March 5, 2010
Turkey outraged by House resolution on Armenian ‘genocide’

The fallout continues from a committee vote in the U.S. Congress that sparked outrage by one of America’s key allies.

Turkey supports the U.S. in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has had a long military relationship with the U.S.

By a margin of one vote, the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a non-binding resolution calling the World War I-era killing of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks a “genocide.” Turkey contends that the death toll is inflated and that those killed were victims of civil war.

Ironically, the vote comes as relations between Turkey and Armenia have recently improved.

For more, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks to Bulent Aliriza, director of the Turkey Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Tarek Bazley of Al Jazeera English reports on Turkey’s reaction.




You people here are pathetic and that is the nicest language I can use. How about the world start condeming the US and Canada, especially because they stick their noses in every bodies else’s business. How many Natives did these governments kill during thier genocide rampage. 19 million and probably more. And still the genocide continues. How many children killed in Residential schools, they won’t tell you but it reaches close to 100,000. Is the genocide still going on, yes it is with the stealing of land and killing off of all natural resources the natives need to survive.

Hitler didn’t learn from the Ottoman Empire, in fact if you people knew your history, he actually told the media that he learned how to commit genocide on a entire nation by following examples from the US and Canada on how they dealt with the Native problem, a true fact. Concentration camps equal reservations, germ warfare and the killing of men, women and children. Don’t believe me, do some research instead of interfering with some other countries business acting like you are holier then sh__.

They say when you point a finger at some one, you have 3 pointing back at you, I heard that when I was a child, now I see why it is so true. The fact is that America and Canada will not allow the Native Nation to build their own nation is because they have stolen land illegally that they could possibly have to repay or give back. Land that was taken by force, theft by their Indian Affairs department and by the sqwatting of their peoples ancestors. Even today, if there are resources located on native land, it is stolen by corporation tactics with the governments help. Yes, it still goes on today. A native trust fund that was suppose to be put aside for natives to benefit from the stolen land, it too was stolen. Hundreds of billions of dollars stolen by the same government today that did every thing possible to hide the fact that the money was used for other then its true purpose (used for themselves) while there are reserves living in emergency state because of it. A population that lives at a third world state, while their children commit suicide because they have given up all hope. This is the USA and this is Canada. So racist to the original people of this land that they continue to turn their backs on them, stealing the land and calling this land, sovereign to themselves. In reality, for them to call this land sovereign, they would have to kill off every native on this land, maybe this is why the genocide still continues, you decide.

Some of you talk about Muslim religion, take a good look at your Christianity religion. Not much better when it tells you its ok that Natives were killed so you can have a home on the dead natives graves your house was built on. But hey, lets go count how many Armenians died during what they called war. In Canada and the US, there is a difference, Natives held out their hand in friendship, fed your sick, offered you some land to feed your young and taught your ancestors to farm, your ancestors and still your people now, killed them out for land, resources and for the sport. Who truly are the salvages here. Now who wants to point fingers.


I( think what we all need is to recognize what happened in the past so we can find a way of avoiding it in the future. We , each country, has committed these acts is some form or another. It time for them to be recognized and stopped. I think we cal all agree with that as long as we dont take it personally.


You have no clue what death is. Killing of an enemy has been going on since you had city/states. The millions upon millions that have been killed in every country of the world by another nation is common.
You people forget that if your country at any time in its history was great then it was at the cost of some other nation. These high and mighty critics should remember that at one time there own people were a bunch of horse thiefs.
Even President Obama seems to want to lived down that his own father ancestors sold his wife ancestors into slavery.


Just so the U.S.A shouldn’t feel they are the only ones, Sweden just recognized not just the Armenian genocide… but the Greek one too.


I agree with this person, the United States is a nation of liberation and peace within its military history, not conquest. All those who dare say that we are conqurers are nothing more than traitors to the Republic and State. We should fight for the Armenians rights into forcing Turkey to admit their massacare to both innocent and tortured people alike. This genocide is no different from the Holocaust. If the Nazis recieved their punishment for the killing of Jews, we shall also answer the cries of all the Armenians who suffered an unjust murder of their own people. What has become of the United States? Are we the lovers of peace and liberty for all who desire it or the people who will turn back and hide like an ostrich with is neck in the ground, acting like nothing is wrong and the world only need for peace is utopianism. This country is completely full of unreliable people who only care for themselves and no on else. A nation of sadist.


