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March 4, 2010
Far-right Dutch party makes big gains in local elections

Young Dutch Muslims at Suikerfeest in Amsterdam. Photo: Flickr user CharlesFred

The Netherlands today held municipal elections in hundreds of cities and towns across the country.

The Freedom Party, a populist, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration party led by Geert Wilders, ran in just two of those elections.

In one city, it came in first, and in the other city, the Hague, it came in second. The party wants to outlaw Muslim headscarves in Holland.

What should be done about growing anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe?

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Wow…Some of you People are soooo mean-spriited,
..shame-on-you. I’m not anit-Muslim..they to should have the freedom in CHOICE in of covers
When..Islam is teached [the PEACE] OF Islam
..people are more tolorant to each other’s Faiths.
… some madrassa’s..were[seeds of hate]on
the West..and their peoples..are Preached..over &
o v e r.again..RADICAL ISLAM..Grows takes root..[brain washed…or brain-dead]..cleric’s
call ijhad..a so call..justification…to kill[targeting]..innocent people &themselves…playing-out..[dying to go to heaven…] rooted in hate ! HATERD PUT IN TO ACTION..


All females that of the Islamic faith should be force to wear full toe to head covers. That include haveing their faces cover. They should be ban from having an education. They should not be allow to go anywhere without an family male member walking ahead of them. They should be kept pregant and stupid. They should beheaded if they break any of the rules that is in the Qur’an. All males should carry long sticks to applied to the backs of any Islamic women at any time anywhere. Better is that all Islamic women are kept inside so as not to offend any male. That applieds to all females of any age.
In certain parts of the Middle East camels are given more freedom than a human female. Remember that camels are cute compaire to the average Islamic female.


No8 Howard Steinberg, are you equating hating with genocide? As it reads you are doing just that. Beyond this it seems that you are implying that some are ‘deserving’ of this ‘hate’ while others are not. The sad implications are obvious given that you are of Jewish decent. Even more ironic is that you go so far as to justify the said intent of ‘their extinction’ on behalf of the Muslim population toward Europe, by way of, presumably, this prescribed ‘hate’

If anyone here can comprehend the functionality of the thought processes occurring in post no8, I ask them to reflexively apply the same frame-work to themselves.

The danger illustrated by no8 is ignorance when expressing an opinion and sheepishness to be sure to have one. Qualities like these are where extreme parties find a foot hold.
I do not know much about The Freedom Party as I am just beginning an investigation, but i must say that people should be aware of how they personally appear, even anonymously.
Wik Van Weel comment no23 is in fact a good example of how to approach a question like this. I do not agree with his politics on the whim of his remark, yet his attention to detail referring to the posed question, is precise. This must be everyone’s approach. Listen to what the Freedom Party have to say, yet ask WHY they are saying what they are saying, how they are positing their questions, and ask how this would affect you if you were a Muslim. Be critical but not condemning. Here both left and right seem to be simply blind to the other. Go figure.


On the point of who flew into the world trade center lets clear the government propaganda: All of the persons were Saudia Arabian terrosists who attacked us on 9/11.


Remind the Europeans about what happened when there was growing anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe back in the 1930s.


Islam is a violent, viscious “religion” which is tolerant of no other beliefs. Cover you women on earth and receive 17 virgins in “heaven” as reward for killing “infidels”? Suicide bombers? Wipe a whole country off the face of the earth? Terrorist attacks killing hundreds of innocents? Thousands of Muslims cheering in the street when the WTC was destroyed? Yeah. Islam is a peaceful religion all right. The rest of us better stop kissing their butts and wake up!


When people call the other “disbelievers” that is the opposite of tolerance. That is the problem with religious extremism. All mankind is created equal and should have equal rights under the law in every country.


Those people back then who treated the blacks differently during the civil war in the 1900s, those people who started war in the middle east that still goes on today, those people who would rather jump off a cliff than to have even one muslim in their country.

All examples of racism.

