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March 5, 2010
Week in Review: Iraq prepares for Sunday’s elections

For this week’s roundtable discussion, Worldfocus looks more closely at this Sunday’s Iraqi parliamentary elections, which could exacerbate sectarian divisions.

We also examine what has changed in the Middle East in the seven years since the Iraq invasion.

Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, and Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University.

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A free Iraq was worth the price we paid, only history will tell if the price in blood was worth it.


World Focus…Like the new york times You never had a kind word to say about President Bush liberating 50 million people or gave him any credit at all for the election in Iraq this week that had a higher voter turnout than the 2008 US election. You allowed all the anti American ranting to be posted but took pains to censor responses to them. Like the new york times which is also going out of business It’ll be good to see you go.


There are two unknowns after the Iraq election:
1. Will Iraq be able to form a stable government?
2. Will the US pull out of Iraq by 2012 if the Iraqi government does not support the US interests that caused the invasion?

Even if Iraq has a stable Shite government, the US may want to keep at least one mega Airbase there to block Iran or an Iran/Iraq alliance and police the area.

We need to understand why the US originally invaded and the pressure to stay in Iraq long term.

1. Was it weapons of mass destruction as originally claimed? If so was US intelligence incompetent or the victim of intelligence fraud? If fraud, by who?
2. If the US invaded to protect big oil, only one US company has received a contract from the new government, Russia and China are the oil winners.
3. Was it to solve a major foreign policy problem by installing a government friendly to Israel and have a base to block Iran? This was the neo-con rational. Regime change in Iraq would remove an enemy of Israel and put the fear of god (the US) in Iran. If Iran did not heed the lesson, the US would have tens of thousands of troops and sophisticated military bases on Iran’s doorstep.

Unfortunately, all US objectives failed and now all foreign troops are to be gone by 2012? Will the US leave?


You guys talk a lot but say very little. Look…
the most important thing is that they are risking their lives to vote unlike most people in the West who don’t even bother to vote cause they just complain and take everything for granted.


Margaret Flowers, MD: Why We Risked Arrest for Single-Payer
May 8, 2009 … Dr. Margaret Flowers is a pediatrician in the Baltimore are and co-chairs the Maryland chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program … – Cached – Similar


Peoples needs being ignored. Not that is anything wrong with it.
type margaret flowers, md in google to get it.

Let us see if they will post it as this


#4 Don’t blog a whole meguilah. Learn to condense. Is the economy s…….


#4 What did you expect. Is the economy s….. Do you drive a car? do you ride the bus? do you use air conditioner in summer and heat/gas/oil in winter? Who has the cheap oil? And who was messing around, right Sadman and Iraq. And now Iran is messing around by the dictators Ahmadenijahd and Ayatollah Khaminih. And now you know. Today Iraq, tomorrow Iran. Is the economy s……


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By the way my proposal still stands. To solve the middle east quagmire propose for the Palestinians to convert to Judaism. Everything will be solved overnight. Remember the saying if you can not fight them join them. And was it Henry the II or III that converting to catholicism from protestantism declared Paris is worth a Mass and the war was over.

Brilliant examples from the past. Even the soviet union switched from communism to capitalism. And China switched from economic dictatorship to an open economy, although dictatorship continues.

The flow goes from bad to good. And then we have mentchens.
And now you know.


#2 Take the bigotry out of your comments, although that is in your nature.
The subject was Iraq and upcoming elections. Then Daljit asked was it worth it. Khalid was on subject. Rose was off.

Is better to bring Iraqis to opinion-ate.

Yesterday Iraq. Today and tomorrow Iran.

And as the commercial used to say, today the pits tomorrow the wrinkles That was for dried raisins.

By the way Khalid and Rose are American citizens. And now you know.

Funny very funny.

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Memo: There is/was a $500bn plus bet – unless the “Great Liberator’s” (that being the prior Bush #43 administration) opens up the books on the (running of the oily-bulls?) running of the Iraqi economy,and makes transparent to the United States citizens that,an about, all actions concerning oil and contracts. It certainly will be an easy-sled for President Obama now that he’s filled-in the vacated procurator’s slot with recent events today in Iraq for the critics not to believe that democracy will be on hold for awhile so that the United States owned multinational corporations (yea,… Multi-Nat’l?) can takeover the Iraqi economy during this “Seven Year (itch) Window of Opportunity” before an elected government of the Iraqi People stop it,…amazing how truth is stranger than fiction fits into the geographic calculus – too paraphrase this sandwiched reiteration of deception for a fictitious war! To make my argument,.. Hussein al-Uzri,president of the “Trade Bank of Iraq” in early 2004,…yes 2004 which by the way was a non-negotiated deal (sound familiar)now managed by JP Morgan Chase, announced in Feb/04 in Kuwait City that the bank, ie.)Trade Bank of Iraq has raised $2.4bn in export guarantees for trade between Iraq,and foreign companies,and their governments,…nice’. The uncertainty has also created other so-called intrusive/precautionary sweet-heart deals with Bechtel Corporation – no-bid contracts to build-out the infrastructure for the next three decades(hey,as long as it takes)or so,partnered with Exxon-Mobil Corporations strategic analytical guidance,…interesting to say the least – what foresight these liberators have for the poor misguided,and resourceless Iraqi people? Lastly ,…I’d be remiss not to mention the litany of US Multinational’s on the honor-role for no-bid contracts such as the myriad of “Campaign Financial Wizard Contributer’s” that mirrored both Bush’s(#41 & #43 Iraqi Bring-Down vs Iraqi Bring-Up…what gives here – some serious questions should be asked,period?) “Hall of Fame Platinum Donator’s” presidency,and now the dominant campaign financer’s for todays President Obama. What we have here in Iraq today is the most agregious despotism of the 21st century – oh wait,…there still is Afghanistan,or is it Iran? Thanks Worldfocus


Ummm…Hello? Is Predident Bush ever going to get credit for liberating Iraq and creating a democracy for them? Notice how both the moderator as well as Rashid Khalidi never once use the word LIBERATION? Isn’t that interseting?


This was the most contentious discussion on Worldfocus in recent times. Wonder if that has something to do with Khalidi being a Palestinian, and Rose being a Jew. Daljit may have to wear body-armour when interviewing these two gentlemen next time around.


Finally,…the “Truth Be Said”! Mr. Rashid Khalidi took the gloves off,Bravo! Excellent job interveiwing (better said refereeing) Ms.Daljit Dhaliwal. PS. Great Production Worldfocus’

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