhere. I LOVED Worldfocus and would have gladly PAID to subscribe. Would have bought products from sponsors, whatever it took. You are and were just the best. Thank you for adding class and information to our world. Keep my E-mail in case you can resurrect. Like I said, I would pay to watch. All best.


I’m very very very UPSET! Daljit D. was an incredible professional and beautiful anchor for World Focus. It’s like a death in the family! I’m sure this entire farce has something to do with biased supporters of Israel & the Obama government. And YES, you can quote me. It’s a bloody shame!


I am in complete shock, why can’t you broadcast once a week instead of leaving for good? News like this isn’t found anywhere.


We are so sad. This is our favorite news program and will be a great loss to us. Let us know if you plan to return. The content was outstanding and it has been a pleasure to listen to Daljit bringing us the news from around the world.


I have enjoyed your program so very, very much. It has helped keep me somewhat in touch with the World….something that most here don’t seem to take much interest in….such a shame.

I was pleasantly surprised with Daljit anchoring today. This is not meant as a slight to other anchors, just that she has a wonderful presentation and seems so non-judgemental no matter the level of contraversy..awesome!

Again, many thanks to all of you associated with the program for allowing me to feel more in touch with our species on this planet. The best to all of you!


There is no other program anywhere like this one. Losing it will be like losing a great teacher. Thank you for your window on the world.


What a shame. The reporting was excellent and I totally enjoyed the programming – as I only discovered the show about 4 weeks ago. Ms. Dhaliwal is an excellent commentator. WORLDFOCUS was totally refreshing – so unlike what is considered ‘news’ in America. IF I had the money, I’d certainly pass it your way for your continuation. HOPE you come back.

Posted by: ASK
Chicago, IL USA
4-1-2010 – 5:22 PM


April fools anybody?


To All those who made World Focus such an informative news show I must say “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!” It is such a pleasure to get a view point other than those of the American media. It is, also, enlightening. Your sources were excellent, their information timely and unadulterated by American bias.

It is sucy a shame that we get programs that give us an alternative view of the wold and the U. S. of A. and then it disappears. Several years ago CBC put on an all news channel that became very reliable. It was bought out by a prominent American politician and taken off the air. Now you are going. Is ther a conspiracy to keep Americans from learning the real truth

We will much miss you.


We the American People need to see 1st hand how our brothers and sisters live – I’m overwhelm with sadness to see this program end.. We can afford money for the stupidest things except for imformation that We the People aren’t getting.


Oh God. This is terrible. What can we do? Never say die! We can save this show!


Thanks for all the information provided. I hope for a speedy return!


This is truly sad. World Focus is one of my favorite news programs. It’s comprehensive and informative, more so than any other news program on the air at this time. You all will be missed. Thank you for all of your hard work.


I have truly enjoyed World Focus. It’s approach to real news, rather than tawdry tabloid tales, is a breath of fresh air and a real asset to an informed world viewpoint. I thought Martin’s contributions were excellent and I know he will continue to bring stories of importance and interest in the future. Thank you, Martin! Great work! As for Daljit, she has been a guest in our home since her ITN days. How sad to lose this opportunity to see her superb presentations. I am sorry for my British friends, but I hope that she will find more work here and that we can keep her in the USA. Frankly, I find the loss of World Focus to be a very bitter pill to swallow. I appreciated it so much. Having been bitten deeply by this recession myself, I can understand the problem. However, dealing with World Focus’s loss is such a dismal prospect.


You truly filled a void with a global point of view regarding news and current events! I watched Daljit on her previous PBS talk show. Hopefully that show will return. Time and time again Worldfocus gave us stories not found on other global news programs such as DW or BBC yet still relevant. Best Wishes to the familiar reporters, anchors and staff.


I am really sorry to find out that WorldFocus will end on April 2nd. Your show is very educational, extremely interesting, and very well done. What I found most enjoyable is that you upheld the journalistic tenets of just reporting the news as you found it without commentary. I sincerely thank you for your dedication to journalism as it should be done and upholding those principles high. We will miss you.


I will truly miss your show and the opportunity to have all the lively discussions that took place on your excellent (and fun) website, and the many people who posted good comments here. Dalgit Dhaliwal and Martin Savidge did an excellent job, and will be missed. Best wishes to all at World Focus…


It is hard to believe apr 2 is two days away.
On the bright side i remember a young woman had a teddy bear on her cam in the Ukriane she siad she got it for womans day thanks to world focus i knew it was international womans day and we shared a few thoughts in fact she wanted to know how i knew and I told her World Focus but my favorite news show was going to close apr 2nd.
She wanted to know why and it was sad to tell her my fellow country men are not that interested in international news and maybe the economy.
On the darker side i can remember Palin saying during the election that the world is a dangerous place. On abc she in a strange way in regard to the Palistian Isreali crisis siad three times I support the settlers like a chant I assume due to her evangelical church upbringing or brain washing in alaska taking the bible literaly.
This is partly why i consider World Focus essential not a luxery. The fact that there is a lack of interanational interest and or out look on behave of the american public is all the more reason to keep world focus on the air to generate more interest and PBS ought to be a leader in that. If the economy is hurting then some politicians may use this to generate fear of the outside world agian another reason to keep world focus.
I hope the this website will stay open beyond apr 2nd for those of us who have not seen the show form the beginning.
could this website be used to generate interest?
could pledges be made from here to support the show i know the 7 figure amount would not be generated but it might inspire the powers that be or have the money to support this show coming back on air.
This reminds me some of when my college Eisenhower college whose core curriculem was world studies was closed in 1982 despite President Eisenhower planting trees on its grounds for lack of support and economic reasons.
I hope this show might be continued at a future date. The time slot in my area is 12 midnight and competing with Travis Smiley is a tuff one. 5 thirty or 7 before or after the news hour might be better. It is too bad this show could not at least be a weekly on fridays.
A lack of international interest bye the american people and if this is reflected in our leaders may one day become a serious thorn in our butts in the 21st century both economic and political or a combination of both.
News shows like World Focus are essential not a luxery and lack of em will be at our perial of our nation in this new century with ever new players World Focus international news is essential not a luxery. the world is a dangerous place is is a misplaced statement. world focus shows the world in a friendly way a world similar to ours with similar problems and similar asperations. I am now going to enjoy this show on tv and must close so i do not ramble


I have really been in a depressed state since I heard that World Focus would be leaving the air for good. I will especially miss Daljit Dhadiwal. She is so beautiful and her delivery of the international and national news is perfect. Only a one or two days left. What am I going to do?



I will miss this show very much and the two anchors, and journalists and everyone else who worked behind the scenes. Thank you all very much.


For those veiwers who would like to keep up with the middle-east – CNN’s blog “Inside the Middle East” (IME) is a worderful site. Thanks Worldfocus,…til we meet again Mr. Earle


April 2nd will be a sad day for me, i’ve been a loyal viewer for a long time. I hope that somehow you can return very soon. Also, Dajit has been an excellent anchorperson. You will be missed ..


I didn’t realize how ignorant of international news I had been until work took me to Europe for 4 years. I was delighted to find World Focus once I got back to the US. It was always enlightening and interesting. I will miss this show very much.


I am very sorry we are losing World Focus. I have watched it regularly for the past year and valued its truly inclusive world coverage. By comparison BBC seems guarded in its reportage, and in North America at least, aims to please Americans.


Thanks for the informative (and entertaining) broadcasts. I wish the best to the entire staff, this is (soon to be was) one of the best shows on television. Best wishes to also Ms. Dhaliwal, she’s probably my favorite news anchor in the past decade. I hope we’ll see her at an anchor desk somewhere soon.


people wake up its not funding they dont want us
americans know what is going on in the world


Worldfocus is by far the best international news program available on PBS. Although the late announcement of its cancellation by host station WNET (NYC) has made raising funds before the threatened cancellation date untenable, there are many viewers who would be happy to make financial contributions toward its continued operation in the long run. Since WNET has made a decision not to support the program, perhaps a more welcoming PBS affiliate can be identified.

The cancellation of Worldfocus, on the heels of similar announcements about Bill Moyer’s Journal and NOW, threatens to make pluralistic – and sometimes controversial – investigative journalism on PBS a shadow of its former self.


great show,sad to see it go


Yesterday’s program on women in the developing world is one of the very best; it is our future. Somebody out there — you know who you are — you have a friend who can be a “White Knight” and bring back Worldfocus. Don’t be shy about asking. Let’s get the funding.


The end of Worldfocus appears to be inevitable now.No knight in shining armor is going to rescue
this excellent show. Such a pity!
Many thanks, though, to the creators of WF and the two pros who hosted the program. We will remember you fondly, and God Bless.


This program has become a major part of my quest for informative, unbiased news. The contributions it made to my daily life will be difficult to replace, and I thank you for your continued commitment to excellence and wish you all the best.


I will miss this show so much.


It’s difficult to see you go. While world news is an interest of mine, it has seemed daunting to do research to find context of the stories that I would read from other sources. This show has given me a sincere and strong foothold to understand a lot of issues in the world which will eventually effect us all. I typically watch this online and the BBC does not have a lot of international broadcasts, so this is the only show which I know of which is produced and placed on the web with world issues as it’s only focus. Thank you.


Dear Mr. Yoel L. Arbeitman

I respectfully disagree with your post.

BBC holds absolutely NO conflict of interest against or for Israel. If you listen to Tony Blair, he was in fact, much more lenient towards Israel than Joe Biden or Clinton’s recent speeches. He made a serious effort to shift the focus from the contentious and controversial settlements issue, to building consensus between Israel and the Palestinian community.

I know you’ll probably disagree, but in my humble opinion, NPR has become a Zionist, biased horrible broadcast that makes me furious because I regret having trusted it for decades. For your sake, that makes me more likely to disagree with your stance, than if I do not feel like I have been lied to, or misled, by their broadcasts for a long time.

Take a point of case in recent months:
When the Palestinians were protesting in Israel, and violence broke out— which now I can see on the web, or on WF, what did I hear NPR broadcast in length? Some propaganda about Israel displaying Einstein’s handwriting. Listen, real physicists don’t focus on the handwriting, but on the substance. They care about Einstein’s contribution to physics, but also are fair about mistakes in Einstein’s theories.

Have you ever asked?
Why didn’t Israel show Karl Marx’s handwriting while writing the Communist Manisfesto?

Karl Marx was a German Jew, and arguably MUCH MUCH more influential than Einstein with respect to our daily lives in the 20th century, whether in America or Europe, South America or Asia.

Why not? Well, he’s considered, in no less explicit terms, a bad guy, SO bad that anybody remotely tainted with the theories espoused in his beloved Communist Manisfesto might suffer from early demise in their career, deportation in other cases, or even find themselves at the verge of being thrown into jail for reasons those folks could not themselves quite comprehend— like Arthur Miller, and the sorts.

Karl Marx, a German Jew, was SO very brilliant in his theories, he managed to get half the world(most of the agricultural world indeed), to believe in his predictions, and recruited them into fighting for revolutions and wars long long after he died.
Arguably, he was more influential than any other leaders in the 20th century political and historical scene. He was SO smart. Doesn’t he deserve a tribute by Israel, in Israel, showing off his handwriting in the original Communist Manifesto?

When over a thousand people have been killed due to continual conflicts, for which the United Nations condemns a country X as guilty of human rights violations, how can you so egregiously claim that any broadcast airing “anti-X” news should not be allowed on the air?

Are you letting out that the true agenda for funding World Focus was not to provide world news?
The true underpinning, unspoken, and unsuspected even by Martin Savidge or Daljit Dhaliwal, was to prevent Americans from hearing the United Nations’ condemnation of human rights violation in the Middle East broadcast on the BBC, in case some of the violations may be from Israel. They believed that, by bankrolling the broadcast, they would control the content. Alas for them, the result was more awareness and aghast reactions by Americans, despite the forever presence of a Jewish commentator side by side a non-Jewish expert; and despite all the eloquence of the Jewish commentators, it’s clear that Americans find it difficult, at the very least, impossible, in some case, to support our Government in the policies so very dominated by Israel. We cannot stomach the violation of human rights. We ARE Americans!


It was such a pleasure to have WF instead of that vilely anti-Israel BBC.
Please do not bring BBC back. NPR and often PBS rely too much on BBC.
Kudos to WF, a wonderful asset and a very fair perspective on the world.


I tried to re-post his link(because I think it’s buried among over a thousand of posts) but it kept being censored. I believe it might be automatically deleted because there’s a link and against policy.

Let’s keep the movement to save WF going. Write to your congressperson and senators. I understand that Mr. Sharpiro said that PBS refused to sponsor WF. We should specifically write to PBS about that. If enough people tell PBS that we’re dropping our subscriptions unless WF comes back, something might happen.



I see that the daily new enrollment onto the facebook page started by Clark Donnelly to save World Focus has dwindled. It’s probably because the link is buried among over a thousand posts. I’m posting the link here again:


Share the thoughts on news from Deutche Welle, ALjazeera, ITN and share news until WF one day returns. Have hope folks.


I see that the daily new enrollment onto the facebook page started by Clark Donnelly to save World Focus has dwindled. It’s probably because it’s buried among over a thousand posts. I’m posting the link here again:


Share the thoughts on news from Deutche Welle, ALjazeera, ITN and share news until WF one day returns. Have hope folks.


This program seriously changed my life. Ever since I watched a segment last year, I’ve been an avid follower. I joined journalism and started writing international news editorials. I started my own global club and have volunteered more in my community. I’m so saddened that more students will never be able to experience the enlightenment this news program brought to me. I’m low income and Hispanic, so this type of broadcasting COMPLETELY widened my perspective on the world and has made me want to go to college and pursue a career in government.

Thank you Worldfocus! You will be missed!


You have done a wonderful job covering worldwide news, and your special editions have been stellar. So sorry to see you go!


I love this program and I am very sad to see it go.I am a world traveler and I don’t get enough news about the rest of the world when I am in the USA. I have told a lot of my friends about it and I think with more time it would have more viewers, it is a great program. Maybe it should be shown a little earlier???I saw it at 1am or so…very late. It should have an around 10pm to 11pm slot!
Please change your minds!!!and keep it on, we need programs like these!!!


What a shock to find that World Focus is going off the air and so soon. I have enjoyed very much the wonderful news from all over the world.
America is so short on in depth news stories from overseas. Americans need to be more aware and informed of what is going on in the rest of the world. Thank you and I will miss the nightly broadcast very much.


It’s great that Worldfocus is ending, it gives more of a chance for one-sided, poorly researched, poorly presented news programs to grow. It’s vital that we don’t get the international perspective on important issues that affect all of us.


I agree with most of the comments on the unique quality of this program. As a Canadian familiar with the news output in other countries I was surprised when I discovered this slot 18 months ago, something that could easily rank with the journalistic exemplars of days of yore or elsewhere, was distinctly American in its editorial tone and for which BBC could not be an adequate substitute. Its puzzling that what should be the flagship of PBS is the first victim of funding cuts.


On behalf of myself and my students (who have written some of the best written and most ethically researched essays I have ever read in 12 years of community college teaching — since we have begun to base the essays on World Focus segments, their follow-ups and other PBS-spnsored links), I am stunned that World Focus is going off the air.

I know of no other source for such objective reporting, high interest stories, and a spirit of international comradery than I have witnessed on your broadcasts since the show’s inception. As a Clevelander, I will miss seeing former Channel Eight reporter Matin Savidge and his professionalism, and as a citizen of the world, I will miss Daljit Dhaliwal and her poise and objectivity.

I am grateful for these eighteen months where I have had the opportunity to see that an American news outlet can go beyond our borders and our traditional mindset that news must be entertainmnet first and informative second.

At least the website will continue to exist.


I am very saddened at this news. I watch the broadcast every day. It is too bad that real journalism has to go away while almost all news in the USA has become nothing more than commentary and opinion, and what they call news is the same recycled crap ad nauseam. I guess most Americans really don’t care what goes on in the rest of the world. Sad.


I am so sad that World Focus is going off the air. It seems that whenever I find quality content on the television, it is short lived.


I am extremely disappointed in PBS for not supporting this high-quality program. At a time when the U.S. is ever more isolated from the world as a result of cutbacks in foreign bureaus as well as a period of high immigration to the U.S., I can’t fathom a worse time to walk away from foreign news reporting. My students and I both really benefited from this program. It is a far better quality show than many of your “standbys,” which have really gone downhill in recent years. What a terrible decision.


It is very sad to hear World Focus will no longer be on the air. I love World Focus. I feel bad for the world. We are losing a great program that brought us together as people and gave us greater understanding of one another. Thank you for helping Haiti by discussing the issues and struggles of Haiti.


My wife Anni and I considered your program one of the finest available, and remarkably well-balanced. It is a great loss to fair reporting.


why dont you broadcast online using livestream. we all want to watch the shows you made and we spread them to countless others through your web site.
put a donation link on the home page and i am sure we can fill the gap you require.


Worldfocus is a fabulous news program that offers an interesting perspective of the world not seen in main stream news programs. As a student, I feel these perspectives are necessary to board the way I view the world. It is truly a lost to see such a fabulous news program go.


I am sorry to see Worldfocus leave the air. The recent show on renewable energy in Denmark was of particular interest. Most international news programs provide polemical, emotional oneliners. In contrast, the tone of Worldfocus is reasonable, with meaningful detail and comprehensible images. This will be a real loss.


This news show provides an important function in real news about the rest of the world: how people live, suffer, and survive. Given that many of the stories are from other news resources and programs, it does not make sense that WorldFocus is too expensive to continue to produce. WorldFocus is to Valuable to cease, especially with such short notice. Please reconsider this decision.


I am soooo heart broken. As a European living in the U.S. it amazed me how little National newscast would mention anything about the rest of the world. It felt very isolated and sad that so many Americans have no clue what happens in the rest of the world.
Here you came along and I was delighted! I made our kids watch your news so they would know what happens around the world…. and now you are leaving!
I sure hope that we will see you back when the time gets right, you have no clue how much this country needs you!
In the meantime, we will stay hooked on your website.


We only learned about World Focus about 3 months ago and have enjoyed it so very much in that time. I find it very disappointing that it is going off the air because of lack of funding, and would like to know who made such a poor decision. It may not have as many viewers as, say ‘Antique Road Show’, but it teaches so much more from other points of view that we as Americans, need to hear and see. This is a very disappointing decision, and I hope it will be rethought and that World Focus will return in the near future. We’ll be looking for it!


the most unbiased news program and it is closing. What a disgrace ! why wasn’t there an appeal for funding?


Like US finance, foreign policy etc, the media, be it private or public are controlled by a same mafia group. They do not like the truth be told by any so American people can continue to be kept in the dark; therefore all these great programs are canceled blatantly. The real question is what can be done about it if people all stand up now!?


It is just as you said, it was “just the right thing at just the wrong time”, and I would add it was just the right thing, WHEN THIS SOCIETY NEEDED IT MOST! An eternal optimist, I look forward to the day you return.
My sincere thanks for your superb efforts in these many months.
Yours Truly,
J. Vochelli


This program will be missed and I am saddened by the loss.


I’m heartbroken. Another voice of reason, sanity, insight and light is silenced. Losing WF and BMJ (Bill Moyers’) in the same year.


I have really appreciated the serious, professional, enormously helpful work
you have done, and hope you can continue on a weekly or some other
basis. God bless you!


We are all so sad to see you go, idk how much money you need but im sure you could raise a lot if you opened donations to your viewers


Your global coverage of topics and news gives our home a greater insight of what is happening globally and how it all connects together or not. WF is the most informing and balanced news group that we have access to and soon it will be gone I read about 10% of the 1022 comments as of my posting and it seems that about 99% of those viewers posting comments, like us, feel the coming of a big loss … and it seems that we are helpless to do anything, but want to do something. We shall miss hearing and seeing all the different correspondents that reported their stories and the one-on-one interviews that Martin and Dajit had with various people worldwide. Hope you keep your website active. Perhaps there we can donate to you directly. – Cheers – ck


This is not fair when a best news reporting goes out of business. In my opinion you are the best of best. All these years I have been watching your broadcast faithfully. I only wish and dream that some how you start again. I am going to miss you.


World Focus viewers do not realize that a major donor to WNET insisted that World Focus be cancelled or else as generous Hebrew donor does not approve of Al Jazeera in the news business. Hebrew monopoly of US News will continue unabated. So much for diversity of opinion and free speech which has been negated on American airwaves. Jerusalem rules America and Americans know it, said Ariel Sharon a few years ago in Hebrew on Israeli radio. What a shame and waste of human potential. A money appeal to viewers would have quickly furnished the funds needed to keep World Focus on PBS.


I am deeply concerned by the announcement that World Focus is going off the air and the profound consequences this poses for the future of our country and world in general. Though the sense of despair may not cut quite as deep as that associated with the death of a King or a Bergman, the loss of WF’s voice is akin to the passing of an important artist or a great leader. That is, WF’s demise similarly represents an irreplaceable and vital voice whose void will reverberate through society in a paralyzing fashion.

No other TV news outlet demonstrates the same interest in (a) shedding light on the types of issues that WF regularly addresses, (b) helping us understand the lives of our international neighbors, or (c) highlighting the universal concerns that bind seemingly diverse societies together. Sadly, such invaluable insights have become increasingly rare in a media industry that values translating “eyeballs on screens” into profits rather than enlightening people’s minds. And, since closed minds are dangerous minds, the loss of WF requires us to reconsider our collective direction and fate; after all, a democracy’s strength relies on an informed public.

My personal experiences may help bring this point home. One of the best lessons I took away from a several year back-packing trip around the world is that most foreigners (1) admire, (2) love, and (3) hate the U.S.—all at the same time—and these three emotions largely rest on their high expectations of us. Most Americans further do not realize how widespread this hatred is, how deep it runs, or where it stems from. In fact, at its core is something very fundamental: a perceived lack of respect by the most powerful country in the world. In other words, they feel that the U.S. doesn’t care about other countries on the planet—as evidenced by our lack of knowledge about them and often not even knowing where they are located on a map—and resent the fact that we make decisions that dramatically affect a world that we do not make much effort to understand.

To a significant degree, blame must be placed on the media for both their lack of foreign coverage and the U.S.-centered feel to most of their stories. In short, local news is largely worthless (with half of the show devoted to weather and sports) and the 23 minute nightly news broadcasts typically boil down—when stories about “Derek Jeter’s dog” or some equivalent nonsense are taken into account—to about 10 minutes of U.S.-focused news. Once more, the screaming commentators that dominate the cable channels often seem content to feed people what they want to hear, along with a large dose of accusations, insults, and inflammatory sound bites. And, while the PBS News Hour stands out among the crowd, its emphasis is very different from WF’s coverage. World Focus thus plays a vital role in reminding us that we have international neighbors and by doing so fosters understanding, respect, and peace.

There must be something we can do to save the program. I would be glad to lend a hand in any way I can.


How can this be happening? First Bill Moyers Journal and Now on PBS…now Worldfocus is being cancelled? These are 3 of my favorite shows. How about doing a story on PBS cancelling all the best news shows?


I too am extremely disappointed to see this show pass away — several of my colleagues and I used it to help us teach our international politics classes in university. Worldfocus is, in my opinion, a better international newscast than BBC, TV5, CNN International, or any of the others. PBS would have done better to cancel something else and keep this.


I would think there would be large education grants out there to help sustain the program. I’ve used World Focus clips many times to supplement my university classes.


As doleful as it may be to see Worldfocus come to an unmerited halt, I congratulate the program for achieving something many have not. Worldfocus has managed to legitimately inform its viewers on the many different facets of international affairs (economic, cultural, political, etc.), and has done so in a rich and insightful manner. This important program will truly be missed.


Perhaps PBS management could get enlighten me with this one since I am having a very hard time reconciling the lack of funds to keep on the air World Focus, an American made program, while there are plenty of funds to throw at no less than ELEVEN, news programs of foreign origination ??? BBC World; Out Of Ireland; DT Journal; RT News; France 24 (our eternal “friends”); Al-Jazeera (how lovely); South Asia Newsline; NHK Newsline; Euronews; Newsweek South Asia; My India !!!! Please let me know if I am the only one who finds something screwed up with this picture, especially since the American Newscast being tossed under the buss, is a high quality production ? Perhaps if World Focus begins production in china, or venezuela, it will then get picked up, and shown again ?!?!


World Focus is very informative and I am disappointed to find out that it is being canceled. They do a great job on informing what’s happening around the world. Especially from Al Jreeza which gives the perspectives of the civilian’s point of view.


I am saddened to hear that World Focus is going off air. There is no other news cast that will provide facts of what is going on in the world.


I was truely in love with this program. For many years US TV has been lacking a program with a rich and substantial international orientation. We as Americans need and deserve to see this greater perspective. Your reports have been illuminating and controversial. I can see that once again will again become a need. I hope to see you folks back in some form in the near future. I thank you and your contributor’s for your work outside the ‘box.’


World Focus provided a unique view of international news not found anywhere else and I am very disappointed it is being canceled—I will miss it!


This program will be terribly missed. There is simply nothing else like it, and it’s so important to hear the international stories you cover, especially as they come from so many news sources. Would it be possible to continue in some sort of online/subscription format???


I am so sorry that you will shut down. I just discovered the show recently and it definitely filled an important news gap.


I am sorry to hear about cancelling World focus.
I view on occasion,I can not on a regular basis watch the horror that our world is turning into.
How then,do these corespondents cope in their own lives,what do they do? how do they feel as they are telling these heartbreaking stories,do they seek therapy!!??.


Read #200 (by scrolling down) please.


I had doubts of the sincerity of the decision but if worldfocus could stay on-air, it would continue to benefit everyone. At least it impacted those that viewed it (while it was on-air).


I am 80 my wife is catching me up. We watch very little T.V. As 95% we consider junk. World Focus is by far the best world news source and we watch it with interest and enjoyment each night it is on the air. Let us hope financing will be found so that you can return on the air. Thank you,for a quality production.


This is unfortunate for all of those who your broadcast has the possibility to reach. Just when I discovered you, you’re leaving…the story of my life. Oh well, I guess I should be thankful to know there are folk out there who create and enjoy quality programming. I was so looking forward to watching more of worldfocus. Your programming allowed me to understand and appreciate even more the diverse groups around the world. Thank you for focusing on the real issues.


Disappointing as I just started watching worldfocus and enjoyed learning how other counrties/cultures live. Sorry to see you go, wish you the best.


As a regular viewer on Detroit WTVS channel, I found World Focus truly fills PBS’ claim of offering “news you can’t get elsewhere.” Public Television will be poorer without you.


Although I have only started watching Worldfocus since past six months, it has become my most favorite. I truly regret its demise and wish there was some way to revive it.


Loosing World Focus will cause me to loose important source of information about how the rest of the world feels and see us … particularly the Islamic world. I would hope some rich Arab state could sponsor you as seeing and hearing the Arab viewpoint thur normal “on the street” Arabs has been mind opening and could do a lot to promote world piece.


The more news options in the air, the more informed is the public. But I believe World Focus would have been better if it were REALLY a focus outside the mainstream media headlines. As it was, World Focus was just another “Me Too” addition to news headlines and mainstream opinions with supposed “in depth questions.” In other words, it was like another financial firm on Wall Street, and drawing its news from the same sources, then tried to differ with the presentation format.

I believe World Focus would have been better if it focused outside the headlines, and had given viewers “a focus” on a serious subject worth presenting it to a global audience. And the viewers would have been better informed by learning something new, rather than a rehash of ongoing news headlines – which is akin to the proverbial “the same wine in a different bottle.” Surely, World Focus was “more objective” in its presentation, but still the viewers could say “I heard this before!”

Since the fundraising was short to continue the program, I suggest that World Focus reinvent itself as a weekly program – like CBS “60 Minutes.” And that I believe will be a real “Focus” because it will handle important issues outside the mainstream media, and provide “in depth focus” on matter of global importance. And World Focus will be better there, because it will have time “to focus” on details – rather than trying to digest the ongoing headlines before they became outdated – as it was its current format.

If the shorter fundraising budget is sufficient for a “Part Time” type of a weekly scheduled program, I highly recommend that World Focus reconsider and redirect its production into such a program. Media organizations constantly reinvent themselves in the digital age. Why not World Focus? Nikos Retsos, retired professor


Why am I not surprised!? The US has become a nation dedicated to the destruction of all critical thought and unfortunately world news does have a tendency to provoke thought! That cannot be tolerated! Thoughtful people tend to want to be productive, creative and independent. The US does not need them, it needs thoughtless consumers. You have been sacrificed on the altar of the gods of consumption. May you go in peace. You will be remembered. But know also that the internet can be used to do amazing things. See you soon.


I am saddened that you are going off the air.
You are the only World News, and the very best.
How can this be???
WNET can raise monies for all the junk they have on TV, but when it comes to the very best world news, they are choosing to take you off the air.
WHO MADE THIS DECISION?? they need to be fired. Obviously WNET, is clueless as to how much WorldFocus is needed.
WNET,raises monies for bad programming, but YOU…
who provides the world with excellant information, are being cut, why? because of fund raising, this is BULL!!
I do not understand…
Typical TV, they have the very best World News and excellant information, but they choose to take you off the air.
Instead of taking you off, they should take one of those worthless programs they show and keep you…
So oo oo oo sorry.
Please find a way to stay on. We need you.
Thank you, I have watched you from the beginning..
and you have taught me so much!!!
You are my source of news and information.
I looked forward to you everynight..
You will be greatly missed!!!


It’s really disappointing and very sad that such a great news broadcast will no longer be on TV. I love the professionalism and the “global focus”, that is unmatched in the US.
If I had to define the show I would say that it’s simply “intelligent”. Congratulations and good luck to all people who has been making the programme possible. It will be missed!!!


I grieve at your loss. You were a fine program. Watched you every day. Good luck to all of those who must leave.


Nooooooooooo…..why??..To my present dark days ( unemployed for over a year and now sick with a mild condition) now I have to deal with not having one the best TV news programs.
(I also like Bill Moyers Journal and PBS NOW). Not fair. I better stop, I am upset. To Daljit D. and the entire WorldFocus team: thanks for all your super work.Best of luck, please come back soon.


Help! How can we lost this great program? I use this program in my classroom consistently and hate to see it end. My classes consist of US and international students, who share this content together. It is one of the few sources that I have found that shows very contemporary issues that my students respond to in many ways. Losing this program is heartbreaking. How can this be happening?!


I watch WORLDFOCUS every evening and am very sorry that it was cancelled. Hope that you can save the website even if we can’t have the program. I will miss Daljit Dhaliwal, Martin Savage and the excellent, unique reporting from a global perspective


The loss of World Focus is a tremendous disappointment to our family. There is no other news broadcast that provides the same sort of in-depth coverage and focus on vital yet uncommon topics. Is there anything that can bring you back on the air?


I was very heartened when you came on the air with an intelligent alternative to the banal local newscasts on the air in the 6PM time slot. You did not dissapoint. I especially admired the reportage of Martin Savidge. You will be missed.Please come back.


I will miss World Focus. I think you did a great job of bring a new perspective to American television. My thanks to all who worked on the show for your efforts and my best wishes for your future endevors.


ps I will miss Martin Savitch most of all


who will cover world news now??? not Brian Williams, Katie Couric, et al.. not unless there’s an earthquake. I guess we’ll have to tune in toh al jazeera …


It is truly devasting to see such an amazing and unique news program go.You guys have really opened our eyes to world current issues. Thank You!!!


truly sad news…pls try to come back as a weekly…and go to one hour (if possible)…damn, another lost opp for Americans to see the world…thx for ur hard/relevant/insightful work


I don’t often write comments on events but this program must not end. There’re must be a way to keep it on the air, if not on Public Television, then via the web. We who live here in the U.S. only fine worthless trivia and sensationalism shown by the commercial media. Nothing compares with your in-dept reporting around the globe. Our only source of real information in the world and at home is public television and radio. I do realize that it takes money to produce a program like yours. So why not carry a short advertisement at the beginning and end of the program – anything to keep this program from going off the air.


My Heart is broken…..


Could we go beyond the Monday-Friday news coverage? Could World Focus offer a good one-hour Sunday morning program so the networks have some real competition? And why not add a one-hour international news digest early on Saturday evening, when PBS is also missing an opportunity? If these two weekend programs could be placed on the website as audio podcasts, some might want to load them down and take them on their commute during the week? Losing some of the visuals makes a difference,to be sure. But the remaining words still matter, especially if we could have some sustained interviews.


I am questioning myself this plant that we live saying ( the media comercial tv ) we are the best Showing fashoin reality tv,etc. And not given true obetive jurnalism ? ?……. thanks for PBS and world fucus people I will do my part !!!


WHAT CAN BE DONE? With all the dredful news programs, why not approach ABC, CNBC etc to sponser (with limited funding ads) this great 30 min broadcast. Be creative!


Maybe all viewers of Worldfocus should follow the example of Dr.Auby (#976), and ask Warren Buffet or some other billionaire to sponsor Wf. After all, a few million bucks to them is chump change…


I find the loss of World Focus devastating, Americans’ apparent lack of interest in and knowledge of the world shocking and the growing corporate stranglehold on media sources deeply depressing. I am therefore repeating and updating comments I made here earlier and also sent to PBS, WNET and my local public TV station.
I have been away from the US for many years (in a developing country!) and have been able to watch BBC World, CNN International, Al Jezeera English and TV4 Monde, each on a 24/7 basis. Even with all those resources, I have still found World Focus excellent and invaluable. Back in the US I have been hugely disappointed to find that I can only get a tiny snippet (half an hour) of BBC World News and I cannot get CNN International (vastly superior to the domestic version) or Al Jezeera at all. I’ve therefore been even more appreciative of World Focus since returning.
What do we have to do to keep World Focus alive? There have been lots of eloquent and passionate pleas made here but apparently to no avail. I am convinced that viewership of World Focus has been growing and is certainly enough to convince sponsors to stick with it and publicize it until it catches on with a larger percentage of the public. But it seems that PBS has lost sight of its mission, which would certainly seem to me to include providing help that Americans desperately need help to become responsible world citizens.
I urge a tougher and more direct approach to PBS and to Congress on this critical matter. The “Health Care”/Insurance Reform vote suggests a turning tide and perhaps the return of courage after so many long years of cowardice in the face of right-wing pressure. I suggest that “Viewers like You [us]” tell PBS “No more money from us until you restore World Focus.” It’s unfortunate that we weren’t made aware of the planned cancellation before the start of the current fundraising campaign. I also suggest telling Congress “No more funding for PBS until they restore the Information/Education/Entertainment balance.” I believe we can have an impact. It’s time to get militant about this and get this decision reversed.

PS–Recommendations for other world news sources: I’m thankful I can get TV4 Monde here round the clock. It gives a lot of attention to world news, produces excellent documentaries and provides particularly fine coverage of Africa and the Middle East. In addition to its own news broadcasts, it also carries half-hour news programs from each of France 2, Belgium’s RTBF and Switzerland’s TSR every day. Even though my French isn’t great, I find this source keeps me well in touch with the world. My other sources include BBC World Service (through the computer because there’s no 24/7 radio broadcast in the US as there is in other countries) and Deutsche Welle’s half-hour Journal, carried on two small Bay Area public TV stations.


So very sad to see the program go. It was informative and focused on the things that really matter in the world, not the trivia and gossip so many so-called news programs dwell on. It also had true world news and a wide spectrum– not the very narrow local perspective of so many other programs on the air. It will be much missed in our household.


Please don’t let this news channel end, please the USA and the world need this better clear understanding of what is really going on in for the people and life of this planet. I will talk to Warren Buffet about funding this in the future.


I discovered WorldFocus recently and I really like the program. Wish I had known about this program earlier. It’s very sad that it will go off the air soon. I wish I had the money to fund this program. Why a good program like this does not get much funding? You will definitely be missed…:(


I am sad and I am angry! Right as the cancellation of this lone bastion of actual meaningful news was announced along comes what’s left of “Public TV” begging for money. After this cancellation of World Focus, NO NO NO not one penny. For a number of years I have watched as “public TV” little by little gained corporate sponsor advertisements and their content gradually became ever more watered down to a CNN like level. Oh, but at least every evenning my wife and I could look forward to World Focus. An oasis of information about our fellow inhabitants on this earth and things that actually matter. It was presented without a corporate propoganda agenda, talking heads or spin. No paid shills shouting their disingenuous talking points at each other. No coverage of the sexual perversions of golf players, phoney financial advice, or generally corporately filtered off the actual subject myopically shallow American centric disinformation. World Focus allowed me some healthy humility, some empathy and understanding for the world and my place in it as a fellow citizen. The loss of World focus is not a small loss and endless repeats of Moody Blues concerts or Celtic singers will not fill the void. I worked in law enforcement for twenty years. But, the announcement that World Focus caused me tears. It was just a half hour, but it’s loss is symbolic of so much more.


I am so sorry!

The best program is now shut! Why don’t you ever said this while you could.
It is possible that we, the fanatic users of PBS would have been able to give to the PBS for the sake of Worldfocus to stay!!


Looked forward every night to World Focus. Your
stories were very educational. Thank you for your
great work.


I just finished an Elementary Education degree and am looking for a teaching position in the fall. I constantly think about teaching my future students about appreciating our freedom and resources, and how I can open their minds to the issues of the world. I think your broadcast is a perfect tool to do that except that you are going off the air!! I am so saddened by your departure off the air. Your program could be instrumental in expanding the world view of our future generations. Watching your broadcasts, students could appreciate other cultures, perspectives, world issues and most of all, humanity. Please – is there no other way? Thanks for top-notch programming!


You will be sadly missed.You gave us a high-quality, informative, in-depth look at the news that we can’t get anywhere else. Thank you. Thank you.


I am sickened to death by the news reporting on Tiger Woods state of affairs; discussions of celebrities dress styles, boob works etc. And then we are surprised that Americans do not know basic facts of history, cannot name capitals of other countries, have no idea how people in other parts of the world live. Cancelling WF just further depletes education of the nation. And you would think that Public TV could instead of this announcement ask for donations, appeal to the wealthy and educated donors, appeal to us,the viewers. Alas, they just inform us.Huge disappointment.


03/23/2010 :: 07:43:04 PM
You are welcome!

If you are interested, and hopefully with the help of others who blog frequently, you can help initiate an informal WF half hour daily by selecting interesting video links daily, and posting them on Ning is just like facebook, but maybe a bit more oriented for professionals. Facebook will do too. Then folks can take turns to pose questions to focus discussions. Twitter may work too.

Anybody else who spots any worthwhile news feed can post the link with a short description.

I recall somebody suggesting starting a new program with the money pledged on this site. If the grassroot effort works, somebody may receive small amount of compensation for researching new websites to keep the site improving. It serves the same purpose, but is much, much cheaper. Airtime is very expensive on public TV, but and the videos from all those global news websites I posted are free.

In the near future, I cannot promise to be a regular because of the lack of time, but I’ll certainly join in to contribute the time I can afford. I’m most comfortable with global health websites, and websites related to legal issues, because I have credentials in both.


To #549 Jennifer Deville:
You posted, “The so-called richest country in the world is the poorest when it comes to media coverage.”

How true!


WorldFocus is hands down our favorite news program and we are crushed to see it go. Where else will we see reports from Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle, to say nothing of your excellent correspondents around the world? Through WorldFocus we’ve put ourselves in the shoes of people around the world – rich and poor – and understood a little better the wonderful things they’re achieving, and the problems they’re grappling with. It really breaks our hearts that there’s not enough interest in World Focus, and money to support it, to keep it going. We’ll bet for each of the nearly 1,000 people who’ve written, there are 1,000 more who love it. Please come back. Barbara & John Larson


With “a nightly audience of over 300,000,” is it not possible to keep this invaluable program on the air through a grass roots fundraising campaign? Given the chance, I believe the loyal viewers of Worldfocus would provide PBS with the funds required to sustain the program. I will pledge $1,000 for three years to help fund Worldfocus if PBS gives its audience the opportunity to support this program directly.