Though many people think that Jesus is god or that Christ actually did sacrifice himself for the Christian people. Those people are wrong. No one would be here without Adam, who most people think is a muslim, which is true, so forgive your wrong doing if you can, though god might not except it. God is only getting angrier at those who treat others in the wrong way.

Muslims are the true believers, and the world started that way. They are the nicest and most respectful people on earth. The only reason they dislike disbelievers is because disbelievers were the ones who hated the muslims at first and because the disbeleivers were harsh to the muslims.

For today and for life till death, I will live on to be what I am proud to be;
A Muslim.


Goodbye Europe Hello Eurabia!


I agree that immigrants should assimilate somewhat to their host country. They should learn the basics of the official language and follow the major mores of that country. But with that said, I don’t think that ‘assimilation’ is the real issue concerning the actions with Geert Wilders and the Dutch (and after reading all these responses, the Americans) The real issue seems to be one of race and religion in which no amount of assimilation can cure if these underlying issues are never fully addressed. For example, in the 1830’s the Cherokee nation was the most assimilated Native American into the white culture of the United States. They had assimilated to the point at the expense of their traditional customs. Despite adopting American mores that did not prevent the United States expelling them off their lands in Georgia and relocating to Oklahoma. Education is the answer, not expulsion.


All citizens need to follow the laws-freedom of speech,press and women’s human rights. When a minority incites violence or interferes with the values of the host country that is a problem. There should not be any problem with wearing clothing of preference or religion if proper separation of “church” and state is upheld.


Biha, American politics have always included elements of Christian religiosity, if you don’t like that factor then don’t vote for that person. In case you did not know the President, Obama, took the oath using the same Christian Bible as Abraham Lincoln used. Its just part of the American culture to accept others for who they are not what the believe in
so feel welcome to live here and don’t fear our culture nor our many faiths.


To keep the peace, there must be a clear demarcation between religion and state. I see Christian religiosity creeping into US politics. And that is just as toxic as Islam religiosity or Hindu religiosity.


I am not Dutch but, I have to admit that the Dutch People have the right to impose rules to inmigrants who want to live in their country: learning of the language, assimilating into the hosting nation culture, etc. I don’t see the purpose of having inmigrants who don’t want to assimilate, don’t want to learn the language and if it was for them, they would change things as they are to make them fit as they would like them to be.


Ken, on the point of who flew into the world trade center lets clear the government propaganda: All of the persons were Saudia Aranian terrosists who attacked us on 9/11.


Why do some Europeans criticize Islamic countries and then turn around and Islamic regimes and act like them. There is a difference between Islamic regimes and Moslems. I doubt that the discrimination would end if they assimilated. The Jews assimilated and were nearly wiped out by the Nazis.


Ester, your point is well taken. I should have limited the comments to the slogans used by the Nazis and by Geert Wilders anti-muslim party:
2010 “Dutch for the Dutch” and 1938 “Germany for Germans” The parallel is that both groups were used by Nationalists parties as the target of racial discrimination to promote their own agendas.


Support it! The Muslim have vowed to take over Europe in ten years.


“breed themselves into society”?? You make it sound like some Islamic conspiracy. At the turn of the 20th century Jews were accused of establishing a Jewish Cabal, a secretive new world order. Today, here in America, gays and lesbians are accused on conspiring to force their homosexual agenda on the rest of society. Why are the most marginalized people by the mainstream accused of wielding such power that can bring down society? Why are people forced into the fringe accused of having a secret agenda?


Jewish occupation of Palestine is the cause of one crisis after another, world-wide.
Muslim dress is a problem only is Orthodox and Hasidim dress is a problem.
Actually, the Jewish religious costumes are bizarre by comparison.
And remember, the U.S. barrows money from China only to support to Israel!


As a gay, Jewish person who’s been living quite contentedly in Lebanon where Muslim women wear and don’t wear headscarves in secular schools, I think this European obsession with the headscarf is straight-up phobic. I bring up the gay issue because I’m very familiar with that slippery argument of “we don’t care if you’re gay, just don’t push it on us.” Well, all day, everyday, we have a million things “pushed” on us–through advertising, education, and the supposed guardians of our secular well-being. Those who are Muslim-phobic are generally ill-educated and untraveled. They point their fingers at immigrants who have usually lived in diverse cultures and express a much greater ability at “adapting” than they. Immigrants–and Muslim immigrants in this instance– should be seen as individuals, equally able to make choices for themselves regarding how they wish to dress and how much they want to assimilate. By the way, there is no “one” society or set of values they are assimilating into.


