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March 5, 2010
Egyptian ads use sex to discourage cigarette smoking

Worldfocus partner GlobalPost brings us a revealing story from Egypt that shows a variation on the pillar of Western-style marketing — sex sells.

But, as John Jensen reports, sex is being used to promote better health, and in the process, these advertisements are also breaking some taboos.




Very surprised to learn from this video that there’s such a brand as “Denver” cigarettes. Apparently they’re not sold in the U.S.; the manufacturer seems to be in Dubai. This may be a compliment to my old hometown, but I’d just as soon they’d picked El Paso or even Laramie (as seen on “The Simpsons”).


Looks more like a Viagra add!


It is ingenious.


Oh this is very funny.Even the Egyptians think so!


I agree Glen rather than help people live a healthy life… they should take it up a notch or two … do a little weed, smoke a bit of crack and try a little heroin…. I say let the people be free by convincing them via the media which is not a powerful force of influence, that smoking is not a gateway drug or cancer or all those indirectly indecent. Who know the future kids would hold a cigar its so kool…. if you have a GED equivalence i was being sarcastic.


This whole ad campaign in so ridiculous it must have been thought up in the US. We are subjected daily to this kind of mindless reasoning.

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