Re: @ Joallen #949….excellent research. Thanks


Worldfocus was best news program on u.s.a. TV
All other news are wortless,!!!!


Its asham they dont want us Americans know what goes on in the world thanks for all hard work


Living in washington DC , the only evening news I watch on TV is the BBC
and World Focus News . What a shame that the Best World news program in the US is not appreciated by more Americans !! WHAT A SHAME !!!


I am so very upset and unhappy that one onf the very few genuine researched, impartial and well thought out news programs on the air and available to Americans is leaving the air. The loss coupled with the huge amount of garbage that is broadcast as news today, means that the average person’s access to real factual well researched news is going to be limited the ‘The News Hour” and The BBC news program. I don’t care about Michael Jackson’s medications, I would like to have a factual forthright source of news of the world and of the country, not nonstop ” Entertainment Tonight” of whatever it is called. Please do everything that you possibly can including begging on bended knee in my name to convince your possible sponsors that there is a market for real news out there, and that they would be doing a great service to the country by sponsoring your program. We desperately need more unbiased sources of information if we are not to become a nation of non-thinking boobs serving at the beeck and call of biased news organizations. You have my sincere thanks for your efforts, please keep them up in the effort to bring quality well researched information th the country. In this time of real need for people and organizations to step forward and present factual and true information instead of biased and self interested commentary, “World Focus ” was a shining star. Please, don’t let that light be extinguished.


Every evening I watch World Focus, followed by the remaining 30 minutes of The News Hour. Yes, I put World Focus before The News Hour for keeping me informed of national and world affairs. I will truly miss this broadcast.


Who’s hair-brained idea was this to discontinue a truely fine broadcast of the news. Terminate the ideas creator and not the broadcast!!


Worldfocus is my absolute favorite news show. i am devastated that it is going off the air. Its quality, thoroughness and true world focus are unmatched in any other news program.


Although I watch it with some frequency, I think WF is rather superficial. Those 3 minute interviews with the experts drive me crazy. Why even bother? If the program and interviews were longer maybe there would be more support. Do WF viewers have such a short attention span? Bring back the BBC news.


Just watched your report on health care in Canada. You offer nothing but one side. Glad you’ll be gone. I have co-workers in Canada and they are not happy at all with the system.


Wow, just found out about this when I was going to the web site to check out tonight’s broadcast that I happened to miss. Shocking and very sad. I hate HLN and CNN now that they have changed in the past few years. Also can’t stand FOX news. Local news gets on my nerves after 30 minutes so switching over to PBS to watch BBC, DW TV and WF is the best of all world news coverage. Martin and Daljit are very professional and will be missed. Hopefully this show will return in the future.


I am so sorry to hear that your first rate show is going off the air. When it began I was so pleased to see that at last there was an American program that covered the news beyond our borders with such thoughtfulness and insight. I only wish that your audience was larger and that perhaps you might find a way of continuing your broadcasts. You will be very much missed.


I agree. What a loss. I’ve really enjoyed the program and wish there were a way to change this decision!


Please don’t go and leave us to settle for 30-second sound bites by network news shows. Gone is the day of in-depth reporting and things to really think about.


To folks who say they are devastated: don’t let yourself feel that way.
Many of the videos World Focus provides are available on a variety of international TV networks websites.

Organize a few friends to take turns to screen the title for news worth watching on news network that you like. Discuss them on facebook, or Fit it into your schedule. We won’t have those in depth special reports, but I believe World Focus has forever opened my eyes to broader sources of news. Thank you Daljit and Martin!

PS: I tried to provide links to commonly used sources by World Focus, but apparently that’s against policy. It’s easy though. Austratlian Broadcast Corporation, Deutche Welle, BBC, Aljazeera— they all provide free video. Just google them.


To folks who say they are devastated: don’t let yourself feel that way.
Many of the videos World Focus provides are available on the web from a variety of TV networks.

Organize a few friends to take turns to screen the title for news worth watching on news network that you like. Discuss them on facebook, or Fit it into your schedule. We won’t have those in depth special reports, but I believe World Focus has forever opened my eyes to broader sources of news. Thank you Daljit and Martin!

Here are a few I’ve found:

1. Australian broadcast corporation:

2. aljazeera

Deutsche Welle from Germany

Here are a few more websites of the world news programs available on my local PBS:

4. France 24


from the BBC

6. NHK from Japan

7. RT from Russia


I am so sad to see this show leave. it has been one of the best news shows ive seen. I dont know what im going to change my home page on my computer to now your leaveing. I hope that this is a tempory dry spell and that the show comes back soon.


I would like to add my expression of disappointment at the loss of this program and particularly the efforts of Daljit Dhaliwal in providing objective reporting of what is happening in the world. Please let us know what we can do to reinstate the program. If this is not possible, inform us of what new role Ms. Dhaliwal will be assuming.


World Focus is one of the most, and perhaps is the very most, fair and balanced, comprehensive, and quite frankly refreshing, news program(s) that is available to me personally! Quality journalism seems to be on the wane in western culture, what with reality TV, news magazine TV shows, soap operas, daytime talk shows, tabloid news TV shows (Jerry Springer, Cheaters, Jersey Shore, Access Hollywood, etc.; all of this = TRASH TV!!), etc.

The passing of World Focus is a terrible thing for anyone who actually cares about this world. And anyone with a brain knows that to be true!


This news is so disheartening. I have learned so much from WF and they have truly lived up to their motto of “how the other 6.5 billion live.” WF is the most researched, objective and balanced news on television. This is truly a dark day for the open-minded.


I am so saddened that this valuable program has been canceled. Is there any way to keep the it going? There is no other outlet for serious world news coverage on US television. If the show must end, I wish all connected with it the best of luck in the future.


So often watching “the news” would leave me feeling deflated, until I discovered WorldFocus. Each time I would watch your program I felt uplifted, informed, and strangely empowered.
IHO, Worldfocus has been completely under the radar. I don’t remember seeing promos for it on PBS which is unfortunate, because this is the kind of news that makes a difference. I looked forward to warching you each day. Thank you, and Good Luck to each of you.


I have been an avid viewer since your first broadcast and am crestfallen to learn that you will be going off the air. Your in-depth coverage of world events will be sorely missed. No other news broadcast provides such a comprehensive look at issues facing peoples beyond our borders. Network newscasts wouldn’t even dream of touching on tough cultural stories that you have explored time and again, such as the plight of homosexuals in Jamaica. Thank you for your hard and honest work. You will be deeply missed by those of us hungry for a broader perspective.


This is very sad, and a lost for an already uninformed America.


So upset the WF broadcast is going away… but I for one don’t mourn the demise of its website. It seems to have been noting more than a vipers nest for bigots and racists to spew their bile on the Israel_Palestine situation or to engage in character assassination.
Too bad the producers didn’t do a better job in harnessing its potential for discussion for so many important international issues but rather let it be used by wacky groups and individuals. . Very disappointing…


I challenge all of us to spread the word – Facebook, you tube, Twitter and within your business and social circles to send money to World Focus c/o WNET in NY. If there are 300,000 of us contributing $5, that would be $1.5 million. Contribute more if you can – we can do this if we stick together on this. What do we have to lose?


May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Thank you for the excellent program.


I am a regular viewer and will miss your coverage. When WF started it seemed so good that I was suspicious and researched the backgrounds of the anchors. I was impressed with what I saw, and gratified to know that balanced worldwide coverage would be available. Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors.


Thank you for your efforts on producing this news program. I am appreciative of Daljit for her professional communication, and always found satisfaction watching the news unfold on this program. Are there plans to reopen the program at a future time? Please book me a lunch with Daljit, for a chance to meet her in person!


As with all the others who have made comments, I mourn the loss of Worldfocus on TV. I appreciated your attempt to cover stories with greater depth than usual. However, I feel that the BBC which was replaced by Worldfocus on my station, gave me a more comprehensive view of the world at any one time. I am avidly interested in international news and Worldfocus gave me some of that. But in parts of each program I was wondering why certain stories were covered. They seemed tangential to the news of the day. The BBC left me more satisfied. Thanks you for your efforts.


WorldFocus will be greatly missed by those of us who like to know what’s going on in the rest ot the world.Daljit & Martin were both wonderful , I’ll follow thier reporting where ever they land. Worldfocus will be missed


I am truly disappointed and frustrated to learn that World Focus will no longer be produced. The deep investigative reporting and delightfully educational cultural programming filled a frightening gap on world news. I have yet to find an objective, informative news source that covers world issues outside of World Focus. Most other broadcasters that claim to be news channels or even international news channels are clearly biased through financial and political backing and they lack the human interest stories outside the US that World Focus covered so well. I truly hope that World Focus will be able to maintain an online news and multimedia presence and that the television programming will resume as soon as possible. Thank you for your dedication to recognizing the importance of and truth in diversity in news and journalism and to reminding Americans (unlike other major news broadcasts) that there is a vast and enriching world outside of America about which we all benefit from learning.


show was lame. A ghost of BBC World News. Bring back That show!


So, how can we start a fund raising campaign? Is there enough time?


Will the web site and archive remain online?


America will be worse off in incalculable ways – a little less informed, a little less joyful. We are all the worse for this decision.


I guess its true that The Good Die Young; what a cryin’ shame.
I really enjoyed you ‘guys’……………..Floyd, VNvet.


Your broadcast helped make me feel more a part of our world. Your coverage and its depth are invaluable. It is a crime to allow funds to be the cause of losing such an asset! Please come back if the opportunity presents itself. Your contacts with other international networks raise the idea that perhaps they might help find the necessary funds. Thank you for a job well done. I guess it’s back to the “Dumbing of America”.


Will still be around after the last day of broadcasting on PBS? If so, let me know so I will make it one of my homepages to keep up with the everchanging world.


This only complain about the show (compared to NewsHour) is that, guest appearances were too short. It is hard to learn much about a particular topic with only 2 or 3 Q & A’s. Perhaps had the produces given more time to each topic, thing could have been different.

Also, since the show was in late night time slot, WF sounded like a repeat of other news outlets.

So long, and hope PBS will come with another version of this informative show.


Was so saddened to learn of the ending of the best tv programn ever. When it was scheduled at midnight I stayed up and when it changed to 10pm other favorite programs went unwatched.

Not enough praise can be given to Diljit for her wonderful job in hosting the program.

Can the viewers be of any help in keeping this program on the air? Keep us posted please.


I wanted to add my voice to the many others who will surely miss the fine journalism and enriching international scope offered, something completely missed in the USA, unless you have satellite and can get Al Jazeera. I hope it comes back. Peace!


We are so disappointed that World Focus will not continue. We regret that the program was televised in Boston at 5:30 pm so that it was not accessible to many potential viewers. Thanks to Tivo we regularly have watched the show and have appreciated the in depth analysis of world news. For example, the program’s coverage of the recent announcement by Israel that it will build more settlements in Jerusalem included information as to the process underlying this decision, information not provided in any other newscast, and which helped explain the political discord in Israel that is behind the announcement. Such thorough and excellent reporting will be sorely missed. We for one would be pleased to make a financial contribution to keep the show on the air should you so elect to pursue this as an option.


Somehow or the other we only recently found World Focus. It is a wonderfully different news program and it is too bad that it is leaving the air. As you say, it might have been the right program for the wrong time; and I hope that you are able to bring it back when times are better.




We have thourghly enjoyed the World Focus approach to international news and especially are impressed with Daljit Dhaliwal who has anchored the show. We made it point to always watch the program and can not tell you how much we will miss it. What a shame it will not be able to continue.

If we had the funds I would not hesitate to support and make it possible for your programing to continue. It is heartbreaking to think that a news format as excellent as represented by World Focus must go off the air when we are bombarded with so much over ther air waves that has absolutely no value and does nothing to expand oor intellect or understanding of the world and the problems faced by people everywhere.

Againg “World Focus will be missed terribly. It was a very bright spot in our lives.

Isn’t there anything that can be done to salvage it.

If not we hope we will see Daljit as an anchor someplace else. We felt she did a terrific job and any international news program would do well to take advantage of her talents.


Count me among those whose life is diminished by the termination of World Focus. I learned much about many places and cultures from World Focus that I could not have found on any other television program. Your reports were fair, insightful and thorough. Your departure leaves a huge deficit in my ability to understand the world beyond U.S. borders.


I recently discovered World Focus and I absolutely love it. This is the type of news reporting I crave from american news and it was great to finally find it. I really wish I had millions of dollars to donate to this program because it covers stories people in the U.S. need to be exposed to. I am very sad to hear this is going off the air, I really pray something comes along to save it.


Our evenings will be very empty without our daily recording of World Focus. It feels as if a member of our family is passing away. An empty airway now without a voice providing a comprehensive view of the world. Please find the funding to return soon. It would be interesting to know if any of us would be willing to subscribe to a newscast of this caliber! Our lives will not be the same without Martin and Daljit!


I am distressed that WorldFocus will be going off the air. The intelligent panel discussions and reports from foreign media outlets normally not seen in the U.S. make it an important part of our day.
I’m sorry that the show was not more widely advertised or promoted. 18 months is a very short time in which to attract an audience.
My local PBS outlet no longer carries BBC World, either. I suppose I’ll go back to shortwave radio if I want news that has a global perspective.
April 2nd will be a sad day.


Bill Moyers, now World Focus.

At this point, I can get rid of the TV and listen to the BBC on the radio. What other PBS program brings world news with such thoughtful detail.

With the notion that Moyers may be replaced by Jon Meacham, PBS seems to be drifting toward recycling the talking heads of cable and network TV. Not much to tune in there.


Will Daljit Dhaliwal continue as a reporter in other Publicly Supported PBS Programs?!!


It is sad, I will miss it.


My husband & I find your approach a welcome respite from the parochial attitude of our other local news channels. We are terribly downcast at the thought of your being off the air. It is hard to understand why finding reliable reporting from around the world is so rare. Can the decision be revisited?


Sad indeed that a news outlet that champions the world rather than nation states – the future rather than the past – is to be no more. Hopefully, someone will take up the flag and realize that we are, and can only survive, as one people.


Regrets on the curain down. WF provided high quality journalism,well balanced, factuaL, free of national, racial etc biased…just what we need
to provide an additionalpicture on our world new and times. WF followed by the Newshour was a full plate of unbiased facts. A major loss in this world of “News As Enterainment.” We hope to see you again… someplace…sometime!


Your show has been a spotlight in the banal network news. In my opinion it was half the length and double the information of even the PBS News Hour.

I hate to see it go, but I am sure you have tried everything. I hope all of you find good work, to continue your journalism. I would love to see the show re-emerge once money is available.

Thank you for the best world news produced in the US. Now I must rely on BBC and DW for my world news.

All of you did a wonderful job, thanks.


What a shame. I can but guess that World Focus didn’t carry enough stories about celebrity drunk driving busts and similar sorts of “news”. Once again quality is shoved aside to make room for ever more banality. Sigh…

I can but hope that the inimitable Daljit Dhaliwal will find another show, and soon. For me, the weeks when she worked World Focus were most viewable, the weeks when she was away were not quite so much so.


How about a WorldFocus fundraiser. PBS members designate which programs they wish to support instead of going into a “general fund.” Other fund raising groups often use the appeal for donors to select which charity or specific focus within a charity they wish to support. Why couldn’t PBS/WorldFocus try that approach. After reading comments lamenting PBS programing trends and where money goes, we think this idea needs to be knocked around. Haven’t we already been surprised at how adept the right use of the Internet has been for successful “instant fund-raising” of popular causes? Think about PBS and Daljit–it’s your jobs, not mine.


Sorry to see you are going away. Hoping with new funding you will be back. Seems now the only way to get international news is BBC-TV or Deutsch Welle-TV. Daljit gave a dignified, fluent, international touch to the program. I hope to see her face soon again in front of viewers on TV and the Web. Instead of watching on cable at a certain time as I did at first, I came to enjoy “tuning in” everyday on the Net in order to better study WorldFocus at my own time so as to give it my best time. Oh well. You’ll be hard to replace. Sometimes humans take genius for granted–so little but so much around if we paid attention–like the $ needs of WorldFocus.


I just found the program and have been blown away by the professionalism and depth of news stories that I am missing in the US since immigrating from Germany 5 years ago. I watch to stay informed internationally and can’t belief the very poor quality of international journalism on US TV channels. Worldfocus has given me great hope for change, which is now chattered. If you planned to continue reporting on the web for now funds might be found to air on TV again…?


I guess no show is perfect; but, the competition on US TV is virtually non-existent. I’m really going to miss the depth of coverage.


I am very sorry that World Focus is scheduled to go off the air and hope that more effort will be put into fundraising to keep it on. It has become my favorite news program (with News Hour my second) Sadly, there seems to me to be less and less serious broadcasting on PBS and more and more “self-help” and cooking shows.


Sad day for Zionists and Israelis – another propaganda megaphone closed. What will all the Zionists do on the World Focus team? Join Fox News or head back to Israel, where they will vent their frustrations out by shooting Palestinian kids.


I am extremely disheartened to hear the news that WF is being canceled. I only became aware of your broadcast in the last few months, and I have been thrilled to see more than the 2 sec. sound bites available from most news outlets. Your programming has even grabbed the attention of my 2 middle school and 1 high school aged children. It is great that they can be exposed to news from around the globe that,in my opinion, leaves out the political slant on most other news programming. I truly hope that you are able to find funding, and I know that my family for one would be more than happy to donate what we can toward any fundraising that might preserve this quality newscast.


Well that figures. The best news, and so of course it must be taken off of the air. What I like about Worldfocus is that one gets stories from around the world instead of the political fighting and the celebrity gossip that passes for news on our local news, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.

You’d think with PBS doing MONTHLY begging now, vs. the yearly appeal when I was young, they’d have sufficient funds for quality program.

Unless they’ve spent it all on the New Age “find yourself” shows that seem to pollute the station anymore.

Ah well. I guess I’ll have to find my news online in future. Too bad.


I oftentimes find WF to be a breath of fresh air to end my evening. This program provides news from around the world on PBS TV that you usually only get on PRI’s “The World”. I think the producers should give “Viewers Like Us” an opportunity to directly support this offering. I support public broadcasting for programming like this. Whatever replaces it better be worthwhile. NBR and Lehrer can’t hold the interest of international news seekers.


The last few shows clearly make the point – the show must go on!!!! WF is an excellent program. PLEASE, LET THE VIEWERS KNOW WHAT THEY CAN DO! I am angry that we have found money to bail out big banks that took unreasonable risks, but our society cannot come together (nor create an avenue for its citizens) to support excellent and informative journalism! I will miss WF very much!!!!!!


I enjoyed your coverage the other night of Israel. There are many aspects of the situation there that in America, and in Europe, are not included in the perspective. It seems Israel does not usually get any fair presentation at all in the media. In the past I was not really sure of your “slant.” Nevertheless, I live alone and would turn on World Focus and find myself talking to the TV, saying, “Daljit, you look beautiful tonight!” as I’d notice each new flattering hairstyle.” She is a lovely role model for me, also not a blue-eyed blond.


I am very sorry to see you are finishing your broadcast. Indeed, I had come to treasure your program more than any other news outreach. I have to congratulate you all for such a wonderful job. As an International citizen of the world so to say, I will particularly miss it all the more.


Sorry to see WF leave the air.

I have grown to appreciate your coverage of world news and the in-depth focus on various topics which I would otherwise never see. I don’t have a replacement. Not even BBC covers your world.


Rachelle M. Pachtman is right.
If money is the reason for taking the WF off air, we, your viewers, request to organize a fund raiser. Otherwise it would mean admitting that the real reason for cancellation is not financial.


Why is WNET/PBS throwing in the towel? This makes absolutely no sense. It doesn’t add up. Quality, depth, truly objective reporting on the touchiest of subjects, elegance and a truly multi-cultural view and the only game in town. And it’s just being let go. I will personally call friends at Al-Jazeerah in Washington and have already spoken to friends at the international desk at CNN in Atlanta. This cannot be allowed to happen. Why were the viewers never invited to fundraise? We can still do this. As for the hateful and racist comments posted by a few of you, this is NOT the place for it. Some of us really do want peace and are committed to building it through concensus and by learning about each other and hearing each other’s stories. Please take your hatred elsewhere.


“World Focus” needs 4 million to continue.


The CEO’s statement sucks. We don’t care if you are a “laboratory” or a “fertile testing ground” for “economical amnd efficient” ways of working. We are devastated that WF is being dismantled and still waiting to hear why you haven’t/didn’t mount a fundraising drive to retain it.

The statement’s cold, almost callous words, the lack of any real regret for the program’s demise or even an acknowlegement of the void this leaves for viewers is very damamging to Wnet’s public profile.

I suggest the CEO find better PR and speechwriters, if the best Mr Shapiro can tell us is “we are unhappy the program will be ending” Is that all you got?


This is unbelievable, I think World Focus is incredible and it has become an important part of every one of my weekdays. My life will be incomplete without it.


I don’t belive this is about money. There has never been an appeal for funding for World Focus, and that leads me to think the reason for cutting the program lies elsewhere. I suggest you contact Neal Shapiro, the CEO of WNET, Channel 13. I believe the cancellation of WF was his call. I think WF had a much larger following than we are being told.


I commented yesterday, and now today I have just watched another excellent evening program, this time about women in the Muslim world. Really informative, first-class and material that no other channel gives us.
How can you possibly leave us?!! It is a calamity.


I Can NOT believe this is happening!!!
WHY? Why does World Focus broadcast have to end? What can be done to keep this show on? How can we prevent it from being canceled? I support PBS, but not in this! I am totally disappointed!
WorldFocus is the ONLY program on PBS, OR, anywhere else on TV for that matter, that gives Americans A WORLD VIEW of the news, OUR world as seen by those outside America! And we need that here more than ever!
WorldFocus is BETTER than BBC, in that Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savage, and all the reporters have given us news from around the world, by reporters from other countries. They brought us a truly GLOBAL news! And it came in the distinctly different voices of numerous reporters from many countries! We in America NEED to hear this kind of news. We need to hear the news … as it is reported from the perspective of reporters in other countries!
Americans are TOO Self-obsorbed, too parochial in our world view point. World Focus tried to change that. And they did!
I have looked forward to watching WorldFocus Daily, and have been a loyal viewer from the very first show with Martin Savage, and continued with Daljit Dhaliwal!
NOW where can I go to get the diverse world view that they present?
Nowhere! It’s a shame.


I’m very sad about the cancellation of the show. I look forward to the show every weekday to learn more about the world. When I step back I’m not surprised about the decision. It is the same kind of decision makers that give us 100+ TV channels with limited substance, NBA WORLD
championship and baseball WORLD series with mainly US teams, ABC WORLD news tonight with less than 5 mins of non-US news (may be more if you count real and staged news on runaway Toyota,s).
May be we can watch one or two less cooking and travel shows. I don’t think we want to be the “middle” kingdom.


Boo-Hoo! The most informative and interesting presentation of world news I’ve seen on television. I am especially impressed with Dajit Daliwal’s work. Can’t this bad decision for cancellation be revisited by PBS producers?

A disappointed viewer.


This program is truly educational, with insights into topics not covered elsewhere. PBS’s mandate is to be educational. They should cancel one of the useless bla bla comment shows, and keep this one.


This is terrible news. World Focus provides such an excellent source of international news that is not available elsewhere. I will miss watching Daljit and Martin’s reporting. I am very sad to learn that World Focus will end on April 2.


It is a crying shame that World Focus, the best news program on the air, is soon destined to go off the air.

Is there anything that we viewers can do to prevent this from happening?


The fatuous story on Israel on March 15th was completely positive about all aspects of Jewish life and Jewish behavior. There was even a truly embarrassing scene where Russian Jews crowed about being able, for the first time in their lives, to “revel” in being Jewish- and never mind that they’re reveling in occupied Palestinian lands. It’s disgusting, it’s inhumane, it’s callous beyond belief. Contrast that story with last night’s story on the Arab world which emphasized all the negative aspects of Islam-the harsh punishments, the oppression of women and so on. This is propaganda, and it’s not what we’re accustomed to from World Focus. Israel is not a democracy any more than many of the Arabic countries are. Apparently, the World Focus team has been given their orders on how to report the news during the last couple of weeks of their existence. Neal Shapiro has treated WNET as his personal fiefdom. He’s the owner, and therefore he gets to pitch for the team. Mr. Shapiro came to PBS from the commercial TV industry, and he should go back to commercial TV. He’s the wrong guy for Public Television.


I always looked forward to the World Focus news broadcast. Your program was the only one which gave a truly global perspective on the news, using pieces from Al-Jazeera, the Australian Broadcast Corporation and so many others. You are (sadly soon to be ‘were’) a much needed voice in this forest of biased sound bites we are served up with on network channels. You will be very much missed.


I can’t decide if I’m more saddened or angry that such an insightful and far reaching news program that delves more deeply into its stories than a simple and token blurb which is usually on a news story being covered by all news programs. Your news involves the stories which need to be told because the others don’t look deep enough or far enough through society to find them and perhaps they just don’t care.

I try to watch at least three news programs in addition to my local news in order to hopefully be more completely informed and without your news stories to draw on I know my information will be greatly limited.

Thank you all for your work and I will miss your input into our world view very much. I hope some way is found to return your program.


It is possible to plan a special fundrasing effort dedicated specifically to WF. Why don’t you announce one?


Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savage will be missed. Thank you for all the stories about our world. I wish you luck and will now be an avid internet reader.


WF is informative and well done. It is very sad indeed to hear this program will no longer be aired.

Is there any possibility of obtaining funding from Columbia, NYU or Yale Universities?

The president of Columbia University recently stated on Charlie Rose that compared to the BBC the US does not have quality news programs. Perhaps he can be of assistance to you. You could form an alliance of some sort.

Please find the means to stay….your fan always….


Please don’t leave us at the mercy of CNN and FOX! Your program is the only one that consistently brings relevant, real news and insights. Your features on the lives of women around the world were particularly enlightening. I was also impressed with the quality and depth of the Al-Jazeera reports that your program brought us; such a far cry from the superficial and sensationalist bulletins that most people (and media organizations) call “news” now days.


Many thanks to all your team. I try to watch your program as often as possible: it broadens my view and hopefully understanding of the world, touching upon such different topics as TV in Muslim world, green energy in Norway etc. I especially appreciate your broadcast about difficult issues of our time: Pakistan and Afghanistan and possible role of the USA, Israel, and Palestine – about life there showing rare glimpses of cooperation, progress; about important initiatives and decisions that could affect the future of the world. I appreciate the diverse group of experts coming to the show, e.g. Mr. Ahmad Khan, Roben Farzad, and Gideon Rose. It is real shame to cut so much needed information about other parts of the world (I can vouch for this being an immigrant myself).What can viewers like I do to help keeping you afloat?


I will never forget the disdain and dripping racism of Delancy Gustin the German “Specialist” on Immigration issues when responding to questions relating to the murder of a pregnant Muslim woman, Marwa al-Sherbini, in Dresden court by a German/Russian attacker after he insulted her for wearing the Islamic headscarf. No sympathy for the butchered woman or her butchered un-born child. No sympathy for her husband who was shot by the German police instead of her attacker. No mention that this attack took place in German court before German judges as they simply looked on. What is worst is Daljit and World Focus gave this vile racist beast, Delancy Gustin an opportunity to vent her bile against Muslims? WorldFocus were and still are totally Out of Focus, as was evident from their recent white wash report on Israel. I am very happy one more fascist, Zionist sound box is soon to expire. Jolly good.


Good grief! An end to yet another Israeli mouthpiece! Whatever will we do? No bloody journalistic integrity on the part of Daljit or the other clown Savidge – who was on his own Christian agenda. Is there anybody out there with any integrity willing to provide us with bloody news instead of the usual rot and fascist rubbish regurgitated as news? No wonder Americans are dumb and getting dumber by the day. All they watch on the telly are mindless programmes on fat women, gluttony, sexually perverted old farts called “cougars”, dysfunctional idiots of Hollywood parading their sentimental garbage on national tv or some Rupert Murdoch show milking the Halocaust for all its worth. If ever there is a revolution in the US they should throw out their tellies first.


You are giving up too soon, you need to hang in there until 2011. It took me 12months to find you on Maine’s PBN, now we are sadden to know you are ending the most open-minded, world revealing truths that we see on televsion in the US. You are educating the public by showing them the faces of the real world, not one masked in media shots of war on war, hate, and ignoring the real people at ground level. I think many misunderstand the titled Aljazerra television as well, have you taken that in to consideration? One of the most frequent comments coming from myself and my partner while watching your honest news was “I never knew this before,” why aren’t all news stations aiming to pass on more realities of other world cultures? To show us we all are the same dna, and not these ongoing sterotypes presented by places like FOX news et al.” You are on a very important path.. it is insane to give up now, when you are passing on such candid and thought provoking interviews of people and their spaces. We do not see this anywhere else. Your uniqueness alone should make you want to continue. I find it hard to believe there are not million-dollar supporters of good grace out there.. People like the Gates and Oprah Winfrey come to mind. Why can’t this world of news ever move forward, if you do.. I think your show can move the entire world forward. I will miss seeing this show but feel sadder for this world of ours.. all of ours. Who will now pass on the stories of the people and not only politcals slants? No one.. and that’s horrible news. Daljit Dhaliwal & Martin Savage will be missed along with the astounding professionals brought in for interviews on the issues at hand.


I too was upset when I read that WorldFocus was going off the air. Is there anything we can do to keep this program on the air? As I said a few months ago when I discovered the program, it virtually replaced Nightline which was severely watered down when Ted Koppel left the series. Congratulations on this interesting show. Again sorry to hear of its demise.


I very upset that world focus is to be cancelled. It’s the only show that give me more information about the Middle East that is not shown on other news shows. Is there any way of keeping it on the air?



As with the previous broadcast on Israel, it is a joy to see the human side of life, rather than the constant drumming of warfare and the playing to stereotypes. May such continued broadcasts contribute towards the making of real peace in the Middle East!

Again, though, as with the previous broadcast (which is no longer accessible or traceable on your broadcast), why no “Post A Comment”?


I, too, am angered and saddened by the loss of this program. Could it continue as a webcast, paid for by subscription? Instead of contributing money to their local PBS station, interested viewers could punish them by withdrawing their normal contributions and instead subscribe to World Focus.


I am very upset because with all of these big foundations that are supporting world focus are saying due to lack of funding the show will be coming to a close. I HAVE BEEN WATCHING WORLD FOCUS FIVE DAYS A WEEK FOR OVER A YEAR.I have learned so much about what is going on around the world.We desperately need to keep this broadcast on the all the supporters that fund world focus I say please continue to provide us with important news from around the world.WORLD FOCUS I hope to see you on the air in the future. THank you for your wonderful global news. I love world focus.


I dread April 3rd, when after watching the national news (with hardly any international content)there will be such a void.

How about approaching some rich foundations with an international reach, such as the Melinda & Bill Gates or Soros foundations, with a request for funds? Perhaps some of the viewers have contacts there and could reach out.


I join with so very many others in regretting the demise of World Focus. It has given the American public a unique window on the world that no other channel has even attempted to offer. The new format of PBS Newshour, in trying to compete more closely with the other channels, does not come close to World Focus in giving us interesting and informative insights into what is going on outside America. For me, I would prefer half an hour of PBS Newshour and a whole hour of World Focus. Come back to us soon.


I was so very sorry and disappointed to hear that Worldfocus is going off the air. In fact I am having withdrawal symptoms! Ms. Dhaliwal is the best!!! This anchorwoman delivers interesting relevant international news in a soothing cadence without any sensational hype. The news special are features we do not recieve on any other news broadcast in the US. Worldfocus is just that –world focus…it is unfortunate that PBS is being so myopic. The best of luck to the Worldfocus team…hope to “see” you again soon.


i dont understand how networks put on all these dumb reality shows with people making a fool of themselves, and here you have a informative show with substance going off the air.. i know it all comes down to money, but at the same time it shows how self- centered people in this world can be and the stupid things they find entertianing


What does WF need $ for staying on air?


We are very disappointed that World Focus is going off the air. It is one of the few news programs that gives us a world view rather than an American one. We have followed Dahjit ever since she was a news presenter in the UK and she will also be sorely missed.


I suspect that WF is disappearing for reasons having nothing to do with lack of funds. (Has anyone ever seen a solicitation for funding from WF?) I think the real reason WF is going off the air is quite relatted to that outrageous bit of pro-Israel propaganda we were subjected to Tuesday (March 16th) evening. Everything about this “report” about how egalitarian and multi-cultural Israeli society is, is at odds with the kind of truth we’re accustomed to from WF. WF is the only news organization which carried Al Jazeera news feeds. Therein lies the “funding” problem, I’m afraid.
It’s a real shame that WF is going off the air because it has filled a huge void in reporting. No other news program available to us in the US gave us anything like true international coverage. It was on WF that my wife and I learned about the “mud” cookies made and eaten by Haitians too poor to buy real food. There are many other memorable stories that were told on WF. I like Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savidge and will miss their refreshing styles. But I don’t think this has to end; I think it’s political. As for Mr. Shapiro’s statement, “…In a very short time, we have created an entirely new digital production process that is more economical and more efficient…” it’s as self-serving as ever, and hardly expresses any feeling of regret for cancellation of the show. Mr. Shapiro would do PBS viewers a great service by stepping down as CEO of WNET.


so sorry, finally found a newssource with a different story to tell and your gone… even the mcneill lehrer is dead too essentially using the same format and news as everyone else… so much going on around the world and we badly need fresh eyes…so so sorry


World Focus was THE Best News available.


I read somewhere that of all the residents of the U.S. only twenty-some percent have passports. Americans as a whole are unfortunately insulated by choice from the rest of the world and it’s events and couldn’t care less. The news stateside is a joke, and I’m including the cable stations. It’s not about intelligent discourse, it’s all about generating ratings through contrived theatre conflicts. The prescient work of Paddy Chayefsky, writer of the film, “Network (1976)” comes to mind as I paraphrase Peter Finch’s character Howard Beale: “I want you go to your televisions sets, go to them and turn them off NOW!”

Chayefsky foresaw the coming of the fourth network (Fox-TV) and the craven, greedy, delitorious grab for ratings over substance, to the detriment of society. I’m wondering what Newton Minow thinks today of television, as he was at the vanguard of recognizing the dumbing down trend early on. this is his famous “vast wasteland” speech in 1961 (1961!):

“When television is good, nothing—not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers—nothing is better. But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite you each of you to sit down in front of your television set when your station goes on the air and stay there for a day without a book, without a magazine, without a newspaper, without a profit and loss sheet or a rating book to distract you. Keep your eyes glued to that set until the station signs off. I can assure you that what you will observe is a vast wasteland.”

The U.S is made lesser off–even deeper into the tripe-news morass–due to World Focus’ demise. PLEASE resurrect your program in another format or venue.



Why does this broadcast not appear in the broadcast record of your website, and why are no “Post A Comment” possible, except indirectly via other stories?

So far there is similarly no opportunity to comment on the next signature story; why?

If this is the case for Western listeners, what about in the East? In which nations is your broadcast subject to partial or complete censorship?

CENSORSHIP is a story in itself. Perhaps if and before you go off the air as scheduled, WORLDFOCUS can do a signature broadcast on the subject of CENSORSHIP, to which there are many aspects, such as STATE CENSORSHIP, NETWORK BIAS CENSORSHIP, AND CENSORSHIP BY THE WITHHOLDING OR DENYING OF FUNDS.


Please tell me there’s some way to avoid this loss. I’ve relied on sources such as BBC since the days of shortwave radio, but World Focus has filled a need even old BBC hasn’t attempted. To see an intelligent anchor asking perceptive questions of knowledgeable guests, to see reports from the premier news organizations of the world – that’s a treat that can never be duplicated by the pap of network news. Please, public TV, find a way. The Fats Domino DVD and CD’s are wonderful, and TJ’s productions are watchable much of the time, but THIS is the reason I support public television. What can I do to help save this show?


I’m saddened and a bit depressed to see world focus will no longer air. I always enjoyed hearing Deutsche welle, AL-jazeera and my most memorable moment was the beauty and sparkle in Daljit Dhaliwal’s eyes as she spoke a few words of German. Danke Daljit Ihre Intelligenz ist am schönsten.


I watch WorldFocus every evening after ABC, and I have enjoyed watching the show for over a year now. I enjoyed the special segment reports about other countries and the extensive interviews with highly qualified guests. Sorry to see it end.


Really sorry to hear you’re leaving the air. I and my brother usually caught the show every weekday at 4:00pm.

Was refreshing to get some real news and not the usual entertainment biased fluff you get on network television…


I am very much saddened to hear of your going off the air. I have been a loyal viewer only since late last year but have very much looked forward to your broadcast each evening and your more complete news of the world. I will especially miss hearing the clear and concice voice of Daljit including her good looking self. I will truly miss your broadcasts. GS


Talk about “fair and balanced.” Wonderful program last night and anticipating the same for the coverage of the Muslim world tonight. What a big difference from the BBC coverage of Israel, a complex amalgam of so many diverse and conflicting situations. For those naysayers, watch tonight and then see how you feel. We cannot let this show go without a fight.


Your international cov. is needed&important. Iwould like to know if the web cast will continue ? thank yoy Mr.M.S. & Ms. D.D. please e-mail me A RESPONCE. IN my profession I cansome times catch you on PBS. or I sneek the show in on the web,@ work I just found out 3/17/2010 @10:23am with the # of patients I see I cathe up online we need more global news not spun western fellgood/bashing of the politicios I have learned so much from all of you except for my spelling LOL again thank you CLINTON H. SMITH PA-C MPH


I am very saddened to hear this news of your going off the air. I have watched your program over the last year daily and have appreciated your high-quality presentation of the news. I am hoping that the many fine articles would be accessible on some type of archive. I truly will miss your programming.


This makes me deeply sad. Worldfocus has been the one newscast where I find intelligent and responsible journalism. It worries me that a project of such high quality has found problems with funding support. I wish I had the means to fund Worldfocus myself!


Ah, with the show cancelled, Shapiro decides to do a full 30 minute advertisement on Israel as part of the Hasbara. Shameless!


Please add my name to the list of disappointed viewers who will miss your program. I’m distressed to know I won’t be seeing you any longer. You’ve given us excellent service during your tenure – thank you very much. Please come back when you can.


I’m very depressed to hear World Focus has received a death-sentence. We finally got a world-news program on TV in the USA (the ONLY one!)–and an excellent one–and it disappears in 18 months.

I confess I can’t quite understand how you can have so many foundation-sponsors for the program and not get enough funds from them to maintain the program. I feel furious–everything of excellence in America is being dumped. Lots of funds for schlock, though…lots!

Thank you in any event for World Focus. May it return soon.


I am sad that I will not be able to see this great journal. It is the only objective global news we have in the US.
What can we do so that World focus comes back on PBS?. We can still make it right.


We are terribly saddened to lose some of the best international news coverage on television. Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savage presented the news and interviewed their guests with highest professional standards. Features from partners Deutsche Welle and Al Jazeera provided rich perspective on world events and cultures. We shall sorely miss our nightly viewing of this superlative program with its diverse topical coverage.


I’m bummed by WorldFocus’s disappearance. I’ve watched it from the beginning, always liked the geo-political worldwide perspective.


I’m bummed by WorldFocus’s disappearance. I’ve watched it from the beginning, always liked the worldwide perspective.


check out my group on facebook to save worldfocus


i’ve started a facebook page to save worldfocus:



I had wanted to make comment, as usually can be made, at the POST A COMMENT for specific story. For whatever reason, at this moment it is possible at your website to watch, but, not to comment. So, I comment here, now. As I hope to see your broadcast continue, it is not inconsistent to comment positively in this venue.