It’s kind of annoying that people are comparing what is happening in Europe today with Muslim people’s refusal to assimilate, to 1933-1941 Germany. The issues are not comparable!

First, Jews have been in Germany/Europe for centuries. It’s not like they immigrated from ultra-orthodox Crown-Hieghts Brooklyn and started pushing to change the law of the land from German law to Jewish law.

Second, no one really cares that people are Muslim. Let them be whatever they want to be, so long as they don’t push their laws and way of life on others, and live quietly and respectfully.

Third, I am not aware of one single incident (especially in 1933) where a Jew set out to kill anyone and everyone who “insulted” his or her religion via a political cartoon (Jews and Judaism are constantly chastised in the newspapers).

So to those of you who desire to post such insipid comments, please ensure they are factual.


What is wrong with a headdress? Nothing is wrong with it! as long as the face is not covered. Strange that the same people who support homosexuality with enthusiastism, which is forbitten by most, if not all of christianity.
These are the same people who goes to church each sunday or any other day for that matter. Still, they stand by their love ones grave site and mutter words of kindness and humanity from the bible. You! are the same people who condemned the muslim for their religion and headdreses. Shame on you “so call” christians.


It’s simple, really. When people choose to relocate to another country, they inquire as to the life and society and laws of that country. So by going forth with their relocation, they agree to live under the laws of their chosen land. Therefore, their rallying cries in favor of the headscarf are likely a function of listless boredom, lack of motivation, and underproductivity. In a word – laziness.

If people focused on bettering themselves and become productive members of society, its likely this debate wouldn’t exist.

On another note, it’s very interesting to juxtapose the Dutch (some of the most free and open people in the world) with their Middle Eastern/North African Muslim minority (some of the most repressed people in the world [and I mean it in the nicest way]). In doing so, it appears that an underlying difference between the two is the attitude of the Man. A Dutch man generally wants an equal partner in his wife, while a Middle Eastern/North African Muslim man wants his wife to subjugate herself before him.


The Constitutions of most free nations protect the right of citizens to worship as they please. However, Islam is not just a religion. It is a political ideology that masquerades as a “religion-only.” When Muslim immigrants enter a host nation, they do so rather peacefully. But, because of their doctrinal teachings from the Quran (Koran), they are not allowed to assimilate into the culture, or submit to the laws, or pledge allegiance to uphold the constitution of any nation. From the first day they immigrate, they are at some level motivated to subvert the laws and culture of their host, thereby chipping away at the right to worship as one chooses. The objective is to subvert that nation’s laws & culture, replacing it with the intolerant and blatant tyranny of Islamic Sharia law. Islam is a political system with a religious front. More specifically, it is an international, plundering, criminal organization which hides its true face under a veil.

The issue is really not about headscarves. Muslim takeover tactics are progressive. They strive to achieve their goals peacefully, even legislatively, then gradually become more assertive, seeking waiver from the normal laws for “religious” reasons. They persist in ratcheting up their visibility, and hostility, demanding to be treated differently than the rest of society, becoming disruptive, and then violent. They accuse others of intolerance, but they are the intolerant ones. They publicly declare their intent of world domination, and the subjugation of all peoples. They call evil (murder, tyranny, rape, slavery) “good,” and good (respect for womanhood, free will marriage, family, and nationalism) “evil.” Claiming “good” to be evil, and evil to be good is an example of a classic mind control technique, used very effectively by Muslim leaders throughout Europe, and is now being used in the United States. But, Europeans are waking up. Up until now, it has been difficult to wrap our minds around how the Islamic national take-over system works, but enlightened leaders and citizens are waking up.


