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March 1, 2010
Former Bosnian Serb leader defends himself in the Hague

In a courtroom in the Hague, the man accused of presiding over one of Europe’s worst cases of genocide since World War II began his defense today.

Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader, is charged with mass murder at Srebrenica, the destruction of Muslim and Croat villages and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in the early 90’s.

A verdict in Karadzic’s trial is not expected for three years. Karadzic is representing himself and has complained that the proceedings were moving too quickly.

For more on the trial, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Belinda Cooper, a specialist on genocide and a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute.

Is the pace of justice too slow at international trials, and what can be done to bring about faster resolutions?

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#20 The reason you haven’t heard about Palestinian displacement is because those who left decided to wipe out all the Jewish residents and were promised all their land by all the surrounding Arab nations that attacked. The Palestinians who remained (2 million) are full citizens of Israel with Parlaiment members and full representation and benefits. You probably also don’t know that 400,000 Jews had to leave Arab nations where they lived at that time because of persecution. The difference is Israel took in all these immigrants.
Arab countries keep Palestinians in refugee camps
and poverty in order to make a point that they won’t accept a western, non-Muslim country in the Mideast.


The Serbs suffered 5 century of Muslim rule. People should google “Tower of Sculls” (their spelling, not mine) to see some examples of “tolerant Muslim rule.”


I think the Serbs ought to have a right to present their side of the story. During WWII they were the victims of some of the worst atrocities of the war, but this is never told in the press. The Serbs saved hundreds of downed American pilots. This is not just a case of mean Serbs persecuting poor, innocent Muslims. Not by a long shot.


Annette is calling the defendant “an animal.” All Homo Sapien are animals, Annette. In fact, we are lower than other animals–take a look at your home, Annette, Mother Earth: are you proud of what you’ve done? Are you happy with Moslem terrorism?


Somebody should put a stop to the Karadzic’s sacrilegious gaudy show. The man is a murderer of innocent men, women and children. He is a human rights violator. He deserves no less than the death penalty.


What about the tons of depleted uranium we used in the Balkans? Using what the UN states is a mutagen isn’t a war crime?


A homeless man who steals a double-A size pack of batteries at a local store would probably go to jail sooner than a mass murderer. What can be done about it? The first thing that comes to mind would be that the media spend a lot more time showing the American audience about Bosnia and the events that happened there through documentaries and more reports. Our new generation needs to see what happened there. Incidentally, the report tonight said that Karadzic was also charged with the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in the early 90s. I just heard somewhat recently on BBC World News that apparently over 100,000 Palestinians were displaced by the Israelis back in 1946, I believe, yet I have almost never heard even a mention of this event during all the years that I have been watching the news, as if Karadzics’ action was a war crime but this one wasn’t.


The Hague Tribunal delays justice when it serves a purpose; case in point, Vojislav Seselj, who is emprisoned 8 years now because he is a capable, fiery, well-educated leader whom they have failed to prosecute successfully and who would wreak immediate political havoc if released. So they impose unreasonable additional sentences for “contempt of court” The whole thing is a farce to justify the West’s nefarious role in the Balkans.


Everybody is entitled to their day in court but that’s the point: a day not 3 years. Extended justice for some means justice denied for others. In Rwanda they have a system of village justice called gacaca. That’s what we need, global gacaca.


The pace is slow but the situation is very complicated and passions are high. Every effort must be made to offer a fair and unbiased trial for whomever is accused.


Waiting 3 years for a verdict is out of the question. Karadzic should be hanged within this year.


According to documentary studies by Professor Gil-White from Penn. State, the accusation is fake. I am not surprised as “famous” Goldstone was also involved in this investigation in 1990s.


Robert has a good point. International justice works, which is why Pol Pot is living in China un-hung.


It was interesting to hear Belinda Cooper on the Karadzic trial following the narative on the Penny Marshall picure . It would have been even more interesting and informative to your audience if you had also interviewd Diana Johnstone on the trial and Thomas Deichmann on the Penny Marshall picture. Of course interviewing the aforementioned individuals may spoil the Image of our Esteemed Western leaders and thus you will never interview people that differ from the Party Line.


The trials of war criminals and perpetrators of genocide need to move quickly so that these animals may be brought to justice as fast as possible. This man is an animal, without conscience. He deserves no mercy or pity or consideration of silly delays of trial. He killed unarmed, innocent civilians. Unequivocal proof of his crimes exist. Move quickly before he dies or escapes his punishment.


These so called International trials are a joke. The real criminals are still among us, living in Texas, England, France, Russia, Africa, China and Israel. The vanquish are always put on trial for revenge.


If anybody would like to read documentary analysis on this issue, I highly recommend the following publication:
The Freezer Truck Hoax
How NATO framed the Serbs
Historical and Investigative Research – 2 Dec 2005
by Francisco Gil-White
by Dr. Francisco Gil-White, amazing documentary researcher. You will be surprised, believe me.


The slow pace of the courtroom is a travesty of justice. Delaying tactics should never be allowed. Legal maneuvers should be limited by a set time schedule. The justice system also neds to include the possibility of a death sentence, especially for crimes a heinous as genocide.


Getting passed most of the useless comments here, all I can say is international justice works. as long as we belive in it, and not lie down on the ground and cry.


The alleged crimes are heinous and my heart goes out to all the victims. However, rushing to judgment would be a mistake. The pursuit of truth and justice is more important than speed. Only with full disclosure of all the facts can we ever learn from the horrors of the past and find a way NOT to repeat those horrors ever again.


Justice delayed is justice denied. The families of those who were murdered en mass deserve to see the perpetrator punished. While everyone deserves a just trial, it should not take 2+ years to come to fruition. Tribunals should not allow the defendant’s delay tactics to interfere with a swift trial.


trial must proceed as quickly as possible, why should justice wait? Will the world ever learn?


Send an Israeli hit man to kill this monster!
Mass murderers don’t deserve justice.


What international justice ? International Justice is only used for those world leaders who govern small countries. Leaders of first world nations have to wait for judgement day to receive their justice. If you have to wait until you die, well then the pace of justice is a bit slow!


They should pospone his trial. The way things are going, in the near future he may be regarded as a hero.


This whole setup is simply a way for many lawyers to get rich and stay rich for many years.

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