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March 4, 2010
U.S. military makes plans for massive Kandahar offensive

U.S. and Afghan forces are continuing a big offensive against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan and are preparing for another.

As the battle for Marjah goes on, NATO is making plans for an even larger campaign in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second-largest city and a center of the Taliban insurgency.

To help manage that growing effort, the Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. and its allies will create a new U.S.-led command in Southeast Afghanistan.

For more on the challenges that lie ahead, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Marvin Weinbaum, a scholar at the Middle East Institute and former State Department analyst on Afghanistan.

To shed light on the legacy of conflict in Afghanistan, our German partner Deutsche Welle reports on the lessons of Russia’s long war there through the experience of one former soldier.




Having sat in on several of these types of planning sessions, let me make it clear that the biggest question they have, and the biggest worry, is who they are going to blame it on when it all goes bad, which it will.


They had better finish the job in Marjah before they go looking for more targets.

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