What is the real issue? The issue is that in Europe as well in the United States all public issues are directed by an undercurrent of the main issue of the economic downturn. As in the past, whenever a major depression or recession disrupts the daily lives of people, the ugly side of ‘nationalism’ rears its ugly head. An ‘Other’ needs to be identified by the majority to heap their frustrations upon. The process of assimilation has been an issue concerning immigrants, but is usually overlooked during economic good years and only becomes a real irritation for the indigenous community during economic downturns. This hard right-wing rhetoric only attacks a symptom but is unable or unwilling to address any real ills that is affecting the community at large. Hopefully, more moderate minds will find their voices in these trying times.


” Remember the past : Germany for Germany”
Nazi racial- and Jewish policy – an overview

The Nazi racial policy between 1933 and 1945 consisted of two elements: eugenics and racial segregation (later racial extermination). The Nazis thus tried to keep their own “race” free from abnormalities and illnesses (eugenics) and keep the Aryan race closed to other ”inferior” races (racial segregation and extermination).

In the name of eugenics the Nazis initiated forced sterilisations of the hereditary ill and carried out euthanasia (emergency killings) on around 200,000 mentally and physically disabled Germans.

The other part of the racial policy, the racial segregation, was initiated in order to suppress and persecute all non-Aryans, first of all Jews. But gypsies were also included in this morbid form of “apartheid”. The though was that non-Aryans constituted a threat against the German blood and the German Volksgemeinschaft (‘people’s community’). Later on the racial segregation was radicalised and became a policy of racial expulsion: Jews were forced to emigrate. This policy succeeded very well in Austria in 1938, and was then introduced in Germany itself under the slogan: Germany for Germans!


“Therefore, Federal government of the EU needs to swiftly pass civil rights laws protecting the rights of all, including muslims, just as the United States DID the 1960’s.”


European muslims of 2010s are being treated just like the American blacks prior to the Civil Right Acts of the 1960s being passed. The Dutch decided to be a member “State” of the European Union by voting yes on a national referendum. The European Union has the obligation as the authority as the acting Federal Government in Europe to ensure that the rights of ALL citizens of the EU are protected from rouge political actions by member states. And that political parties nor governments throughout the EU are not allowed to foster discrimination against any minority in any EU member state. By being a Eu member state I understand it to be any country in Europe which has agreed to the Lisbon Treaty thereby relinquishing its absolute authority to the European Federal government for passing and enforcing all laws which affect all the Citizens of the EU. France passes a head scarf ban, Dutch for the Dutch, and any other regional issue will in time be decided not by the Dutch and not by the French, but by the Federal Government of the EU. Under the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty the Federal Government and the law its passes have authority over the lessor law s and policies of EU member states.Therefore, Federal government of the EU needs to swiftly pass civil rights laws protecting the rights of all, including muslims, just as the United States did not the 1960’s. In time the governments and political parties of EU member states will understand that they no longer have political control. The Federal Government of Europe will fix the muslim issue for both the Dutch and the French. The Dutch and the French are delusional if the think otherwise.


good for the dutch and freedom party for trying to take back their country. liberals worship multiculturalism like a religion, try to define it as ultimate good, it isn’t. having been to holland they have been invaded in mass and are being over run. immigrants don’t come as guests or to become dutch, they are as much invaders as any army that attacks under arms. Their 21st century weapon is repopulation rather than bullets, until their culture and their way of life subordinates the native population. Those who want to maintain their own culture/way of life aren’t allowed and are called racists, and can either accept multiculturalism or leave themselves. I hope the dutch can take back their country, it is lovely and they are fine people, before they lose the war that most western nations are in, whether they acknowledge it or not.


People do not trust Muslims and don’t want a mosque in their neighborhood. Why are anti-Muslim sentiments not isolated but all across Europe? And these sentiments are rising. Many believe Muslims don’t want to integrate with the larger European society. Muslims tend to live separate lives. For example, in Italy 80 percent of the Islamic women don’t speak Italian. 83 percent don’t go outside the house without their husband or a man from their family. They educate their children in separate schools. They speak only Arabic. Many Europeans believe Europe is being turned into an Islamic province by Muslim immigrants and that more needs to be done to stop the tide. Europeans tend to feel Islam is not a religion but is a complete system – religious, legal, political, economic and military. How do the Muslims feel about changes that they could make to integrate with the host country? Are the Muslims willing to make any concessions to the host country? My questions are my answers in so much that the immigrant Muslims should address these questions/issues. Or, do the Muslims want everything their way?