It is a wonderful thing: to watch and listen to a well-prepared 1/2-hour of diverse, complex, even happy stories about the modern State of Israel. I do not recall ever seeing such a fair broadcast about Israel on PBS or on any other major network. After forty years in the “desert of propaganda” that paints Israel as a rogue nation of monsters, it is a welcome thing to be seen in the world again, even for just thirty minutes, as a nation of human beings. Lord knows, there are enough such thirty-minute stories about Israel, that Worldfocus could do such a broadcast once a week for a year and still not exhaust all the wonders that may be told about that one tiny Modern State.

I look forward to the signature stories this week about other nations, and especially to the stories about Muslim nations. I anticipate – I hope correctly – that these stories will focus on the complex, the joyful, and the unreported about these nations, just as the story on Israel did. We hear enough of the “chicken little” stories blaming anybody and everybody with enough regularity as to cause “irregularity”. It will be a good thing to see that side of Islam, which is also quite human and gifted with many talents.

Thank you again, Worldfocus.

p.s. Such a broadcast and additional such broadcasts about Israel have the potential to do much to contribute towards the possibility of peace between Arabs and Jews. I remember that in history were there were great periods in Islam, when Islam kept it’s sacred religious obligation as Protector of the The People of the Book [Jews and Christians]. Are Al-Jazeera and other venues in the Muslim world free today from censorship, so that they have broadcast the same program on Israel that we in the West have seen? This is a question, the answer to which Worldfocus is obligated to report to it’s viewers.


I was literally shocked to hear that World Focus is going off the air. What does this say about our country? Are we no longer interested in what happens elsewhere – what does “global” mean then? This is a a-historical event. I am a long term member and supporter of Thirteen, Public Broadcast Corporation. I rely on two news program everyday – the PBS Newshour (I went through its evolution from McNeil Leher, to Lehrer, to PBS Newshour) and World Focus (I used to watch BBC Worldnews then World Focus). World Focus in the ONLY, and I really mean this – ONLY daily news broadcast that covers intelligent and important stories and issues that every concerned citizen should be aware of. I really see no other option to be informed about the world one this show is off the air, and that is a sad reflection on how we, as US citizens are educated and in a position to play our role to improve our world.

I do hope that there is still a glimpse of hope that World Focus can stay on – as a supporter of Thirteen I am certainly willing to play my role to support in financially – I value this show too much to just say goodbye – please let us know what we can do to keep it alive and well – I am ready to answer the call!


This country, my country, needs a World Focus more then ever. I am more than sorry. I am angry.


I really think this show should stay on the air. In my geography class we watch this show and its very interesting and informing. I can learn much more on this show than in the book.


This is heartbreaking. I was thrilled to have 2 hours of professionally reported news to watch Monday through Friday – BBC News, World Focus followed by PBS NewsHour. And, World Focus really is like no other news program around – such great depth!

I still dream that PBS will start a 24/7 news channel, so I can forget the other so-called 24/7 “news” channels. World Focus would be a huge part of my “dream” news programming.


Hi, i am a student from hercules high school and in my geography class we watch this show everyday. I hope that you guys can stay online or something so that i can still watch the show. I learn more than i could with this show than with a normal book.


Hearing that World Focus is going off the air is a major bummer. WF is my favorite news and information program, even more so than 60 Minutes.

Everyone should be aware that PBS is cancelling other long-form investigative journalism shows including NOW, Bill Moyers Journal, Expose/AIR, Wide Angle and Expose.

Frontline will be the only remaining quality news program on PBS. And with so few Frontline programs being produced I suspect Frontline may be headed down the same road as World Focus.

However, PBS will soon be airing a new “current events/informational” program produced by The George Bush Library. You can be certain I won’t be tuning in for that one.

Quality and objective news programming appears to be a thing of the past on PBS. And even the newly reformatted PBS News Hour has gone down the wrong road, now with more “fluff”, and less in depth critical analysis. And PBS News Hour is accepting a greater share of it’s budget from “ethically challenged” organizations such as as Bank of America, Monsanto, Toyota, Chevron, Intel, and others, is a pity. PBS might as well become a subsidiary of Murdoch, Inc.

You can be sure the world’s philanthropists whom have been supportive of PBS are very concerned about the direction of PBS.

And with the shutting down of news I’ve decided to no longer contribute to PBS and OPB, until I observe the return of objective news programming into the PBS/OPB schedule. In the meantime I will redirect my support towards alternative, grassroots news programming services.


The demise of World Focus is going to leave a BIG HOLE in the availability of credible international news coverage in the Chicago market.


What a wonderful show! It is my favorite of all news shows on the air. Blass you guys and thanks!


I am very sad to hear that you are going off the air. Please don’t give up. We need you out hear.




It was a very worthwhile effort while it lasted. Those of us who recognize the importance of having a broader view of the world can only keep this type of programming on the air by promoting it to our family, friends and coworkers.


How can PBS allow one of the few programs with thoughtful and well-presented news of the wide world go off the air? If there is money for endless Antique Road Shows and re-runs of pop musicians, how can a public “service”: broadcaster allow this to happen?


This is hard to believe. Your show is intelligent, wide-ranging in scope and source, and hosted by a journalist I have respected since her time at ITN. Whoever decided this show was unworthy doesn’t value the rare substance, depth and insight developed show after show. Is there a viewer appeal process? Maybe we should all start making calls to our local PBS station.


Very sorry to see you are going off the air.
Sure hope you will stay on line.


World Focus is essential for a better understanding of the world in which we live. PBS NewsHour, Frontline, and BBC follow close behind. This is a tragic loss–especially in a day where most don’t receive news but polarized argument and distortion. I’m still speechless that such quality as this is going away. A great loss to the world. I hope you’ll find a way to return. Thanks for all you’ve shared with me.


After watching the nightly news hour on PBS, the only intelligent news on TV, I appreciated another perspective, on sometimes the same stories, world focus presented. I did not always agree with the politics or slant of the story you presented but I did find myself appreciating, and thinking about your point of view on the story. living in the USA we are bombarded by news but rarely from the rest of the worlds perspective. Thanks and I hope you return in the not too distant future.


I have been watching and enjoying your program since it first came on, but must say, that today’s half hour of Israel and nothing else was very blatant propaganda, as far as I’m concerned.


Did you financial woes cause you show a program on March 16 that looked as if it had been produced by Israel’s PR machine? I would have far preferred an analysis of Israel’s refusal to meet Obama’s elemental preconditions for further efforts to bring peace to the region.


This is absolutely tragic. World focus is a necessity especially at this time where everyone has become a lot more interconnected but far too much context is lost or overlooked. It seems criminal to lose one of my key sources for international reporting that skilfully uses experts to put things in perspective. This program has provided me not only with diverse and relevant stories but has respected me enough to explain the complexity of certain issues instead of reducing them into sound bites. You will be miss but I dearly hope you will find a way to return.


I love the show, is there a way to have it done in Spanish, I would love to volunteer my time to have many interested Spanish speaking people enjoy your awesome show. you may contact me on my e-mail.


What a letdown, I have come to depend upon my nightly connection to the world watching World Focus. I really pray you find another solution besides going off the air.


This is an absolute travesty to news media, worldfocus is truly the best program out there. This is very unfortunate and I only hope this program will return when proper funding is found. Thank you for doing us all a world of service with your superior reporting and excellent coverage.


We are devastated to learn that World Focus is leaving us. Bloomberg News…and the renowned mayor of New York City…..Mike Bloomberg, help us please! You are a true American and freedom of speech with World Focus is what we need to sustain us during these difficult economic times.
There must be angels out there,,,,please heed our cry for help to keep these two marvelous journalists in our lives.


Re #805 Why are are people using this resource to spread their racist and bigoted agendas. This is for fans of WorldFocus who want the higher ups to show step up and save the program. FYI Martin Savidge isn’t American he’s a very proud Canadian and both his parents are British! Check your facts please. Find a way Wnet to keep WF otherwise it makes a mockery of the PBS motto
” Be More” How are we supposed to do that when you are blowing up a vital resource that tries to do just that? You will need Madison Avenue’s finest to make the smell go away when this fiasco dies down, not the inept PR spin you are offering up. “Shame on PBS” From: “Viewers Like Us” Thank You.


I watched this show nightly. I’ve been a fan of Daljit Dhaliwal for years and I also liked Martin Savidge. I cannot afford satellite dishes and huge cable packages and this was the only international news source I had. All the hateful and xenophobic comments on this board show just how sorely international news and understanding is needed. I will miss this program very much.


I must say, not to be rude, but Worldfocus was one of the most boring programs I’ve ever watched. To get international news one can turn to a variety of venues, but usually it is done with some effort to make it interesting.


So sad to hear we will no longer have World Focus to educate us. It’s too bad, soon all we will have left will be all those dreadful reality shows.


After seeing today’s show, 16 March, telling us how wonderful Israel is, while the real Israel is busy continuing 70 years of ethnic cleansing of Palestine, I have come to the realization that you would cheer on the KKK (who murdered many fewer than Israel) so your going on April 2 will be a good thing. Silence about a crime is a lie. You are liars.I am sorry to see Ms. Dhaliwal spreading such lies, you could not have got Edward R. Murrow to do such scut work, but he had character. Israel made the U.S.A. a target on 9/11, and is doing it now. One day we may pay a nuclear price for supporting Israels nuclear threats and lack of respect for human rights, and I hope if it happens, Ms. Dhaliwal will remember her part in keeping us a target of justified anger.


The show definitely filled an important niche in global news coverage – I hope that conditions will eventually allow a resurrection of the program in one guise or another. Thanks for a job well done!


I think part of the failure of this important news program is due to you dumping Martin Savage!! I would never support a program anchored by Daljit Dhaliwal. She is not American and this program needs a tried and true American.


Sorry to see you go.

San Francisco


I am so dissappointed that you will no longer be broadcasting. I work for a publishing that contracts PBS videos for use in our Global Issues in Context website that is used in high school, libraries and colleges around the country. Your news coverages of world issues and events was highly valuable to our program.


I had just made my son aware of Worldfocus, and I watched Worldfocus nightly for it’s thoughtful international coverage – something so sadly lacking & unavailable elsewhere … the program and Daljit will be sorely missed … when times improve I hope you are able to recommence programming – I have appreciated your presence and viewpoint on the ‘larger picture’ – thank you.


I am simply crushed by this news. The United States desperately needs a newscast that highlights news from around the globe and Worldfocus filled this need beautifully, and more importantly, professionally and with integrity. Another hole is being punctured in the American zeitgeist by this cancelation. However, the producers, journalists and employees of Worldfocus should be proud of the job they did in trying to fill such a huge gap in American media. Thank you. You will be missed …


great loss as u.s.-based reporting is more interested in celebrities/other bland/mass appeal stuff; especially appreciated courage of al jazeera organization for showing and documenting continued abuses/human rights violations committed by israel against its neighbors, with continued/blind american support; hope you return soon…job well done.


This is a forum for viewers who are serious about saving Worldfocus. Please refrain from appropriating it for a personal agenda, particularly for hateful and bigoted opinions. You are entitled to your views but this is not the place for them.


This is an excellent program and sadly unique among news casts in the U.S.. I have always recommended it to my students. It is another sign of the dellusion most Americans have about their country being ‘free’…These kind of programs are regular fare in most European countries. Here in the U.S. they last 18 month and than they are cancelled. An excellent example of how U.S. news are not interested in the truth or an unbiased perspective but simply driven by profit. I am sure the Glen Beck show costs 10 times what World Focus costs….We will pay a price for this kind of ignorance mongering.
A friend who works for NPR just told me that NPR will basically change to a for-profit mode very soon as well…


Thanks for the wonderful job! In my honest opinion, it’s important for the 5% of the world’s people who are lucky enough to live in the US, to have access to this kind of honest-in-your-face journalism. You have enriched the lives of myself and many others. Can you not find a way to keep it all together online?


This is or was the only news worth watching. I will miss Daljit the most. Thanks.


I cant belive its true, we all know this is the only good news program on the air. its so sad that money is the sucks and the rest are all sll outs how will we every know those little storys around the world.thanks for the education you gave me even know it was short all the viewers good luck on finding a better news sourse.if you do let me know. pease out world focus. this really sucks!!!


This a TRAVISTY. World Focus news and information as well as guests is a necessary format that provides unbiased with no egocentrical presentations on the facts of current affairs. I am devasted, as a parent, a one who depends on information of news around the world. WHAT can I do to help you stay on the air? will this be temporary? will the website stay up and running?


WorldFocus is excellent. We Americans need such programs. I share the laments others expressed. The decision seems firm, unfortunately, so I will add only a sincere Thank You.


Will whoever made the misguided decision to end World Focus please reconsider? This news program is exactly what we Americans need more of, not less. We are very insular. We all need to know more about the rest of the world.


Please continue to broadcast, I love this show, it teaches me a lot of things.


Sorry to hear that your show will be canceled. At our high school we enjoy watching your show and hope that all these comments will help support you guys and decide not to cancel your show. I learn a lot from this show. So please please keep broadcasting.


Sorry to hear that your show will be canceled. At our high school we enjoy watching your show and hope that all these comments will help support you guys and decide not to cancel your show. I learn a lot from this show. So please please keep broadcasting.

Hey World Focus. I think this news report station should keep going because my classmates enjoy watching your reports in our high school freshman geography class. Please continue on making your news reports!


I thought that PBS was turning the corner when they started producing more of the in-depth world news and series they had in abundance years ago instead of the fluff and in recent years. Now, they are canning World Focus for the expressed reason of being a ‘few million dollars short’. Whereas, we all know there is a recession, there seems to be a disconnect when no effort was seen on the program to raise awareness of the lack of funds and the consequences. It makes one suspicious of the possible other reasons. It’s also a sad reflection on us that BBS news can be produced by Britain, but USA cannot fund a comparable news product. This is spite of the hundreds of billions being slung left and right by all sorts of public and private dealings.


Both my husband and I are charter World Focus viewers. I am also a World Focus evangelist. It will be a deep loss. There have been so many stories that are unforgetable such as the Cookies in Haiti, the reconciliation ritual in a village in Africa that had never heard of Obama. Thanks to WF I bought and read Half the Sky, which should be on the curriculum of every high school social studies class.
Thanks goodness for!


The cancellation of World Focus is a terrible development. Nowhere else on the dial can we get international news from an international perspective. My wife and I also watch BBC World News but, respectfully, it has a rather canned BBC voice. I love the choices the World Focus news editors make, entirely different from any other news organization. I sincerely hope the broadcast can be saved.


How are we who love World Focus suppose to get our international spirits filled. Broadcast networks don’t have a full 30 minutes of international news. Perhaps they can cut off 30 minutes of the nightly business report on thirteen and keep World Focus on the air. I will miss World Focus.


World Focus is the only program I watch every evening from beginning to end. There is nothing to replace it and it will be missed.


“Your loyal viewers also need some guidance in terms of how we can be most effective in saving the program,” says one of the posts. We are ready to take action.After missing the wonderful regular programming during the last two weekends to special fundraising content that is a poster child for “public television lite,” I cannot stop asking myself why we are not doing the same to save the jewel of PBS. Am I missing something?


We were devastated to learn that World Focus is going off the air. WFN is the ONLY TV source of real WORLD news. The content is always informative and the presenters are superb. We sincerely hope that the decision to discontinue the program will be reversed. If that does not happen, we extend our grateful thanks to everyone concerned for a shining example of what news reporting should be.


So sorry to see you go off the air. I give to Public tv regularly.

Dalhi, you are the GREATEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will really miss your show. You definitely put the world in prospective. I wish that I had the money; I would keep you going.


Stay on air! Do not give in to “so-called” financial reasons/problems to terminate an excellent news programme! The world gets poorer if private/independant media have to shut down because of those reasons. Though it might be difficult to find an immediate solution to your obviously serious financial challenges, as far as I know “difficult” never meant “impossible”. Keep up your great work. Do not give in. Otherwise, everyone loses: you as well as we, the readers and spectators…


I can’t believe Worldfocus is going off the air. As one of the only sources of reliable international news on television the cancellation of this program is a terrible loss. Our nation will become yet more ignorant and insular with no knowledge of anything beyond celebrities, weather, sports and consumer products–and certainly nothing beyond our borders.

Please PBS, cancel something like Celtic Woman or one of the many, many other purely entertainment programs you produce and air and keep the shows of real informational and educational value on the air!

My local PBS station is after me to renew my membership and for the first time in dozen years, through financially hard times and good times, I am seriously wondering whether to continue to donate to PBS. I give because I feel it’s important to our society to support the only free source of reliable high-quality journalism and coverage of science and nature. More than half of the programming now seems to be fluff and pandering to their perceived audience (definitely not our household!).


To the Producers of WorldFocus: why don’t you contact the Gates Foundation or the Carter Center to secure the rest of the money that is needed. Your loyal viewers also need some guidance in terms of how we can be most effective in saving the program. But I’m afraid that just posting our comments is fruitless. We need to take some action but how? Should we bombard neil shapiro with emails, or just email pbs directly? Maybe we could set up a “Save Worldfocus” website? Does anyone have any thoughts? WE need to get proactive people!!!


It is saddening to see programs like World Focus go away. We may be a minority looking to expand our horizons and hoping societies will learn from a broader spectrum of news, you may be going going off the air now, but rest assure that an interested group of people will be waiting for you to come back when it feels it is again the right time. Thank you for being in the air those 18 months. This country desperately needs your WORLD FOCUS on things. Come back if you can.


i agree with everyone here and would like to put in my 2 cents too. there MUST be a way to keep worldfocus alive. nothing is impossible. asking bill gates or someone similar is a good idea but i think it is not enough. a more realistic solution is that someone at worldfocus or even a viewer needs to take leadership and organize efforts to save the program. the public needs to know what the situation entails and how we can help. this comment section is already enough evidence of the power and support out there that exists for worldfocus!


as several viewers have already alluded to, the fact that the decision to drop World Focus without telling the audience if any effort was even made to secure funding for the program indicates to me that it was a political decision. Maybe a major donor feels uncomfortable about the program being so unbiased!


World Focus is my favorite PBS show and I’m so disappointed it is being discontinued!


I will miss World Focus. We live on a sailboat in South Florida, for now, and it is our primary source for news. I will miss Daljit. I will miss the unbiased and tough reporting. I tell my husband, “It’s time for Daljit”… Now what? I call the local news here … “Florida Entertainment TV” … what passes for news is ridiculous. World Focus knows news. There will be a hole in my evening. What will happen to Daljit?


It saddens us to lose any program on PBS, especially one designed for an educated audience. World Focus filled a unique space. It will be sorely missed. It was one of the motivators for our donations to PBS. We will continue to donate, but we are very disappointed by this loss. We hope the effort to keep the program continues.


A GREAT LOSS to the necessity to understand this WORLD in order to have a chance to make it a better place.


I have become very disappointed in the media coverage of international stories. World Focus is the exception and should continue with its excellent coverage of in depth features and news. Like other viewers, I would make a donation to keep this program on the air. (An hour long broadcast would be great!)


I agree with Angela Scholz #768. Is PBS serious about trying to retain this excellent program on the air? The what can we do? Can it be save as an on-line program?


I certainly agree with the hundreds of comments here that praise Worldfocus as the best world news program on the air, that deplore its cancellation in April, and that wish for this decision to be reversed. But, I am really surprised to see the “we ….. found ourselves a few million dollars short” statement by the CEO of WNET. Aside from the fact that a “few million dollars” doesn’t seem like it would be a huge amount compared to the cost of producing other, much less worthy programs that PBS runs, I am struck by the absence of any indication that effective actions are still possible to help save Worldfocus. We are invited to write comments on this website, where we mostly tell each other how much we appreciate this program. But, we don’t know to whom we could address our appeals to actually keep the program alive? (Is it the PBS Foundation like some comments say?) I noticed in the comments that there are many people willing to contribute money. We need a vehicle for that; and we need to have a commitment (from PBS management) that raising a certain amount will ensure the continuance of Worldfocus. Not doing any of this would suggest there is no will to save this program. PBS has never been shy about soliciting viewers’ support. Why are we not being given any guidance on how to help save this program we so strongly support?
P.S. I had mistakenly submitted these comments on the “feedback” link earlier. Perhaps some others have done that as well, and there are actually even more of us trying to say we don’t want to see Worldfocus cancelled.


I have watched World Focus with some regularity since it came to air. We are told that the producers “tried tirelessly” to secure long-term funding but I was not aware that the program was in any difficulty. I have contributed to PBS News Hour and would have contributed to a special levy for World Focus. Given the importance of the service provided by World Focus, I am surprised that the situation was permitted to deteriorate so drastically without the audience’s knowledge.


This is very sad. Something like this, especially in this day and age, should not have to happen. Personally, I am more interested in what is going on overseas than I am in what is happening domestically in my own country, and this is why I appreciate programs like World Focus.


What a pity dear! How much do you need?


Canceling World Focus will eliminate the only independent, objective news voice available to the general viewer without a cable/satellite hookup and not controlled by special interests/republican fat cats. Say it isn’t so!!!!
We will miss you and pine for you and Martin deeply. Take care.


Hey World Focus. I think this news report station should keep going because my classmates enjoy watching your reports in our high school freshman geography class. Please continue on making your news reports!


This is my favorite news show. So sorry to see it go off the air. Have you thought about setting up a special fund to finance it? Thank you to all who helped put this show on.


What a shame you are vanishing when I only found you a few weeks ago. I had hoped that the USA would realize they are only a bit of the world and start producing more World News. So far, apart from World Focus, the view is entirely: how should we make use of these foreigners? What a shame! Just over the border, on Vancouver Island, we are suffering the loss of our CBC News – now cut down to teenager interests, it seems! Your production, closer to my long-missed BBC London, filled my needs.
I believe one doesn’t have the news unless one considers the WHOLE WORLD, ie, a World Focus. I do hope you find a saviour before April 2. If not, thank you for our brief acquaintance!


Robert Wilcox has got a great idea. How can we get a message to people like Bill Gates? I am sure that he would contribute to this cause. How about trying to convince major corporations to contribute in exchange for recognition and a little advertising at the end of the program?


I hope that WorldFocus can find funding to stay on the air. I look forward to viewing your program on KRCB in Sonoma County, CA. Your program is unique in providing in depth reporting on world issues that can not be found in US other media outlets. Your program has allowed me to understand world issues that otherwise would have been a big unknown to me.


I suspect we may be too late, but I agree with those who have suggested that an appeal be made to people like Bill Gates and the other billionaires of the world (how about Carlos Slim?). Surely they could be persuaded to contribute enough to keep the program on air. After all, it’s not the “political” perspective that makes Worldfocus so valuable, but the fact that we can receive reporting from so many other outlets, including Al Jazeera English. I teach history and encourage my students to watch (either on broadcast or online) and they are amazed that Al Jazeera is NOT a mouthpiece for Al Qaeda! Of course it isn’t, but without the exposure Worldfocus gives us, how will be know that? So my suggestion is that we try to coordinate a letter-writing campaign to such worthies as Gates, etc. to see if they can’t help (of course with no strings attached). Can anyone get us the emails of some potential contributors?


This is one of the most informative worldwide news programs. I will be sad to see it go. The local news stations just don’t measure up. I will miss Dalijit Dhaliwal.


Isn’t there any way to keep World Focus on the air??? There has got to be a solution other than cutting the program all together!!! Can’t there be a cost analysis and a cost cuts that can be made?? A fund raising program?? Anything other than cutting the program??


Worldfocus is the shortest and best 30 minutes on the air. Why does it have to end? Why do we have to accept this bad, bad decision? What can we do to reverse it? Daljit Dhaliwal is the best anchor on T.V. Please don’t leave us in the “Situation Room” with CNN, the most trusted name on television.


I will sincerely miss Worldfocus. Watching it became part of my daily news gathering. Is there anything we can to save it?


My husband and I look forward to watching World Focus news every night because we stay in tune about what’s really happening around the globe. Your show will be missed. Is there anything we can do to help keep it on the air?


We were stunned to hear your annoucement to discontinue. WORLD FOCUS is the best in providing dimension for international news. We look forward to it every Saturday.


This is certainly bad news. The country needs quality international tv journalism. The irony is that poor, commercial so called journalistic tv thrives while Worldfocus goes off the air. I wish there was a way we can keep Worldfocus. Please count on me for any support. Hopefully the broadcasts or some form of Worldfocus will remain on line.


World Focus will be missed. An innovative way of getting the perspective of news sources we normally would not get to view.

I, too, wonder why the viewers were not made aware of the imminent cancellation earlier. What is scary is a line from last night’s Bill Moyer’s Journal: “So I’ve asked him to join me for one of the final editions of the Journal, just to talk.” Again, I had no idea that was coming also.






Your departure will leave a hole in our day. Thank you Daljit Dhaliwal, Martin Savidge and all of the World Focus team. You brought us the best news program on TV. You were like a meteor: short lived but brilliant! We hope we will see you again.


Just heard that The National Enquirer is up for a
Pulitzer Prize !
Gesus H. Krist how low can we go.
We need more news like Worldfocus
I call on the Bill Gates and Warren Buffetts
of the world to put their money to good use and support this program


So, our World Focus “window on the world” is about to be slammed shut! What a loss for its loyal and devoted viewers. What a blow to the public image that PBS has earned for quality programming. The half-hour WF news program left one feeling that an hour’s worth had been enjoyed, and wishing for more. As many other emailers have opined, WF stands head-and-shoulders above all other U.S. and Canadian news services for international news coverage, and in my opinion even surpasses the high standard long held by the BBC. The objective, impartial, intelligent, in-depth reporting and commentary are exceptional and along with the exquisitely professional work of news anchor Daljit Dhaliwal makes for a truly outstanding news program.
Couldn’t PBS management have made its financial difficulty in supporting World Focus more evident to its viewers before making the final decision? Judging from the flood of outraged emails, a public campaign to save WF might well have generated a lot of the funds needed for survival. Lets hope it is not too late for those in charge to give sober second thought to this terribly disappointing decision. A bottom line is a bottom line, but do, please, think again.


I’ve been an intense proponent of Worldfocus since it was brought into being by Neal Shapiro. Its content was unique in broadcast journalism. Not the usual pap provided by the coporate/commercial media. And I want to thank Neal Shariro, Martin Savidge, the stunning Daljit Dhaliwal, and everyone else who contributed to the program, for their past and future endeavors. Warmest regards, Bob


What a shame.

Is there anything we can do at this point to rescue the show?

I am a PBS and NPR subscriber.

Thank you,



With a New Title, “World Update”…& a new Venue, Toronto, & New Presenters (a couple of Canadians), I think the show can be revived with funding. Let me hear from you. DY


World focus is one of the best among others that I ever know off.They encourage and share with poeple all over the world.
I’m an ex-student.


I am very sad and troubled about the demise of Worldfocus, a superior news program that keeps me in touch with world news. It has no rivals in its canny way of seeking out stories that we would never hear, but we need to know to keep in touch with the world. I appreciate the varied news sources Worldfocus uses so that we don’t always get an American slant on the story. It willa be a great loss if truly the program disappears. Thank you. Rebecca B Reynolds


I have watched Jay Leno shows where he ridicules young people for their lack of general knowledge. But from my view point there is no real news programmes, excepting BBC World News and World Focus. In Europe there are numerous excellent news programmes, although none had such a lovely anchor woman. Now we are down to the BBC. And Jay Leno will still have his buffoonery.


Donation, money; I must say, no tears, give.


Oh NO! How sad. Please do not give up looking for funding. Such a quality program. You all do a wonderful job! I am crushed. No real international news…. What to do now?


Not surprising, but very sad. May I suggest Link TV as the last remaining non-commercially funded news channel for those of you desperate for independent information.


I lament the passing of your wonderfully informative, truly world focused news program. I’m not a fan of TV in general but have sincerly appreciated the quality and intelligence and global news perspecive that program has provided. We need more, not less, programs of this caliber.
Sincere best wishes to all who have participated in the production of Worldfocus.


You were one of the very few programs we tried never to miss. Those other guys should take some lessons from you guys. How can I watch CNN, Fox or MSNBC after you guys raised the bar?


I discovered World Focus only a month ago. What a disappointment. I was really excited to find such a wonderful site. Your efforts in reporting news across the world will be missed. If there is anything close to your show available online please let your viewers know!


A breath of fresh air and news this country’s stations seem loath to report. We can only hope that you’ll be back. God Speed. You will be missed.


What a true loss for the public & community, and a wonderful program that I will very sorely miss. Thank You for your exceptional work.


Since World Focus is on so late at night, and I have to go work early in the morning, I did not discover the program until just recently. I was very impressed by the program, and then I was shocked to learn that it would be going off the air! I am so very sorry. We are in desperate need of an intelligent perspective on world affairs, such as World Focus offers; I truly wish there was a way to keep the program on the air.


I can do no more than echo the kudos noted by others for this outstanding news program. And, it is so distressing that we, the viewers and supporters of PBS, had no opportunity to make a difference in the outcome. Thank you World Focus.


Sorry to hear of the cancelation. I’d hoped that you would be expanding to a full hour. It has be so wonderfull to have a blanced program the reported the news from around the world, and about the world as others see it. Daljit and Martin, thank you both.


Television is awash with trivia, which is why it’s so important to have the international perspective of Worldfocus so cogently anchored by Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savidge. There must be some way to save it. I think PBS has been remiss in not publicizing its financial difficulties. There must be a Bill Gates out there that could help out.


This is terrible! I’ve been watching World Focus for a year now. This is an enjoyable program where the news is not sanitized and prepackaged. There isn’t much of this left and I’m especially surprised – angry – that PBS didn’t even alert viewers of the lack of funding for the program. I have no doubt that if this had been mentioned during the most recent pledge drive, people who enjoy this broadcast would have responded enthusiastically to help keep it from being canceled. Who knows that one or two philanthropic interests would have noticed the support and followed suit?

So where’s the transparency PBS loves to talk about? Viewers didn’t find out about the demise of this program until the coffin had been sealed shut!


Please, everyone who has posted here, also e-mail the PBS Foundation at: Keep letting them know how you feel as a loyal WF viewer.


World Focus has become one of my favorite PBS programs. I find that the international offerings on PBS are the best the network offers.

I have always enjoyed Ms Dhaliwal on Wide Angle; she has been an outstanding host of World Focus.

PBS is trimming NOW, Bill Moyers’s Journal (okay, he’s ‘retiring’), and now this program. It is because of decisions like this that PBS is falling behind NPR in the loyalty of its members.

A member of PBS and NPR–RH


I will certainly miss your program.You give a “different perspective” to news around the world.
I hope you will come back someday.


World Focus is the best international news show on television. What will fill the void? I really hate to see you go.


This is ridiculous. We live in a global world that just got more parochial.


I have watched Worldfocus nightly since Martin’s first broadcast. It is very sad to see the best news program cancelled while lesser programs manage to stay on the air. Martin and Daljit have done a fine job of creating a new window into the world for us sheltered Americans. Although 7-figure support is required to keep Worldfocus on the air, if there are 300,000 viewers, that only requires a $30 specific donation from each. I for one give PBS considerably more. Is there a way to force our contributions to be spent on the programs we support?


I just found your show, I will miss World Focus. I wish I had enough money to support your efforts myself. I hope you can find funding somewhere? We need accurate and truthful news sources.


I have also e-mailed the PBS Foundation. Pass the word!

Pablo G Says:

I suggest that everyone who appreciates Worldfocus as much as me email and urge them to provide the support for Worldfocus. The PBS Foundation has not provide World Focus with financial funding. It is however, empowered to rescue the show.


Worldfocus has been a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the sound bite, packaged and commercial type news we get.Please hurry back. Ms Daljit Dhaliwal is an articulate and very attractive personality that will be missed.


I agree completely with post 689. I can’t believe that a fine program like Worldfocus can’t somehow find funding when there are more infomercials on PBS for rehashed psychobabblers then there are quality programs. I have personal knowledge of how those pledge programs are run and how much money goes into them and how little money it would take to keep something like Worldfocus on. Is why I no longer donate to PBS or NPR anymore. Corporations have slowly wrapped their tentacles around both and in a matter of twenty years, the only media this country will have are the mindnumbing likes of Fox and MSNBC. Soundbytes baby, that’s what people want.


What a disappointment to my entire family and all of the other viewers. If enough funds cannot be raised in the next few weeks to continue the program, we hope funds can be raised to bring it back in the future.


World focus had become my favorite program. I was just sick when I got the news about the show being cancelled. If I were a multi-millionaire I’d finance the operation myself – I think the news and views you provide are just that important. The only positive and can take away from this is that your segments broadened my horizons, and that will remain. Please friends do something and don’t let us slip into the CNN MSNBC & even BBC abyss. Maybe we’ll see you on the web.


Iam very sad but not surprised because in this country the majority of the population never knew or had any interest of knowing the rest of the world and for this reason the americans are considered ignorant and disliked the world over.


Tonight,the Maldives. What are the chances the American public would ever have the opportunity to learn about these far flung places? WF IS what public television is supposed to be about. C”mon guys — we can come up with this money.


Most of those posting here have been speaking of the program and are melancholy at seeing a half hour, of what are in truth only sensory perceptions, being replaced by what will, in effect, be but greater and more magnificent opportunity for finding other sensory stimulus somewhere…with some spiritual content, perhaps.

This program has had and will have its value as an enduring worthy model.

That much will remain true.

But for Mr. Savidge and Ms. (or Mrs.) Dhaliwal, there need be no great melancholy.

No one is dying.

They are merely changing their Life Landscapes or their Existential Chapel (Sistine?) Frescoes of Philosophical Living.

We all know this…
There is no harm in being reminded of it
when we might forget.

Only joy should remain in the idea that both shall surely find Place for their individual and collective expertise elsewhere…if it truly comes to pass that this show does go off the air–which seems likely, at this juncture.

For myself (though I know that mere wishing is a feeble thing), I wish both Anchors well…not just as Anchors but as fellow Human Beings on the same Planet Earth…though I know I shall probably never be able to meet either one of them in the short span of this lifetime.

Such is Life…in its kaleidoscopic Varieties…
many we see never to see again or see once or a few times only to never see those we miss again–in this life (from our current perspective).

Therefore, I salute you both with all due reasonable hopes and wishes for the future.

And I will close with this (even if you–individually and/or collectively–might not, necessarily, be religious):

“The LORD bless you and keep you;
the LORD make his face to shine upon
you, and be gracious to you;
the LORD lift up his countenance
upon you, and give you peace.”
–Numbers 6: 24-26 (NRSV)

Peace Be With You!


I just wanted to share how disapointed I was to learn Worldfocus will stop broadcasting. I only recently discovered the program. Worldfocus has been brilliant in filling the huge void in international news. I will greatly miss it.


What a loss. I have valued World Focus and recommended it to my friends. WF has been the most intelligent, thoughtful broadcast. I particularly liked that there was usually only one guest at a time whose view point was brought out by the host and that differing viewpoints were presented over time. And the use of Al Jazeera and other foreign news sources gave important perspectives not seen much elsewhere. I can’t help wondering if its intelligence and independence was the problem with getting corporate sponsors. Or maybe the answer is obvious.


Daljit & Martin ,

I’m saddened by the news of WF’s pending 4-2 curtailment .Your program is topnotch. No where else, in the US, do you get a view of issues around the globe as is delivered by World Focus.

With much of TV being a barely veiled excuse to sell products and/or policies – not having your pithy program as an alternative is a real loss.

I hope some vehicle for reincarnation is eventually found.

All the best ,



World Focus truly filled a very important gap for Americans in providing International news coverage that was sorely lacking elsewhere. Where are we to go now to find out what is happening in other parts of the World?


This really sucks big time I do not watch much news because they do not go into much depth of the story’s like you do plus every five minutes they have two minutes of commercials. Your story’s are in depth and very informative your signature segments are great. Also Dalyit Dhaliwal is the best anchor on any news show. wish there was a way to keep you on. Its a shame top news show like yours can not get the funds to keep it going while other networks fund all those crappy reality shows.Hopefully something will be worked out, if not thank all of you for an excellent 18 months of great news reporting all of you will be missed.Good luck in your future endevers.


So sad to see you go. And yet so much other junk stays on and multiplies on tv. #MEDIAFAIL #news #tv #education


Very disappointed to learn of the decision to cancel World Focus. The balanced, professional approach to news coverage is rare in this country and will be sorely missed.


I watch your program everyday. You have done a fantastic job bringing news from around the world, keeping viewers safely away from the typical sensationalism of the the major broadcasters.
You are going to be missed.


This is horrible – yours gradually became my most trusted
newscast on PBS. [How can you trust Washington Week when
it is funded by Boeing and oil Co’s!]
I am willing to donate $100 per year to keep it going.
Please give a second effort to asking for grassroots
funding specifically for World Focus. Could an on-line
version at least be saved!?


modern technology gives us the world…then takes it away …the mighty greedy dollar people rule all…we would have never know about the ” Libray man ” if not for World Focus … back to the dark ages…thanks selfish greedy dollar people for taking away our only link to a small village somewhere over there…it was nice to know you for a moment Mr ” Libray man “


I will miss your show which I believe is one of the important shows on television today with wonderful segments and a very independent feel. Also it was wonderful to watch a program without a corporate agenda to pick its stories


Can we keep this in cyberspace?? Online and not necessarily on the air?? We can donate to keep it afresh, if needed.


Tragedy. The single most intelligent, imaginative, and empathetic news program on American television. Surely there’s a way around this. Where’s Billy Gates when you need him?


We are very disappointed to hear that WorldFocus is being cancelled. The program provided a much wider focus of international news than we can see on the PBS NewsHour. The sources of news provided are not found on other programs. Daljit Dhaliwal is a very articulate, intelligent and graceful moderator. The news segments are always very thoughful, and avoided the sensational or trivia of many other news available today. We wish there were ways we could support this program. We will really miss this program.


Wow. I came on here today to get my daily spoonful of WORLD news only to find out that my favorite news channel is getting the axe? I am heart broken. The by line that production costs have become too much to keep this QUALITY news channel on the air is very disheartening to me, especially when you consider the amount of garbage that PBS seems to be putting out lately. With the exception of Frontline , American Experience, and some of the nature and science programs they have, to include stuff for kids, I am not sure how many financial speakers I need to hear from or that guy who wrote Men are Mars Women are from Venus. These things are not relevant in the grand scheme of things. They are also things people can get in abundance from other sources. Quality news however is not available every where and in fact is a source that is becoming extinct especially on the major networks. Shame on PBS. I pray that GOD moves mightily and produces the money that is needed to sustain this quality news program. I also want to thank the beautiful and intelligent Daljit Dhaliwal and all the staff of Worldfocus that have been committed to and worked so hard to provide those of us that care about what is going on the world, a well packaged, unbiased and informative production. THANK YOU!!


I think the powers that be must give this show some more time before pulling the plug. I am sure there are a lot of people like me who started watching this show only recently after it started airing at a more convenient time on one of the PBS digital channels. Before the availability of the extra digital channels, this show aired at a time when viewership is typically low.

It is sad to see you packing up just when I started enjoying your show so much.


The cancellation of world focus is disappointing but not suprising. It is further evidence that the US has become a paradise for ignorant dimwitted fools and a barren wasteland for those of us who want an intellegent discussion of the issues facing us today.


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. this is my favorite program on TV you can’t get this kind of coverage from any us new source!! PLEASE DON’T GO!!!!!!


The loss of World Focus News is a tremendous loss for the American people. WNET should have done everything in its power to keep WFN on the air, or at least on the internet like Democracynow.

Your news program is overwhelming better than both the BBC as well as PBS’ Jim Leher news report. I wil miss you WFN.