And the Genocide in Vietnam started when America left Vietnam…that is when the poor people of Vietnam lost the war not the Americans who were tring to help them from becoming the enslaved Prison State it is today like North Korea and China. America succeded in Japan and South Korea but you guys on the left including PBS would have loved nothing more than to see America run out of Iraq and Afghanistan with its tail between its legs just to say Bush was wrong (for trying to free them!)


Turkey always insists and says that ” LET’S EXAMINE HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS TOGETHER”.If Armenians rely on their arguments why they avoid examining historical documents. Can you explain, why.
Because, Armenian government know that they are liar. If you look at real historical documents you will see how armenians killed the Turkish people including babies and women.


Why dont you read Armenia’s first prime minister ovanes kacaznuni’s report.

He tells how russia fooled armenians, how armenian gangs provoked turkish folk and army,how sabotaged peace. He also confess that Armenians weere like blind because of Treaty of Sevres.

Wake up mate.
West and Russia planned to create a buffer zone between Ottoman empire and azerbaijan and Turkish people of central assia…

Now its time to look at your bloody hands, you’ll see you are innocent or not…


Just because Turkey wants to pretend that is did not commit genocide, when the rest of the world know you did, does not mean the US has to bow to pressure to pretend that is did not happen. You do not crush a rebellion by murdering a million people, including women and children.
In WWII the Turks had a policy that if you drew you knife you had to draw blood, and they did even if it was innocent blood. So if Turkey is upset at the US for calling Turkeys actions “genocide.” You know what you can do!!


You can watch my video about the truth:


Dear friends let me ask you another question.
When did parlaments started write history.
If they are in charged with that I strictly advise them to look at their own history, because there are lots of strories. For instance you should write massacre of american indians, its really good story which holywood always is inspired by.

How about what US have done in Vietnam, oh I m sorry it’s not direful enough to be called as a genocide!!!

And you never mention about what US have been doing in Irak?? Off course it is not genocide because US is very carefull when they kill people so that we can not name it genocide!!! İts just war

Ok lets move on, France also accepted a resolution about that so called armenian genocide but why someone does not remind them Algeria?

And Have a look at germans face when you talk about genocide!!!

WEST, you need a mirror,


I have read the resolution on this issue. I also watched the debate. I think, the people who say yes to this resolution do not any information on historical facts about this issue. The allegations written on the resolution are not historically proven. I believe that parliaments do not write history. They have duties other than writing history. It is also nonsense to blame Turkey on the events occurred in Ottoman Empire time. Committing a genocide is also against Turkis tradition. I think that our goverment should continue to give hard reactions to Americans.


By the way, when I read comments of others, I really surprised. Do you think that this a Muslim issue? People who try to bind Turkey’s issue with Islam, are all ignorant to believe that we still wear black sheets. Turks opened a new era with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk however I think most of people such as Americans only know the words Ottoman, armenian genocide, islam, etc. Take it as an advice, read books about the republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, reforms, development rate of Turkey… Because Turks know the name of Abraham Lincoln, Nixon, we know the Pearl Harbour, 9/11 tradegy. We are sensitive about world issues, and we know the real meaning of the word “genocide”. Armenian Genocide claim will not be a second hopsack for USA to put on Turkey’s head.


you are asking “why are we angry?” let me tell you something if somebody blame you something which you did not do? would not u be angry?
1st/ start with reading what is genocide. i mean the description of UN. you are gonna se it is not what we have done.
secondly we are not saying that we did not kill anybody, but it was a war, and both side killed each other, how come we became murderers, how come nobody asks to armenians “how many turks did they kill? “.
you can not face something you have not done. before you blame us try to read something which is neutral.
it is a game, and you are too far away from us, do not believe and talk without knowing the truth…
and i am not an Ottoman, i am not coming from their heritage either. I am a Turk, and it is not the same thing. I am the follower of Ataturk…


Have you ever read Ottoman or Turkey History or do you really know the number of armenian public during 1900s ? or.. Do you really know the “meaning of Genocide” ? I want to write all historical truth however I think prejudice makes people blind and American public finds “valid” excuses only for its own mass killings, such as Vietnam, Irak etc. So Turkey does not care the opinions of others, because we know that American is not a hero so does not have right to speak on something like this issue. Senators, House can continue to debate, I think sometimes the agenda of USA needs to be changed to amuse the world public, so other really “big” issues can be forgotten for a while.