# 1: pithy and perfect!
To answer the question: Support anti – mushlim policies everywhere. It is the most dangerous force in the world today. Let’s give Iran a HiNT [ Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Teheran ].


Being different is good, but there is a limit. Certain traditions should have evolved and changed with time otherwise, they simply don’t belong and are frowned upon.


If Islam means “peace” then Islamic extremists must be very friendly. Seriously … When the moderate voice of Islam speaks out to denounce terrorism, I will open my ears wide and consider respecting this cultist sect. I don’t hate and I recognize the crusades as extremism … but I’m still waiting for men to stop this deadly power struggle in the name of God.


You right wingers are all the same. Itimidated by someone who is differnt,than you and always judging others. But never looking at the real problem (you!)


I don’t think it’s an anti-islam issue. As immigrants from which ever country, one must abide by the rules of the host country and adopt their ways and standards. It’s not right to force their ways and standards to the host country. Westerners visiting or living in muslim countries are forced to abide by muslim ways and standards. So why is it when a muslim person move to a western country, the host country must accomodate them with all their ways and standards.


The anti-Muslim and anti- immigration party is not a Freedom Party. Most Europeans believe that they are superior to peoples from the east. The democratic countries must have room to all religions and expression freely their beliefs. People have the right to wear whatever clothing they want to wear.
The Europeans need to educate themselves. The supremacy of the White race is over.

The anti-immigration feeling is caused by the gap between those who have and those who don’t have. To solve the anti-immigration problem, share your wealth with the needy.


I have to agree with #l5, also #l2, & #l3. The Dutch are now paying for
being so tolerant. Never forget what happened to Van Gough’s grandson.
His brutal death in broad daylight because he spoke out against the Muslim religion. He was stabbed repeatedly. This did wake up the Dutch
people as to the reality of their kindness of being tolerant. It has cost them dearly. I find it very difficult to understand this “peaceful” religion?
#l5 says it all.


As an American who lives in an extremely diverse community, I am saddened to hear about the non-acceptance on the part of many dutch of their Muslim brothers and sisters. We are all one family, and we must try our utmost to understand the beauty of things different than our own. When we become courageous and can learn to appreciate differences rather than feel threatened by them, we engage in monumental growth spiritually and culturally. We are all accustomed to our own ways and are slow to accept changes, but we owe it to ourselves to make the greatest effort to expand our spirits and find the place within the deepest part of our hearts to love and accept all of our brothers and sisters on Earth. After all, we are all one family and we are all in this together. One day in the future we will all be in the ground, so why not love and share as much as we can with the time we have?

Thank you World Focus for your excellent reporting and covering what really counts in our world!


All living things fear what they don’t know. They relax if things look and act like what they do know, ie: themselves. Wearing cloths so one stands out from the others begs the question….

Why do muslims always seem the need to draw attention to themselves, no matter what the cost?


My family and I left England in 1966 and settled in Canada. To come to Canada, I had to go through a rigorous screening and medical examinations etc etc., but did so willingly in order to better my family’s prospects. Subsequently we see the dreadful state of of my Mother Country and am thankful to be Canadian.Regretably Canada is going the same way and making the same mistakes as were made in all Europe as far as immigrants are concerned. Let them come, by all means, but, make them blend in and become useful members of society; after all, they choose to come to our Countries, we didn’t make them leave theirs.

I believe, the likes of Mr.G.Wilders, in Holland, and the Australian Prime Minister, have it right, “adapt or go back where you came from”.