Based on Kelly Masterson’s racial profiling logic, the program may be cancelled because public TV may be headed by Mossad’s spies whose true idenities are not known to our CIA. They simply do not like the detailed coverage on Mossad that we do not get anywhere else on the major TV networks.

Did anybody notice that the day our Vice President condemned the deliberate boosting of settlement construction on EXACTLY the day Biden visited Israel— what happened that EXACT day? The daily World Focus program was scrapped, and replaced by an old program that aired last Christams. This way, Daljit does not have as much time to cover the details of the snubbing Joe Biden received by the Israeli government. The CIA should investigate everybody at public TV and NPR.
The Moussad has probably infiltrated the CIA already though.

Obama should set up an independent investigation to see if this was why we were deprived of the chance to feel proud, and VERY PROUD that our President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s intention to strengthen Obama’s administration’s political support was undermined by none other than the US Media. I thought NPR became more and more biased against our own newly elected President then with regard to the Peace Prize, but more and more of this kind of ridiculous, and clearly non-transparent decisions are making me question all those fund drive rhetoric. Before anybody donates to public TV, don’t be fooled that it’s going to Sesame Street. Make sure decisions like these are transparent.


I am shocked to see such an excellent source of unbiased news, that does nothing but educate and inform be cancelled for lack of funding. This is especially sad in times when bias is so freely dished out by every major network.


“Viewers like you” indeed. You would cancel a superb news show like this while continuing to pay New Age phonies like Wayne Dyer and Deepak huge amounts of money to hawk their wares on PBS ? This is exactly why I quit contributing to thirteen. Old guys in toupees and girdles and 50 year old baby blue suits who used to sing well are sure to be on again and again, but important – even vital – information and insight of programs like World Focus get axed, and Religion and Ethics gets a puny half hour once a week?! (except, of course, during fund-raising, in which case we’re treated to popular but empty nonsense like the fellow who wrote about men from Mars/women from Venus. It’s infuriating. Aldous Huxley lamented “man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions”. PBS used to be one of the last resisters. Shame on you for throwing this excellent program away.


I and my family are avid viewers who appreciate unbiased, serious and accurate international news reporting. We will miss the program. You supplied a void and now sadly that will end. All the best to you.


I speent many years in broadcast news and am convinced that the 5pm air time hurt. Working people could not tune in. Given a decent placement


I guess I just don’t get it A great job on reporting news we are interested in rather than what Turner, Hurst and others want us to see. You’ll be missed. Hope the powers that be will smart up and you’ll return!!


I am much saddened at the announcment that you are going off the air. Worldfocus is, in my opinion, far and away the best news program on the air with intelligent, balanced coverage by people who obviously know their beat and presented by an attractive host who avoids biased or sensationalist language and conducts intervues with knowledgeable guests who have something valid to say with intellegent questions that are penatrating and unbiased. I can only hope that a miracle may occur. No other broadcast, public or commercial does it as well as you. My best to your staff. It isn’t fair that you should go when the trash that is so common stays on.


663 and 678: Brilliant. Yes, contact our congressional representatives. And yes, let’s believe in miracles AND roll up our sleeves. There are too many areas in which Americans feel helpless in their ability to have their voices heard and bring real change. I believe we can rise to this occasion. The voices I am hearing on this blog tell me that this is doable. Have a matching campaign. We raise 4 million and a donor will show up and be our hero for the remaining 4 mil.


It is disappointing to see your news broadcast go. The viewers will lose a very important source of information that is not being provided by CNN and others. Thank you.


I found your show about 3 months ago and have been thankful ever since. The quality and content of your show is far beyond “Mainstream” news in this country. I am very sad to see you go, like losing a trusted friend. Good luck to all those involved in the show and a heartfelt Thank You for all your hard work.


It is terribly disappointing to hear that Worldfocus is going off air. It is one of the best original PBS produced programs.In these times the kind of in depth stories with a global perspective are more crucial than ever. Neil Shapiro claims to be making “the right choice” in shutting down the program for the sake of fiscal prudence. How wrong he is! He has made a very poor decision, and it is disheartening to see that PBS executives are no longer willing to take a stand for bold, thought provoking programs. So what of quality is even left on PBS these days? The Newshour, Frontline, Charlie Rose, and Bill Moyers. This is all that relieves us of the wasteland of American TV. Who is to say these shows won’t be canceled either? Worldfocus provides a very particular kind of news program-one with an global view-and there is no other American produced news program which currently does so. I guess it’s back to the BBC World program for those of us who want this more well rounded perspective. Neil Shapiro even claims they “managed to raise a substantial portion of the required funding” but fell short for the long term. Why not continue airing the program until the money you did raise runs out? This would give your valued ‘viewers like you’ some time to raise the rest. We were not even given the opportunity. So in truth, PBS isn’t terribly concerned with what the viewers want, but they will pander to us during the fundraiser drives. We were never consulted, and as we help fund the PBS budget this is wrong. It is a betrayal Neil Shapiro.


also, i’m a little disappointed that there wasn’t (to my knowledge) an advance notice of this. surely with a little heads-up, we (the audience) could have done something to prevent this. very disappointing that we weren’t given that opportunity.



Perhaps the miracle for Worldfocus, regardless of it’s success in finding seven-figure sponsors, will be to expand it’s coverage in the remaining days to cover salient, but, rarely reported facts of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. I give Worldfocus several story ideas:

(1) “The Disputed Territories” – A story explaining why legally and on the ground it is the objectively correct terminology (thank you again, Daljit Daliwal, for your professional usage of this terminology recently, when the prevailing bias of news opinionation relentlessly bombards the air waves with the loaded propoganda “illegally occupied”).

(2) “Gilad Shalit – The Lonliest Prisoner” – This is the story of the young Israeli soldier, whose cross-border kidnapping into Gaza led to the 2nd Israel-Lebanon War. Gilad was kidnapped from southern Israel, then in the north Hezbollah mimicked the first kidnapping by kidnapping and then murdering Israeli soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser…. Today is Day 1,359 of captivity for Gilad Shalit. In violation of all laws of war and convention he is prohibited all visitors. Not even the Red Cross is permitted to look in on him.

(3) “Palestine – A Look At The History Of Palestine” – Such a story should tell of the first time that the name “Palestine” was given and imposed by the conquering empire of Ancient Rome upon Ancient Israel approximately 132-135 CE. (Here I must technically correct my own earlier writing in that, as much as the Romans occupied what is today inclusive of much of Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Sinai, and Egypt, the name “Syria Palaestina” was given specically as punishment to Israel as a Roman subjugation.) In modern times the British Mandate of Palestine (1922) was inclusive of what is today Israel, the Disputed Territories, and Jordan. The “Mandate” was to divide those territories into two States to be called “Palestine” and “Transjordan”. “Palestine” was to mimic historical biblical Israeli borders and “Transjordan” was the larger territory on the eastern side of the Jordan River. (The French Mandate was the Syrian territory into southeaster Turkey.) Anyone who has seen the great film “Lawrence of Arabia” starring Peter O’Toole can obtain a great sense of the history, although it is misleading in that Jewish life in Palestine at that time is completely omitted, as though Jewish life didn’t exist there and then.

(4) “Israel – Nation of Refuge for Jews and Persecuted Non-Jews, Such as the Bahai, the Druse, the Samaritans, Christians, etc.” – This story would tell of the refuge found in Israel for many peoples persecuted by Islamic Nations.

(5) “Democracy in Israel – A Demographic of Who May Live and Vote Freely as Citizens of Israel”. – The title is self-explanatory of this story. What is remarkable is that 2-million Arabs, mostly Muslims, are free to live and vote as citizens of Israel; there is no such equivalent in any Arab nation.

(6) “Rights of Women in Israel” – This story would report on the secular laws and the religious laws and the similar and the different ways that each may show respect for women.



This is very bad news. I’ve been watching Worldfocus since the beginning. While others call their program ‘World News’, you really brought the world to us, with background-information. I’m very sorry to see you go!


as a south african living in america, i watched world focus every night for a focus on the world so to speak. very sad to see you guys go!! try find the funds to keep going!!!:(


I watch “World Focus” every night without fail and “if” we viewers can not save this informative program,
it will be a sad day indeed.

This decision is on top of the very strange decision to replace Martin as the host, who made the program such a wonderful way to end the day. That is not to take anything away from Daljit.

As other viewers have suggested, why not ask on the show for everyone to make a modest donation – purely for the show (300,000 * $20 = $6 million).

You may need proof of this level of support, before setting up a credit card line, in which case you could ask everyone to send an email with subject line stating “I pledge $?” (minimum $20). You could then just count emails.


to all of you who don’t want to lose WorldFocus: pls, FORWARD the POST YOU SENT TO THIS BLOG to: and CALL THEM: WNET 212.560.1313 x2888 … make them aware of yr thoughts, since they’re under the mistaken impression that no one ‘out here’ cares!


is there anything we can do to stop this? there is no other source for international news over the air.


A great resource in a TV wasteland. No, I need you to stay; get some sponsors even. Your departure leaves only the beeb, Fareed, Lehrer and a few good PBS shows (Moyers and Frontline notably).


Bummer! We are inundated with the rest of tv turning into one giant commercial in the midst of reality shows. World Focus has given us a nightly focus point, and we will miss this first rate
program. Couldn’t you do a Pledge Drive, or is this not allowable – tonight two NPR stations
are again in the midst of their drives.


I think, this was something to happen sooner or later. Just picking up reports from other broadcast services and then trying to tell us this is the latest news. I have seen many reports before you broadcast them on other international networks. I wish, you would have had the quality of the NBC Worldnews, which is also limited to only 1/2 hr. inc. advertising. I think, they try to give us the best they can do with this time limit. But more so, the average American cares less what is happening in our country when daily people inc. kids get killed in our own streets. Yes, you had an audience of mostly recent immigrants to this country. Plus there are so many channels in competition with your time slots and probably most of the people with cable or dish networks did not find you. I still use the old rabbit ears and I watch 80 % of my TV with PBC stations which are leading to your programs.
But I became very fast disappointed and when I had the choice to make, I would watch an opinionated RT or France24/7 before I would watch your programs.
Good luck for the future.


Daljit, only PBS will lose you, but I know you will continue to radiate your light liberating us all. You remind me so much of what Mandela said at his inauguration in Pretoria 1994:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.
We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?”
Actually, who are we not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
We are born to manifest the glory of god within us.
It’s not just in some of us – it is in everyone.
And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.


we need World Focus news………not the fluff provided by NBC, etc.
where are the billionaires with charitable hearts? we need some to step up and save this program…..


It’s would seem that popular support for the program could be a way to try to keep it on the air. Is PBS really keeping so many boring programs and an excruciatingly boring news hour over this wonderful half hour news show? Sad.


further to my post 644 may i suggest contacting and and make your feelings re the cancellation of World Focus known to them ,as i am sure these guys are probably not reading these comments on the World Focus site, as their minds have probably already been made up ,remember this, in the next PBS fund raising where are Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter when we need them ??


The dummying down of America continues. I never expected to be blindsided by PBS. This show had two of the best anchor persons ever. Truly sad!


Unbelievable that this program should cease, especially with the nightly News Hour seemingly now diluted with mainstream-like non-news segments. World Focus’ diverse news sources allow us a glimpse into eye-opening perspectives from around the world, many of which are unavailable on any over-the-air broadcasts. Ms. Dhaliwal is a treasure and the program should continue as a PBS staple!


A further thought. While I know we are all immensely thankful that we have PBS, without which our sources of knowledge and enjoyment would be hugely dimished, I urge a tougher and more direct approach to PBS on this important matter. I suggest that “Viewers like us” tell PBS “No more money from us until you restore World Focus.” It’s unfortunate that we weren’t made aware of the planned cancellation before the start of the current fundraising campaign. Nevertheless, I believe we can have an impact. Let’s get this decision reversed.


World Focus veiwers should contact US Rep. Patrick (son of assasinated Robert Kennedy,and nephew of the late Ted Kennedy) Kennedy (Dem/R.I.) if they want action taken in defense of PBS/Worldfocus. Yesterday,..Mar.3,2010 on the house floor Ron Paul,Dennis Kucinich,and Patrick Kennedy chastised the news-media for its despicable coverage of world events,and the wars. Please note that Kennedy is not running for re-election after closing out his 8th-term in Rhode Island for personal reasons (perhaps he’s fed-up for now,and will come back to Massachusetts in the future too oppose/grab Scott Brown’s senate seat – who knows?). There also is US Rep Ron Paul (Tx),and US Rep Dennis Kucinich (Oh)which could help more than wasting your breath contacting Neil Shapiro. Just a thought – Ron Paul is a very powerful mouthpiece for the american public today as is Kennedy,…it would be a shame not to have “All” our (myself included) veiwer’s “Not-Contact” their US Senator’s ,and US Representatives. They do listen to their constituents,…believe me – they do! Thanks again Worldfocus mr.earle








I need to follow up my comment with special appreciation for Daljit Dhaliwal’s excellent work. I got to know her first on BBC and was pleased to see her move to Worl Focus. I wish her all the best wherever she goes.


I am so sorry to hear we are losing you. I feel as if I am losing a good friend and mentor. May you be able to continue being a wonderful example for us and our children.


What do we have to do to keep WorldFocus alive? Come on sponsors, isn’t it part of your mission to stick with this program and publicize it until it catches on with a larger percentage of the public. Americans desperately need help to become responsible world citizens.
I have been away from the US for many years and have been able to watch BBC World, CNN International and Al Jezeera English on a 24/7 basis as well as World Focus. Back in the US I have been hugely isappointed to find that I can only get a tiny snippet of BBC World and I can’t get CNN International (vastly superior to the domestic version) or Al Jezeera at all. Other than TV4 Monde, which I’m thankful I can get here round the clock, I have relied on World Focus. I find the news of its loss quite devastating and the apparent lack of interest on the part of Americans extremely shocking and depressing.


My wife Jane and I have been watching World Focus for about a year, and were thrilled to find real,unbiased news from all over the world.

We had felt a void of world news anywhere in US television. When we visited England for genealogy reasons, we were very impressed with the BBC news casts, with very humble, ordinary kinds of reporters, and the breadth of world news they reported. We enjoyed BBC news on US TV for a while, and then were even more delighted with World Focus. We loved the format of a few longer segments on special, pertinent, or urgent topics, permitting very in-depth review of the few topic presented in one program. We loved the bringing to light of plights of the poor, the oppressed,the starving, threatening world problems, global warming/climate change, and on happy stories of people who found ways to really make a difference to improve the lives of others.

We especially enjoyed Dahljit Dhaliwal’s very special sincere, humble, and caring delivery of the news and conduction of the interviews.

We will greatly miss World Focus, and are losing our only really high quality source of world news on TV. We wish that something could be done to save this program, particularly since it is the very best program PBS puts on TV, which is saying a lot, since there are so many excellent, outstanding presentations on PBS TV.

We send a great “Thank you!” to all of you who have helped in producing this outstanding program, and hope to see World Focus back on the air in a few years — especially with Dahjit as anchor.

With great gratitude,
Jane and Dan Fary


We were so disappointed to hear that our favourite program, World Focus is going off the air. This is the best news program on the continent. We need to hear about other parts of the world. It helps us keep our sanity! We have followed Daljit for several years now. She is a highly intelligent, world-class lady.


HOW MUCH MONEY DO THEY NEED TO KEEP IT ON THE AIR? If you people like it help it. American news sucks. I find this refreshing. I give it AAAAAA+ Our media outlet today is so commercialized and fragmented, it has become a joke. With all the campaign money that is used as a bride to influence the health care policy. Where is the reports? I have to find out what is going on by watching PBS. WHY? 20/20, NIGHT LINE, Date Line, is a complete disgrace. Using muder as a story line. And promoting ignorance, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? So here is my Question? What would you do if corporate enities dictate policy? What would you do if the health care indusrty bought there votes in the House and Senate through campaign funds? What would you do if health care is just for the ones that can afford it? What would you do if you vote doesn’t matter? What would you do if PBS and it news voices go away? So what are you going to do about?


Yours is the best news program, I believe – truly about the world, with fascinating segments from all over the place. I can’t begin to express my distress that your program will end. What a loss!


Such a shame, Worldfocus is a great news show. I hope you are able to find funding and continue a long life on the air.


One of the programs I look forward to is World Focus. It is intelligent viewing and educational about issues around the world, which is greatly needed in this country. I am very sad that this program would soon disappear. Bringing news from around the world is always a right decision, no matter what the state of the economy, as we are globally linked. I hope that this program will be saved.


PBS canceling World Focus? I’ll remember that the next time you do fundraising.


The departure of World Focus as one of the great hopes for world news and communication will leave a tremdous hole for us all. Are you able to appeal directly to your viewers for help or is that a problem for PBS? I do not recall any appeals in the previous months. Perhaps motivating viewers that you might be able to continue would stimulate a financial response. Would you be able to keep some digital version online?


I’m sorry, but I don’t believe for a moment that PBS can’t save “Worldfocus.” I’ve worked as a historical researcher and consultant for PBS since 1989, principally for “The American Experience.” During that time, I’ve watched the quality of PBS’s programming slowly slide from relevancy to a pale imitation of the idiocy on commercial television channels.

“Worldfocus,” on the other hand, reflects public television’s proud tradition of thoughtful, broadminded programming, the likes of which CAN’T be found on commercial TV. This is why millions of viewers are devoted to “Worldfocus” and why many of them, including me, are furious at PBS for its misplaced priorities.

I’m certain that many PBS viewers could name a half-dozen or more programs that DESERVE to be deep-sixed, even if doing do wouldn’t save “Worldfocus.” However, if doing so WOULD save this valuable, one-of-a-kind program, then PBS’s director should show that they GENUINELY care about what is BEST for their viewers and not simply what they think would be POPULAR.

For the first time in my long association with PBS, I’m ASHAMED of the station that I’ve devoted a good part — in some respects, the BEST part — of my life to. I pray that PBS’s directors will place COURAGE over EXPEDIENCY and SAVE “WORLDFOCUS.”

I would like to thank everyone who is or has been associated with this fine program — from its producers, directors and writers to it technicians and its excellent hosts and expert guests — for restoring (if only briefly!) my faith that this medium could be a tool for teaching, inspiring and motivating, not simply for entertaining (usually in a mindless way).
You all have done and are doing sterling work. I’m sure that your PBS bosses never adequately thanked you, so I pray that you accept this outpouring of support and appreciation as some compensation. You deserve it. You’ve ALWAYS deserved it.

Edward R. Murrow will spin in his grave if “Worldfocus” is taken off the air! Shame on your, PBS, if you don’t do what’s right!


Please dont go! There is nothing like this news station. I will pray for you to stay on. With God all things are possible. I watch this show everyday. Please do not go!


Its just a pity. I always watch this program because it is very informative real news. A news about something always. Oh well, maybe you will return sometime, I hope.


Americans NEED a program like this. Most don’t know how the rest of the world lives. I am appalled to hear that World Focus will shut down. Please say it isn’t so!


I am very sorry to see World Focus being cancelled, I have been watching and learning a lot from your programme since it began on WNED Buffalo/ Toronto.May i add that your news coverage is first class and as a Canadian viewer i find it much more informing than our over blown government funded CBC.Your program World Focus should be picked up and funded on the CBC Network if PBS is not interested any more in broadcasting it.Please do your best to reconsider your decision..


World Focus is one of the gems of PBS! I will thoroughly miss glimpsing the lives of other people in other parts of the world and hearing their voices. I lament the loss of this program and wonder where I will go to find the detailed and often hopeful news this program provided. I am a sustaining member of PBS. Please sustain this program! – BM


either Thirteen is trying there best to stop your program before April 2 by not letting us hear you. I have to look at the program on line…. and yes it was a great program as always… your team put together another great program….


this is very sad. It is such a joy to know what is going on around the world.Why not start a fund raising campaign on the air. Larry Brown


I’d just started watching World Focus a few weeks ago, leaving behind the trash peddled by the likes of CNN and other cable “news” outlets, and now it’s going off the air! This is a tremendous disappointment.


I will sorely miss World Focus. The type of news stories presented are unparalleled. One of the best news and interest programs on TV. It is/was refreshing to hear news from a broad spectrum of sources. I surely pray funding for future programming can still be found.


I am shocked and saddened by this news. I have looked forward daily to see this excellent world news program. Where are the backers? There is so much junk on TV! Why can’t there be support for a half hour program one time a day? Where are the financial institutions spending their money?
We are a stupid country to allow a world news program to end. Count me in for some funding.


I can’t believe that one of the most interesting and informational shows on TV is being discontinued. It is sad that Americans can only see the pap that is offered on commercial channels. We seem to be happy to bury our heads in the sand where the rest of the world is concerned. I’d be happy to make a contribution to keep world focus on the air.


I am dismayed to learn that we will lose this fine world news program. There is nothing comparable since BBC is not available.


deeply saddened but not surprised.. you daljit and martin are class acts.. now where do i go for some semblance of the truth? will miss you. carl scala


I very saddened and unhappy about the cancellation of your news program. Yours is top class! No dramatics or hype like the other programs. Too bad for the industry.
I thank you for the great professionalism you showed us, even if it was for a short time.
Best of luck to all of you!


Very sad to hear that World Foucs is going away. There is such a lack of programs like World Focus and there is a demand for international news with substance. Most of what is available is just sound bytes. World Focus on the other hand has touching stories that come from around the world, not just from places where the U.S. has an interest. I feel that our country as a whole doesn’t have a good understanding of places outside the U.S.


My husband and I have watched Worldfocus from the beginning and have enjoyed every program. It brings news and focus not seen elsewhere, including BBC. We are so sorry it will be ending. We will miss this excellent program. What a sad commentary that funding cannot be found.


For the life of me, I cannot understand why fine high quality programs, like World Focus, will leave the air, while money is spent on (PG) i.e. Pure Garbage programs. This is the only world news program that is not only informative, while other news stations do that, but goes into the lives of people from their perspective. If it was not for the greed and selfishness of governments on this planet, I think we would be one happy family or least not at each others throat. We are all tenants and citizens of the earth. This program helped me to appreciate, that we all want the same things in life i.e. to have enough resources to care for our family, live in peace and be happy. World Focus analyze and reports the news in away that we can feel for people in other lands and cultures. We can relate to their struggles and praise their achievements. World Focus brings the world right into our living rooms. If PBS will not pick up this program, I hope viewers collectively will. As in sports, ‘make some noise’, if we want to see programs like this stay on the air. Let’s not just sit idly by and let this great program go under. Let’s use whatever contacts, influence and resources we have to save World Focus !


My wife and I join the long list of people who have posted their great disappointment that World Focus is leaving the air. We have appreciated the diversity of stories, the global perspective, the focus on news of substance and the attention paid to news that it is difficult to find elsewhere. Thank you to the producers, reporters and anchors for your excellent work. We hope that a source of funding can be found to relaunch the program in the future. Best wishes to all of you. –Ken


As a former Peace Corps volunteer and United Nations technical advisor, I feel the way one must feel when losing a sense of hearing, a sense of sight, precisely when we dearly need all our senses. Not only did I need to hear World Focus, Daljit Dhaliwal made me want to hear it.


Like #565 I pledge $100.
(My previous comments are @327 &335)

a la Robert@ 359…
“Viewers of the World unite.”

and for our Goldwaterites:
“Extremism in the defence of informative
news…is NO vice”.

REF also: CavePainter @ #440; ilyes @ #200


Will miss you and the always upbeat/ inspiring segments that ended the broadcast !!


Worldfocus is a learning experience–every day; news from so many places with varied viewpoints expressed so well can seldom be found. I hope you will be able to find a way to stay on the air. Thanks to all for your good work; I was fortunate to find you when I did.


Your loss will change the way we learn about our world and we would like a chance to donate if that will give you more time to seek larger funding. We do not have a lot of money, but maybe if all of your watchers donate, that will buy you time.


I can only hope that the people behind World Focus will continue to seek funding for its return, since the economy has begun to improve. Although it’s not obvious when cable & network news are recycled 24/7, there is a need and a demand for international news, minus American angles, minus celebs, minus all the other waffle.


Unlike some here I thought World Focus better than any other news broadcast on t.v.. I think BBC is a bit biased. It seems like something could be done to provide funds. If indeed this is the only issue.


Well, I was utterly devastated when Daljit suddenly announced World Focus would finish on 2nd April! I crave for world news, and the only programme before, and besides WorldFocus, was and is the EXCELLENT BBC World News. I was crushed when Daljit Dhaliwal suddenly & without warning announced it was her last night presenting the BBC World News – New Years Eve I believe it was! I was thrilled to bits when she presented the EXCELLENT Wide Angle – but was then replaced! And I was happy as-a-lark when she returned to present the Foreign Exchange programme (here in DC), which was a good programme too. And then IT was abruptly cancelled! But then I was overjoyed when suddenly she was presenting the EXCELLENT WorldFocus! I just knew I shouldn’t get too comfortable though. For the most part, international news on National television in America rarely includes any foreign news – unless the Americans are involved in some way. The Al-Jazeera segments on WorldFocus were Class A! Brilliant! How on earth could an excellent programme like this be cancelled?? I know the economy is hurting, but PLEASE! How can we help to perhaps save WorldFocus? A million thanks to each and every one who have made this programme so very possible, and Good Luck to each of you. I am gutted!


Sorry to see you go. I greatly enjoyed the nightly telecasts from the beginning, first with Martin, and then Daljit. Thanks and good luck


From WorldFocus Video YouTude and/or Itune which some go back years there is only two available places (up until now these hypocritial isrealites will probably reduce that) to get any segement of the hypocritial isrealites Dubai assination. It Is Not A Consequent That Just After The Full Airing Of These Hypocritial isrealite Dubai Assination That The Funding All Of A Suddent Dried Up. Those Two Realities Are Blarringly Connected!!! Something These Hypocritial isrealites Resist and try and get revenge on any and all Who Love God And Pratice Truth That IS How I Know “They Will And Can Prevail!!! I Am Right Though This One Too Mostly Will Be Denied Posting!!!


Ever since discovering World Focus last year, our family has watched it regularly as a supplement to the news we receive from network news. We often noticed how subjects WF covered would make it to the networks days and sometimes even weeks later as “new” news. We certainly wish there was a way to keep WF on the air indefinitely, since we Americans needs to become more aware of the world outside our borders, and not just when the next calamity happens. Thanks for your many excellent broadcasts.


I thought that your show was a half-hour wonder. I enjoyed very much the topic selections that you made each night and the way that they were presented. Your show is much better than the degenerating one-hour PBS News Hour which will remain on the air. P.S. I love the name Daljit Dahliwal – it’s like a little poem of sound.


Tears came to my eyes when I heard Daljit Dhaliwal’s announcement. My wife and I have come to depend on World Focus for important news that none of the other telecast news programs, including the News Hour (which we also watch five nights a week) provide. I agree with Kathy Erickson (comment #611), Mohini Singh (#603), and others. Ms. Dhaliwal and Mr. Martin Savidge are superb in everything they do.

It would be helpful to know exactly how many more millions of dollars are needed to keep the program going. Please let us know your annual budget. Just to say “…the series still costs many millions of dollars a year” is too vague. Give us a precise number! Don’t give up on what your willing viewers might be able to do!


Imported Anglo programming garners a disproportinate share of the PBS schedule, compared to other internationally produced programming. Switch funding of BBC to World Focus. I am one half WASP.


Imported Anglo programming garners a disproportinate share of the PBS schedule, compared to other internationally produced programming. Switch funding of BBC to World Focus. I am one half WASP.


A very sad day for reporting the news…it is so important to get a different perspective on world events. Would you consider starting a specific fund-drive to keep WT on the air – I will gladly contribute…good luck!


It is with deep regret that I learned that WorldFocus is to be taken off the air. As many other disappointed viewers have pointed out, people in the USA are mostly deprived of thoughtful coverage of world affairs, and as a result, are ill-informed of matters that affect them directly or indirectly. The consequences of our lack of knowledge regarding the world around us can be seen at the highest level.

As one who grew up listening to and viewing BBC programming, and listening to the World Service while living overseas, I am well aware of the value of unbiased and substantive reporting.

WorldFocus represents this tradition here in the USA. Presenters such as Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savidge embody the highest standards of broadcast journalism. The ability to hear differing viewpoints by speakers on controversial topics is a bonus.

Like many other writers in this space, I would willingly support the program’s continuation with financial contributions. Indeed, my husband and I added our smaller Public Television station to our donation list solely because of their international programming content.

As you have seen by the correspondence in this space, there are many viewers who appreciate reporting from diverse sources. We would hope that Public Television could rise above the din of the culture wars that makes a mockery of trying to achieve an informed public.

I hope that you will reconsider the decision to end WorldFocus.


Worldfocus gave us the international news the BIG 3 won’t. April 2nd will be a very sad day indeed.


I am very upset that I shall not be able to get YOUR news every day. First, I listen to the BBC and then you. It is so interesting how you show sometimes the same story but much more in-depth. Or pick stories that are much more relevant. And Daljit Dhaliwal is by far my favorite news commentator on any TV program. I am very sad you are going off the air.


OK, this is no good. Can somebody out there please fix this. Where do we send money?


The loss of World focus is on the levet of Bill Moyers or NOW. It’s unfortunate that we will no longer see the world from the view point of foreign reporters. WF single handedly put a human face on Al-Jazeera. You will be missed.


I watched the World Focus program every day on WTIU. Great staff, great contributers and high production values. World Focus will be missed.


Just to set the record straight for the few who commented that the show/team is either anti-Israel or anti-Palestinian — you are dead wrong. e.g., check out the segment (under “Middle East”) on Hadassah Neurim’s village for at-risk youth in Israel,and how the kids from different cultures are building bright futures together across cultures. Believe me, I monitor these things closely, and with both Israeli and Palestinian producers on the show, the coverage is fair and balanced. Separately, to the WF team: I am ready to pledge and waiting for a pledge button to go up or a campaign to be announced. Please let us know what’s going on. Your loyal audience will come through.


It figures that a broadcast with complete substance would have to go. Please DO NOT take World Focus News off the air.


It is an OUTRAGE that of all the programs you offer. You had to choose the one that captured our ATTENTION in terms of international newscast. Sadder though, is the fact that Daljit Dhaliwal the only professional Asian many of us can relate and happily look forward to in the evenings will be no more. Please don’t go forward with your reckless abandon of, by far, the best professional, honest straight forward newscast on global affairs.


I hate to see you go. Please make every effort to come back as soon as possible. I will gladly make a donation to make that possible. Here’s my letter to

Dear PBS Foundation: Please support WorldFocus (, a wonderful news program covering the lives of people outside of the United States. They’re slated to go off the air on April 2nd due to lack of funding. Please don’t let this happen as we will be losing a valuable news resource that often covers news stories that are essential for Americans to see in this age of global interconnectedness.


Well World Focus, I guess it is back to the cave for us – just as we were seeing the hope of universalism and truth finding a hope. We will not give up the struggle to know and help our world. Thank you so much – you will have good karma! Hope to see you soon in another format. The PROUT GUY, Gunapie, and Neohumanism Guy say google me!!


We have just found this wonderful news program three weeks ago and am very sorry to hear it must go! This program has provided us with valuable information that is worth watching. We are all so tired of watching network news covering a golfer’s trivial love affair.


Worldfocus is the only news I watch on television. In my opinion it is the only news worth watching. This is an enormous disappointment. I suppose it is yet another reason to give up watching the stupid box. I am truly disappointed.


I discovered World Focus just a month or so ago, and now you’ll be leaving us in another month. I sincerely hope that you can find some way to stay on the air, and provide us viewers with the diverse viewpoints that are so sorely lacking in news coverage here in the USA.

In any case, thank you for the excellent coverage. Everyone on World Focus should be very proud of their work on this great news program.


When I discovered WorldFocus News about a year ago I was happy to watch it almost every night and I preferred WorldFocus over any U.S. networks and cable news. Your journalists are some of the best in the business and you brought us news around the world. I am so sorry to hear of your canceling and I will try to spread words around about your news. Thank you for you years on air.


Please change your mind about shutting down World Focus. We desperately need intelligent TV programming in the U.S. We need to get a view of the world outside the U.S. and only Worldfocus provides this on a daily basis.


How sad, that you will be leaving us. Our country needs you more than ever. You have shown us the plight of millions around the world, but with your departure, we Americans, will suffer commensurately, isolated in our ignorance. Thank you for all that you have done for us. You will be missed!


An ardent defender of Israel’s destruction of Gaza goes off the air, is the world coming to an end? No, there is still ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCFOX.

Seriously, there are some aspects of World Focus that I will miss, specifically the segments from foreign sources like Al-Jazeera, Deutsche Welle and ABC. Everything from ITV seems to be about Afghanistan, which mirrored the US propaganda channels. The subject of the stories all seem to be selected by the World Focus team, giving it a slant already (like all the ITV segments on Afghanistan). What I won’t miss are the World Focus produced segments, which usually tries to imply bringing capitalism to any 3rd world country brings prosperity, with their select interviews of urban professionals. We don’t even see mainstream news media pushing that kind of skewed stories about average Americans.

BBC Americas is still around, which I could also tolerate, plus Pacifica is easily accessible from where I am, so this just means less “easily accessible” news for me, but not necessarily less “revelation” news.


I am outraged that the persons in charge would take this wonderful program off the air. World Focus is the best news cast, I love Daljit Dhaliwal. I wanted to cry when she told us about the program taken off the air . I can only hope you find it in your hearts to keep it on the air Mary Eedahl


Sent the note below to PBS Foundation email as suggested in these posts.

Also, like others, would definitely contribute to fund-raising campaign to save WF.

“Just found out that World Focus is being dropped due to lack of funding and am absolutely crushed. Please, please, please find some way to fund this vital program.

This is exactly the type of program Americans need to gain perspective and insight into other parts of the world and to realize that the world doesn’t start and end with the US, much as the others’ news coverage would make one believe.

Since CNN caved to ratings pressure caused by Fox “news” in the early 2000’s and changed to its current fluff info-tainment approach, the US has had no source of real, hard, objective international news – except World Focus.

Please save World Focus.”


What a loss all of us will suffer when you leave KBDI in Denver. You did a wonderful job ! Best 1/2 hour news program on television !


The World Focus of 3/10, about lesser known heroes, was one of the most inspiring programs that I have ever watched on TV. PBS should find a way of saving this excellent news program.


We have recorded and watched your program every week night for quite a long time. In our opinion, you news reporting is comprehensive, well balanced, and very interesting and informative. You present views that few other news delivery systems present. We are disappointed and saddened by your departure. Are you sure that you must go? We greatly admire the reporting that has been done by Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savidge. We hope that a new venue will open up for you and that we can continue to benefit from your expert news presentations. Thank you so much.


I have thoroughly enjoyed World Focus and anchor Daljit Dhaliwal. The quality of your news stories and freedom from bias have been most refreshing. I certainly hope World Focus and Daljit Dhaliwal will return to PBS someday soon.


I can’t believe that there will come a day, so near in the future, that a day will go by without the Worldfocus. It is a vital program that should be broadcast on every channel. I am so upset that the show is having financial difficulties. There is no way that ending the show is a prudent action. What about the PBS’s mission to educate and keep informed the public? How can a show with such incredibly high quality, caliber, and insight be cut? This is beyond justifiable. I regret PBS’s decision very much. This decision casts a shadow on PBS’s priorities. Surely, there must be a way to save the program, and I am certain all efforts have not been exhausted. Please save the show and let the viewers know what they can do. Too often people feel powerless to make a change in the world, your show (particularly the stories featured today) show this is not the case. Please empower the viewers – let them know what they can do. If viewers turn away from the program or are not willing to support it – cutting the program would be justifiable. Give viewers a chance. PBS, please give support to this vital program. I SO hope it is saved. Thank you!


I emailed PBS too!
03/10/2010 :: 11:15:24 PM
Pablo G Says:

I suggest that everyone who appreciates Worldfocus as much as me email and urge them to provide the support for Worldfocus. The PBS Foundation has not provide World Focus with financial funding. It is however, empowered to rescue the show.


We will miss you, Miss Dhaliwal. I hope that you will be gracing the American airwaves again soon!

Kindest regards,
Mark Farley
Garland, Texas


Please do not cancel World Focus. We need good international news on TV.


I posted the following to the PBS Foundation:

I am very saddened to hear that World Focus could be going off the air April 2. I have been watching the program with great interest from the
time it began in my local market. I appreciate the fresh perspective it affords and the insightful comments by the guests invited to speak on particular topics. I believe that the loss of such a perspective will be very detrimental to the American public who can otherwise rarely find an “outsider’s view” of situations around the world.

I strongly urge you to help WNET find the resources to keep this program on the air. As things deteriorate around us, we need such an approach to keep our own perspective in a changing world.


World Focus is a high point of my day. Funny how much money is wasted on frivolous things like opening and closing Olympic ceremonies, African safaris to stars attending the Olympics.


I suggest that everyone who appreciates Worldfocus as much as me email and urge them to provide the support for Worldfocus. The PBS Foundation has not provide World Focus with financial funding. It is however, empowered to rescue the show.


#573 DITTO


I am very disappointed at the news of WorldFocus ending April 2. Over the last year, My parents John and Julie (78 & 79) and I (45 yoa) have enjoyed watching Martin and Daljit and hearing news from around the world. The program has certainly provided me a broad viewpoint of world news and events. The presentations have often been presented in an unbiased and informative manner that I find refreshing given the “White-Washed”, pundit ridden dribble that the networks often dish out. I hope other viewers will speak out to show how important a program like WorldFocus is to viewer like my self. I think there are many senior out there that are not online and have little opportunity to speak out.

Please Please… We really NEED WorldFocus to remain.

Best of Luck to everyone at WorldFocus and thank you for a shining example of the kind of News Program that we all benefit from.


I am bitterly disappointed that Worldfocus will be going off the air. I have long felt that there should be a station that covered news from around the world 24 hours a day covering all nations – Worldfocus was the closest TV ever came to that requirement for World understanding and ultimately peace. Our myopic view of the world is a national disgrace and potentially catastrophic. I tape Worldfocus every day and never miss a show. I simply don’t know what is to become of this world if we do not attempt to understand all of its problems and concerns. God help us.
That said — Thank you for your attempt to broaden our perspective. Please do not give up this mission.


It is truly a shame that this wonderful program is ending. It is one of the few television programs that I consider worth spending the time to watch. I am not surprised however; most Americans really do not care about anything outside their own borders.

I also should add that Daljit Dhaliwal is a superb anchor. This program will be sorely missed by me.


DARN it! Why can’t one excellent half-hour international news program be supported? That just shows how much it’s needed. The only program that regularly runs clips from Al Jazeera. Thank you Daljit and Martin and all you producers, and Channel Thirteen. You showed us what we’re missing and need. How about Channel Thirteen mounting World Focus on the Web?


I was expecting the programme would be broadcast on saturday and sunday,Instead igot April fool shocker,Can anything be done to restart world focus .This programme is educational cum entertaining. Iwill miss it.


We are very sorry to learn of the cancellation of your show. It is the only international news that provide us with a window into the lives of people around the world. We are going to miss you.


I suggest that everyone who appreciates Worldfocus as much as me email and urge them to provide the support for Worldfocus. The PBS Foundation has not provide World Focus with financial funding. It is however, empowered to rescue the show.


World Focus is too valuable to leave the air. Is there a writing campaign we can join?


Since I can’t imagine what there could be to replace the quality of the reporting and analysis of Worldfocus international news, I am crestfallen at the news of the loss of it. Wordfocus is without peer. Countless times I went to bed thinking of how inadequate would have been my perspective were it not for what I had seen and heard on Worldfocus. Profound thanks go out to you, Daljit, and to all your colleagues at Wordfocus. We can only hope to see more of your work in some other news venue in the near future.


