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March 1, 2010
Chile reels from massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake

Two days after a massive earthquake in Chile, there is now a desperate struggle to find people who may have survived, as international assistance begins to arrive.

Officials now say at least 723 people died, and 19 others are missing. Many survivors are left without water, food and power; Chile’s president has called it an emergency without parallel in the country’s history.

The city of Concepcion, not far from the quake’s epicenter, was especially hard hit. While the 8.8-magnitude quake itself caused many of the deaths, tsunamis that quickly followed may have killed hundreds in coastal towns.

For more on the earthquake’s impact on the Chilean economy, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Susan Segal, president and CEO of the Americas Society and the Council of the Americas.

And Mariana Sanchez of Al Jazeera English reports from Chile.

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John, Haiti was formed so many years ago. You cannot expect Spain to feel responsible to aid Haiti now.


Daljit’s comparison of Chile’s earthquake and tsunami
to Haiti’s lesser but still devastating earthquake recently is well taken. Since it was Spain that first
wiped out Haiti’s native population, then populated Haiti with Spain’s black slaves, it should be SPAIN that aids Haiti, not the U.S. or other Caribbean countries.

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