There’s one thing that Muslims can do that would alleviate much of the distrust about them that exists in the west and might even ease some of the opposition to immigration. They could demonstrate en masse against the suicide bombers that target non-combattant civilians, whether Christian, Jew, or other Muslims. You never see any protests against such crimes in Riyadh or Baghdad or Tehran or even in New York or Detroit or London. No wonder most westerners believe that the entire Muslim community condones these atrocities — silence means consent. It is not enough that a few Muslim heads of state or mullahs publicly deplore these attacks — most westerners doubt their sincerity and feel that they are just paying lip service to the demands of diplomacy.


Immigration is an idea whose time is long past. It should be stopped altogether. If people have problems in their own country, let them stay there and solve them. Today it causes nothing but problems, and those problems will only get worse.


Yes, native Americans found that too much immigration from Europe destroyed their cultures and supplanted their religions with Christian and Jewish creation myths and fables that do not pass the giggle test.


Simple head scarf should be a personal liberty, but full body veil is a problem because of
(1) security
(2) prevention of normal social interaction via facial expression and body language.

Legal immigration and illegal immigration should be distinguished.

America pulled out of the recession in the early 1990s largely because of the high tech industry in the Silicon Valley. It’s estimated that a full 50% of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are foreign born immigrants.

Illegal immigration, on the other hand, burdens our social services, health care, education, and even police services.


If the Muslims don’t like it in Europe,let them go back to where they came from.


I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s one of Geert Wilder’s relatives who betrayed Anne Frank.


The question as asked is a prejudiced and preposterous example of swollen headed conceitedness.
Why ask it at all if one apparently considers immigration into countries already as outrageously over-populated as are the Netherlands still a right, of anyone knocking on their door?
Why not at least have the decency and show them the well-deserved respect to declare first where you seem to be coming from, politically and philosophically, in asking that question, so that at least that sacred transparency were established prior in order for an intelligent dialogue to stand a chance?
Who in the world in this banal way would dare challenge the Dutch who are finally starting to wake up from also their sleepwalking, at the longest of last beginning to say in their democratic elections,: “Enough is enough!, this land was our land, and if we make hasty amends, it still may remain ours! And, we being of western stock, we do not want to be deluged by veils and a foreign doctrine, religious and otherwise, that degrades our women and our western civilized society!”
Shame on the question as asked! Shame on those asking it!


If we reverse the words Jew and Moslem in some of the posts below, one might get the impression that we were living in 1933 Germany.


Too much immigration is the problem. When too many immigrants are “let in” they overwelm the assimilation process. To the extreme degree, the natives become assimilated into the immigrant’s culture. A small, measured number would force the immigrants to assimilate into the host country’s culture without the cultural upheaval for the host country.


Countries with uncontrolled population growth should not solve their overpopulation problem by effectively forcing their people to go to other countries with a wholly different culture and values.


This hard-right xenophobic response by the Dutch reactionary majority will only make it harder for minorities to assimilate. Every religion has their extreme fringe factions, but to propose introducing government bans on general forms of muslim identity is a mistake. This will only force moderate Dutch citizens and moderate muslim immigrants further to these fringes.


World war II sealed the fate of the Anglo European in Europe. Now it is just another melting pot in a race to the bottom.


Everyone living in America is an immigrant!! The only true Americans are the Native Americans so all of you who say for muslims to”go back to their country”…YOU guys should be the first to go back to wherever your stupid ancestors came from. America is multicultural whether you guys like it or not so i suggest you guys all go home and suck it up! Muslims should be allows to wear the headscarf for all the reasons and nobody should have the right to tell them what to do or what to wear!! Islam is the second fastest growing nation so dont be suprised if the whole world becomes muslims in less than a year! Head scarfs is a religious freedom that many ignorant people do not understand. For all you racists out there: I AM SO DAMN PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM!!!!!!