A great shame. World Focus filled an important vacuum in our lives when our local PBS affiliate ceased its broadcast of BBC World News (since resumed). But we found WF to offer even greater depth and objectivity, and it has continued to be an important source of information about the world. I hope that some way can be found to continue or eventually renew WF broadcasting. Please tell me what I can do to make this happen. Until we meet again, fondly….


Isn’t there some way to weave into another program similar content? We so sorely need a broader outlook in this country! What you were doing was so humanitarian and educational. Please find some outlet if you possibly can.


As many have pointed out, the loss of World Focus is a great disappointment. Public television and more specifically, the American public, is loosing a great source of information that is not readily avaiable through other traditional American media outlets. World Focus programming offered balanced and fair reporting even when one did always agree with the coverage. The various negative comments posted below are evidence that the program did not always report what we all wanted to hear but it always did an excellent job in exposing the public to stories, perspectives, and realities that so often evade the American conscious. The loss of this program will not be truly felt until the timeslot it currently fills falls silent.


I join other commentators – what can we do to keep it? This does not simply inform and entertain us. We must have this unbiased and comprehensive news program because it’s the only one of its kind. Better than biased local and nightly new broadcasts, better than BBC. We don’t just want it, we need it. I join B. Gothberg where can we send funds if it will help?


I find the words …how the world sees us some of the most important in your introduction. There are many in the world who are not in love with or in awe of the United States. Even though I love my country I love even more the different perspective WorldFocus offers. What can viewers do to help? Can anything be done? Can you create a way for viewers to send comments and support to sponsors? It’s amazing to me what programs stay on the air and which have to go. I’m crushed but also want to commend you all. I loved the story on BiblioBurro and the Haitian mud ‘cookies’ even though there so many that have opened my eyes. Daljit, we love you. You are so articulate and engaging, beautiful, clear and refined. Thank you for all you’ve given us so far. D.


I watched World Focus everynight. I was shocked when I heard the announcement. Such a great program, it will be greatly missed.


The news that WF is going off the air is sad, indeed. The perspectives are most times different than on standard news networks. Contrary to an earlier post that accused WF of being anti-Israel and anti-US, I found the different perspectives enlightening. Even when stories are biased, it is critical to see other points of view to gain a better understanding of world events. I don’t have to agree with each point of view to appreciate the story.


My $100 pledge is waiting for the “Save Worldfocus” funding drive that will accept it. Will other viewers post their pledges please?


Style, elegance, intellect, we have fallen in love with you, Daljit.


I am the son of a journalism professor, and a teacher myself. Since I discovered Worldfocus in my TV listings during the summer of ’09, it’s been an extraordinary source of video clips for use in the classroom. I find that the reporting is even-handed and the pieces are long enough to get into some of the depth of the story. Unlike some of the contributors to this blog, I think the diversity of global news sources used by WF ADDS to its credibility, instead of detracting from it. The week-long treatments of critical subjects that are beyond the headlines (e.g., immigrants, indigenous people, comparative health care systems) just can’t be found anywhere else. If it were possible to pay for a subscription to Worldfocus (through the Internet? through my cable TV service?), I would sign up immediately. A big thank you to everyone who wrote, and filmed, and edited, and produced, and finally to Mr. Savidge and Ms. Dhaliwal.


This is very unfortunate! You all do such a great job illuminating the rest of the world news. The issue with news in the USA is that its always from the US perspective and mostly about the US. Americans know little about what is happening outside our border. Why don’t you guys advertise or something to stay in business. I will surely miss the program…


It is a real pity that it has to come to this decision. Worldfocus is one of the very very few News-Productions to be worth watching. Most of the networks devote all their time to worthless sensational gossip, brutality or hilarious momentum information. The end of the World Focus program will make TV watching even less attractive. Isn’t there a way to re-juvenate this program? I will donate regularly if you find a way to proceed with the program. Unfortunate I don’t have millions to donate.
The next issue is, that my wife says if you close the Bill Moyers discussions too, it would not be worth to support PBS anymore.


I was very sad to learn that Worldfocus will no longer be broadcast. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen an important news story that was very informative and unique to your program. Worldfocus is the only US news program that consistently enlightens Americans about what lies beyond our borders.


Last year I started watching world focus and was excited about the prospect of a global news perspective. I even donated money. Instead the program brought us pro-arab, anti-israel, coverage. The analysts were “one sided” to match the news coverage. With Al-Jazeerah providing much of the feed. Add to that the focus on African, Arab, Middle East soft news, excluding hard news from Latin American, and other parts of the world and you had a recipie for a quick demise. This can readily be attributed to the news director and producers whose motives were suspect at the least. Its a shame, it could have been a good news program.


It’s unfortunate that the best news program on the air today has to end due to funding. Like so many others, I watched this news program every day to get the most comprehensive information about the world around me. I am really sorry to see it go and will miss the program, and the style in which news was presented, immensely.


I, like so many others, was dismayed to find out that World Focus will stop broadcasting soon. I don’t know what other programming could replace it for less money. I shall miss the calm, measured reporting of Daljit Dhaliwal and her co-anchors. What a loss for us all.


In an America dominated by sound bytes, wire reports and pontifications of the absurd World Focus is an oasis of relevant, thoughtful journalism with a truly global focus. We can not truly understand our place in the world without the context of everything happening outside us. News of World Focus’ end is truly unfortunate. I thank everyone who is part of the program.


You have filled a large gap in what we learn about the world. We all and especially the american people badly need your kind of reporting. Many thanks for what you have given us. I hope that the futures of all those who carried your program will not be seriously damaged.


It is rare to find a truly independent source of international news, as well as the most attractive and interesting news anchor in broadcasting.
I want to express my dismay at your decision to cancel the program without making some sort of broad based appeal to your viewers. Your action will leave a void that cannot be filled by the “big three” network news programs that are bought and paid for by corporate and political interests and only regurgitate the same dull tripe one after the other. It is like a return to eating spam after being delighted with fillet mignon. Bummer!


Count me in as a loyal fan of World Focus which offers unique and significant content no other American TV station provides: human interest stories from the rest of the world. UK, one fifth the size of US, sees fit to produce BBC World News. The greatest nation on earth offers nothing even close. We can’t remain great if we choose to be ignorant of world affairs. World Focus will be sorely missed.
What is wrong with your website? How come it won’t accept my comment? This is the first time I post so I couldn’t possibly have said this before.


Count me in as a loyal fan of World Focus which offers unique and significant content no other American TV station provides: human interest stories from the rest of the world. UK, one fifth the size of US, sees fit to produce BBC World News. The greatest nation on earth offers nothing even close. We can’t remain great if we choose to be ignorant of world affairs. World Focus will be sorely missed.


I started watching almost by accident as it comes on after the Nightly Business Report, which I try to catch every night. I definitely have grown to attached to this program. It has opened my mind to so many world issues and I enjoy the content tremendously…..very saddened to hear that it is going off the air.


This program has been a regular part of my TV viewing – nightly. I cannot imagine being without it, since there is virtually no foreign news in this country, Could it be that misinformation about the rest of the world, is why we keep getting into trouble. Ms.Dhaliwal has done a wonderful job, and I will miss her clear and insightful questioning. Please reconsider returning this program to the air, once the economy improves.


The cancellation of WorldFocus is very disheartening news. The outpouring of comments on this site proves how important the show truly is. Here in the US we are sorely lacking in informative international news broadcasts. The CEO of WNET blames the recession for the cancellation, stating that this was a case of being in the right place at the wrong time. Please think again and take the comments of your viewership into consideration. This is precisely the right place and the right time to educate Americans and offer them unbiased international news. The so-called richest country in the world is the poorest when it comes to media coverage. Keeping WorldFocus on the air can change that.


The inability to secure funds is proof of the sad state of education in this country. I canceled my cable because I don’t find value in 99% of the channels available, yet I find World Focus invaluable. In fact, I thought the quality of the reporting exceeded the average Newshour and even BBC world service coverage. I am incredulous about the inability to secure appropriate funding. It looks like the decision has been made, but please consider placing the show in hybernation, not scrapping it altogether. There is nothing wrong with the format or the people in it. If you need volunteers to get it back on the air, you can count me in.


World Focus truly provides the much needed global news coverage. I’d be willing to pay a monthly fee for this news coverage along with the rest of the KLRN programming. Our family loves this channel!! Somehow we all need to unite to save this broadcast. Thanks to the World Focus team for outstanding news and current world affairs coverage!!!


This was my first week to see your broadcasts. I appreciate the perspectives and the topics chosen. My eyes have been opened to things, I had not considered, about societies around the world. Thank you.


The end of Worldfocus would be a great loss to those of us who regret the “headline” approach to non-US news adopted by the other channels, with the exception of the PBS Newshour. The cutting of newsroom budgets, esp. of foreign correspondants, is understandable in these recession times, but I thought Worldfocus had worked out a plausible strategy by relying on “feeds” from excellent foreign news agencies (DW, Al Jazeera, etc). The program has evolved intelligently and I hoped for more. I can see the need for a 7-figure long-term sponsorship, but a vigorous effort to bring in small donations perhaps would hold the ship together while the search for that Angel continues. I am a regular with PBS Newshour but will badly miss the promise of WF.


cannot let this happen!


Just got an idea! Spin yourself (World Focus) off from PBS and raise some money to become a profit making broadcast firm. I would be able to help you with an LBO through my contact in Wall Street. And Corporations may be happy to invest in you. THINK HARD ABOUT THIS DECISION. EVERYONE WILL REGRET IT.


WorldFocus is the best. I will miss you so much.


I am making a second comment after reading many other comments and listening to Ms. Dhaliwal’s talk about lack of funding. I must join others who have asked if everything has truly been done to save the show. It is unique. Gates is deeply conerned about African health issues. I would think accurate news about the situation there and similar places like the Phillipines would aid the cause. And there are others such as Soros, Herb Alpert, Newman’s Own and New York’s own mayor Mike Bloomberg have a world view. Have all alternatives been exhausted, including a special fund drive?


I want to add my voice to the many who are disappointed in hearing that your program is being discontinued. It is the best news show on tv in my book. I live in Ontario, Canada and watch on the Detroit PBS station. Best wishes to you all.


It is me again. Number 1, I will not be contributing to any PBS organizations as long as it does not include WORLD FOCUS, Back to my original suggestion, if subscribers will be expected to pay for the NY Times and do so now for the Financial Times, why don’t you try a subscriber base? Millions of dollars for quality is easy to raise. When/if you go a away, then I will not be watching television anymore.


What a loss! It has been such a gift to have World Focus. Your presentation of world news and events is by far the best available on American TV. I will truly miss you.


The news of WorldFocus demise is discouraging. The program brought fresh and alternate views of important international stories and highlighted otherwise unreported stories. My wife, a librarian, was particulary touched by the story of “The Library Man” and his “Biblioburro”. We will miss you.


I am going to miss this show so much. I am so angry that it is going off the air on WHYY TV in Philadelphia. PLEASE STAY.


World focus is interesting and breath of fresh air

How can we save this program. WNET please post a web link so we can donate for this program specifically. Please provide with some much would you need.


World Focus is a terrific program. Very balanced and informative. I just found the program a couple months ago and will miss it. Hope something can be done to keep it on the air.


One of the best show on TV. What does it say about our country when show like this get cancelled due to budget cuts.


You have been my source of decent international news for a while now, and I have introduced you to family and friends. This news is sad. I wish I could do something about it.


What a shame! It so frustrates me that most Americans don’t seem to take a serious interest in what happens around the world (as reflected by the US media). I will feel cut off from world events once again. Though I am not computer illiterate, I have so enjoyed the half hour with Daljit and world events, and will miss it so very much. Thank you for you have btought me through your program.

I will hope for a hit on the lottery so that I might help in some way!


I am so sorry to hear Worldfocus is being cancelled. It is such an important program and there is nothing else like it on television. The unique perspective, breadth of coverage, and in depth reporting is an essential aid to remaing educated about our world and understanding our global neighbors. Is there really nothing that can be done to save this vital program?


My wife and I nearly always watch WorldFocus on WTVS Detroit, where it airs at 7:30 PM, a time I think is ideal. In many markets, it airs at 4 PM or 11 PM, or not at all. It seems the program has never been given a real chance to garner a large national viewership. We will miss getting the news from the viewpoint of the many sources WorldFocus uses, and from the regular interviews.


Yes, I loved getting the news about the 6 billion plus people outside of the US. Your special broadcast tonight says it all: it was very informative and moving. I am deeply saddened by your cancellation. I feel that the I am being cut-off from the far corners of the globe. I regret to say that US news broadcasts are dominated by the daily detail of Congress and the War on Terror. Both are terribly important, however, the news from these arenas does not change that much, from day to day, and in a Copernican way you might say – the US is no longer the center of Earth. It is important that we in the US know what is taking place on our entire planet. Thank you for a wonderful year and half.


This program is a gem! Just tonight the stories were so positive and inspiring–a welcome supplement to the often horrific international news with which we must so often end our day. One billionaire with huge bonuses or corporation ceo could help keep this sort of thoughtful commercial free news off the air. It is disappointing you have not had more luck –perhaps down the road.


Your show has ben an important part of our evening viewing experience. You cover a glimpse of the greater world out there and has broadened our understanding, compassion and view of hope. We are saddened and angered that we are increasinglingly relegated to soundbites and repeated gibberish of politics and narrow vision. The dumbing of America has had another victory. How many of us could contribute $100 on line to keep you going?? Is anybody listening??


I’m very unhappy that such a wonderful show could be deleted….I turn the T.V. to something else after Focus…don’t like to watch a boring show that follows it….finance…it is well programmed, but lacks the heart and soul that World Focus has….guess I’ll just watch the nature shows again.


I’m very saddened that WF will be going off the air, I watch it m/f on KLRN-10 San Antonio, Texas, I just saw the BIBLIOBURRO LIBRARY, and glad it’s running. I love to see Daljit , the way she presents the stories, and of course Martin..
World class journalism.
Where will they go and is there a chance that WF will go back on the air, in the future??
Best regards to all of you at WF and may God Bless you and have a great life !


I am terrbily sad that World Focus is to terminate. When I discovered it last year it was a fresh and hopeful program that I was waiting for a long time to know the real news, unbiased views of the world that sadlly we miss from most other news channels these days.
Not to say that Daljit is the most beautiful and professional anchor I have ever seen in a very long time! I am going to miss you very much.
Thanks for fulfilling a part of our evening life, but I am still hoping this you will find a solution..


I am very sad about this show being cancelled. I watched it regularly and will miss it very much. What can be done to save this program.


Great program, one on which my wife and I agreed. International news is not covered by our media.

I would contribute to help keep the program alive. Surely, we all would do so.

Now about this comment from “Joan”: We’re heartbroken and oh so tired of right -wing control over the media. Just keep on keeping us stupid! FOR SHAME!!!!!

The woman obviously does not have a clue or does not know her right from her left.


There is no excuse for dropping this program. Americans are ignorant enough about the world around them, without dropping this one and only resource, of value.

Why can’t you either drop all the ridiculous personality driven cooking shows that flood the weekend and save World Focus! Make the Nightly News and World Focus a One hour show-halfworld news half US News. Too often the PBS Newshour is merely filling time.
Obviously, my household watches World Focus every day, and it’s loss will drive us from PBS right after the NJ News.
-Richard Schiff and Mary Barnet.


This is this worst of news. This was/is my golden half hour. Since I stumbled on to you about a year ago, no phone calls, no distractions. Commercial news is only good for weather and road closings. The rest of the pap is not worth watching. If there were PBS announcements between shows I believe your viewers would be millions. If money is the problem, announce it. This is the number one broadcast worth saving.


I am very sad that this so very informative program will no longer be shown. We all need to be more informed about the world and this is the only program that does it. Hope that it will stay


Could we lobby a corporation, like IBM or Apple, to underwrite this program? Who’s with me?


Your program is unique with sources I do not find elsewhere. It is also the only program I would consider financially supporting. Wish you had made your plight known earlier.


World Focus knew what real news was unlike many syndicated news shows. I really don’t give a damn about how many women Tiger Woods had or how many sports cars someone has like a lot of shows report. Daljit has real class and style in telling the stories. I will miss the show.


World Focus and Ms. Dhalival made a difference, with a genuine journalistic approach to inform and inspire us to help those in need….You will not be forgotten for you have excelled….Thank you!!!!!


World Focus is the ONLY decent source of world news in the US. We watch it religiously and I make it an assignment for my classes. We’re heartbroken and oh so tired of right -wing control over the media. Just keep on keeping us stupid! FOR SHAME!!!!!


For my wife and I Worldfocus offers the sort of above the fray coverage and unique viewpoints that are hard to find anywhere else. It’s truly a loss to PBS viewers.


(major typo corrected):
I’m sure this is not just about money,
Bush is gone, but the Reaganaut empire still
runs PBS. Somebody praised Charlie Rose, why?
He never met a CEO he didn’t love. WNET is
NOT canceling him.


American networks have slashed their foreign bureaus in recent years, and now it seems the only time we learn about events elsewhere is if American troops are involved. World Focus presented an interesting variety of news from abroad. We will all miss this opportunity to learn more about our world. I hope that you will be back in better times. Thank you all !


Only a “few million” short of what was needed to stay on the air? What a pity. From all of us out here I’m sure you would be able to raise that in a few days if given the chance. Please consider doing an online version.


I’m sure this is not just about money,
Bush is gone, but the Reaganaut empire still
runs PBS. Somebody praised Charlie Rose, why?
He never met a CEO he didn’t love. WNET is
canceling him.


world focus was such a great, informative broadcast of events around the world i will miss watching the program, and seeing daljit and hearing her beautiful voice.


I was saddened to hear that the best informative international news show is going off the air; I have learned so much in the last (18) months about our political world;this show surpassed anything else in the television news arena.


We are very disappointed that World Focus is ending. They covered news that was not covered by the networks. World news without Tiger Woods marital problems and other irrelevant topics was so welcomed by us. We most definitely will miss the broadcast. Our best wishes to Daljit. We hope PBS will reconsider ending World Focus.


Daljit; don’t quit giving the news. today’s stories about hardship were not news. as you said, some were recycled from last year. Have the bosses cut the budget to zero and told you that it will be all re runs from here on out? Your partner reports Deutsch Belle (sp?) etc are so good. If we have to see recycles from here out, please say so. Thanks


World Focus is right up there with Charlie Rose. Highly informative,educative & entertaining while stimulating the mind.I hate to see another top line program go off the air. You will be sorely missed.


Beautiful program this evening and a perfect representation of what Worldfocus is about and why we need it. What other news outlet would put together these stories about ordinary heroes who are saving lives and sustaining spirits in the poorest parts of the world.


I’m really disappointed to see this result, and hope that PBS Foundation will realize before it’s too late how important, meaningful, and unique this show is. I suggest that everyone who appreciates Worldfocus as much as me email and urge them to provide the support for Worldfocus that it (and we, as viewers) deserve.


I too am devistated. This was the only show I TIVO on a daily basis so I never missed it. The loss of this information and world view will be a terrible loss.


I lived abroad in the past and really enjoyed seeing BBC World Service and CNN International programs. It was such a breath of fresh air to get information about the rest of the world that was not simply coverage of when an American President or the Secretary of Defense or State goes to visit foreign leaders or American troops. I now teach World History at Orange County Community College outside NYC, and have taken to using World Focus segments in the classroom to give my students a slice of life outside the USA. I hope the outpouring of support on this site will convince WNET to change its mind about canceling the program. If the program cannot be changed, I hope we will see something take its place from the BBC or CNN International, which is quite different from dumbed-down CNN in the USA, incidentally. DO NOT GIVE IN to the temptation to go to light, fluffy lifestyle programming. If World Focus is replaced with a cooking or antiques program, I will just give up on WNET. You have a duty to EDUCATE the public, not just cater to their lazier impulses.


World Focus…Like the new york times You never had a kind word to say about President Bush liberating 50 million people or gave him any credit at all for the election in Iraq this week that had a higher voter turnout than the 2008 US election. You allowed all the anti American ranting to be posted but took pains to censor responses to them. Like the new york times which is also going out of business It’ll be good to see you go.


BBC worl news and WorldFocus have been my “must see” programs. Your montage of guests have presented nuanced opinions, prodded by insightful probing by Ms Dahliwal. It would be refreshing to see more imaginative culling of less relevant programs. Ch13 has prided itself on setting higher standards; perhaps Ch13 management needs culling…


This is very, very sad news. The work of your collaborating news outlets has been has been a regular source of insights and information that I simply wouldn’t have found elsewhere. I wish you had asked your viewers directly for donations when you realized you were out of funds. Thank you for giving us an outstanding and innovative program for the last two years.


I’m devastated. World Focus News is par excellence of all the news services. It connects us to the rest of the world as no other news service does. Your staff is extraordinaire. Mr. Shapiro please reconsider your decision. Have your thought of a fund-raiser to keep this wonderful program on the air? I implore you to reverse your decision. America needs World Focus News for Global is the new Local, together we are the World! Peace,


the money question always rules, “world focus” is the greatest international news offering, but americans in general have little focus other than themselves,tunnel vision is the stigma that ultimately prove destruction of the bigoted ,affluent, selfish,and all powerful american superiorty , humility is foreign to most americans that have it all !


To say I am shattered to hear this awful SAD announcement of WORLD FOCUS ending their broadcast is a complete understatement, if ever there was one! I yearn to travel but instead am housebound in a tiny rural N.B. town, due to physical disability, so for me World Focus is really a window to the wonderful world we live in, and I have not missed an airing since it began with the marvelous Martin Savidge and then impressive Daljit Dhaliwal reporting. I can’t help but think someone is making the BIGGEST mistake to give up on the BEST news program of ALL, for any reason, and I pray you might reconsider.


There’s a Bob Dylan song (“Dignity”) that may be of use at times like this.

Maybe new funds will appear. Stranger things have happened. But one also has to be prepared for other possibilities.


I was saddened to learn of WorldFocus’ impending demise. I have always been frustrated by American news’ disinterest in the rest of the world, and this show has been a most pleasant exception to the rule. You will be missed!


I am a steady viewer and will miss the program very much.


Isn’t there any way at all to save Worldfocus?? It is quite a comment on our culture that something great like this is not supported. It should be highly HONORED, not just “supported!


Distressed to learn that WF has been cancelled. We are already dumb enough about what is going on beyond our shores. I hope you can interest some congressmen to earmark sufficient funds to bridge your funding shortage. It would be money well spent. JZ


I am saddened that World Focus is going away. This program is easily as excellent as BBC coverage, which is well known. If there is any way that individual contributions can help keep this program alive (by drawing on the same reporters as NPR uses morning and evening?), please let us know. Would a different time slot, or perhaps once-a-week viewing on Friday evenings, be feasible?


World Focus is one of the FEW programs that I do watch regularly AND LOOK FORWARD TO!! Standard U.S.broadcasts rarely covers the news that WF does. I will miss it greatly!


That’s pretty bad news and very sad for America and the world. World focus was part of my evening program and gave americans a unique view in this commercial and privately owned media. It is even more sad that the country with the worlds biggest defense budget doesn’t have the money for a government financed public TV and radio. That’s all left to commercial and private interest and fantastic reporters have to waste their time with fund raising and begging for money. Public TV and Radio is adult education and if a country doesn’t care about it, then it doesn’t care about its future. I hope their is a solution to keep World focus on air but it seems there are big private fund raiser which don’t want to see World focus on PBS.


Since I started watching your broadcasts 4 weeks ago, World Focus has become my #1 goto news program among the 4 or 5 I watch every evening. Thanks for the great journalism.


I am saddened to hear about losing World Focus. It is by far the best international news available within the United States. I’m frequently dismayed to see what better news is available when I travel outside the country.


To deprive a devoted news audience of the two most likeable and accomplished interviewers( one of them a raven-haired beauty) is cruel and unusual punishment! A way must be found for WorldFocus to continue its unparalleled coverage of world events…


i just discovered this programme with much joy 2 months back as I was very much wanting to have more info and stories about the developing world. Why is it the other channels call them selves world news and have little in the way of the world events or documentaries except about movie actors downfall and cats being rescued and other nonsense. Where are the voices for keeping excellence in journalism?


I watch your program from Canada and I’m deeply disappointed that you would cancel one of the best world newscasts I’ve seen for a long time. Please re-consider. I only just started watching it recently and was very impressed with the content especially “Daljit” she is very charming.


People overseas know more about the U.S. than we do about them! “World Focus” did much to address this information vacuum for me. I will miss Daljit and Martin on my evening TV set. The program is one of the best things that PBS has to offer! What can we do to keep it going?


I rely on World Focus to bring me the news from THE WORLD not just from my own country, the US. This program is very important. Please keep telling us every night that this program is leaving the air. But, we need to know what to do. How can we help reverse this decision before April 2 arrives and this program is gone?


Watch World Focus daily at 10PM Central Time. It provides information not provided elsewhere. We are donors to PBS Channel 20 in Chicago. Is there somewhere else we should donate now that would help revive consideration of considering continuing World Focus’s broadcasing?
It is a pity viewers have not previously been approached about giving donations. We may not be rich; however, we are devoted. Dianne


Our window on the world hs been BBC, DV, and World Focus. They present points of view that we do not get from our national news broadcasts in the USA. The program is important. Your explanation for going off the air, however, has been inadequate. Is World Focus in need?–ask for contributions. Is NPR-TV the reason refusing to renew?–tell us and we will redirect our support elsewhere.


We are loyal viewers on PBS. Will there be a fund raiser to keep your broadcast on the air???


This is the best news show in America, it shows Americans about the world around them. This show is amazing and Edward R. Murrow must be rolling over in his grave. Corporate News has destroyed News. Now with this the only good news show in America going off the air, it will only get worse. I hope that PBS keeps this show on the air. If not thank you for giving me news about places and stories I would have never heard otherwise.


I am a loyal fan of World Focus and watch the program every day at 5 on PBS. It has been part of my routine since the first episode and I will be very disappointed if the show actually gets the ax. World Focus is far superior to BBC in my opinion.


I think #460 ‘A Viewer from Los Angeles’ has it on the nose. In case the station cannot be saved, all those who mourn World Focus, speak in your votes this coming election. Choose your congressman, congresswomen and senators wisely. Don’t let the disguise fool you. Once we know there are sources of other news, go to those websites daily to screen the news. LEt your congressperson and senator know that the stifling of our news sources on TV, which makes it difficult for us to have effective free speech in America. Let them know how we care about our foreign policies and want intelligent discussions of the news.

For those who live in places that do not get the BBC news on PBS. Their web links are fairly good, and contains some videos:


You have made no effort to raise contributions from viewers. PBS stations operate 24/7 with viewer contributions. World Focus is the only TV news that mentions news in other places besides DC, NY, Tel Aviv, Baghdad and Kabul. Mr. Shapiro should be fired for failing to ask us to support World Focus. is a Russian news channel online in English but it is far from covering the world as World Focus does with quality experts interviewed by news hosts.


We have been watching “World Focus” very regularly and are deeply disappointed to see the only serious attempt at showing us international news disappear. Is there anything we can do? Is it truly impossible to raise the money to keep it going?


I think Mr. Sharpiro should consider resigning.
I want all my years of contribution to PBS refunded. Mr. Sharpiro must disclose his personal political leanings and give disclosure as to whether he is capable of being objective and patriotic and devoted to America, or give first allegiance to another country.

I believe all naturalized citizens who swear in, must declare that he or she puts America first and foremost, over any other country, in allegiance. Could Mr. Sharpiro
swear that oath? If so, I rest my case.

We should argue all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary. First amendment right is violated by the disguise of a financial problem.

I remember a local PBS station suddenly announced that it would have to close in a month unless at least some millions of dollar is received in contribution. Well that special fund drive ended in success, and the station is still now running.


I think you need more exposure (ads/announcements) on the PBS stations. You are absolutely necessary in this country. Your news delivery is sane and what I love most is that you ask your viewing audience to comment on issues. The only news program that actually wants feed back and not just talking at us. There must be some foundations out there that understand how necessary it is in this country to bring the outside world in to us. America is the most provincial power and that is why the voters are so ignorant — lack of intelligent information about the world around them that isn’t filtered through the MSM. How can we all help in starting a campaign to give WF more exposure.


Set up a direct donation weblink for viewers to contribute towards World Focus’s continuation ONE DAY AT A DAY. Let us know your total budget each day needed to stay on the air. Keep us abreast with the daily pledges and donations.

Also, let everybody know how much a person, corporation or foundation must donate before they would be acknowledged publicly for supporting news programs on public TV. Let folks help you find donors from all walks of life. And let the donations be transparent, and the details behind this sudden withdrawal of donations be transparent. This is public TV. Let the viewers, and every small donor supporter of public TV, not just the big donors, know the details behinjd this announcement. In many of the PBS fund drives, I often hear that small individual donors are the major source of funding for PBS, not big corporations, not big donors, not the government. So let the millions of small donors how their money is distributed among different programs, when no specific program is designated– let’s say, with the annual membership fees.


PLEASE don’t cancel this program!!! It’s the best international news program on television.


Why is Corporate PBS cutting your strings WNET/World Focus? Too much indpendent reporters exposing empires (elite) ruling the world?
No enough pandering to Exxon, Chevron, Monsanto, Toyota, ADM etc like PBS NewsHour and Nightly business report?
I hear NOW will also be cut from PBS soon. It seems the fascists have completely taken over PBS now along with the whole USA.
Something is rotten down there in PBS/WNET corporate headquarters me thinks.
Fight the bastards. Publicly (on the air) announce to all your viewers to send money to World Focus (not PBS) and then see where you stand (with the people).
If that fails start a new broadcasting network via the web. Invite Bill Moyers and David Bastachio (sp) to join you.
Give the media back to the People! Don’t let them win so easily.
Your Scotsman.


WOW! World Focus news has been and still is currently ‘THE BEST INTERNATIONAL NEWS!!’ for the past 2 years. As I have had been looking forward to share more years with worldfocus… I am sad, distraught and worried as to why this had to happen at a pinnacle time in life to most ppl. to know what is going on globally World Focus is the best marticulate news showcase EVER!! Tops off to u and a bow :’-(… very very sad and really, really wish i had the funds to help out the show!!


Needless to say, like others have also noticed, I wonder why the decision makers did not allow us a chance to donate $10 or $20 each so that every ordinary viewer can be a direct contributor, and allow all of us to have a say in this decision.

If there are more than 300,000 followers, $10 each would give $3 million dollars. #20 each would yield $6 millions. The decision makers know the arithematic. Their decision to scrap World Focus is political, something “screwy”, something non-transparent. I don’t know what the true story is, but when it does, and the program gets scrapped, there might be a scandal in the making, like the Iraq war scandal.

This is the reason why I previously said this decision is a vote against democracy, ultimately, not a financial decision. If the history of the politics leading to Iraq is to repeat itself, those who do not want these perspectives heard might turn out to be the ones who will benefit the most from them. These perspectives benefit America, more than each and every individual viewer.

Politicians monitor their voters’ voice. Yet, how can voters give our opinions about foreign policies if the bare facts of what’s happening around the world are not available to us.

For decades, I used to never miss a night of McNeil Lehrer. I have long abandonned McNeil Lehrer most of the time, to watch World Focus and other programs. I’d say PUblic TV should cut McNeil Lehrer to half and hour, and direct funding to World Focus. That’s the only way we can keep America and our democracy strong and healthy. Public TV cannot let the personal feelings and agenda of one or a few big donors undermine American Democracy.


I agree with the previous comments that it should not be difficult to find donors to support World Focus. I suspect the claim of funding difficulties is a smokescreen for the host station retreating in the face of outright hostility toward the breadth of reporting on World Focus (e.g., comments #221 & #253). Fortunately this kind of extremist opinion in favor of censoring international news reaching American viewers is as much in the minority nationwide as it is in the comments on this page.


Please don’t take World Focus off the air. It is invaluable for its wider view of the news. I watch it every night.


I am extremely distressed to hear that World Focus is being canceled at a time when Americans are bombarded by the political pundits and it is almost impossible to get a truly unbiased view on other media outlets. It is the best program which offers news from around the world.

I am copying with the message that I am tired of losing the intelligent programing….KEEP WORLD FOCUS ON THE AIR!!!!!!


I do not watch network news, it is all rhetoric and not news anymore. It is too commercialized. I have learned more from World Focus about the important things going on in the world. You will never find those kind of news stories on any network “news”. Your show provides a vital service to those of us that value real news from around the world. I hope you can find a way to raise the funds needed to stay on the air.


This is the best US-based source of world events that we have had in a long time. It is a crime to take it away from us!!!!


I am saddened to see this happen. World Focus was 0ne of the VERY FEW programs in the US to show the similarities of lives and experiences between different cultures around the world. No matter the circumstances or situation your show put a human face on international events. Please, if possible, work to keep the show in the air. Your show helped me to dream outside the walls of my apartment and to see beyond the boundaries of my city.
-Thank you for your work but please try to stay on the air.


I regret that this news program is going off the air. I watch it on PBS Idaho, channel 26. Will I be able to see Daljit Dhaliwal on another network in the future if support isn’t found to keep world focus on the air. I watch international news more than local news, so I’m hoping there’s a way you can stay on the air.


This is very sad news, to say the least.
After living in Europe for eleven years, I came back to a real lack of world news. Only the BBC News and World Focus have been able to provide some insight into the world outside of the States. I feel more isolated without that world news.
It seems that we, the viewers, should have been given the chance to contribute to PBS specifically to have World Focus continue! Could we still do that?

Thank you!
D. Homan


World Focus has been my main source of televison news, as I watch the daily 5 PM broadcast. The international news is “top notch” – significant information that makes a difference in so many lives around the world. It is most unfortunate that this broadcast will no longer be at the forefront of television news – there will be a void. If World Focus ever decides to return (when the money is right), your audience will be waiting.


Worldfocus serves such a crucial and indispensable purpose as a daily quality US program about international news quite independant and without commercials. I watch everyday. We are citizens of the world,affected by what is happening. We badly need Worldfocus to be informed. Its disappearance will make people quite parochial.I am so shocked to see that such an indispensable source of international news might disappear.


This is a vote against democracy by public TV.

This is the ONLY program that could possibly have carried Obama’s speech in Chicago against the Iraq war BEFORE congress voted on it. And I remember very well how many people did everything to stifle our voice, and successfully so, as far as calling us unpatriotic or traitors for opposing the Iraq War before that fateful day when the votes were cast. This is the same exact feeling I’m getting now, except many times for intense.

To those who oppose World Focus for whatever reasons, if you had originally supported the Iraq war, ask yourself honestly, don’t you sometimes wish those people whom you previously accused to be “unpatriotic” had been given more voice, had been more eloquent, or SOMEHOW, convinced you that the war was a mistake BEFORE we got us into disrepute in the world, even among our allies?


World Focus is unique in the history of TV News in America. The variety of perspectives is something that is simply not available on any news program. The journalism has been of the highest standards. Which channel has come close to, or dared to present, the excellent reports from Al Jazeera (English), Deutsche Welle or Australian Broadcasting Company? Which other program would have dared to invite as a panelist Prof. Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian-American scholar on the Middle East? PBS Newshour, in comparison, is an also-ran. Surely there are foundations, philanthropies and companies that can be approached for support, which would like a diversity of perspectives and reports presented on TV? I hope you can try even at this late stage.


What can we do help keep you on the air? Have you scanned additional foundation support prospects? What about corporate sponsorship? My wife and I would still watch, even with commercials. There is, in the US, such a massive and debilitating dearth of news about the world, not the world we Americans may be inclined to invent because it suits us in some way, but the one that actually exists out there. All too often what we get on television, even on the Lehrer NewsHour, is a solipsistically parochial version of international news as construed by and for Americans. It is remarkable and dispiriting how scarce are the inward channels for news of the world as the vast and diverse (non-US) majority of human beings variously experience it. The oceans that flank us should not be earmuffs. I agree with the commenter who wrote that interring World Focus on 2 April “is unacceptable.” I repeat: What we can do to prolong your life and thereby enrich our lives and serve the public interest of this country at the same time? Please respond soon.


World Focus is too important to drop! It seems that most viewers want to help fund the program. Even if you have asked before, please re-contact organizations such as: Rotary International, UN Association, Skoll Foundation, Bread for the World, Arab-American, Muslim-American and other hyphenated-American groups, Gates Foundation, Petrobras, Toyota (they need some good PR), GE, IBM, Google and other US corporations that depend on better understanding in the world.
How can we help you to keep our world in focus?


We are deeply sad about losing your fine program. We have ALWAYS been satisfied and often pleasantly surprised with your choice of stories, and the balanced coverage. Your daily dose of international news and diverse perspectives is far too rare on American TV — and much needed. We like the format and pace of the show and both presenters (Daljit or Martin) and your regular guest analysts.

We are consistent viewers of the PBS NewsHour,and we frequently seek additional international perspectives from local over-the-air (non-cable) broadcasts of BBC News, Al Jazeera English, DW-TV’s Journal, France24, and Russia Today. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are very lucky to receive these shows via multiple local PBS/educational stations: KQED-9, KRCB-22, KCSM-60. We donate to these stations regularly to keep these programs on the air.

We will miss your program greatly, and wish you success in finding the funding to bring it back.
Thank you for the good work.


Mr. Shapiro:
“A few million dollars short”? In the world of finance today in America, that “reason” does not ring true. If it is only “a few million dollars” you should be able to find that for such a valuable program as WF. Instead of telling us how wonderful the program has been, tell us what you have done to find the financial support for the progrtam and what you will continiue to do. Show us some fight and not just a cave-in. Don’t just drop a bomb on us that the program will disappear April 2. That’s unacceptable.

Please take another look at the finances and search for sponsors. Why hasn’t PBS put money in? I am beginning to wonder what the real reasons are for dropping the program. Please give us more information, especially what you have done and are doing to prevent the demise of WF.


I’m devastated.


The end of WorldFocus will truly be a sad day for us. Since it began, I found that I was ahead of most people in catching on to trends that were happening all over the world. The diversity of cultures that I learned about from the nightly broadcasts helped me to “put all the pieces together.” There were so many times that I recognized an event in some distant place in the world because I saw it first, months earlier, on WorldFocus. Perhaps the most important effect it has had on my life is a better understanding, not of how different from us other people are, but how similar. Please tell us how we can turn this decision around!


So disappointed that I cannot find a donate now area on your website in light of my despair on the news of your cancellation. This is my new favorite show! Between your show’s perspective, the News Hour, a network program and Democracy Now, I really felt that I was getting a pretty clear picture of world events. You said that your viewership is in the 300,000 range (I think this is an underestimate), if we could all donate $10 and one of your generous sponsors could match it…. could we keep this program on the air?


This sad news indeed. First it was The BBC Word News, and now this. This is sad as getting the whole story, learning how life is for others in the world isn’t on the CBS Evening news.


Why dont you say your last program will be Apirl 1st and then make it an April Fools Joke!!! You’re making me cry. You need to save us from this world of fools by your excecellent journalism.


Your show has added enormous quality to my life and understanding of the world, and I hope that donors can be found to save this valuable resource. I am unemployed, and remaining in contact with the news of the world is very important to my sense of community and humanity. Worldfocus adds more to that by the contributions of the enterprises they draw upon than any other source that I can afford access to.


This truly is a sad day. It is indeed unfortunate that your program will no longer be available after 4/2/2010. I don’t think the average person understands the importance of world events and they affect they have on our individual lives and how well the world issues are presented by World Focus. You will surely be missed – it’s tragic what can one say – hopefully with God’s Prayer you can somehow continue to broadcast. Thanks for providing we viewers with your program. Jim @ USA


I feel world focus is a better news show than bbc world news. Please keep it on.


In a world where good foreign news reporting is
becoming harder and harder to find, my wife and
I are dismayed you are going off air. Network
news is almost valueless. World Focus and BBC
News have been our two staples. Please reconsider!


