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March 3, 2010
Greeks struggle with draconian cutbacks

The Greek government has imposed new austerity measures, including raising a sales tax and cutting pay for civil servants, to try to help fix its budgetary crisis.

For more on the impact of this major financial issue in the eurozone, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Peter Coy, the economics editor for Bloomberg BusinessWeek. He says that other European countries are waiting to see how the Greece government follows through with its pledges — and that the problems in Greece may benefit the U.S. in the short term.

Our German partner Deutsche Welle reports on how  many Greek citizens took to the streets to protest the government cutbacks.




SPENDING.. $$$$$ Bable…it always comes tumbling
down…in the… end. weighty $ controling


Blame it on President Bush. If he did not take out Saddam then Greek merchants would still been selling all of those no-no to Iraq.


Greece should clamp down upon their two-tier economy whereby one income is declared for tax purposes and the second not declared. This fact has be long known by anyone who has spent any time in Greece.
The National Bank of Greece with a Branch in NYC should stop sheltering from the US IRS deposits from Greek Americans.
Corruption should cease before any country bail them out. If they don’t make the changes I hope the EU kicks them out.


Here we have Germany pushing people around again-it is comic,based on their past history.Time for Merkel to get back to knitting-the EU is not impressed.By the way,the German economy is fading fast despite the Deutschewelle propaganda………..

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