If all of you christians and jews actually think you know best bout whos right and whos wrong, may god punish you for your wrong thinking. All muslims are friendly and kind hearted. If you do not realize that all people are cousins, brothers, and sisters to each other, than i would be fine with that, for you have your beleifs and i have mine. I have no problem that you think for yourselves and yourselves only, but you should know that the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the middle east region is all of Bush’s fault. The mulims did not fly planes into the twin towers of 9/11. They did not attack the pentagon. They are not hiding nuclear wepons of such things. Al Qaeda are not looking for harm. They are looking to see wether all you who dont respect others will not try to destroy all of muslim civilization. These are some of the reasons that muslims are the fastest growing religions. This is why many people will continue to convert to islam. This is why I believe that all people have the right to beleive what they want to believe and to dress as they want to and why everyone may worship what they want to anywhere on the rough road of civilization.

Everyone should live the way they want to and that makes all the difference. There should be no laws against muslims and any other religions. If there are no laws in the middle east against Jews and Christians, that means that all Muslims beleive the same as i do.


Ditto comments in #13 & #14


The ugly head of ignorant racial hatred rears its head again in Europe and here in world focus blog. Europe, are you planning another genocide you ignorant and war-like people ? You invited them into your country. They have the right to dress as they please, they are now your equals. Its not ok to hate them because they are muslims. What can be done about this newest round European racism ? Read this blog and you will see the answer is nothing, absolutely nothing!


Our Moslem friends are already “here” (i.e.,everywhere). In the U.S., we have 7-10,000,000, with more streaming in every day. Many of our Spanish friends are converting to Islam. Our only responses are to talk Diversity and widen the war in Afghanistan.

It’s the “Big Hurt.”


“Lying is obligatory when the purpose is obligatory.” According to author Nonie Darwish, this is one of the tenets of Islam, her former religion. I heard her try to wake us in the US up to the dangers of radical Islam and Shariah law when she spoke at Boise State University on Feb. 16.

Nonie came from a leading Egyptian family, the daughter of Colonel Mustafa Hafez. She spent her first 30 years in the middle east and then moved to the United States. She was soon impressed by reading a little notice in some business saying that it did not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or religion! After observing the freedoms for women that Americans take for granted, she eventually realized it was Christianity that made them possible.

Women’s lives in Muslim countries is something western feminists would do well to examine. In Egypt, for example, almost all women of her mother’s generation, including her own mother, underwent genital mutilation. Women are considered to be inferior, and said to be the bulk of the population in hell. They can be divorced by a simple verbal decree from their husband. He can have several wives and there’s no minimum age limit. Little girls can be married off to old men.

In order for a woman to prove an accusation of rape, she must have four male witnesses. Otherwise she, the victim, can be killed for reporting it. This is called honor killing and is not uncommon. It has even crept into America. Nonie never heard a Friday prayer sermon that strongly condemned it.

All of this is part of Shariah law, which is actually separate from Islam the religion, but closely linked to it in practice. As for those obligatory purposes, one of them is defending the faith from apostacy. Muslims are even supposed to kill “apostates”, those who defect to Christianity or another religion. This is why the teenage daughter of some Muslims in Ohio has fled her parents’ home after converting to Christ. Nonie told of other cases she knew personally in which Christian coverts had been killed.

She began seeing things differently after Sept. 11, 2001. However, she has Muslim friends and acquaintances in Egypt who blame the Jews for the attacks. They claim the video shows Jews fleeing the buildings before they collapsed.

Most American college campuses now have Islamic Studies Centers financed by middle eastern oil money, but no Islamic country has a Christian or Jewish studies course. It would not be allowed: such “infidels” are, after all, considered unclean. Nonie Darwish has challenged many Muslims to debate her on college campuses but they have never agreed. Her life, however, has been threatened.

An organization called Act for America has local chapters across the U.S. preparing to thwart Muslim efforts to Islamize our country. I hope they’re working in Europe, too.


I see no problem with legal immigration when the immigrants assimilate into the culture of their new country and see themselves as proud new citizens. If I were to emigrate to Saudia Arabia permanently, I’m sure I would be expected to conform to the Saudi culture. Were I to deviate too much from the norm, the “culture” police would deal with me. If Muslims want to emigrate to Holland, France or any other European country, they should leave their culture behind – not their religion – and work to become Dutch, French or whatever.


When one makes the decision to enter and reside in a country from which one is not a native, to expect that country will bend to your desires and wants, this is offensive, arrogant, and self-seeking.