Originally I wasn’t happy when PBS dropped the BBC news from this time slot to add your show a couple of years ago. Now I have to say I deeply regret the decision of the “The Powers That Be” to drop your show. Your show gave its viewers a peek at the rest of world, covering stories no other news agency would. I can only hope for a miracle.


No….no….no…. Don’t cancel! World focus is truly the best worldnewscaster that has ever been. I’m truly sad this is happening.


your program is where I got “the rest of the story”. prime example is the story about “jihadist jane”. the prime time news programs didn’t mention arrests made in other countries. I ALWAYS have to watch “World Focus” after the prime time shows to get all the news.




It’s really incredible that the U S Public (and/or organizations that could and should lend financial support) have overlooked World Focus. In world news your reporting has been far superior to anything seen on either the News Hour or BBC News — let alone any commercial network news. If the program isn’t somehow saved it will be a very great loss.


Read Comment #200 and sent an email to I suggest everyone do the same. I hope they listen.


We can’t help wondering if there isn’t an anti-al jezeera bias behind your lack of funding. Some of your best pieces were reported by A-J. This is a very sad day.


We can’t help wondering if there isn’t an anti-al jezeera bias behind you lack of funding. Some of your best pieces were reported by A-J. This is a very sad day.


Clearly, the people have spoken. A fundraiser is called for starting with pledges, a phone campaign, a gala event for those with deeper pockets. I will gladly do whatever I can to help. This groundswell of support is encouraging and more importantly, a great story for top media reporters to cover. Surprise! Americans do care, are citizens of the world,and have the capacity to refuse the dumbing down of the news or a standard of “flash and trash.” Call on me for the phone bank and PR strategy.


Is it a done deal? I can contribute some funds to keep it on the air.


I truly hope there is a way to keep World Focus running. It will be a tremendous loss to the American world view to lose this news source since it is unlike any other.


This is the only show I watch mon-friday. It is the reason I donated money to my public tv station whyy. I hope it comes back. Every politian and any that works internationally should watch this show. Are there any grants available?


It appears that we are, once again, being denied access to a source of independant, informative and unbiased foreign news. It is difficult to believe that the sole reason for the demise of World Focus is lack of funding.


World Focus is the only international unbiased news I could find on TV. The networks are small minded and regard international news as a necessary evil. It is inconceivable that this program, which shows off what is best at the BBC, should be slated for cancellation. I appeal the decision to cancel it and to reinstate it. It shows to the world why the BBC is internationally recognised as a source of unbiased worldwide information.


I am shocked that the program is going off the air. Can anything be done to keep it on the air? World Focus and the BBC are the two programs that provide in-depth world news.


Prior to the inception of World Focus,I watched the NBC evening news in an attempt to follow world events. Since there is no comparison between the quality of World Focus coverage and that of the national commercial networks, I have looked forward each weekday to viewing the interesting and informative stories World Focus has covered. I very much hope the program will find a way to continue.


We watch the program on MPBN and will miss it very much. Maybe something of it can be salvaged.
New Brunswick, Canada


As an American, I am very much aware that our media, even our public broadcasting, fails to cover foreign news, and the failure is greatest when people are “not like we are.” The Israelis are complimented for every decent thing they do, the better and best actions of Hamas are always ignored. If our public can not learn about the world, our often bribed elected representatives will not act in the best interests of our economy or our security. We live in one world. To the extent we don’t know it, we can’t act in a way that protects our interests and does not deny others the chance they deserve to enjoy democracy, justice and trade that benefits everyone, not just the few. World Focus was not the only good source of news, but is one the ones necessary for a balanced view of the world, and its loss will be a very real tax on all Americans.


What a sad commrntary. I concur with those who are upset that intelligent, informative, international discourse cannot be afforded to viewers. We must be a stupid lot. And it is really a question of money???


You guys were the best and I’ll sorely miss the little slice of informative and thoughtful reporting that you provided for me on American television. American television news is a vast wasteland but Worldfocus was a shining light. The decision to let this show go is mind boggling. A big hug to all of you for your great work!!!!!!!!! (AND TELEVISION EXECUTIVES SHOULD ALL MOVE TO HOLLYWOOD WHERE THEY BELONG!!!!!!!)


I have just e-mailed Mr.Soros 3 times already begging to help. Will e-mail him all day if I have to …… come on folks – we have to keep this wonderful news program on the air. If U r serious & have any ideas, U can find me @ “ blog – lets talk & get some ideas & funraising going – we can do this. I just wish we knew this earlier… I love this news program.


We were extremely upset to learn that World Focus is leaving the airwaves for lack of funds. We watch a lot of news — PBS, ABC, CNN — and we rely on WorldFocus to give us a truly international perspective on the major events of the day. Your international reporting partners brought us stories, and views, that we would get nowhere else on the air. Last night, with everything else that is going on, the story on the Jordanian animal rescue was very moving. We contribute to several PBS stations, including at least two that run WorldFocus. Where else will we get this kind of coverage of both big and small events if not from you?


Best show in the air, bar none! I can’t watch everyday because the show is aired in the afternoon in Oklahoma City and hadn’t realized your critical need for funds. I will donate today and I ask you to please consider a daily announcement regarding your need for support in order to continue.


No – No – No – I will NOT accept this – U r the one & only news organization to bring me my world focus on world news. what can we do – please this is very disheartening.


I was upset when World Focus moved into the BBC slot that we watched nightly. It only took a week to realize that World Focus was a much better program. Martin and Daljit and all the guest speakers will be missed. What can we do?


There was significant carping at WNET/THIRTEEN about the costs of this show from the beginning. The knives were out. Now everyone will have to tighten their belts (reduce staff, salaries and guest honorariums) as well as solicit us for money. This show can be saved.


Where can I go to listen to world news that is unbiased? Worldfocus is my answer. I hope the network will reconsider their decision.


I have now watched World Focus only a few times and am already enjoying it. Hence my shock at hearing the news of its cancellation!. I would like to donate specifically to the saving of this program. Can somebody inform me how to do this?
Victor Le Nir


I urge the PBS to reconsider its decision to cancell the World Focus. From what I read in the newspapers, the problem seems to be the allocation of funds rather than the shortage of funds.

If that is true, I urge the PBS to recognize the unique contribution of world Focus toward American public’s understanding of the world around us.

I also feel strongly that the viewership of this program could easily be doubled or tripled if only a little promotion work is done. Increased viewership will also help to attract additional funding for this program.

Finally, I urge my fellw viewers to do what Ilyes suggested in post # 200. that is to send comments to: or CALL: WNET 212.560.1313 x2888 to register your concerns on this matter.


World Focus. An awareness of the World not seen through the narrow prism most American News Programs filter their light through. And Daljit is Beautiful!!


We find ourselves at a time when a typical news program is less about news and more about what sells, so as to feed its corporate masters. We have high school grads unable to locate Afghanistan on a map and we are witness to the “dumbing down” of our general public.
To loose a program such as World Focus is yet another blow to the gut and our world view is shrinking before our eyes. The effort to find news on a global scope becomes harder to find.
I thank you for what you set out to accomplish with this program. I am the richer for it.


I was deeply saddened to hear that World Focus will be off the air early in April. It is the only news program that I watch because it brings a different perspective about developments in the World which I cannot find anywhere else.

I hope a way can be found to continue this unique programming.


As I begin my comment, it is 12:17 a.m. here on the Pacific coast; 399 have already been placed on this site! All — ALL — of them positive and supportive in some degree of the PBS reportage of Daljit, Martin and staff. My guess is that Mr. Shapiro and the persons close to him at WNET will read each one with the sincerity motivating close to 500 public expressions ranging from regret to painful amazement! Just short of a million bucks or so, Mr. Shapiro tells us. Had PBS viewers been advised of the cold facts in advance and politely invited by their local PBS affiliates to join them (or contribute with WorldFocus specified), then this poised and insightful lady named Daljit perhaps would not have been prodded into telling those who admire her that, as of next month, her program (the discreet but revealing interviews especially) would be journalistic history! I and others I’ve talked with since last Friday simply do NOT get it. I know, thanks to seeing it daily on the screen, that there are many foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as ongoing memorial or bequest funding. As several folks in this blog have stated, perhaps this worthy, global perspective or range of facts/opinions will inspire citizens or organizations to rise to the occasion — call it STEP UP TO THE PLATE — and motivate Mr. Shapiro to shelve his regrets and happily reassure the 500+ regular viewers that a global LIGHTHOUSE will continue to beam light the public can trust to guide them past the rocks and reefs that pass as “breaking news” in much of the media in 2010. Not all metaphors are found in poetry anthologies; some fly freely. I hope this one flies to Thirteen/WNET — as part of an intense flock! We want to be fed more than a few quick details from a Sunday talk show. 12:55 a.m.


This is very sad, Worldfocus was a brilliant and needed show in the States, I will miss it… especially Gizem Yarbil’s blog posts!


It will be really sad to see you go.
Please take a week or use the last ten minutes of the program to do some fun raising and I bet you will close the gap.


I am so very sad to hear that World Focus will be going off the air April 2nd. World Focus is my preferred world news to watch in the evening. Unlike the main stream broadcast “ABC,CBS,NBC,ect”. Your world news is well scripted and Martin Savidge and Daljit Dhaliwal are a pleasure to listen to. How can I help to keep World Focus on the air?


If there is a way we viewers can contribute to keep Daljit and Martin on the air, please let us know, my check will be in the mail ASAP! We can’t lose this program!


Losing World Focus is like being thrown back into the dark ages! We need more good informative news, not the usual scandals. The only two programs on TV is World Focus and Euorpean Journal. And on the radio, it is Democracy New with Amy Goodman, Counter Spin and Right Center & left.We as a people need to be challenge mentally to solve some of the problems that are facing us as a country. We need more access to European news outlets so we can get a better perception of the world around us. What a sad state this country has come to.


Like everyone else, I was stunned to hear that World Focus is going off air. I’m truly saddened and discouraged to such increasingly rare examples of legitimate journalism pass un-noticed and under-appreciated. To whom it may concern: please reconsider – World Focus is one of very few remaining outposts of traditional journalistic discipline – don’t let tabloid TV win again – especially in an age where we cannot afford more ignorance.


I watch Worldfocus news program regularly, and I look forward in the evenings to watch this fascinating program. Worldfocus has a different perspective on world events; the deliverance of the news and overall utterance is refreshing as well. Participation of and contributions from independent news agencies from around the globe makes this program so “worldly.”

In Worldfocus, the texture of life is so global, whether it is a traditional glassmaker in Hebron, a tiny native community in Columbia in danger of demise, a bus driver in Brazil, a librarian in rural Columbia with his books on a donkey, the busy streets of Cairo, cigarette smokers in Indonesia, and so on.

Your choice of guests and experts for interviews is another strength of this wonderful program.
Daljit Dhaliwal has such a calm demeanor, and even in dealing with crises around the world, her way of deliverance brings us calm. If Worldfocus is really taken off the air, clearly there would be a vacuum in this area, and it will be missed terribly. Let’s do our best to keep Woldfocus on air.


I would like to donate to help keep this programme on air. Coming from the UK but living in Seattle I really appreciate the chance to watch news from around the world, especially the al-jazeera reports. I like the indepth discussions too – such a shame to lose this station. Can’t some billionaire come to the rescue? Very sad :(


I wish to add my agreement with sentiments previously expressed, that discontinuaton of World Focus’ important international news coverage is disturbing and deeply discouraging. I hadn’t watched television for many years, but recently discovered your show and found it an oasis in the cultural desert of American television (including much of PBS) and have watched it regularly since. So sorry. And thanks to your crew for a first rate show.


In Southern Arizona we live in the epicenter for climate change in North America and in the security corridor of the US / Mexico border. We live as close to Mexico City as we do to Washington, D.C. and therefore often see a very different view of US news than most of the rest of the country. World Focus brings us context to understand the rest of the world’s border areas, transmigration, militarization, and poverty. Tucson, Arizona today has 20% unemployment. World Focus proved that it is capable of providing news analysis, not just mere reactions of people affected by events. The travesty is not just that we loose the capacity to inform the public with the demise of World Focus, but that we expect the private sector to fund this public service instead of a public news broadcast drawing on public monies. That only foundations, which are literally created from the largess of corporate America, could finance the broadcast is a sign of why we will not have international news with feeds from other reputable services. The superb team of news reporters are to be commended. My job as an education coordinator foran NGO that supports the United Nations, just became a whole lot harder. Vitriol in reporting is easily produced, but accuracy, cultural awareness, and professional reporting is becoming a rare attribute of news reporting in the United States. I personally hope the reporters and head newscaster will be able to continue their excellent work in different venues.


I was shocked this evening to learn that this news service is to be taken off the air. A service, in my opinion, was THE best unbiased coverage of national and international news. It was unthinkable just a few years ago that reports from Al Jazeera would be aired on US TV. This was such a refreshing departure from the constant parochial coverage one comes to expect in the US. Having grown up in England where one routinely receives a balanced mix of home and international news, I am still amazed after 20 years living in the States how ignorant many people in this country are about the world passed her boarders. How can this great nation come to grips with international issues if the very people who empower our administrations have no idea what’s going on further than their backyard? I can only hope that someone, somewhere with money and a desire to keep this nation well informed will step up to the challenge and keep this service on the air.
In the meantime thanks Daljit and Martin for your excellent presentation – you have both certainly raised the bar. We now know it can be done!
Martyn Griffiths


When TiVo first found World Focus for me and before that Foreign Exchange, my wife and I really fell in love with these two programs. I was sorry to see Foreign Exchange leave the air, but I still had World Focus to fall back on. However, now World Focus is leaving as well. I think this is a big loss for OPB (and PBS in general) to lose a program of such breadth and quality as World Focus. I have already sent an email to the programming department at WNET, and I am again voicing my opposition here to the discontinuing of World Focus.

To anyone who has a say about whether this show stays or goes, please reconsider your decision!


What an incredible loss to the world. Surely you can at least try for subscriber support like NPR in the US does, yes?


Worldfocus going off-air is not an option! I think the program should be viewer supported. I would certainly contribute to keep this great program on. Worldfocus is by far the best world news coverage today in the US and I tell many my friends about it. Daljit and Martin have been doing a fantastic job and it has been remarkable to see the show and the hosts grow. I have been a huge fan from day (mostly on line) one and would hate to see the show go away. I urge all viewers, who are sad or who would miss the show, to act now! It is time for action!!!

PBS should allow the viewers to contribute to the show to keep it on! In addition, I believe the show needs to get greater exposure, through some reputable advertising (on PBS, NPR, etc.) to increase its viewership – the membership base. Please keep the show on! If the show must go off PBS, I hope it stays on line or you are able to find another host TV station right away. Moreover, how about partnering with another company? Google???? CNN? I hope this terrible news is just a scare and you are able to find a way for viewers to have a chance to save the show. I am ready to give my support to Worldfocus, please let me know how. I hope we have a chance to view the program for a long time to come.

Thank you, Daljit and Martin. You have done an excellent job and I am most impressed by Daljit, whose reporting and interviewing are now excellent. Good luck and Thank YOU!


A very BIG fan of World focus and you guys will be missed. American really needs it. Thank you.


I am astounded and terribly sad to have learned this evening that WF is going OFF THE AIR! I love this show, with its careful reportage from & about many places around the world, and often catch the late night WNET broadcast if I miss the earlier one.
I very much also appreciated seeing the news items put together by other international new outlets, and I appreciate the delivery of the presenters.
There is little on PBS that I will miss more than this program; I often skip the Newshour, and definitely Charlie Rose, but try not to miss this show.
And I NEVER watch cable news.


What can I do to prevent you leaving the air waves? I can contribute some funds. Your broadcasts are very important at a time when journalism is being cut back in all media. Without your voice we (Americans) beome more isolated. Please do not leave the air.


This has always been a regular show for my wife and me, we will miss you. I know of no other show that covers world events as well.


We are most disappointed to hear World Focus is to be discontinued. We look forward to the reports each evening. It is information simply not readily available elsewhere. One of the purposes of public broadcasting is to bring unbiased views of what is happening in our world and not just here at home. That mission will be weakened when you are gone and public broadcasting will be less than it is now. What can we do to help?


That the imminent demise of your WNET “World Focus” news program
is troubling and disconcerting to this loyal viewer. I feel that the
broadcast is just now reaching its stride and developing its audience after only a relatively short number of months on the
air. There is no question that World Focus has developed the
impact as the premier production of PBS flagship WNET and there
is also no question that World Focus has no peer in reporting the
world news to America, with the sole exception, possibly, of the BBC. The educated and thinking people and the decision makers
of this nation need a broadcast digest of international news with
the in-depth, cross-cultural analysis, that only a news service with
affiliated reporters probing events in many countries can supply.
Without exception, the North American commercial television
networks no longer do this, nor can economically do it. The news
bureaus of the commercial networks have either been closed or
severely reduced in staff around the world. Furthermore they don’t
have the time or resources to explore the international stories that
we need to know about in depth. While NBC, CBS, and ABC are
good news digest services, with their concomitant exploration of
many “feel good stories”, World Focus is really reporting on and
exploring international events in depth. Our nation needs to have
someone doing it! Analysis of current events died at CBS with the
passing of Eric Severeid. NBC relegates it to Sunday mornings.
And all of the networks will be relegating more air time to a good
sensational crime story than to international events that may come
to bear on the course of our nation, not only in foreign policy
decision making, but also with respect to formulating our priorities
at home. We need World Focus because we need the international
view not only of the current situation in other nations, but to see
and understand how the world sees us on the international stage.
The passing of World Focus, if it comes to pass, will be as lament-
able as the passing of Murrow. Our nation is already losing our
some of our major metropolitan newspapers at the rate of several
each year. On-line news sources and blogs just can not fill the
void. We need the intellectual exposure to international reporting.
Where else can we receive the diversity of actual reports being
filed, in their entirety, from the world’s news-gathering services.
If we will no longer be privy to this information, then who is?
This nightly viewer will miss it. And in conclusion, may I compliment the great professionalism and especially interviewing
abilities of both Daljit and Martin Savitch, and also that of the
producers who have been able to consistently line-up the quality
of news analysts who have enabled us to understand world events
through the insight of knowing what they were talking about.
In a world where funding is often thrown at the most frivolous events and eccentric themes, it seems strange to this observer that
our nation can’t garner sufficient philanthropic support for the
vital lifeblood stream of information critical to our democracy.
As an individual who has devoted much of his life to work in both
public education and the broadcast media, I can especially
appreciate this lamentable turn of events. Thanks so much WNET
for what you have recently sent into our living rooms through
World Focus!
Michael F. Ryan – Denver
(Member Colorado Press Association, National Press Photographers
Association, teacher, former Public Television producer)


I am very sad that you are going to discontinue World Focus. I am a regular viewer and will miss you. Great job. Hope to see you back on the air soon.


This is very sad news. World focus is my preferred news program. Al-jazeera, Deutsche welle, ITN all have very interesting programs. I keep hoping more funding will be found soon.


If only we the viewers knew how much money was needed to raise in order to continue broadcast for the next year. Is there a chance the donations could help keep this show alive? I, for one, am willing to make a donation in order to rely on World Focus as my primary source of news. It isn’t over until it is over. Please World Focus, tell us how much money is required for continued broadcast.


I don’t want you to leave us. Your presentation of world events is by far the clearest, most un-biased and far reaching on the airways. What can I do to help you remain. Ray Calloway


This is a terrible loss. There is simply no credible international news on US television besides World Focus. Please don’t give up.


My wife and I have been watching ur show for some time every day. It can’t be, such a quality perspective of the world will no longer be presented.Hope there is a way to continue to present your vision to us in the US, there is a tremendous need for it…


I just don’t understand how PBS came to this short-sighted decision…
With all the crap out there (on PBS included), it was refreshing to hear points of view from so many varied sources (ITV, Deutsche Welle, Al-Jazeera).
It’s truly unbelievable that such great programming as “World Focus” cannot be funded!!
I will truly miss my nightly news sessions with Daljit/ Martin and company.
Please reconsider this terrible decision.


Just when we need it most to help understand how world events impact us. Please find a way.


This is very sad news, indeed. I’ve been a loyal viewer of the online version of the show since it’s inception, and I’ve always enjoyed this program’s excellent coverage of world news events. Your educational and informative reporting as well as your keen interest in presenting news from a host of global partners will be sorely missed. You’ve definitely raised the bar in world news programming in the U.S., and I hope that you will return to broadcast in the near future. Thanks and best wishes to all involved in producing World Focus!


We are deeply saddened to learn of World Focus ending its broadcast in April. We have come to look forward to the program on a nightly basis as it has provided us with such rich insights into the way the other as you have said 6.5 billion live. In depth international news is so necessary yet so lacking in the media. You have done an outstanding job filling that void. PLEASE have some sort of fund drive specifically for World Focus programming. We are sure you will have an outpouring of support. You can count on us! Thank you for your excellent and professional coverage.


as so many have asked is there anything we your loyal viewers can do to keep World Focus on the air. World Focus is unique in bringing to the US public an ‘other’ view of the world. the US media is infamously provincial, we desperately need this daily dose diversity.


This is America’s premier world news if we lose this program the United States will lose it’s only truly world class television news program and the only world coverage akin to the BBC.


Nooooooo! You can’t go! You are our only U.S. connection to this new global world! If you leave, all we have is the BCC and that is just wrong! I pray you find funding.


Portland, Oregon Ms. Dahliwal and her staff have sustained a fine alternative on OPB’s l0-3 when the Newshour includes, as it did tonight,nauseating and obviously attention-getting images of corpses being hauled to mass graves as the Christian vs. Muslim conflict in Africa continues. In this house, we call it “the condor watch,” all too familiar on tv even here in “The City of Roses. It’s pledge week again, but as much as we admire Jim Lehrer and Gwen Ifil, the possibility of a “You Make It Possible” gift is, to put it politely, slender now that “WorldFocus” is doomed and Bill Moyers exits. Tonight, Dahlwit included a few minutes on pandas and a glimpse of dogs being adopted. What a contrast to mass burials and other “in your face” fresh(if rotting flesh is “fresh”) proof of the ancient maxim “Man is to fellow man a wolf.” Yes, WNET stands for truly fine televised journalism; how can it justify deleting a key part of it? Please reconsider and put Ms. Dahlwit in a position to announce that you did! THANK YOU FROM VIEWERS LIKE US.


I was very saddened and disappointed to hear that Worldfocus will be cancelled. I have grown to really appreciate and enjoy the broadcast as part of my daily quest for in-depth international news coverage. For me regular U.S. news coverage has always been pre-packaged and not very informative on the international level. Worldfocus always provided the most current,daily and in-depth reporting coverage that stood out from the other network news sources. The stories are always relevant to that days particular issues and Worldfocus also delivered special stories on issues that missed the front pages of most news organizations. Thankfully the internet provides many avenues for individuals to pursue in-depth international news on a daily bases. I can still fall back on the BBC, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera English and other international sources of news.
Worldfocus can be very proud of its accomplishments as an American news source for strong international news coverage and providing highly professional journalistic standards. I will be hoping that the program can be saved because you will be missed.


World Focus is my only evening news I watch. I can’t tolerate my local news and those talking bobble heads. Please have a fundraiser for WF and I will donate to it.


This cannot be allowed to happen. Are you going to try to have an emergency fund raiser? Please don’t go without a fight.


We U.S. citizens should be being exposed to much more international news than we are. It’s a great loss that this informative, well-structured program is being lost through lack of sponsorship. While free-market capitalism has served us well generally, we too often have let it deprive us of foreign exposures that would broaden our citizenry. How we will miss the education that Worldfocus offered. Even so, thanks to those of means who supported it for it’s short two years. They understood our national need.


You cannot leave us to those nutcases at Fox. We demand better and have come to expect it.


World Focus is a composite view of our world one day at a time. We, Americans, need to learn of our international neighbors for our personal education and understanding of interrelated events that happen globally. This show should not be canceled, and I seriously debate whether to renew my pbs support if this show is gone.


I don’t want to accept this. I don’t have deep pockets, but I would absolutely pledge a certain amount per month to keep World Focus alive. What if you could get commitments like this from other viewers? Is the hole that deep? Please do not go away.


I am so sorry to hear World Focus is ending. Since finding you a year ago, I have come to prefer your program to the BBC America and the News Hour. We need you now more than ever. As others have asked, what can we do to help keep World Focus on the air?


I am a regular viewer of World Focus, and I am very sad to hear of these financial setbacks. As a college student, I am unable to afford cable, so PBS programs like World Focus are my only means of viewing the world around me. There is a very different understanding that comes from viewing information as opposed to reading about it. When we are able to see and hear others’ stories, we are able to empathize with victims, celebrate accomplishments and understand other points of view. The American media diet is so full of programs that are reflections of ourselves, so any program that profiles life around the world is vital to protect. World Focus really is a small fish in a big pond, but perhaps this crisis will serve to encourage viewers to tell their friends and family to support PBS. I will be letting everyone in the journalism school at my university know about the sad state of public broadcasting. I know not everyone can donate, but everyone can do something! The integrity and scope of newsmedia is in serious jeopardy, so lets not let a great program be cancelled!


I was shocked to hear my favorite news program World Focus is going off the air. I agree with other commentaries, a fundraiser exclusively for this show is desperately in needed. I would air it during the news hour.


I was “hooked” from the very first viewing of World Focus over a year ago. Lovers of World Focus must unite to keep this program alive!


an important window to the world will close unless we can prevent it; World Focus asks the questions and covers stories that will never be aired on most other news programs—News Hour’s demise would be far less a loss; how can W.F. suddenly come out of favour??? Who’s deciding this and whats the real reason??


It is a great shame that a PBS news program gets the ax so short into the run. Daljit and Martin were excellent, unbiased professionals that upheld journalistic integrity in a world of cheap, exploitive media hacks masquerading as reporters.
World Focus was a fresh, exciting view of the world that is non-existent in the cnn, fox, and network broadcasts. It will sadly be missed.


It is a sad day and a dangerous sign. We are losing our international news reporting. The networks are diversions of mediocrity of the highest order. If PBS stations can find funding to continue airing their inane comedy shows year after year after year, musical performances by elderly performers whose audience has been long gone for decades, self-help gurus why can’t they find funding to produce real news. America becomes more isolated when we lose international news programs like World Focus. Shame on Public Broadcastng.


This is the best news show on T.V. It is so nice to see something interesting and not just talking political heads.


Whenever I listen to World focus I am very proud to be an American…having lived outside the USA I found people who thought our media rather shallow and lacking in seriousness about the rest of the world.No other news program compares to World Focus for professional, thoughtful and respectful coverage of our international connection to all people.It just cannot be discontinued.


This is sooo wrong. What an absolutely fabulous, unbiased, news source that I enjoy 3 – 4 times a week. With all the junk/stereotyped news shows on TV, World Focus News is so refreshing and newsworth I for the most part have stopped watching the “big three”. I hope it can be saved.


Sad, it will be missed.
What happened to the funds already raised? returned or diverted to other pet projects?


It is sad, and a true loss. I too would contribute to keep it alive. Is it a possibility for another PBS system to take this show over? Oregon Public Broadcasting? I hope something can keep this important program on the air.


I watch World Focus 3-5 times/week – more regularly than any other show on cable television. It is the primary reason now that I subscribe to cable services that include PBS stations. I can afford to give a little money to this show. But World Focus really needs a big honest sponsor or two for forward momentum. This show really must survive! It was such a breath of fresh air in America when it arrived….


Daljit Dhaliwal and the World Focus reporters give us a perspective that is utterly lacking on American Broadcast news-which a friend told me was preoccupied with David Letterman and his extortion problem on this evenings broadcasts. As good as the PBS Newshour is, they do not come close to your unique worldwide look at issues that few Americans find on their evening news-yet directly impacts our lives.

What can we do to save this program?

Alan H. Rosenberg, Los Angeles


We are regular viewers of World Focus and are utterly taken aback that it will be taken off the air. We hope that this is a temporary setback and that World Focus will return!


NOOOOO!!!!! This is terrible news!! Who else will help fight America’s ignorance of the entire world? HOW CAN WE HELP SAVE YOU???? This was one of the best shows that has been created in a long time. TELL US HOW TO HELP YOU!


WHAT CAN WE DO. We have almost a month. Something can be done if the networking is done correctly and the will is there; let us help if there is any way at all. This show is too important to get killed off like this.

Travesty if there ever was one.


It is a great error in ending the broadcast of “Worldfocus”. We need more programs dealing with international news, not less. “Worldfocus” is my favorite news program out of “Lehrer News Hour”, “Russia Today”, Deutsche Welle”, as well as “NHK News”. The production value is excellent. The news is pertinent and diverse. The host, Ms. Dhaliwal< is intelligent, warm and welcoming. Every effort should be made to keep a program such as “Worldfocus” on the air permanently.


What a tragedy! How could PBS kill off one of its best programs?. I suppose a good news program is a lot more expensive to put on than yet another episode of “As time goes by.” But what is the point of Public Broadcasting if it cannot afford to produce quality programs?


We were literally shocked to hear that WorldFocus is being cancelled. This program is our #1 program for accessing international news. it is much better than BBC America, and we have enjoyed Daljit Dhaliwal’s talented delivery and interview skills from her very first assignments in ITN. Even though we are retired and are living on limited income, we would INSTANTLY contribute $100 if this would help to keep the program on the air.


I am really sorry to hear that April 2 2010 will be the last broadcast. I have appreciated the in-depth and truly ‘world focused’ news from World Focus. It will be sorely missed.


What a tragic commentary on the electronic age–ever more entertainment and ever less thoughtful journalism. Surely someone in corporate America can see the wisdom in funding World Focus.


I have only started watching Worldfocus a couple of months ago. I don’t watch much TV, PBS or other, but was turned on to this show thanks to your hosts appearances on Morning Joe. It takes time to build a viewership, but not to teach us. Its not only the facts, which are splashed in face everytime I visit Yahoo. Its seeing the world (and ourselves) from other’s eyes. One small example is seeing Al Jeezera providing world class reporting on our doorstep (Haiti). You have enriched my life. Thank you.


As a loyal viewer, teacher, and social justice advocate, I am very disheartened by the news of the program going off the air. With every opportunity given, I have highly recommended World Focus to students, teachers, and friends. Your format is objective, factual, and to the point. Our country will inevitably miss the exceptional professionals whom you select to comment on the current issues our world faces daily. Other news stations lack the willingness to confront the atrocities commited in the name of progress. World Focus has been a candlelight of truth in the darkness. When the flame is extinguished big media influences will prevail and we will go back to mindless scripted news that entertains. Your staff has been outstanding. For what its worth, my prayers are with you.


World Focus, the BBC and PBS Newshour supplement each other beautifully and we shall very much miss your part in our evening TV.

Is there no hope for adequate funding??


The news that World Focus is to cease broadcasting in April for lack of funding is regrettable, indeed sad, for what is says about our ability to support this unique forum in the current economic situation. This brief half-hour news program throws a spotlight on important human issues not covered elsewhere. By focusing deeper, stories and issues are explored on your program that aren’t even mentioned on the major networks. And always with an intelligent and compassionate balance. For that reason I know we the audience share the view that World Focus is appreciated in a different way than are other worthy news outlets. I’ve come to find its input essential to a clearer view of the world we live and die in.

It’s clear the program needs to outlast the current economic downturn and the twin difficulties it brings – the more local focus of the American viewing public and the tighter purse strings of benefactors. As the recovery grows, one can expect both the audience and the funding to grow for the kind of news coverage you are providing.

A viewer was quoted as asking what it would take to keep World Focus on the air. I join that viewer and ask the same question: What would it take? I ask the program’s producers to share this and other information, including the fund-raising situation, with your loyal audience and see if there is yet a way to keep you on the air. Because your departure would create a void no other media outlet can fill.

If we the audience are 300,000 strong, we are motivated. But we haven’t been solicited. A mere $10 from each would raise $3,000,000, $15 would yield $4,500,000. This in an era when Public Television regularly solicits $50 and $100 contributions from the general public. Please do the math and draw the appropriate conclusion!


We have just discovered your presence each evening. World Focus, the BBC and PBS Newshour supplement each other beautifully and we shall very much miss your part in our evening TV.

What will it take to keep you running??


I’ve read every comment below. Some good ideas there. But I also read about Neil Shapiro (former NBC News) doing the cancellation.”Funding problems” –WNET/PBS is not a commercial network so who pulled the funding (so we can boycott them), but also, maybe, he cancelled World Focus because it competes with his wife’s work at ABC News?


Oh my gosh! I just discovered you and now you’re leaving. How disturbing. Upon returning to the states after living abroad for 4 years, where I received my news via BBC, I was appalled to view the contents of our 3 major networks. With all that’s going on in the world, taking time to report on the Grammy Awards is an example of the true effort by the power-seekers to dumb down the American people. How is it that I received better news while living in a least-developed, very poor country than I get in this rich and powerful nation? This scares me very deeply. Please try and return to the air at some point.


Exactly what would it take to keep you on the air?


I have so appreciated your program, and have been very fortunate to be able to watch regularly. I too agree that we need more international news, not less, and that your program really filled that need. I thank you for your efforts to illuminate the events happening in the world, and feel you have done the public a service while you’ve been able to be on-air. Thank you again, and I wish you all the best.


I come for the second time (I was #145 yesterday). This makes no sense! Who is making such a flawed decision? I see those who are currently sponsoring the program. Do they not see the value? I hope those who have the decision making power will reconsider and find the money to keep WF on the air. It is by far the best thing going. Daljit and Martin are fantastic. The team behing them are great as well. I know the money is out there. Please show them our outrage and plea for continuing the broadcast. This is a thinking persons news broadcast. Do not let it go off the air.


Please don’t cancel the show! This is the FIRST news program I go to for news. We can’t get this news anywhere else. It is vital to staying informed about the world.
Please find a way to keep it on the air. Thank you!


I can’t believe it. Infact, i dont want to believe that this show is not going to continue. A good show like this doesnt deserve an end like this, the show must go on….


A serious loss to your viewers and I doubt that a programme of your quality will find its way back to the airwaves. Our Thanks and Best to all of you who have provided us with different insights to the world in which we live.


Yes, IT IS SAD news.
I saw your very first broadcast while channel surfing and have watched nearly every program since, or set my VCR. I also never saw WorldFocus advertised.
One of my favorite moments is last Summer when you broadcasted ITN on the Iranian elction showing that Karroubi had indeed attend Friday Jummah as instructed by Khamenei –when BBC/J.Lyonne(sp?) had expressly lied and said Karoubi didn’t. Good job!. Another, on Monday when you reported that Barak said Iran “is not an existential threat” to Israel. Nobody else did !
The Nutwork news and entertainment shows are not just a joke…they are an insult. Lead story on all three nutworks: “babycribs” recently and on Monday they carried “soda-pop in schools”. This and other junk that belongs in the women’s magazines –NOT the nightly news. And stories that belong in the motorcar magazines. And so forth.
With all the media and choice options available, having 1 per thousand viewers among the American population is acceptable, especially when any society has only a 10% rate of intelectual actives looking for information.
You have done better than PBS-Jim Lehrer and the BBC. In my opinion, your only close competitor is Deutsche Welle.
I do hope you find a backer to keep you on-air.
Sincerely, Hasan


not only are we disappointed, but we have a good mind not to suport public television anymore. we depend on worldfocus, NOW and Bill Moyers and the Nightly News to keep informed. without all of those programs the world is a sadder place and PBS is not fulfiling its promise to the public that cares.


Please add my name to the list of viewers protesting the removal of this fine program. Americans do care about world events, it’s just that we have been insulated from them for the most part. World Focus was/is one of the few sources of news from abroad and of the few, it is the very best.


I have been watching World Focus for only a short time and have become attached to Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savidge. They are both world class journalists.

I contribute to PBS but never would have thought that World Focus was experiencing financial hardship.

Good bye and God bless you dear precious people who have done such a fine job.


I am very sorry to lose your program. We need more international news not less.


I watch Worldfocus every day (on my Tivo schedule). I watch many different news shows, and Worldfocus provides very informative news that is fair and unbiased. I hear stories on Worldfocus that I never hear anywhere else. I will miss the shows’ fair and honest reports of the news. I wish more news shows were like yours. I hope the funding difficulties are resolved quickly!


Thank you for telling us the real news, I hope your future enterprises meet with the greatest of successes. If I can be of any help please ask.


I want every voice to be heard. How can my small contribution be most effective.


World Focus is being axed by WNET (New York) which
owns the production company. WNET is a bad guy here, write WNET, let them know we don’t
hardly cotton ta that and that quite seriously
ifn they don’t smile when they say what they say pardner, and ifn
they don’t take back them words includin
“canceled” well then there’s gonna be
big trouble in River City!


Yeah, this really is awful news. I’m hoping, at least, that Martin Savidge continues his weekly Blogtalkradio specials, and hopefully lets Daljit Dhaliwal contribute. If there were a tip jar or a donate button or some way to donate directly, believe me, I’d be sending a couple hundred your way right now…

@KXB who posted comment #234: In addition to the cancellation of Worldfocus, there is also the cancellation of Now on PBS and the impending retirement of Bill Moyers. Hope that helps answer your question.


A total disaster for us!Is there no way a good objective news report can last in this country? What is happening to our society when only themes like Tiger Woods, the Oscar winners, celebrities etc. dominate the “news” and the important news in the world is only given scant attention?


It’s upsetting to learn that World Focus is going off the air. My family plans the evening around World Focus and its intelligent programming. We hope that something can be done to reverse the decision.


I would like to believe that this is not a done deal! What would it take (short and long term) to make World Focus viable? I strongly believe a long term solution could be found in WF’s alliance with the very networks it collaborates with, i.e. ITN, Al-Jazeera, Deutsche-Welle, etc. Is there no way WF can leverage these partnerships to help sustain itself long term. As for the short term, instead of approaching the Gates Foundation as others have suggested, why not approach Bill and Melinda directly as well as George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Sir Richard Branson? This program is far too valuable to just let it go away!


I am so sorry to hear that your informative, lively and positive newscast was selected to be deleted from our information network. I always looked forward to hearing you and hope that we may make special contributions to save your outstanding reportage on our less than perfect world. I hope that you and your team will just keep trying and that we will see you both again in the near future. I loved your format and that you always chose to present us with the more positive news near the end portion of your show. I would always contribute specifically to your continued life on channel 13 and 21 if something were organized. You did make a big difference to so many of us!!!! Good luck to all of us!!


World Focus reporting gave the viewers a totally different slant on current happenings & often was the only TV venue for international news the US broadcasters ignored…just like Tin Roof Turkey Hill frozen yogurt (my favorite flavor), the powers that be are making it unavailable…sigh


The loss of your program will be a tragedy for the American people. We
are confronted with frivolous stories constantly on the other networks. We
need to find a way to keep your program on the air. Please let your fans know how to help you succeed.


Please, please, we need you. Finally, by catching World Focus, we can know what is really happening in the world. Losing all of you and your excellent reporting is hurting, already!


Dear Ms Dhaliwal-
You should have had a segment where you talked about how much an antique steam iron is worth or a real interesting old handkerchief. PBS loves junk like that.
Sorry to see you go


The decision to cancel World Focus News is devastating. It is a great source of needed information. What can be done to reverse this? We are willing to contribute directly to this cause. Is someone organizing action?
How can we help?
Frank & Loraine


I will dearly miss Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savidge after years of enjoyment. It was an automatic after PBS Newshour. I love your breaking and reporting of stories too edgy for pablum news shows. Unbiased, straightforward and honest is how I think of you guys, no slant, no spin, never sold out! Tough weekend with Bill Moyer closing up shop as well.