The world pretends that evil mass killings do not occur when nations are beset upon by other nations. We can thereby live in the delusion that there is some humanity and grace to aspire to as human beings. As a species, when it comes down to it we must both impassion restraint and condemnation as ruthless and blood thirsty as the barbaric hordes who kill without reason nor remorse in their genocidal quests. Turkey killed its millions, the Nazis killed the Jews, America killed the American Indians, the list is long
and never ending. And there will be no stopping it until the end of the world. Perhaps the president recognized the futility of it all, a few thousand words for millions upon untold millions killed. Too many to count because they don’t count. Only when god returns will these accounts be balanced.


Genocide is one of the “great” muslim inventions that also include “Ethnic Cleansing”, invented centuries ago and implemented in ancient Israel, than from 1948 through 1953 in arab countries against Jews, in 1999 in Kosovo also against Jews; and “Holocaust”, invented by palestinian muslims in 1920s in Israel and implemented in 1920s-1930s in Israel and in WWII in Europe.


Turkey makes itself look cowardly and very backward. It may be ok to live in a delusion, but not when murder of humans is concerned.


The Nabucco-Gas-Pipeline will be dead in the “Black Sea Water” so to say if Turkey gets nasty over current events! Please note that Ankara,Turkey is the heart of the pipeline for Europes energy needs,period! Sure they can depend on Russia for their energy needs but that also means re-routing the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pipeline (TAPI & the Dauletabad gas field) delivery! This gives an opening for the proposed Iranian-Pakistan-India Pipeline (IPI) which throws a multitude of variables into the “Fuzzy Calculus of Newtonian-Post Nth Degree US/UK Paradox”? The Russians have stealth fighters that are as capable as the generic F-22/F-35 (worth noting… the US isn’t selling any F-22 to anyone because of cost and production quota’s abruptly ended $$$ ?) and willing to sell to Turkey at a discount – please don’t forget that China now has Fighter-Jet’s quite formidable to our F-16/F-18’s on the cheap. This undoubtably is of great strategic importance – never mind the myriad of unimaginable opportunity for Russia now that the Ukraine Gov’t is on-board, virtually locking-up the Black Sea,with the Caspian Sea. The United States has nothing to offer Turkey,other than the genocide of an entire nation of indigenous indians slaughtered for their land (hunted down like the buffalo,…man talking about living in a glass house – I just hope those making the accusations have enough common-sense too get out of the house before throwing any stones)and valuables! It’s time to get out of the past,…I personally am sick,and tired about war crimes,when their currently running rabid in the world today as I write,pathetic! Lastly,…I would like to reference some eye opening reading regarding the Ottoman Empire: “The Balfour Declaration of 1917” via “The Sykes-Picot Agreement” pertaining to WW1,and the Middle-East today. Thanks Worldfocus


This is simply a Turkish bluff .The Turks used the same bluff with the French when they passed their genocide recognition law and today Turkey and France are still remain strong trading partners. France is the second largest investor in Turkish and Azerbaijan oil projects.Turkey will not risk loosing several billion dollars in US military aid and access to advanced US technology. Turkey is one of the partners in the F-35 development program and it has invested a large amount of money to have access to the F-35 which is the the most advanced stealth fighter the world nest to the F-22 raptor which only the US possesss. Turkey wants to be the only Muslim country to have access to this technology so that it can bully the world. In the future, you can be sure that Turkey will be an adversary of the United States and will attempt to control the oil in the middle east.It would make a whole lot more sense to bring in supplies to India to ship to Afghanistan and from Crete to Iraq where the US already has a naval base.
Furthermore the persecution of Christians in Turkey has been hidden from the American public for too long.The Armenian Genocide was the first anti-Christian jihad of the 20th century as 9/11 was the first anti-Christian Jihad of the 21st century.The Islamfacist beliefs of the Turkish government are what led to the Armenian genocide.The Turkish government is still run by a bunch of Islamofacists and secular fascists.Furthermore Modern Turkey mercilessly persecutes human rights activists, leftists and Kurds who have been killed in large numbers. Turkey is also a key supporter and ally of the Sudanese war criminals committing the Darfur Genocide.