Learn the laws, language, and culture of your new homeland. If it is found to be too liberal/conservative or you find it offensive for what ever reason.

You are the one who should leave. Simple.

This applies to all races, ethnicities, and cultures.


Head scarves seem quite benign. But, for example, if it was a blanket enforcement – nun’s traditional habits, Orthodox Jewish women’s wigs, Mardi Gras masks, Hallowen masks and costumes, fancy dress balls, etc. What is actually being said? Would the laws be anti-Muslim or just anti-head coverings? (Not face coverings). All hats, caps, bike helmets and balaclavas?

Officer – he’s wearing a hat and scarf!

Balaclavas were adopted in 1853 by soldiers during the Crimean War.

Importantly, it’s a law towards women. It doesn’t address men’s head gear – turbans, helmets, or the pope’s mitre.

I better toss my “ear-brassiere”, balaclava, bike helmet and spongy facemask and face the elements.


Europe is interesting on this question. Just 66 yrs ago they participated is the slaughter of 6 million Jews who were at the heart of Europe’s brain trust in medicine, science, the arts, and research. So the now they have 20 million welfare cases in the Islamic migration, and have accepted a population who wants their extinction, and contributes very little to the counties they inhabit. This is the seed of the nationalistic reaction. Europe has a lot of practice of hating different groups whether they deserve it or not.


Well, I am not surprised to see the people turn against Islam. Islam, extremism and terrorism have been a problem and a daily threat in the West ever since the Muslims have arrived in large numbers. When the host nations are exposed to constant threat of terrorism, incessant demand by Muslims to have the host nations accommodate their own religious needs, many public demonstrations where participants are ranting and screaming death threats, when one sees violence, the killings and the bombings done throughout the world associated with Islam…. how else should people react? You invite the immigrants to the West aksing them to be productive and contribute and what you get is a group of people who are mostly not integrating but stay in their own neighbourhoods and without ceasing work on turning the host nations into Islamic states. People are fed up with the Muslims, the extremism and want it all to stop. Those who do not like the way life is in the West are more than welcome to return to nations where they come from where they can perhaps be more comfortable living under the Sharia law.


It is probably a Brooklynite view; we all must assimulate to the popular or accepted culture. We all come from different countries; western and eastern Europe. Eventually, we all learned to accept one another. We must assimulate, muslim religous leaders have done a very poor job explaining to the world…the true nature of ISLAM.


I think this only increases and fuels radical Islamic groups. As an old continent, the population of Europe is declining. Europe needs immigrants from places such as Turkey to populate the countries.


European countries seem to have a much harder time assimilating other cultures than the US does. Our great strength is our relatively easy assimilation of people from all over the world. The headscarf ban seems especially trivial to me. If the Muslim women are encouraged to become educated, and to enter the work force they will become assimilated, (and will have fewer babies). Making it a bit harder for relatives of those already in The Netherlands to enter is not too difficult and then an effort to empower the Muslim women already in the country and to encourage the men to accept women’s entry to education and work should make the headscarf something of no consequence.


I think, it is about time that the west stands for thier believe and culture. We do not want muslim influonce in Europe. These muslim demands to much in as immigrnat, while other countries such as Egypt where the minority Christians (Copts) citizens are continously prosecuted and murdered just because they are christians. Furthermore, consider Saudi Arabia which does not allow any churches in their country. Furthermore, they confiscate bibles from foreigners entering their country. I strongly agree with the Freedom party, they must outlaw muslim headscarves in public, and if these muslims do not like it, they should go back to their muslim country where they came from.


When immigrants fail to assimilate into the local countries norms then they will be found to be outsiders.
The muslims seem to be anti social so I agree that the Netherlands freedom party has the right idea. Dutch for the Dutch.
In your last pod-cast about Russians being in Afghanistan those veterans said the same thing.
So I guess that if the Muslim community wants to be accepted them they should become citizens of the country in every way or go back to where ever they came from.


Immigrants are not the problem the problem is the muslim (not so peaceful) religion.

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