Adding my name to the many who will miss this unique newscast. Mainstream news has become more like a talk show fronted by pretty faces in order to further “entertain” the US public. It’s no wonder the US is accelerating in its decline. Without such programs as WF, we will all be just that more ignorant about the rest of the world. Please reconsider. In any event, I will read WF online as I do with most of my news. Good luck to the crew, and thanks.


What will it take to keep this program on-air? I appreciate your use of other news sources such as al-Jazeera English etc. The stories you present are so human. It shows Americans there is nothing to fear being linked to the rest of the world through broadcast such as WF. And while not your intention, WF highlights the propaganda we live with in our mainstream media. So we really need WF to stay.


It’s disappointing to hear the bad news. Martin Savidge and Daljit Dhaliwal are the public faces of the program, but it’s also unfortunate for all the unseen staff.

In a BOWLING ALONE world, the show sort of acted as a global “electronic commons.” Though a broadcast (1:300,000+/- ?), most viewers (perhaps because of limitations best explained by evolutionary psychologists) probably felt the ratio was lower (e.g., 1:10 or something) and will genuinely miss the show, however irrational that may be.

The show’s approaching departure may not be a shock to many viewers: not because of the quality, but because it was sort of trying to swim upstream.

Good luck to everyone next month (the show isn’t over yet), and hopefully any stress will be manageable. The show is appreciated.


I looked forward to watching World Focus every evening for news content that wasn’t available elsewhere. It is very unfortunate that the lack of funding is leading to the end of this fine program.


If anyone else would like to contact the Gates Foundation and ask them to consider helping to meet WF’s funding gap, their general email is:


I was very saddened by the news that World Focus is to go off the air. It offers a unique international perspective on world news, as well as measured and informed analysis of a kind that is far too rare in today’s media. The interviews provide information and considered expert assessment rather than the opinions one usually gets on TV, and is not as biased as most news commentary is in this country towards purely American interests and American preoccupations. I watch the program regularly, more so than any other news program, and find it offers a very valuable complement to what I read in the newspaper (mostly New York Times).


Your show is the only news worth a damn, and I watch it every night. I will gladly contribute if there’s any chance of keeping you going. Please let us know what we can do to help.


It is very sad and unfair that the international news are going off the air. It shows that our big sponsors do not care about giving us the window into the world. I am a Thirteen member, and, of course, I do not have millions and even thousands. Best of luck to the whole team.


This program has be fought from the beginning as media control in the US works like old Russia just with pretty make up. Yes, the recession has teeth but the price to democracy for letting this program go is very high. What was the cost of 69% of American’s believing Saddam Hussein was behind 911? We need to get the priorities straight here especially in this time of American decline.

I ask PBS and/or a sponsor to find those few millions in the name of democracy.


It saddened me to hear at the end of tonight’s broadcast that World Focus News will end shortly. World Focus’s news pieces go where no other news does. You have given us an eye and ear to stories from around the world that go well beyond the day’s headlines. You have given depth and humanity to the stories covered that no other does. I will, in particular, miss Daljit’s interviews and round table discussions. She can ask those questions when needed that do and should raise the heart rate of the one being interviewed.

Hopefully, financing can be found to continue the show. If not, for me, there will be a very large void at 6:30 p.m. after a long day’s work. Thank you to the whole World Focus team.


It is quite disappoiting to see the world focus go off air. Wht does it take to continue this program? Please let know.

Thank you,,,


We are so very sorry to learn that you are closing World Focus News. We watch your news every day and much prefer it to BBC World News. Is there anything we can all do? Your program is excellent in its reporting of international news. EXCELLENT……EXCELLENT


NOOOOOO… What can we do?


What a disappointment. This is a program that this country needs so badly.


World Focus is the only non-mainstream alternative on TV reporting on World Affairs. Your comprehensive and balance reporting on all topics, even controversial, is exemplary.It is difficult for me to understand why the lack of support. Do I need to contact my local public television provider to ante up?


If it is not true that only trash survives on television, then give the viewers a means to make a difference and save this mind-expanding program.


It shows how this once great nation of ours has become so detached from the the rest of the world and does not care to know how badly we treat them.
It is sad to see World Focus go off the air.


Dear Daljit and Martin, We are devastated to lose such a unique and marvelous program. Given all the insipid and frivilous programs that flood the airwaves World Focus stands out as a shining example of journalism at its best. Its broad international scope and intelligent in-depth reporting is second to none. Prime time local news programs are so narrow and provincial in scope by comparison. Mr. Shapiro should know what a gem he has. It is also a low-budget program that draws from international sources we never see elsewhere.

Please tell Mr. Shapiro to reconider this drastic and unwarranted move.


Richard E. Cross
Tarrytown, New York


I see that the Gates Foundation has been mentioned a couple of times. Good idea! And here’s how the pitch should be made: possibly, outside the Carter Center, the Gates Foundation is the one organization in this country bringing the plight of the ignored to the American conscience. WorldFocus should point how your delivering news from “diverse points of view” and the Gates Foundation of doing the most with the least intersect in many ways. While the Gates Foundation needs little promotion, I’m sure you have people with you who could point out the intersection and its moral dimension. Good luck.

-=+– Marty and Pat McGowan
p.s. in the interest of full disclosure, our son Chip works for WNET and some of his responsibility is handling the feeds from your international partners.


World Focus has been a wonderful source of international news for me. Please keep it on the air. I too would be willing to send a contribution earmarked specifically for the show.


(typo corrected):
When you move to webcast only distribution, make sure
to be completely independent, viz.: get your
own video servers (don’t deal with google),
get your own web video support staff. Do all of
this within a completely independent operating
unit. If you have to change the program name
from “World Focus” to “Our World in Focus”,
no problem.


When you to webcast only distribution, make sure
to be completely independent, viz.: get your
own video servers (don’t deal with google),
get your own web video support staff. Do all of
this within a completely independent operating
unit. If you have to change the program name
from “World Focus” to “Our World in Focus”,
no problem.


What can we do to keep you on the air. I would be pleased to contribute directly to your program if that would help. I have been so impressed with the scope and non-US network reporting. It has been humanizing and instructive. Hopefully we can do something to keep you on the air.


Hi Daljit, I met you at a party I helped throw a few years ago. It’s saddening to hear that WF is going to shut down. I wish this wasn’t the case. I loved that WF rebroadcasts stories from Al Jazeera English (which I regularly watch abroad and miss when at home) and DW. I hope that somebody (read: left leaning billionaire) can bail the show out. Not only did the show bring a greatly heightened level of debate to the US but it was also both an excellent resource for and outlet for ground level journalism.


As supporters of Public Television through our local station we are dissapointed and a little angry that a show of this quality, one that exemplifies everything Public TV should be is being ended. I will consider this move when the next fund drive takes place. This show has given us information impossible in todays news broadcasting climate to find elsewhere. Please reconsider!!!


I am sad to hear that World Focus is going off the air. I value the show highly, and will miss watching regularly. I hope things change, and World Focus can continue. Thank you for your many excellent programs that have opened my mind to so many happenings around our world.


WorldFocus needs to be supported by individuals, philantrophic organizations, goverment, etc. Something needs to be done. Money needs to be raised. Other programs need to be evaluated for lenth, cost, viewership. PBS needs to ACT. WorldFocus can not just go away. there must be a way to save this valuable news program.


I am devastated that World Focus is going off the air. I was hoping that it would go on 7 days a week. I am a psychotherapits who is pursuing a degree in Anthropology. I rely on your program to bring me somewhat up to date on what is going on around the world. What can we do to help?


Trying to find factual, useful updates about global news and events on the Internet is like trying to find a silver dollar in a garbage dump. Thank you WorldFocus and thank you Daljit and Martin for the 18 month reprieve. See you on the rebound.


World Focus is a great ideal there is nothing like it . Please give more time change comes slow. Save World Focus for all of us.


So sorry to learn that World Focus is scheduled to cease broadcasting on 4-2. Although your stories and guests are often on the left, your broadcast is excellent and fills a gap in world news that is not available to the American viewer elsewhere. I hope the means can be found to keep you boardcasting.



No NO NO… I have just informed my family and friends of your interesting and always informative broadcast. Please hold another fund raiser…i am not wealthy but I’m sure all of us can pitch in! If not i hope to see you back in a few years.


A great new presentation that allows us to see past our boarders. Did the staff/managment ever think of asking it’s viewers for help?


I am definitely extremely sad that this program is being cancelled. There are so many supporters for this program, if you guys do a targeted fundraiser for world focus alone and see if we are able to make up the deficit, would that work? Please try if you can to save this show.


What a said time.

To the entire staff of World focus thank you!

You have all changed my life by informing me of things going on around the world opening my eyes to the struggles of others who share this plant with me.

Thank you so much (^_-)


One of the few literate news programs that puts equal focus throughout the world … now disappearing??? Who will be the voice that helps us maintain a more proper world perspective? Who will be the source of world news not tied to sponsorship? No one. This is an extremely sad day for which we all will find regret.


The disappearance of this program from its weeknight broadcast will be a terrible loss. I would give a sum equal to my annual donation to public television channels as a contribution toward keeping this program on the air.


Please find a way to continue World Focus. I contribute annually to WNET because it brings us programs of the quality of World Focus. WNET cannot / should not back away from that mission.
(Between Antiques Road Show and your broad program offerings, please spread the shortfall more widely so that enough is left to continue World Focus. Thank you.


A valuable view of world events, going out of
existence is NOT an option, even if you have to
follow the dubious path of confining yourselves to
a webcast existence, please do that then.
Of course the real issue is not the distribution
of the program but the support for
the journalists, editors, production staff
that are direct collaborators. Please find
the money to keep up your team!


Worldfocus is an exceptional newscast and the only television that is a must watch in my home each week night – Daljit Dhaliwal has to be one of the most compelling journalists on television anywhere today. If there were a fund to support the program I would happily contribute. The very idea that Thirteen is letting this go without a fight has left me quite disillusioned – and unwilling to contribute to WNET in the future.


This is terrible news. This is the only news show which tells us what is going on in the world and more importantly closer to the truth about what is happening in the USA. I contribute to my local PBS station, but I am wondering if this is the correct place. Yes, get your fundraisers going – we will see that you are not cancelled.


I am a freshman in college and while my peers watch the office and lost I watch World Focus. It is not only my favorite news program, it is my favorite television show. It opens my eyes to the world that exist beyond celebrities and American politics. I join in the cacophony of voices pleeding- DON’T CANCEL THE SHOW!!!


World Focus provides much needed coverage of world events that no other US news organizations, particularly the mainstream ones cover. i hope there is some way that it can continue.


I am very sad to learn thatthe only newscast I have ever seen that covers stories of what everyday life is like for the 6.5 billion people we share our planet with is going off both air, and net. I will have a big hole in the places that I turn to for good information, with limited time to spend looking. I doubt that anyone who saw the story about Haiti’s diet of Mud cookies will ever be the same, after seeing it, I know I wont ever forget it. How many news programs cover this kind of story, I can think of none. What a great lose to everyone who just wants to know how others, near and far, live on a day to day basis. How can PBS let one of the finest programs it has ever aired die. We must demand that some kind of antidote to the FNC (Fox News…), and WorldFocus is the best one I know of. Let us try to save this program somehow, Clay Libanoff


I am really disappointed by this news. World Focus is great show and packs so much interesting and terrific content into 30 minutes. Another strike against progressive news programming. Will miss the show very much.


To the entire staff of Worldfocus:

First and foremost it is truly sad that the many excellent individuals who put the broadcast together each evening will not be working after April 2nd. Hopefully each will be re-assigned to new positions within PBS.

Equally as sad perhaps is we, the viewers, will miss out on quality international reporting that is just not provided by the major broadcast networks.

The excellence in which the anchors present these stories each evening and the top-flight guests who appear to present their views are also equally as impressive.

My particular favorite segment of the week is the Friday night roundup of the week’s events.

A suggestion: Perhaps making this Friday evening segment into some type of weekly program of global events would be more economically feasible.

It would allow the many loyal viewers of the program to continue to look forward to all that Worldfocus has to offer.


I am sorry to see World Focus go off the air. I especially will miss Daljit Dhaliwal anchor the news so professionally. I would like to see her co-hosting the PBS Newshour.


My wife and I watch almost nothing but channel 13. Of all of the shows we enjoy 2 stand out: World Focus with Dalgit Dalliwal and the Bill Moyers Hour. If PBS takes either of these shows off the air, we will no longer make any effort to support channel 13.

We understand that World Focus is soon to go off the air. We prefer that half-hour show to the Newshour and the BBC News program. This program gives us a greater understanding of what goes on in the world than any other show.

We would like to continue to support channel 13 but will NOT if either one of these two shows go off the air.


tragic – I have no idea what I will do to find a rational source of good & timely news. Not even a comparison but network news in US is all sound bites, celebrity news and commercials that take half the broadcast.


We have to put our money where our mouth is! Start the fund raising at once. Tell us how much you need and your loyal viewers will send in what they can to meet your needs. Your humane coverage is essential in these critical times! Please, please stay with us! do not give up.


I am going to miss your excellant world reporting.
I did not know the programe was in such trouble
with funding, I only wish I could have helped. I can only hope your great team well be back on the air soon, God bless you all.


I think it is awful that this is getting pulled. We look forward to this program every weekend night for truly unbiased world news. There are so many fluff programs that should be killed in place of this. All the terrible things going on in the world require a program like this to keep people informed. This is why PBS exists and why we donate every year. PLEASE CHANGE THIS DECISION


What can we do to prevent this?


I was saddened by your annoucement. Is here anything we can do? Thank you for pioneering a new perspective on the news that is inclusive of people around the world. Your program will be deeply missed.


There is no doubt that a program similar to World Focus is a great benefit to increasing knowledge of the world’s events. However, the fact that much of the news is delivered by Al Jazeera English, a news organization who’s parent has supported and inflamed the most dominant anti-American/allies throughout the middle east.
Why would Americans support an agenda that supports anti Ameican organizations and activities. The moderators seem to be prominant Al Jazeera’s frontline cheerleaders.
I sincerely hope NPR replaces World News with a collection of news from all over the world, that are not profiting by contributing propaganda by their parent in volitile parts of the world by in many cases terorist and their supporters. That’s not to say all the news should be pro American and should of course be objective, but please don’t ask us to financially support those who make a living by being subjective on the side of our detractors. We are looking forward to the same format from a collection of world contributors and moderators that don’t project their views so obviously.


get world focus back on the air fast


Can’t believe you are taking this excellent show off the air. What are you thinking?


How disappointing that the very best news show can’t get the support to stay on the air. You are the best!!


As a freelance writer, I was so taken with one of your reports from Africa, that I contacted the correspondent. I was astounded at his experience, that he once ran a network bureau, and now is filing as a freelance himself. I think that’s a sign of how important WorldFocus is. I don’t think you should give up yet, but should get creative in terms of fundraising. For example, using recent political campaigns as a model, tied in with a comprehensive public relations campaign, foundation partners (i.e. Pew), and patrons, the program could raise enough funds to sustain itself, with large contributions and small. Mr. Shapiro talks about “a few million short.” What kind of money is that when the health insurance industry had profits exceeding $14 billion last year? Keep hope alive! Keep World Focus on the air!

its so kool…. all this sadness yet i hope there is some way to work around this current situation… this is just a clip to help you fight….


I will miss the balance on news reporting that this show provides. Your strength begins with the two talented individuals on the desk. Clarity, calmness, and interiew skills and good partners are only the beginning. I hope a way will be found to continue this wonderful show. Thanks for showing us there is a better way.


We love World Focus and watch it every night. It would be so disappointing to see it go off the air.




Daljit, how disheartening for you to announce this on International Women’s Day. So, so sad. You have my support, always, from the Pacific Northwest. We relished your words, interview techniques and those of the excellent journalists associated with World Focus. The website certainly will be shuttered too. Truly a loss. Where will you go? Let us know!!!


Big disappointment.


Dear World Focus and PBS Staff:

I am deeply saddened by the news that World Focus news will no longer be available to viewers like myself who share a deep interest in and need for international news programming.

World Focus is the only unbiased, in-depth, international news broadcast available to the residents of the North Eastern U.S.

I look forward to your programming every day and I am very disappointed that such vital information will no longer be available after April 2. What a shame!


This is disappointing. I am afraid that WNET has skewed prorities. I just received an appeal for an increase in my monthly sustainer contribution. Where is the incentive to respond when the best news source I have is ended? You have sent the altogether wrong message.


I thoroughly enjoy WORLDFOCUS. I was really disappointed that funding for such a valuable asset has disappeared. I hope that there will be a reconsideration of this decision.


We’ve watched Worldfocus since it’s beginnig, and will miss it’s broad coverage of the news. It’s so sad that lack of funding can take press off the air.


I echo the many supportive and very enthusiastic comments I see posted here. Yours is a marvelous show and one that offers television viewers here in the US a sorely needed perspective. You’ve done a great job –

I for one would be willing to send PBS or whoever it is that produces the show an extra contribution this year specifically targeted to World Focus to keep it on the air.


I have become a fan of world Focus, giving me the respite I needed from The uninforative news dished out by the networks. I am very sad to hear your experiment did not succeed to justify continuing. I wish PBS would give it a chance. I did not know about the program until I just couldn’t take the local news anymore and looked for an alternative, and I believe t takes time to get followers. If there is a way to give $s to continue the program, I wish to be contacted to do so. Thank you


What an absolute bummer! I would gladly contribute also.


As more “Newscasts” in the U.S. get heavier with producing entertainment or advertising for their parent company’s programs, the real reporting of news becomes less and less. Worldfocus has been a glass of water in a desert; is real news reporting in the U.S. to wither & die?


What can I say that that hasn’t been said already? We NEED (not want) World Focus! Something MUST be done to fill this void. NBC, CBS and ABC and, lately, especially CNN (and, of course FOX) simply cannot provide the NEWS!


I’m curious to know what other programs are being cut by WNET? Any of those inane English costume dramas that no one watches? I think Neal Shapiro owes us a better accounting of what cut-backs he is making, otherwise it will look like WorldFocus was cut for reasons other than budgetary.


Outrageous decision to stop broadcasting World Focus – democracy cannot function without multiple sources of data. World Focus provides such sources. We hope this decision is reconsidered.


I’m shocked and profoundly disappointed that such an excellent, crucially important program is forced to go off the air. What does it say about the USA that the only international news program is the BBC? World focus far outshines the BBC with it’s cogent, intelligent topic & conversations with its contributors. No daily soccer scores, inside UK politics, & silly topics…just the stories we need to understand the world.


We watch world focus every night. We will miss it. We like to know what’s going on in the rest of the world, and the news that you report does not get reported on US News reports. Hope they change the decision to take you off the air.


A sad day.
I guess we will have to go back to news ‘brough to by’
They paid the money, and spin the news whatever way they want.
god help us :(


We in America are in desparate need to hear what the world is thinking. We can’t depend on what passes for “news” these days from CBS, ABC, NBC, and certainly FOX has nothing to do with real news. Even CNN seems to be trying to be “FOX Lite”. A world perspective is so lacking among us Americans. World Focus has provided a vital window to the world. I had been thinking lately that World Focus should expand to an hour each day! I agree with many others that I too would be willing to send money to help. I like the idea of WF continuing as a web broadcast, certainly something to which I would be willing to subscribe. What about going under the wing of LINK TV out of San Francisco? WF would certainly be a kindred spirit with LINK TV. Anyway, it’s all very, very sad that you’re going off the air.


Please forward my support for your program to those decision makers. You are the very best news source that I have available.


Whatever i can do i will, i can’t figure out why would PBS/Thirteen drop this program…. if you listen to its reporting and how the questions are ask…. its more on our behalf to understand the issue that being discuss… i listen to the reporter Daljit from Wide Angle to BBC and now with world focus just like i follow Maria Hinojosa on PBS NOW, one-on-one… some people can deliver the message…. We all have something special to say about how this program inform us. I only have words, i just email thirteen asking for there reconsidering….. The other option is BBC or DW-TV but i find in my option its structure is so different from worldfocus…
“People around the world honor International Women’s Day” is in my option a great segment that open other people eyes and strength my view about equality.


What a terrible situation! Is there no way to seek additional funds to keep this excellent program on the air? Martin and Daljit offer an intelligent and refreshing alternative to non-PBS “news” shows. I hope that an increase in fundraising can keep World Focus on the air!!
Can PBS, viewers, corporations help? We in the US are in such need of your WORLD coverage.


My heart sunk when you announced April 2, 2010, would be your last broadcast. If I were financially able, I would write a check to cover your funding. I have so looked forward to your program each week-day. Your news is much more informative than the run-of-the-mill broadcasts we all were “fed”. I live in a very rural area. I do not have cable TV, however, with “rabbit ears” I am able to get your outstanding program. I, like many others, hope a CEO, somewhere, somehow, will step in and keep this program on the TV airwaves. We appreciate all your staff for the excellent, professional program provided. I will stay tuned until the end.


What a shame , this is the only world news I can trust . Looks like the far left has done it again.
Great job hope the out cry will be loud enough to keep you on the air


WorldFocus has been my #1 broadcast for the past year. We have to find a way to maintain it or at least bring it back with a citizen funding format.


No other program gives us objective world news, environmental news, the human side of people we never see on the commercial channels. We are devastated ! We are thinking of not sending any more donations to PBS. Losing World Focus, NOW and Bill Moyers! It’s unthinkable.


#209 03/09/2010 :: 05:09:17 PM
jgarbuz Says:
” Happy to see Worldfocus go, and hope that the BBC follows it, along with all the rest of the international “news” outlets that show only pro-Arab, anti-Israel propaganda. … ”
The truth finally slips out why World Focus is pulled off the air, despite its excellent reporting. It’s not pro-Israel.


World Focus has provided an in-depth and balanced view of world events, a perspective that is sadly missing in network news in this country. I echo the sentiments of others in saying that I would support the continuance of this program. As for the detractors who’ve commented, relax and tune into to Fox news…


I’m so distressed that World Focus will be leaving the air. You fill a need that no other news program even approaches. I have followed you from one station to another, and have urged others to watch you. Your passing is a loss for Americans, who so critically need to “know” the rest of the world.
I, also, would contribute to keep WF on the air.


I would be willing to make a special contribution targeted to keeping this show on-air.


I am appalled to hear that you are closing your shop. There’s a paucity of world news coverage on the airwaves in this country. We are poorer for this loss. Where will we get our Daljit fix? What will she do? Is she going to be all right? Is it back to BBC? Will she stay in New York? Can we get her a sandwich at the Carnegie Deli? What’s happening to this beleaguered world of ours?
Good wishes,
Bruce Bellingham
San Francisco


World Focus is the one news channel that I can rely on for honest and unbiased coverage of the world events. If there is anything we can do to save it, please let us know.


World Focus filled a need for an english language newscast examining events from around the world.

There should always be public funding for producing news articles and programs. They shouldn’t have to shut down because their funds ran out, nor should other news outlets be influenced by a need to get their money from advertising.


Did the Zionist imperialists cut off your funding?


World Focus is the only news I look forward to watching every evening. I am tremendously saddened to hear about its demise and am praying for a miracle. Surely there must be something that can be done to save it.




Other posters have expressed what will be missed regarding “content”…

More than that…the loss of Daljit “Pollywog” is more than I can bear!


I was crushed with last night’s announcement that you are going off the air! Unbelievable! Since I found World Focus, I have learned sooo much about the world and what is happening. No other program has interested me more and taught me more. I know that others feel the same way, so please find a way to keep the program on the air. I would gladly contribute, as with KCET, PBS, and I’m positive many others would, also. There were never solicitations that I saw, but you can count me in as a donor to keep World Focus alive!

Thank you for all I’ve learned and enjoyed, and please make every effort to keep that happening!

Marilyn Conrath


Happy to see Worldfocus go, and hope that the BBC follows it, along with all the rest of the international “news” outlets that show only pro-Arab, anti-Israel propaganda. I hope that Worldfocus is replaced by a truly fair and balanced news outlet not afraid to oppose the blatant anti-Israel slant in their hopes of appeasing the vast Muslim audiences who despise anything pro-Israel or pro-Jewish. Good bye Worldfocus, and don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out! Adios.


Worldfocus made me feel like a citizen of the world. I was quite excited to find it. I looked forward to watching it every day. So I was really disappointed to hear that it was ending. I hope somehow it does not have to.


I can’t in good conscious support a station (PBS) that will let a premier program (world focus) die. I would contribute to keep this program on the air.


I was totally shocked & saddened by Daljit’s message. World Focus is part of my day and gives all of us access to viewpoints and information that are broader than the wasteland of commercial TV pseudo-news and the echo chamber of the press… where every story seems to be repeated. WF is unique and precious. Can anything be done to change the decision to cancel? Could a fund drive attract matching funds?


I’m so sad to hear that such an excellent news programme is to be taken off the air. I’ve only started watching the show since last November, and I have found every story informative and worthwhile. I will especially miss seeing and hearing the beautiful Daljit Dahliwal brightening my weekday evenings. Good luck to everyone on the show, you will be dearly missed.


World Focus was the most interesting news program on TV. Where else could one go for such diverse content? One could watch every news program all day long and get nothing but repetitive stories. World Focus was refreshing/innovative in comparison. Thanks for so much. I would stay up many times past midnight to watch it on PBT-Miami.


It is sad that we lose an un-bias and totally honest news program with excellent professional people. I wish Daljit and all the staff good luck.


I have been a fan of Daljit Dhaliwal and her euphonious name since I used to hear her on BBC Radio. I was pleased to later find her on World Focus which I watch regularly. Typical that when I get used to a good show the plug gets pulled. Maybe you should ask for contributions from your loyal viewers.


I too was shocked, and I smell a rat. I don’t know who the potential funder was, but I imagine their are groups opposed to the kind of reporting in which World Focus excels. One way to kill a program is to act like you are going to be a major contributor with every intention of pulling out at the last minute …
Thank you ilyes (#200) for your investigation and advice! We should all take action.


i called my ‘local’ station that carries WorldFocus (VPT out of VT at 7p), and they referred me to WNET from whom they receive this most-excellent news program … one of the fellows in Programming at WNET (NYC) told me that they’d been working with a potential funder for this program on a 2-yr contract which would cost $4 million to continue running WF, but that the benefactor had pulled out, hence the cancelation. he confirmed that BillMoyers was retiring and that HIS program would also be canceled. IMO, this is unacceptable at a most critical Time in world-goings-on. i have three suggestions for those of us who seriously want these programs to continue:

1) first, to each of you who’s written to this blog, especially:
#167, 162, 146, 144, 139, 137, 134, 132, 126, 125, 120, 117 (or are you not a ‘credible democratic giver’?), 113, 110, 106, 105, 103, 101, 97, 95, 94, 90, 84, 81, 78, 74, 72, 71, 70, 60, 59, 54, 53, 51, 47, 43, 36, 33, and 17:

the disinterested individual i spoke with at WNET said they hadn’t received ANY emails about viewers’ wanting to see WorldFocus continue, and that my phonecall (from UpstateNY) was the first he’d received on the matter ( ! ) … so pls, FORWARD the POST YOU SENT TO THIS BLOG to: and CALL THEM: WNET 212.560.1313 x2888 … make them aware of yr thoughts, since they’re under the mistaken impression that no one ‘out here’ cares! (when i told him about the 171 feedbackers who’ve already written to the, he told me, Oh, well that’s to WorldFocus, not to US! i was non-plussed, especially since Thirteen editors moderate this blog! i was hoping maybe he’d go have a look? so maybe if you viewers could put yr thoughts before their eyes, and let them hear yr voice, it’d help wake them up? tho he also flat-out told me, It’s GONE … they [daljit and martin] are out looking for another job! dumbfoundedly, i asked him, Don’t you think that if you acquired sufficient monies and recalled them they’d return??? i’d also spoken with another gentleman at WNET who was just SO busy responding to calls that he had little interest in ‘my’ WorldFocus problem … honestly, Thirteen!

2) surely there are philanthropists out there (BillClinton, GeorgeSoros readily come to mind — and one viewer included info for the GatesFound on this blog) who’d be willing and able to commit to helping sustain the WorldFocus and BillMoyersJournal productions? Clinton and Soros are certainly aware of how poorly Americans are educated about ThingsForeign and would surely see the public service benefit in continuing these programs? it’s gob-smackingly stunning to realize that fewer than HALF of high school students graduate, and in RI a mere SEVEN% are considered up-to-grade in math … just WHAT kind of country will the US be in 5-20years?

bloggers’ excerpts:
128: … [canceling WF will result in] a moratorium on brains …
85: Selfishly, I’m just glad I’m not young any more. I deeply regret what we are leaving for next generations and what we are doing to the life on Earth …
69: Which “public” does the Corporation for Public Broadcasting represent? [it’s in their Name, HDixon, we don’t even have to guess the answer to yr question: Corporation]
61: can we petition PBS? [hey, 61, JUST DO IT! whose permission do you seek?!]
52: US audiences need you desperately
41: The world is in such a mess, largely due to public ignorance.
33: I await news of an organized effort to keep alive the program’s unique and invaluable blend …

and i add: thanks so much for bringing to Awareness last nite (Mon) the documentary TheCove and its Oscar win for ‘Best’ …

WorldFocus team: how about opening a bank account into wch we can send/VISA our donations? i don’t know where the 300k figure came from in re: how many viewers WorldFocus has, but if that’s correct, if each sent $15, that would leave you with enough *corporate-free* money to keep the program on the air for the coming 2yrs, with a bit of a cushion to start you off on the third year … how about it? further: when MoveOn (and a hui of other Progressive groups) were hoping to raise funds for BlancheLincoln’s opponent over 7 days, they blasted well past their financial goal in less than 36hours! as #66 and others have written, web-based funding IS where it’s at … please, just DO IT!

also, WorldFocus team: a few months ago, one night Martin simply disappeared and Daljit suddenly appeared — no explanations, no responses to our blogs, just BOOM! a decision was made, and yr loyal, seriously appreciative viewers apparently deserved no heads-up and no information on what had happened … now with this cancelation, it happens again … may i suggest that’s NO way to run a 21st-century business? if WeTheViewers DO manage to raise the required funds, i suggest that the WorldFocus ground-workers find new honchos to call the shots, ones that’re in resonance with and empathetic toward supportive viewers’ input.

for now, as blogger#150 wrote: RETHINK THIS!


Bye bye to an ‘informed’ alternative to mainstream American network [we are the] World News …with such [im]pertinent headlining examples as ‘Sarah Palin’s realty TV show shop around’.


WorldFocus has broadened my world perspective. The reports from corners of the world I had never seen before has changed my life. I give to charities regularly as a direct result of the excellent reporting I have seen on Worldfocus. I teach my children with the information I get from Worldfocus. I am deeply saddened that it will be going off the air.


I reference the story as reported in Crain’s NY:

All I can say is: You idiots!

— WF is one of the best news shows anywhere in the world– its Euro-style format is a refreshing change from US talking heads, and its content and contributors are tops. It has a unique niche in this market. If you can’t leverage that into viability, you’re in the wrong job.

— WF even won the prestigious Kennedy Journalism Award in 2009: (

— A flashy new studio? “Mr. Shapiro has argued that it will raise the profiles of WNET and sister station WLIW and draw new audiences and funders.”
Devoted viewer don’t give a hoot about “profile”– you could shoot this show from a basement and be successful. And, “funders” would ironically wonder why you are being so profligate with their money!

— MetroFocus would dump you squarely among the intensely competitive local news hash-slingers, against which you would not have a chance.

Given the prevailing mindset in evidence at WNET, I can only wish you good luck in your future…

Ron V.


I am VERY disappointed by the announcement. Ms Daljit Dhaliwal is an excellent journalist, and the reporting has always been first class. You all will be missed.


Shame on WNET. Hard to believe that it’s a funding issue. Where else can we see real news from around the world, uncensored & unbiased. This show shows the integrity that all other news shows & and their management lack.
Why is it being censored?? Are we following in China’s footsteps. There must be someplace that we as Americans are allowed to see what is really happening around the world AND what the rest of the world’s opinions are. WNET, listen to what your viewers want and find the funding.


Very disappointed, My number one news broadcast.


World Focus is so necessary in a time when our national media is focussed on reality shows, gossip and slanted opinions masquerading as “news.”
What can be done to keep the show on the air? Can we start a campaign to get sufficient corporate sponsorship? If enough people get together, they can make a difference.


Last night I couldn’t give credit to what my ears were hearing: Worldfocus won’t be anymore on the air for lack of funding. How is it possible that one of the most balanced news programs on tv couldn’t get funding to continue their good work? In times where there is so much mediocrity,shallowness and disinformation in our news media, you guys represented a breath of fresh air. You will be missed.


This is a small travesty. I am a Geography teacher and WorldFocus is really the only quality source for world current events stories and videos. Like so many others, I will do anything it takes to help.


I cannot believe World Focus is being cut. This is deeply saddening. The program is such high quality, a real WORLD news show. Not only that but WF goes out of its way to cover social issues that although they may not be breaking news, still is news. You guys will leave a deep hole.


I cannot believe that the best news show on television is being canceled for lack of funding! Please let us know before April 2 what if anything we can do. Will you continue a website? Where can we continue to see Martin and Daljit? Who else offers coverage from Al-Jazeera English? You will be sorely missed.


Dear World Focus team, please give your viewership an opportunity to interdict on your behalf. People need to SEE how our world functions without all the scare tactics and sensationalized nonsense. Without you (World Focus), misunderstandings of the international arena will multiply. Please do not leave us in the dark! PBS please do not make such an erroneous mistake.


Good point from comment # 100. What the program needs is a PR campaign. Let’s all get a viral campaign going on F.B. and Twitter.


I am so disappointed that my country cannot seem to support such a quality show. There are few enough resources here for a balanced world view. I hope I you will still support a website. In the meantime, thank for the many months of eye opening shows that you did provide.


It is very sad that such an outstanding news program has to go off the air. Your profesionalism and the way you have reported news of around the world, is something that we will miss every night. It was so important to learn was was going on around our beautiful world, without discriminating any country.
I hope someone realizes how necessary it is to have a program like yours and invest in it.
Good luck to all of you, you’ll be missed…


Dear World Focus people,
I was shocked that you were going off the air. I am so sorry! Maybe you can be saved, but How? I loved getting news casts and hearing reporters from other contries for their points of view especially Al Jazeera and ABC AU.I will sorely miss your unbiased reporting. Mr Zakharias and Ms Dhaliwal ask thought provoking questions.
Namaste, Edwina Scinta


It is heartbreaking that you’re going off the air. World Focus is an outstanding show–one of the best, if not the best, news show on a daily basis, and it’s obviously not very expensive to produce compared to most. Please keep the names of all of us who support you to let us know if there is anything more we can do to bring the show back on the air.


This program has been wonderful. It allows us to see and hear others in this global “community”. We all need to understand what is occurring in the rest of the world and World Focus certainly brought us closer. Our understanding expands when we meet people in other cultures. Please see what can be done to continue this program. We need more of this type of reporting instead of less!!! Dhaljit you have been doing a great job. I’ll miss you and the program. Hope we can hear of a reversal in the plans.


The only way to have an informed opinion is to have exposure to as many sources of information as possible. World Focus is one such source that I depend upon for forthright commentary about issues and events that effect us all throughout the world. We as Americans need to know how the rest of the world perceives us and our government just as we need to know other peoples and their governments. Having traveled a bit throughout the world, it is always disheartening to know the most available news source and projected image of Americans is CNN. Likewise I have tired of the slanted views of BBC. When lobbyists, corporate greed and sensationalism control and limit free information to the public we become even more isolated, bigoted, uneducated and uniformed about the issues that directly effect us and the rest of the world. We must stop these slow insidious methods of contolling the freedom of speech.


this is sad.

hopefully the website will still be up, since there’s some good links here.

maybe on the last show do some reporting about the DU birth defects and US space superiority.

the BBC just reported on the cancer rates and such in fallujah on the 4th.


Please, please, please, do not cancel “WorldFocus.” There are no other news programs that offer the quality and in-depth coverage of topics that are the specialty of “WorldFocus.” As a senior PR consultant on international women’s issues, I am a serious news junkie, with the TV on in my office,bedroom and living room 24/7. In the last year, I have been watching the program, often twice a day (including the repeat after “Tavis Smiley”) and telling my friends and colleagues about it. Instead of falling asleep to CNN, I now fall asleep to “WorldFocus.” Your talent is top-notch. I love Daljit Daliwahl and Gizem Yarbil’s segments. I especially appreciate Mohammad Al-Kassim’s pieces, including the recent feature on Hadassah Neurim’s village for at-risk youth in Israel. I have been following his work and am so grateful for the fresh perspectives and objective stories he offers in some of the most volatile parts of the world, when more typically, other news outlets offer only a steady diet of conflict and misery. We need more of this reporting, not less. So please, keep “Worldfocus” going.


My “world” will not be the same without the perspectives of World Focus. It’s a tragedy that this country will not be exposed to this international flavor. After travelling abroad a few years back, I truly learned the value of great international news. Daljit is an excellent example of superb broadcasting: fair, broadview and professional. I will miss the show and website. It became part of my nightly routine.
I hope to see this format revived or as another program soon. Thanks.


Thank you for such an extremely informative news program….you will be greatly missed.


I watched CBS news for many years. When Walter Cronkite retired I searched around and settled on PBS news. Then a few months ago I came upon Worldfocus. Eureka. You are far and away the best news program on TV. Best at what you cover and how you cover it. Imagine my dismay when Daljit signed off last night by saying you are going off the air. Is this inevitable? Can something be done?


World Focus is one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal broadcast news landscape. You will be greatly missed.


The only reason World Focus is being pulled is because of “fundraising difficulties” so all of you who are so sad to see it go should open your wallets, purses, etc. and save this valuable news source. Good luck!


I have worked for New Jersey Network News for 30 years and as the only public news in the region I know how hard it is to keep going. We have had budgets cut and funding losses. But we have somehow manged to stay on the air. Worldfocus is the only United States brodcast that takes whats happening in the rest of the world seriously. After watching newscasts in Israel (they carry Al Jarrezza) and Europe. I know how little of the real world news we receive in the US. I hope that a way to keep this vauleable show on the air is found. If WNET gives up on Worldfocus we will all loose out on quality world information. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO STAY ON.


This the worst news. I just recently found World Focus and have not missed the show since. This is one of the few places I can watch good and informative international news. Is there anything we can do to keep this show on the air?


I am very disappointed at the prospect that this worthy news program will no longer be available. I am a regular viewer of WorldFocus, the PBS Newshour, the BBC TV news coverage, NOW and the Bill Moyers Journal (also being discontinued). I am also a regular reader of the NY Times. WorldFocus has added a quality dimension to international news coverage that none of the other sources available to me, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, provides. It is particularly noteworthy for stories and perspectives from sources that are simply not available elsewhere, such as German coverage, via Deutsche Welle, and coverage from Al Jazeera English. PBS seems locked into ITN coverage as its exclusive foreign source. And I also have appreciated the independent commentary available on WF. PBS seems locked into presenting at least two points of view on every question, with little in the way of aggressive challenges for essentially ideological spin. Congratulations to WorldFocus, its staff and its sponsors, for a valiant effort. I would be delighted if it could be revived and continued.


PLEASE, please, tell us who to write – what to do. There MUST be a way to prevent this from happening. Yours is by far the best news source for truly world affairs.


This is terrible news. This is the only program that really covers world news and gives Americans some much needed perspective on the world. We will miss it tremendously


I’m very sorry to see your program go. Focusing on the greater world, it filled an important niche for American viewers. It’s very worrying to think that news programs and newspapers are having such difficulties finding adequate funding.


I’ve been a viewer since the beginning and because current news brodcasts do not ‘focus’ on foreign news events well enough it was always informative to view the program and its insights. It will leave a void in my daily news update. Hope that funding can be replenished to bring back the show.