To purge Anatolia of its Armenian and Greek Christian Populations in 1915 and in 1923, the Sultan and the nationist leader Mustafa Kemal, Ataturk, employed medieval, barbaric genocidal practices. These practices included Work Battalions Ending In Death, Death Marches of Civilians, Child Enslavement and Economic Harrasment. The 1915 Armenians were deemed disloyal by the Sultan and the Young Turk Party because they, wisely, counselled for neutrality and against fighting on the side of the Axis Kaiser during The First World War. The 1923 non-combatant Greeks were purged from Anatolia because the Turks wished to eliminate all diversity in their Post-Ottoman State. The Turks will never accept modern diversity until the Russians, the Americans and the Europeans agree to compel diversity in European Anatolia. Meanwhile Turkey will remain in denial of its genocidal intent, and a closed opportunistic ally of NATO and America. U.S. House Resolution 252 is a first step which recognizes the genocide against Christians and diversity, and which recognizes the ongoing denial and isolation of Turkey.


It was a genocide, and it is about time Turkey faced up to it. Hitler used Turkey’s playbook to act out his own genocide.


The Armenian Genocide issue is coming up at a time of heated disputes among Christianity and Islam. Western countries are on the defensive against terrorists attacks, the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are considered a Western crusade against Muslims, France prepares laws to ban the wearing of scarfs by Muslim women in public offices, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi calls for “a Holy War” against Switzerland for banning minarets, Bosnian Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic is on trial in Hague, Netherlands, for genocide of Muslims, and Sudan’s president Omar Bashir has a warrant on his head for genocide in Darfur. Genocide, therefore, is not unusual, and it actually happens all the time. And, of course we cannot forgot the genocide
of the American Indians by General George Armstrong Custer and other colonialists.

But the Turkish genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 was of such grand scale that still brings terror
and brutality in mind 95 years later. And pictures of Turkish guards standing in front of hanged Armenians,
and other pictures of emaciated and starving Armenians looking like void skeletons from archives published by Guardian yesterday, clearly makes the Armenian genocide a brutal event of unimaginable proportions. No other such event has captivated so much the global audiences in the last century.

Unfortunately, though, Turkey is still in denial. While Germany, for example, has accepted some responsibility after the fall of the Third Reich, and has compensated some countries for Hitler’s destructive wars, Turkey has never acknowledge the Armenian genocide. The reason for the denial is that the Armenian genocide was committed by “the Turkish Army.” And the Turkish army has controlled the civilian governments up to now, has forced them to adapt strict laws that forbid the “insulting the Turkish state!” There have been both Armenians and Kurds that were either convicted, or expelled from public office, or banned from politics for “insulting the state,” while others were tortured in Turkish prisons, and others shot dead by
nationalist Turks who thought the killing was justified to “protect the honor of the state!” And inside this “wall of honor” to protect the Turkish state from “insults” is buried the biggest dishonor of the Turkish state: “The Armenian Genocide.”

The laws prohibiting the “insult of the Turkish state” helped the army cover up its
genocidal history, and Turkish generations since 1915 grew up idolizing the Turkish army as the savior and protector of the state. Kemal Ataturk declared Turkey a republic in 1923, but civilian governments were just marionettes of the military. The army overthrew and publicly hang prime minister Adnan Menderes in 1960,
and threw out of office prime minister Nechmettin Ebarkan in 1997. Another military coup failed to materialize in 2003; the Kurdish elected party was thrown out of the parliament, and current Turkish president Abdullah Gul was banned initially from the presidency – until snap elections secured a majority of
votes for his confirmation.

The Turkish state, therefore, still lives in the “denial of its past,” which, in addition to the Armenian Genocide, includes the “denial of Kurdish existence!” Kemal Ataturk called Kurds “Mountain Turks,” and claimed that “only Turks live in Turkey.” He then banned their language
from schools, radio, TV and press – until the European Union (EU) made a change mandatory in Turkish application for EU membership. But Turkey has de-populated the heavily Kurdish Southeast, and still bombs the Kurdish Northeast to snuff off Kurdish demands for autonomy. But thanks to the global media explosion that
spreads news around the world instantly nowadays, the Kurds have not met the same fate as the Armenians did in the
dark days of 1915. Turkey won’t be able to erase the specter of the Armenian Genocide from its
past history, nor to erase the reality of 10 million Kurds that are determined not to let their identity sink into extinction – as it happened to their Assyrian neighbors.

Turkey has failed for 4 generations to smother the Armenian Genocide and the Kurdish existence with laws
making an “insult against the state” to talk about them. But those issues have exploded into the conscience
of mankind, and now “into the face of Turkey.” And after a century of “denial,” it will be wise for Turkey
to come clean with an “unconditional admission, ” and with an “unconditional acceptance” of equal Kurdish
rights in an autonomous region. Nikos Retsos, retired professor


Yep. Genocide, holocaust, murder, sickening, ridiculous, incomprehensible, intolerable, unacceptable, irreversible, and possibly forgivable… no questions about it!

Yes – The Turkish doesn’t want to lose face.

Yes – Armenian’s want the truth to be acknowledged.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes it is not in your best “political” interest to have the truth told.

In the end, it’s always in our best interest to have the truth be told. I know “the truth will set you free”.. blah blah but it’s true! The truth will set us free! It was all the above – End of Story.


This is the biggest lie this World ever known, Armenians some got killed when they were cought red handed doing the killing, in one night alone they killed 150.000 Turks, when their husbands and uncles in the front figting the invaders, 5 fronts, and armenians open an other one inside Turkey, they made a deal with Russia to gain their own province ,armenians had 25,000 man in Hitlers army trained by SS collecting jews to be sent to camps, armenians killed 4.000 Jews themselves, Gelndale in California is a cess-pool with crimes from identity thet to date rape health care froud,just today armenian man was convicted to 200 years in prison for staeling 3.5 million form US medicare,armenian consul general in LA waiting trial for selling fake documents to armenian murderes and rapist to saty in US for $35,000 each,every where armenias are there are crimes every day, armenia hosts Russian troops nd bases not like Turkey who is a Nato memeber nd stuch US allie do resarch nd find out inGoogle


World Focus did not, in my opinion, present a balanced report on this issue. You featured the Turkish opposition but only one small report by an Armenian from Armenia. Besides, why are the Turks so very sensitive about this? Could it be that they cannot face the overwhelming evidence of a genocide on the Armenian people by the Ottoman Turks? Better, I think, that they admit the wrong and then move on. The Armenians and others in America will not tolerate historical revisionism on the part of the Turks.


America has admitted that was genocide was perpetrated on the natives, even if it hasn’t formally apologized. In truly democratic countries, such as the US and Israel and western Europe, there are scores of internal critics constantly churning up self-criticism to the point of self-abuse. Germany has owned up to its past, so why can’t the Turks? It’s always the Muslim countries that you never hear them ever admit to any past wrong doing whatsoever. They intimidate and silence any internal introspection. I don’t know the wisdom of this particular congressional resolution, but democratic countries should critically examine their own past and own up to shortcomings. It may be harsh, but it is healthier in the long run than constant denial.


We should all know who actually called the shots on this “Century old Intervention”? Wow,…the United States is either very smart or really losing their marbles,being led by the nose? We just lost our best strategic partner in the “Upper-Middle-East” (the Black Sea, “Hungry Bear” commeth/Navy?) with the Turk’s (believe me the Turk’s will give us just limmited time to pack our bags,and get out,Pronto!) giving the United States unlimited/unquestioned Air-Space,and logistic support for little “Bang-on-the Buck” cost to the American Taxpayer’s War in Iraq! Please note: the Shiite Iraqi’s will never let the United States use their Air-Space to attack their fellow Shiite Muslem neighbors in Iran (never mind letting the Jew’s violate their airspace), period! Thusly,…what we have here is the only logical alternative left – that being the build-up of the largest,currently most heavily traveled “One-Runway” Airfield in the world today with 5,000+ flights weekly in Kandahar Province,Afghanistan and growing exponentially now that the “Bloody (NATO is so lame) British” are there. It is imperative that the US/UK build up the Afghanistan Kandahar Airport to one of the most,if not the most formidable strategic “Military Strike-AirForce Field’s (Multiple-Runways/State of the Art Satellite,etc.,etc.,)in South-East “Central” Asia,period! I’m,…sorry,and a bit sad – but this probably was all written in the script decades ago by the “LandWhales” (the Money-Meister’s?)that control the “World’s Central Banks”! Thanks Worldfocus


who cares what any other nation thinks of the USA,can’t seem to shutup all the sniveling yellow streak PC babies of the world!Get over it,GET A LIFE People..


best thing that could result from this: Turkey becomes so angry they throw america out of their country. america loses it’s bases for aggression and death against iraq, afghanistan as well as pakistan and yemen. that would just shut down the misguided zionist foreign policy that currently runs america. always a silver lining. america needs to get the hell out!! stop the aggression under false pretext!! we’re there for oil and that’s all!!