Please redouble your efforts to get funding support. There must be some other far-sighted funders who could support you. Why not the Ford Fdtn, for example? Your program is essential viewing because it presents perspectives from other countries and points of view. I watch every day via TIVO. PLEASE figure out how to keep this invaluable program going.


PLEASE… re-double your efforts to find the financial resources to keep this show on the air. World Focus is THE best source of international news in the United States and on par with the best international offerings. RAI, BBC etc. You are the shining example of the fourth estate, and a beacon of hope in the search for quality journalism in a sea of banal entertainment news. Our society falls a little more the day you go off the air… ALL of you at WF should be proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time… you have made an impact on so many lives, and minds through your thoughtful and robust reporting. You will be greatly missed.


I just saw last night’s broadcast on my DVR and the cancellation news shocks me. I want to help keep Worldfocus on air. I found the show a year ago and watch religiously. It’s by far the BEST international news program on air in America. I do hope Worldfocus can be saved. I will be taking the time to write PBS, Worldfocus supporters, the Gates Foundation and Oprah. This is a show that needs to be saved and quickly.


What a disaster! One of the very best shows on television is going off the air.Do you think the rest of Public Television will cover international news and the overseas perspective as well? Best of luck to Daljit! And I won’t contribute to public TV ever again!


This is devastating news. It is the only news program that truly gives us world news. I hated BBC news which was biased but world focus tried very hard to remain true to the idea of showing all sides of a discussion.. This is a very important program. I never miss watching it. Is there no way to reconsider.


I was willing to get up everyday at 5:30am as the only way to get true international news. In school I was taught how the Soviet Union people once were restricted to only hearing their news reports.


PBS News programs, including World Focus News and the Jim Lehrer News Hour are the *only* real news programs left to American audiences which represent unbiased truth and hard journalism. All other “news” programs on the air are either owned directly or funded by corporate or political interests whose biased slants feed the masses exactly what they feel we need in order to control us.
If PBS cannot find a way to fund this most important bastion of truth, then it’s management simply isn’t paying attention to what is important. Please cancel some other drivel which in 5 years won’t matter a whit, and instead support what is important to our futures as world citizens.


This is depressing news. Your show was one of the last bastions of good journalism. The show will be deeply missed by me and many others. Hopefully as the economy improves, you will return? Why can’t PBS give you your own fund raiser hour–I would donate and I am sure many others would too. Come on PBS!


and so another voice of reason is silenced ..farewell savidge and dahliwhal..good night and good luck!


WHAT A SHAME! I guess will all be better off with REALITY T.V. I will no longer fund PBS, in less they find a way to keep you on.




I misspelled Mr. Savidge’s name in my earlier comment(#148).

The last sentence should read: “Someone with better vision should realize that cancelling Worldfocus is a big mistake.”


We will be lesser people for the loss of your broadcast. Your broadcast is like Columbus screaming at the Europeans of the 1400s trying to tell them that the world is round.


World focus news is best and intelligent I ever watch what a lost


I greet the announcement of the ending of World Focus with dismay, sadness and disappointment. Along with Bill Moyers Journal (who on his 3 October 2008 broadcast gave a strong plug to World Focus) and PBS NOW, World Focus is singularly the most incisive news broadcast source available. The global perspective that you provide is no mere summary of the major news events. The depth and breadth of your Signature stories and web exclusives are unparallel often introducing the viewer to topics not available elsewhere. Not only am I a regular viewer, I have been a promoter of World Focus with friends and colleagues and they now have become viewers. I often send links of stories to my social network as well as use them as sources in my classes. I was not aware that World Focus was experiencing fund raising issues. Did I miss this important issue? I cannot imagine that the viewers would not have generously responded en masse to any appeal that you would have mounted. Is this decision final? Will World Focus continue to be available via your web site and/or World Focus Radio? This is just devastating!!! If it would help save World Focus from demise, then I suggest that the viewers mount a letter writing campaign w/ checks to your underwriters? Please, how can we save World Focus from the fate that seemingly is so common among so many news outlets these days? Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savidge are outstanding journalists and the viewer’s relationship with World Focus is far too important and all too brief to end…indeed, it is most premature.


RETHINK THIS…. You are doing important work!


Mr. Shapiro, PBS, et al., please run the numbers again and find a way to keep Worldfocus in production.
After watching this unparalleled newscast for over a year , I felt compelled to join thirteen . The production is clean and the format does not pretend to be anything more than hard news delivered by talented journalists. I was looking forward to watching Worldfocus evolve as the number of amateur journalists continues to grow and contribute to the news stream. This program has the potential to help millions stay informed about the entire planet. It should be given more than 18 months to prove it’s worth.
I was surprised to learn that PBS did not directly support this production; I wrongfully assumed that all Americans could tune in watch to Daljit Dhaliwal and Martin Savage. There is nothing else like this to be found in American television.
As soon as I heard Ms. Dhaliwal announce the demise of Worldfocus tonight , I recalled the last time I was this upset over a cancelled news program: December 3, 1983, the last broadcast of NBC News Overnight with Linda Ellerbee and Bill Schechner. Then, as now, I am really disheartened.
Someone with better vision over should realize that cancelling Worldfocus is a big mistake.


My entire family is disappointed to only have one more month of this excellent news show. You will be dearly missed.


I am very sadden to see this programing leave the air. World Focus provided an amazing outlet of news coverage from around the world. It’s such a shame to know that Americans only seem to care about who’s cheating on their wife, other than global issues. You will be surely missed!!


I will not just thank you for the great program for the past 18 months just yet. There has to be a way for this to continue. Let us know. You just might be surprised.


I felt a great loss at hearing that you will be going off the air. I came across your program about 6 months ago while channel surfing and have looked forward to each of your broadcasts since then.


I am very disappointed to hear that WorldFocus will end in early April. I have been a loyal viewer since day one of the broadcast and find it extremely useful, especially since there is no place else on US television to get such high quality journalism from so many diverse perspectives.

There must be a way that we, as viewers, can save the program. Could we write to your sponsors and ask that they continue the funding? Or what about having viewers directly fund the broadcast through subscriptions?


I am in shock! This is an absolute tragedy. I watch the show daily. There is none better on world affairs. I hope you get 300,000 objections and that “the powers that be” find the money for such a valuable program. Tell us it isn’t true!


I regret to hear of the cancelation of World Focus. It has been wonderful and enlightening to listen to your broadcasts. This news source will truly be missed.


No, this is horrible news! I look forward to watching worldfocus every night after work, and enjoy the variety of news coverage it brings! As other viewers have said why not start a fundraising campaign? I had no idea this was an issue as it was never raised but am sure viewers like me can contribute and spread the word. As Ms. Dhaliwal said, it is troubling the lack of foreign news coverage and worldfocus has been a highlight and something I have boasted about! Lets do something about this, we can’t lose this invaluable program! So many people seem willing to donate, please let us help you!


The broadcast and weekly radio show will be missed. Martin, Daljit, and the whole wofo team created such a great program. it is a terrible shame they aren’t getting the financial support they need. what a botch!


Hello Daljit Dhaliwal & The World Focus News Team,

Let’s not give up… Please add me to any future email distributions and let us know how we can support your presence on the internet and hopefully a (future) return to network television. I read one recommendation that perhaps you could get endorsement funding from the Bill Gates Foundation. Great idea! I’m also sure that you have explored additional funding options and sources. Perhaps your viewers could assist you by influencing your existing sponsors. Please provide sponser contact information as I would like to send a personal thank you to them for supporting the production and broadcasting of your news program (and of course ask them to continue and/or increase their patronage.

Let’s not give up… Your mission is honest and sound… Balanced perspectives lead to the best news reporting. Thank you for what you do. Please know that your viewers will support your efforts.

Chip Semrau
Phoenix, AZ


No, this is horrible news! I look forward to watching worldfocus every night after work, and enjoy the variety of news coverage it brings! As other viewers have said why not start a fundraising campaign? I had no idea this was an issue as it was never raised but am sure viewers like me can contribute and spread the word. As Ms. Daliwali said, it is troubling the lack of foreign news coverage and worldfocus has been a highlight and something I have boasted about! Lets do something about this, we can’t lose this invaluable program!


PLEASE INFORM US THOROUGHLY ABOUT YOUR FUNDING NEEDS. What would it take to keep you going? How much? How soon? I’ll bet money can be raised!!! Please help us try to help you! This is such a sudden announcement.


Daljit Dhaliwal,

You are FABULOUIS, nix the content, that too is great, that, however, is taken for granted.
But YOU, are devine!!

Absolute perfection.


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our Daily Awareness
we eventually came to build up
a Multicultural Library (i.e. News &/or Libraries of Knowledge of Things Old and New)
from out of the depths and darknesses of all our previous more uninformed Nights.

Let the Archives speak…
without and within.


A little more info on the sad story:


WHY NOT a fund-raising campaign? I am new to World Focus, but I have watched it every night since I found out about it.

NEED more aedvertisers?

How abourt a better explanation for your viewers?


Such news feels like
the Focus of the Reality
of many “marriages”
in today’s World.

Not as Marriage is often perceived
in Culture
nor as we would often wish
such Unions could be…
but as we often find that such
Conjunctions truly are in the daily
life of…
our Days and Nights.

No one is dying, yet there is
a Funereal Mood in the air.

I know the Mood well.

When did we not know
that such things, as these, could happen?

Such is Life…and such are We…
when we become “divorced” from our
Places and Perspectives in it.

Time to go back to the books
and learn anew all those things by which the bare Structure of our Daily Awareness eventually came to be rendered into a Multicultural House from out of the depths of all our Nights.


This is devastating! I have very much enjoyed and appreciated World Focus. It has been a valued and trusted source of news for me. I appreciate Martin Savidge’s work very much, and have long enjoyed Daljit Dhaliwal’s work from the ITN days. I had just been thinking that she had found a relatively permanent place in our home, but now that’s over as well. It is a total tragedy that the most valuable of our news sources keep giving way to silliness, shallowness, and worse, plain old disinformation. If there’s a way to avoid this, please let us know! To the entire World Focus team, please know your efforts have been valued in our household. Thank you. Also, Daljit, can you find another place in the USA? I would very much hate to see you go back — you are welcome in this country, according to me!


You have been a valued source of international information for myself and my students. Without you we as a nation will become even more uninformed then Im sorry to say we already are. You will be missed more then you realize.


This is very sad news. We are losing one of the few programs that actually reports the news and provides perspective on the world. Thank you to those that have brought us this program and best of luck in the future.


This is so sad. To repeat what most have said, your news show gave us an unbiased window into parts of the world that are not covered elsewhere.
I enjoyed your round table discussions and the “How others see It” segments. I’ll watch you till the end.


With many news agencies cutting their foreign coverage and now with no World Focus, it seems like our access to international news is deliberately being attacked. Its a true moratorium on brains.


I am so sorry that WorldFocus will be going off the air!!! Your show represents a valiant effort to help me and my fellow Americans rise above our self-absorption and gain some insight into the rest of the world. Have you tried absolutely every fundraising option?


this is HEARTBREAKING news. I tried to watch you every night, sometimes taping you. Where was the warning? Where was how we could have stopped this?! Is it a numbers thing?


Disappointed is an understatement.I’ve been a loyal viewer since WF’s debut.Is it merely a financial reason, if so I happy to donate specifically to your org.I’ve been a faithful donor to PBS over the years & I was so excited in Martin’s and then Daljit’s classy and thoughtful presentations! What if anything can we do? Help.


Where else can we get news about countries other than are own? My husband and I looked forward to you every night!


We are very upset to hear that World Focus is to be discontinued. We have relied on this high caliber half hour to receive indepth news from Martin and Daljit. We have recommended World Focus to so many friends who have also enthused about it. We appreciate the interesting reports from Al-Jazeera, the ABC, ITV, Deutsche Welle.e ABC, ITV, Deutsche Welle to supplement the BBC World News. Where do we turn now? There is no other international news journal in the same league.

We have been Daljit fans since the days of ITN News. Please let us know where we will be able to follow her in the future.


I cannot believe that Worldfocus is going off the air. This is very sad. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into your reports!


I have so enjoyed the international perspective of World Focus. I watch it every day. It helped me better understand people of different nationalities with different governments and social systems. Will miss you.


Its real, you can watch it fade away or you can do something to help. Don’t go into the night without a fight!


How very sad to lose World Focus’ fabulous and high quality news coverage, clearly the best available today.


Sad,just plain sad,period! First Lou Dobbs gets censored by CNN ,and (amicably eccepts?) fired – it was then that I noticed your programming was aired at the same time slot (personally I don’t care for NPR/BBC – “doesn’t stimulate/tingle the neuron’s” ) so I tuned-in,and never tuned-out. I’ve been a dedicated viewer since,…now this – just more despair piled on by the “Yellow-Journalist”. I’ll really miss all you guys,…with all my mind,… Thanks Worldfocus for so much – mr earle



Loss of your broadcast is certainly no joke. It is one of few news programs that can be credited with actually reporting news from a perspective of reasonable objectivity.

While I do have a bone to pick with the news media in general inclusive of Worldfocus for the continued thoughtless usage of certain terms with respect to the middle east that are biased against Israel (e.g. “Occupied Territories”, “West Bank”, “Illegal Settlements”, etc.), I still think that Worldfocus is a cut above when it comes to the reporting of news.

Termination of Worldfocus means the irreplaceable loss of 1/2-hour of quality news time every evening. It also means the loss of a highly democratic media, as is singularly exemplified in the user friendly format of “How You See It” enabling viewers to “Post A Comment”.

I hope and pray that in this season of miracles, Worldfocus will find sufficient generous benefaction from credible democratic givers of charity so that Worldfocus may continue to provide the generous benefaction of quality news reporting we need to be the best informed world citizenry.


I too am very disappointed to see WorldFocus go. In the vast wasteland of television, your show was a refreshing oasis. Great news coverage and a very charming anchor, Daljit, will be sorely missed!


Would Bill will help if we all email them! Ask your friends too:

Gates Foundation:

Main Office
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 709-3100
Media Inquiries (Press Only)
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 709-3400


I am sad to hear that another layer of Democracy is peeled away from all of us out here that rely on coherent World View journalistic efforts.


So, is there nothing we can do to keep World Focus on the air?


I am so sorry to learn that your very educational program is being cancelled, but I must say, I expected it. It is very rare that we are able to view news reports from Al Jazeera, one of my most favorite sources for world news, and when I saw that some of your commentaries came from Al Jazeera, I thought that you might not last long. The American people needs to be educated as to world events, and we’re not getting that education through our mainstream media. My goodness, you’d hardly know we are involved in two wars. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.


Can’t believe the best news show on tv is ending. I am not sure I can watch any other news show on tv afterwords. A month of others is not worth a night of World Focus.


Needless to say, altho I’ve only discovered the program over the last few months, I will sadly miss the program, and especially the beloved and very professional Daljit.

However, there is a kind of non-sequitur here. One of the great features of the show was your encouragement of feedback and comments, and building a kind of community thru the website. But rather than reaching out to that community when the chips were down, you arrived at your decision independently and left us without an option to respond.

I don’t presume to know what could have been done. At the very least, a strong email and letter support to PBS. I don’t think a PBS style “beg-a-thon” may have been an answer, but with your unique world news approach, I’m sure there may have been viewers with good connections to corporate finances, and even if the 300,000 sent in $10 each…..

But thank you, nonetheless. Here in NJ, I had an option of seeing it 3 times a day…..


I will miss this broadcast very much. This was such a friendly way of keeping up on world events. The partnering with other newsbroadcasts was done very well. I hope there is a way World Focus might return. I wish all who made this broadcast possible the very best.


Best world news source on tv. Watch everyday, can’t believe it is ending. Looking forward to following Daljit wherever she goes.


I’d like to know the real story behind this move. Too much information for some funders? We now have the pbs we were worried about in the early 70’s canned news, commercials, an ever increasing number weak programs, endless reruns and pledge nights. corporate sponsorship of vital news programs. etc.,etc.etc. Who’s next Bill Moyer’s. If they kill Ken Burns then they would have to quit cutting checks for themselves.
The battle to keep public television free and honest has been going on now over 40 years The bad guys are winning.


I am distraught that World Focus will no longer be aired. The USA is sorely lacking in INTERNATIONAL news reporting. How can we get you back again????


After finding you I have faithfully watched your program with that intelligently covers the news that we just don’t get in regular broadcast. What a pity. I preferred you to the News Hour. WF has been a great source of news along with the BBC. Yes, you will be missed. Thank you for your great work along with your wonderful anchors. Is there anything we as viewers can do to change this course.


What can I write after all that has been written above? I am one of your silent fans who has grown to very much admire your broadcast; your announcement at the end of today’s show deeply saddened me. Beyond your overall superbly presented content, Daljit Dhaliwal has added a sorely needed dose of international class and style most often missing in American television. I hope that somehow this decision can be reversed. Thank you for providing another bright spot on PBS.


I am very sorry. This is a huge loss in a country that desperately needs serious news reporting. Several people have asked if there is not some way to increase fund raising. So to follow up, what does it cost to keep World Focus on the air? And what is the gap between what you need and what you raise?


Daljit Dhaliwal, like many have said before my post, you and the staff at World Focus will be greatly missed. It is hard to find a more balanced approached to news today, news that doesn’t echo other sources and that provides insight that I wouldn’t otherwise have gained. Thankyou, will be missed more than I can say.


Reading many of the comments, I am just as shocked as every one else. I have recommended your program to several of my friends. We all value your program for the quality of your reporting bringing Americans news from around the world that is desperately needed. I hope you can solve this problem. How can we all help with supporting World Focus? THANKS FOR ALL THE INTERESTING SHOWS THAT I WAS ABLE TO WATCH EVERY DAY.


I echo all the previous sentiments/comments. We will be the poorer for it.
Thanks for all the great work and important contribution bringing us quality international news and perspectives.


I was shocked to hear from Daljit Dhaliwal this evening that Worldfocus will be going off the air. Our nation is so deprived of good world news and excellent journalism. I watch your show all the time. I would think if somehow more people were aware of Worldfocus, the audience size would be so much greater. If it cannot be saved, I wish Daljit Dhaliwal, Martin Savage, and all their staff the very best.


Since finding your program late last year we have been regular viewers and are distressed that you are forced to leave the air. The quality of your broadcasts exceeds by far most of what passes for news on American television. In particular, your interviews with experts on various topics were always sharp, civil and provocative. We’ll miss the service you have provided in educating and informing us about the world too frequently ignored in the financially profitable media.


A question for the producers & Creative New Group, LLC: would a web-based broadcast of World Focus be feasible/less expensive? I’m thinking the news partners/editorial staff could supply links to the stories, and Ms. Dhaliwal could supply an overview, some context, conduct interviews, etc. I will miss this program a great deal (I’ve been amazed how much in depth info I’d get in a half hour!) and I had no idea there were financial difficulties–if I had I would have contributed. Any chance to launch a drive to raise enough for at least a web based broadcast? In any case, our family extends our best wishes to Ms. Dhaliwal on her future endeavors– immensely talented, and an excellent interviewer.


The world is losing a unique voice of truth in a sea of government squashed news services. We will miss you, and I wish you the best of luck.


World Focus must continue! I learn so much about world events through your programming, things that we here in the US will not hear otherwise. There must be a method to overcome this funding issue. The public needs you! ps. Daljit Dhaliwal is a fantastic anchor ..


I am devastated….Finally, with World Focus we got news of the world and now it is being taken away. My contributions to PBS is not enough? There must be a way to find the funds to continue this broadcast.


It is a sad commentary that a polished and professional international news program dedicated to high standards of journalism as is World Focus is forced off the air because of lack of funding in this consumer society. It is a disgrace to know that international news, indeed, first-rate journalism of any sort continues to lose out to sloganeering and sound-byte tabloid journalism. I wish you all good fortune and I know that you all will land on your feet.


Wow! That’s so shocking to me. I have only been watching the show since January but I haven’t missed an episode since I began tuning in. The convenience of every episode online made it so easy to learn about world abroad. The show will surely be missed. Thank you to everyone at World Focus and the best of luck to all of you in your future endeavors.


Very dissapionted that World Focus is going off the air. This is really one of the rare programs on my PBS channel that was worth watching. I am destined to channel surf until I find something similar (I doubt anything as good will be offered). Unfortunately, this will probably mean more “self-help” programing I can do without…I won’t be donating to PBS anytime soon. Thanks for 18 months of great programming.


we are distressed to hear the program is going off the air on April 2 due to “fundraising” problems…we are deluged with requests for general funding for PBS stations but this is the first we’ve heard about this program being axed. It’s important for Americans to hear stories not generated “at home” so we can understand how world events are viewed and experienced by those in other countries. We listen to CBC radio from Canada but World Focus is better and more focused on hotbed areas like the Middle East and Africa. Has there been a fundraising effort to keep WF on the air? Our local PBS station says nothing about it (WMHT)…I think viewers would be ready and eager to support it as they/we do public radio and tv generally. I agree with the commenter who advocates web-based fund raising. We’re in…


First off, Worldfocus is the rare program on PBS that justifies my pledge to PBS. The rest of it is entertainment or news that I can easily get elsewhere. I will sorely miss Worldfocus. I heard the news first from Wall Street Journal where WNET laid out the cold truth. Public television is about sponsor dollars. Worldfocus was something for the citizens not for advertiser/sponsors. Thank you thank you to the Worldfocus staff and also those sponsors who made your 18 month run possible.


I’m devastated to hear that this jewel of a show will be taken off the air. What is happening to our news services? First we lost Foreign Exchange, now World Focus…where can we get credible foreign news in the depth required to gain some understanding of the issues? Daljit and Martin were wonderful and will be sorely missed.


Why is one of the best half hours on TV going off the air?
Shame on us, shame on us, shame on us….


My day was going well but lupon hearing about April 2nd..I AM SORRY! NPR & BBC are good but World Focus offer me real international news, you will be miss.


I take a dim view of the announcement being left to you, Daljit to inform us of the axing of World Focus. Where are the powers that be, who made the decision to cut your program? Why can’t they tell us what’s going on, and what to expect? Neal Shapiro comes on to talk about the most trusted station, but leaves viewers in the dark as to what we can expect. Not exactly transparent. They ditched the BBC, made a commitment to World Focus and are dropping this ball, along with NOW, and upcoming the retirement of Bill Moyers.

What this says about this country is frightening. What the increasing lack of credible information — national and international — does to democracy and an supposedly informed public, is scary. It adds fuel to the fire of a public that consumes reality TV, women’s wrestling, and the shopping network.

A chill wind is blowing in the world right now. Selfishly, I’m just glad I’m not young any more. I deeply regret what we are leaving for next generations and what we are doing to the life on Earth that gives us the life we are blessed enough to have.

Good luck Martin and Daljit — we’ll miss you, and what you represent, sorely.


It is shocking that such a very fine and balanced news program should go off the air after maintaining such a splendid record over the past 18 months. I had become used to watching every night before switching to the News Hour, which is also good but specializes more in American angles on the world. If only the two could combine it would give an unbeatable news program. Thank you so much to every person connected with the success you achieved. Is there any chance it can be saved or perhaps return after a short hiatus? I hear even the BBC may be cutting back. Where are the priorities of our leaders here and abroad to allow such losses in vital information services?


Daljit Dhaliwal, will miss you! You are total CLASS in the media world. Love ya…


[…] Broadcast will go off the air after April 2 By kristinsarah Our Worldfocus broadcast will go off the air after April 2 | Worldfocus. This is so sad! One of my favorite sources for international news is going off the air. Check out […]


Please do not leave the viewers of World Focus bereft of this high quality news program. It is the only one that brings in depth information from around the world. In addition, the discussions on various issues between the World Focus’ anchors and the experts are invaluable and cannot be found anywhere else in America. What would it take to keep this program in air?




Distressing that you are going off the air. Thank you for the weeks and months of world news. Such programs should not disapear into oblivian.


PS – I pay a fee to read the Financial Times. I would pay 10 times the fee to watch you on my computer. Please reconsider. It is a disaster. You have no idea.


This is so terrible! I have always watched online to catchup with what I missed during the week. This show is great at portraying the conflicts around the world, especially those that do not get as much airtime on other channels. I will miss your show!


aIt is unfortunate that so few Americans have a world viewpoint from within. Even the network nightly news shifts rather quickly from important news after the first 10 minutes to more entertaining subject matter. Daljit Dhaliwal will be missed. She presents excellent guests and questions of real substance. This is my primary source for world news.


I have grown very fond of World Focus, it has replaced my evening news show-and by far has impacted me more deeply than the other news shows, including Newshour. It always brings a global perspective to the day’s troubling news, and the newscasters, Daljit and Mark are so sincere and enjoyable to watch. I beg you to find a way to fight to keep this program on, please, please, please!!! If there is nothing that can be done, then I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes to so many touching, tragic stories, so many heartwarming stories, and just for being a nightly presence in my living room.


The sadest news!!! Not only will we miss our beloved Dajit Dhalival, but also the focus of your news. WE NEED YOU, America needs you more than ever. I tought classes on international business and got no students (Amerca’s lack of interest on matters abroad!) until we made the class obligatory.
What can we do, to keep you on the air???
Tel. 772 466 7102
with all my/our heart: PLEASE CONTINUE!


I started watching World Focus a few months ago and was very excited to see some “real” news broadcasting. I am now very disappointed with what I heard this evening. Can something be done to reverse the decision?


This news of you going off the air is totally distressing to me. I cannot watch any other new program. What can I do to help. I would gladly pay a fee to watch your newscast and especially you, Dajit. Contact a Cable provider or something. I am in sales. Contact me and I will sell it to some one for you. STAY ON THE AIR. My life is ruined!!!


We add out concern as a democracy needs news. What does fund raising difficulties mean? What can we do? As we lose honest, open sources of news we lose our freedom.


i was just watching world focus..then, i hear you are going off the air..i was shocked..i now live in a very enclosed area where they don’t know or care about international events..previously i lived and have friends from all over the world..i always looked forward to your was my one way to keep up. man, your show going off the air will mean i now have to listen to local news and who killed the biggest deer..this is so tragic and yes, i will send money to support your program.too informative and important…k..


PBS is bending to big-money pressure–first Moyers goes, then Now, and now we are losing the only good news program on PBS in WorldFocus. The corporate bigwigs at the CPB obviously do not like any news reporting that doesn’t ring of cheerleading for American business. The trend to take PBS “local” reflects the monied interests’ desire to de-politcize the American discourse, to deprive that discourse of a broad, international, and critical (in the best sense of that word) point of view. WorldFocus helped to create that point of view, and now we are losing it. This is truly terrible for America, terrible for the citizens of this country who are so desperate for news that inspires real thinking and terrible for the global future. Which “public” does the Corporation for Public Broadcasting represent?
H. Dixon


World Focus is by far the finest news program in my lifetime. I am truly saddened.


I couldn’t believe the sad news. I’m a military member and the world perspective you give is unmatched. I hope you make it back; please let us know if there’s anything we can do. We’ll miss you tremendously.


This is plain silly. Is this simply a financial issue? I think there’s a backstory here. Forget about big donors – web based fundraising is where it’s at.


Saddened to hear the bad news. Enjoyed the short run. Good night, and good luck.


I can’t believe you took World Focus off the air. The information you produce is very informative. I donate to PBS every year and if World Focus is pulled from viewing I will not continue to donate to PBS. I can’t imagine what you could replace World Focus with.


The announcement that you’re going off the air really disappoints me. Daljit Dahliwal has always impressed me with her ability to ask probing, thoughtful questions of everyone she interviews. I’m going to really miss this news broadcast and the perspective it offered on world matters in an all to brief 30 minutes. Good luck Daljit.


For heavens sake – fight harder! We do need this world news..and we need our Ms Dhaliwa… and we need to continue to show the world it’s own profile. Please don’t go!


With heart and intelligence World Focus has given us just what we needed. It’s the only news I feel I can’t do without, something this country has needed for so long, and now more than ever. What can we do? Can we turn our support to any alternative? Were it aired at prime times and places it could truly change hearts and minds. Can we petition PBS?


We were very sorry to hear about your leaving the air and wonder if something is wrong that you are not being open about. We certainly would contribute more money for you and so I’m sure are many other people if it would mean you staying on air. You, David Brancaccio, and Bill Moyers are all leaving at the same time and we wonder why.


R U sure this isn’t a mistake….. I love your news
broadcast. This is very upsetting. What about getting some money from Warren Buffet, he has a shit load – what if everyone of your fans e-mailed him or called him or something – somebody lets get something going ~ this sucks – you can reach me @ the “Sam Seder Show” blog if anyone is serious about this & you really want “World Focus” to stay on your local PBS station lets talk or blog about it….


I accidentally came upon World Focus one night and have not enjoyed any other news program. You simply can’t take it off the air, americans NEED to know what the rest of the world is up to. They can’t get it anywhere else… I am Canadian and learn so much from you. I would gladly pay my share to keep it on the air, including Daljit Dhaliwal. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She knows what she is talking about! Thank you.


At last there seemed to be some hope that Americans might be able to gain a more global perspective. Please don’t pull the plug!


So sorry to see this happen. What will replace you in your timeslot? Another damned cooking show?


A great news show with great personalities. You will be truly missed. I suspected this was coming when cutbacks were announced at BBC earlier this year. What now?


This is one of the most important programs I watch daily. I hope this decision can be revisited and reversed.


I am appalled that the show is ending. Why not appeal to your viewers to send money. I will send money. I have valued the news from other organizations, not American. The guests have been very good. How much money do you need?

Please let your viewers know!

Larry Gardner


Nuts!!! This is outrageous! You are the one news prgram that can be counted on for news that is both informative and helpful in promoting understanding among people. The news you cover is ignored by the other news programs here in the United States. Please let us, the viewers, know what we can do to save this most worth while news program.


Do not do this it is a massive strategic mistake. World Focus (WF) may be your most important asset in terms of relevancy and potential reach. Cut operational expenses through more aggregation if needed, and make a renewed long-term commitment to WF as part of your strategic plan and the principles that guide your strategy. US audiences need you desperately. If necessary, cut other programs and redirect funds to this program – destroying WF is an impossible, foolish mistake for your brand and an America that can ill afford global ignorance.


After stumbling upon World Focus News one night, I haven’t been able to really enjoy any other newscast. It is timely, interesting, to the point and invaluable. Please, please keep it on air. I will GLADLY send money to do so.


I was deeply saddened to hear that World Focus will be going off the air in just a few weeks. Thank you for providing a thoughtful alternative to the parochial dross available from most of our other news media. In the months that your show has been broadcast, I came to rely on the global perspectives you made available to American viewers. I had hoped that your news consortium model might serve as an example to be followed by other news organizations attempting to provide global coverage. Know that you will be sorely missed.


Very sad news indeed, while network news try to entertain us I could always count on Worldfocus to inform me of what was important around the world. Thanks for introducing me to Deutsche Welle & Al-Jazeera. You will be miss.


When I heard that tonight from Daljit, I screamed!
You were my lifeline every day at 6 pm to the rest of the world. As a frequent traveller to Europe, born in Europe, it always amazes me how much more Europeans know about the rest of the world. Americans are so isolated and provincial. Your daily program was a real asset to educating Americans to what is going on besides local news. What a pity!!!!!


You provide the best coverage of international news on TV. Is there anything we can do? As a PBS contributor, I wish I had been given a chance to direct my contribution to World Focus.


So sorry to see World Focus News leaving. It really is the best 1/2 news program on air. Daljit Dhaliwal brings us views and news from all over the world in a clear and intelligent manner. I will really miss this 1/2 hr of television. Wish they could reconsider.


World Focus, you are an oasis in the intellectual desert, sad to see you go. Can we help in some way?


Not since Christian Science Monitor’s show has there been such a well-executed television news show that was international in scope. I hope you don’t throw away the mold; this is the right show for the times. Keep the format and bring it economy improves.

My heartfelt thanks to your dedicated staff.


First an observation, where and when did you figure to let us know that the show was in jeopardy? We have watched the show almost every night and have given to PBS. This kind of immediate flame-out is rare and somewhat unprecedented at PBS.

Secondly, what is required to keep you on? Help us understand what the require sum of money would be. Understanding what makes PBS run has becomes impossible. For all we know our money is going to Antiques Roadshow……


I have not only watched your show with appreciation, but recommended it to all my friends. It is one of the most informed and intelligent news broadcasts around. Your demise is a huge mistake.


The world is in such a mess, largely due to public ignorance. So the news that you are leaving us is devastating. The half-hour devoted to your program has been among the most well-spent in my day.


This day is not getting better… I am sad to learn that your program is ending….. Yes there is a appetite in me to learn what happen outside of the US. Sometime your program makes me question about my own views and belief system…. when the story are given as is. I would definably miss your programing….. I share the views that everyone on this tread, you will be missed I also would like to wish all your staff on air and off, good luck although i know you guys all have your skills, bouncing back would not be too difficult… good luck and i would miss you guys……….


I am truly saddened by this turn of events. I really looked forward to world focus every evening. I like it even more than BBC News or Jim Lerher News Hour. Daljit and Martin are really a breath of fresh air. The only other program that I enjoy in a similar manner is Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN, and they are now ruining that with commercials at an astonishing rate.


Your announcement of going off the air shocked and saddened me deeply. I had dropped the BBC and The News Hour due to your fine work. Daljit, Martin, I hope you will let me know where I can continue watching you on t.v., online, or wherever.
Best Wishes!


This should make us all rethink our contribution to Channel Thirteen. This was the best unbiased world news I have had the pleasure to watch. I was concerned when BBC left the airways but pleased with its replacement. What can be dome to preserve this program?


It is a terrible shame that you have to go off the air. I have watched it every day since I discovered it was on. I would certainly contribute to a pool to keep the show alive. The lack of foreign news in the USA media today is truly shocking. The world is such a small place these days, it is important for Americans to know what is going on across the globe. Let us hope that PBS will give us the opportunity to support further broadcasts of this truly wonderful show.


Will miss the program, which has become our staple evening news here in Toronto, in preference to Canadian offerings and (until recently) the BBC. Best wishes to all involved.


Say it isn’t so! This is one of very few news-
casts which broaden our worldview and our under-
standing of global politics on a daily basis.
We looked forward to this wonderful half hour
every evening, and will sorely miss it. Thank
you for your excellence.


The paucity of international news in American media makes it imperative that Worldfocus continue to broadcast on PBS. I am certain that most of your viewers would contribute gladly to keeping the program alive. I await news of an organized effort to keep alive the program’s unique and invaluable blend of reportage and interviews.


This is sad news – World Focus is a must see in our houselold and will be greatly missed. It is the most informative show on TV today.


In the American World news desert, you were my daily oasis. I can’t believe that the best news from around the World will be silent soon. For no other show I have felt so sad that it is ending. I guess that quality is no longer the requirement for television survival. You will be missed.


I am so disappointed, I have been watching World Focus since the beginning and I have found it to be very informative. Fortunately I also watch BBC World News, but it was great to here different view points. Please explain “fund raising difficulties”.


I’m disappointed that World Focus is coming to an end. Once I discovered the program, I watched it almost every night because the comprehensive stories helped me to understand other cultures. Best of luck to all who participated in this worthwhile program.


KEEP WORLD FOCUS ON THE AIR – we can do without these silly shows looking into the family trees of stars!!!


I am very disappointed at the loss of Worldfocus. I ask, was there a topic focus or specific newscaster that can be pointed to as having higher than average support? If so, is there some way this could become the basis of a new Worldfocus?


This is unfortunate. A broader view of international events is needed without overdoing commentary. The timing of the Program in Boston is 5:30…perhaps if the timing were adjusted the audience would be increased and more funding available.


Very distressing. You’ve been great, and an important news source for me.


What can be done to save World Focus? To whom do we appeal?


That sucks who going take over from you guys BBC world news?????


Yes, that’s very sad news indeed. Could you elaborate on “fundraising difficulties”, please?


Don’t give up yet, maybe you can hold a fundraiser during a show. Perhaps you could do an hour long show once a week. There must be a way to keep you going. This is terrible news, and I am so sorry to hear it. I will miss the show and Martin and Daljit. If this does happen, it will just make this already information poor country poorer. I hope someone sees this and gets an idea how to save it. Terrible, awful news. And I think the story about the persecution of gays was highly important and it filled me with anger and disgust at the whole country. Anyway, hold a fundraiser or something and find some way to stay on the air. Good luck to all. And it is sad news.Love and peace, Connie


After having lived abroad for 24 years, I became accustomed to hearing a world scope to the news. Here in the States, it is mostly pathetically parochial. It’s a huge shame that World Focus is going off the air due to funding. Wish I were rich – I’d put your right back in front of your microphones. Thanks for the past 18 months, Sue Katz, “Consenting Adult”


Sorry, that was going “off” air I meant


Extremely sorry to hear you are going on air. Enjoy Daljit Dhaliwah immensely and have been very glad in recent months to hear international in-depth news. You have no idea how many people I have told to watch World Focus lately. Wy do all the good things end???


This is not good news. I’d be very interested to know where those of us who wish to complain about this should direct our complaints.


shocked… hard to believe …. why isnt there enough funds for such a wonderful program?


NO! We are upset to hear you are leaving. You will be missed. We have enjoyed the news…some real news. Very, very sad.


There was too much hearts and flowers in the content. Just how many cared about the gays in Jamacia wherein you devoted many many minutes over
several days? You missed the WORLD in World Focus.


Say it isn’t so! What can we do….letters, tears? You have filled the void on international news and after such a brief run I find it difficult to believe that we’re going to have to go back to viewing mainly domestic news coverage.
You have a great show and it’s been wonderful to have access to the top notch broadcasting of Al Jezeera, Deutsche Welle and others. Thanks for the all too short time you were on the air! Great job.


This was my wish for years to get more international news. I was so glad to have found World Focus. I think you can not do such an unfair and drastic cut. There must be a way to salvage this good program!!


I concur with the above remarks. Your programs are always informative and I alsowill miss my 5 oclock p.m. WORLD FOCUS. Good luck and Thankyou I hope that you will return soon.


this is sad news. truth honest and heart are rare anywhere, especially in this media. At least you have made some good karma. your future is bright. Love you all. NCP


So Sad,all the Good Things in Our Daily Lives are going away.U will be MISSED.


This is pretty lousy news. The broadcast came on at just the right time in Chicago – 10:00 PM. BBC does not come on until 11:30 PM. While I already do get most of my news from the web, it was nice to have a 30 minute broadcast that might give me a bit of news that I normally don’t look out for. Given that the cable “news” networks devote most of their time to DC gossip, sensational crime stories, and each other – the audience for world news lost a valuable program. Best of luck to the team that brought Worldfocus to us.


Daljit Dhaliwal !!
Be in a little bit of lack of money is a thing for me now !
A quality-jurnalism. who given us infrmation that is going to go off the air IS not good
best of the best to You !!




Isn’t there anyway to restore funds to continue this valuable news segment? Ms Dhaliwal is outstanding. (I also like her accent.) Couldn’t some other program be shortened, instead?


I am so sorry to heart that. We will miss you. World Focus is the best news Journal show on the air bar none. Prime channels now try harder to entertain that report the news, so we don’t even bother with them. You all will be sorely absent in a media whose focus has been missing the mark for way too long.


Very sad news. I watched regularly and much preferred World Focus to BBC World News. I enjoyed the segments from Al-Jazeera, the ABC, ITV, Deutsche Welle. Wish this weren’t so. Will miss you.


I am so sorry to hear of your canceling the World Focus News. I am and have been a fan of your show for over a year now, ever since I first viewed it. So sad to see this show and website go. I will truly miss it.


Sorry to see world focus going away, i watched everyday @ 5 and in my opinion you guys did a GREAT job on reporting news from around the world you will be missed =( …

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