Sorry- 1st post was supposed to go on Holland story!

Yes, U.S. should condemn all genocide and apologize for th Native American genocide.We should be speaking out every day about the continuing genocide in Darfur right now!


There should not be laws telling people what to wear or what to believe. However, when women are murdered by their own families and not permitted freedoms of the host nation, that is against the law. When mosques incite and preach violence, that is against the law. When freedom of the press and speech are threatened, that is against the law. ALL citizens have to conform.


What would we Americans think if the Turkish Parliament decided to pass a resolution, non-binding or not, of our past Genocide against the native indians of North America? How can we, with a huge national debt, a weak economy and fighting two wars in which Turkey has been an asset logistically take the time to debate this of all things? If we in America were truly devoted to addressing ths subject and the present state of affairs, shouldnt we instead be encouraging Turkish and Armenian reconciliation? This path would likely lead to an honest and open pursuit of the truth instead of inflaming an ally and partner who is co-incidentally attempting to mend relations with their neighbor.


You report on Res.252 was biast and not balanced.More time was given to the Turkish lobby to present their case.There is no statute of limitation on murder and justice delayed is justice denied.the foriegn policy of the United states should be based on the principles upon which our great nation was founded.22 nations includung France,Canada,Switzerland have regognized the Armenian Genocide,and it is time for the United states to follow.


There is enough genocide to go around. I find it particularly hypocritical of the U.S. government to criticize any country for genocide after what we did to the native americans.


It must also be remembered that this resolution is being made by the same US Government that supplied the American Indians with Smallpox contaminated blankets, and carried out a policy of systematic extermination of the native Americans. It is also the same government that during WWII could not spare planes to bomb rail yards to prevent the shipment of Jews to the extermination camps. Really, how much credibility can they have?


We must stress to the world that actions taken by the US are by the US Government and not the citizens. The American people in reality have no say or direction in what the government does and should not be blamed. If any group is offended by the actions of the US Government and want to retaliate, they must aim their anger at the US Government and its members, not the American people. Other than that, have a good day.


The majority of the Republican and Democratic fools in Congress probably could not find Armenia on the map. A friend of mine who lived in Ezerum once said that Turks are wonderful people as long as you don’t bring up the subject of the Armenian massacres. Should Congress condemn Genghis Khan? How about those Romans and Jerusalem? Do they admit genocide in South Viet-nam? Are they cleaning up land mines that they left in Laos? What about the dioxin and malformed babies in Vietnam? Yada, yada!


Not sure what this resolution is going to accomplished. Turkey is a member of NATO. And a participating member of the U.S. F-35 JSF jet fighter consortium. Looks like more of U.S. foreign policies are in a disarray.


#1 John: “…It’s the effort to forget these genocides that made Hitler to believe he could get away with his genocide against the Jewish populations of the Nazi Germany occupied territories…” <<< Hitler did not tried to get away from genocide against the Jewish population. He openly advocated the annihilation of the Jews.


Great point John, also, i think the US is scared Turks and Obama is just a puppet.


Holocaust denial is unacceptable. Deporting 2 million Armenians and sending them to death marches across Asia Minor, forced labor camps and sinking them in large passenger ships in the Black sea, CANNOT KEEP GOING UNRECOGNIZED just because Turkey provides logistical support to the USA in the war in Iraq. Recently big massive grave was discovered in Syria, which probably contains the remains of a large number of Armenians killed in those death marches, while the UN is uncovering mass graves in Cyprus with Greek Cypriot victims of yet another more recent genocidal campaign of Turkey against Greek Cypriots… Bear in mind that it along with more than 1 million Armenians the Turks killed about 400,000 Ethnic Greeks and a similar number of Assyrians in the first World War. These were reported and accounted in detail by the then USA Ambassador in the Ottoman Empire Morgenthau. It’s the effort to forget these genocides that made Hitler to believe he could get away with his genocide against the Jewish populations of the Nazi Germany occupied territories about 25-30 years after the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian genocide of 1914-1924. I hope President Obama will not sacrifice principles yet one more time on the altar of economic and geopolitical interests… Would Obama deny the Jewish Holocaust? If he wouldn’t then he shouldn’t forget the Armenian genocide.

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