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February 26, 2010
Aboriginal culture faces perils in the land down under

Worldfocus concludes this week’s Indigenous Cultures series with a look at the Aboriginal culture of Australia.

As we have seen elsewhere, the remnants of an ancient civilization are being threatened by the encroachment of the modern world.

In Australia, as Deutsche Welle reports, a history written in the land is in danger of being erased.




My admiracion for all native peolpe that they being living for long ago before we kown !!


What sensetivity that # 5 Secretary ” may say I am disagree for that comentary !!


It’s a “big country” but they’ve managed to ruin it. No shock.


Perhaps this area and its culture could be protected as a world historical monument. Wall it off from the rest of the world and let them live as they have always lived. If it is different or natural why must we always destroy it ? It is the worst example of human nature not to revere the otherness and will in the end bring about our own demise.


Move the Rock Art to a safe place. Cover the Rock Art either with a building or sand. Why would you let these Rock Art to be exposed to the air in the first place? Better when everybody gets done looking and crying about Rock Art, maybe a few coins in the pocket of the natives would help.


Indigenous people can and have lived on a piece of land for thousands of years with out harming the land while others spend ten years on the same piece of land and pollute it and almost make it useless…


Years ago I purchased a book ( it’s up in the attic collecting dust,…I guess I’ll go get it tomorrow, and re-read it)authored by a fellow that lived with the outback aborigines,and studied their culture,language,and most importantly spiritualism with great wonderment,and admiration. The book was about “Dreams”,and how to interpret them, which I found very difficult to follow. You see,…these people are remarkably complex,with a great feeling for the afterlife passed down through generations of linquistic translation,delicately handcrafted wooden,and percussion musical instruments ,and last,but not least,beautifully decorated with the utmost of accuracy artistic sculpture,and art,…reinventing,and thusly rejuvinating their unique symbolic iconic culture that has weathered time itself. Needless to say, I loved the book once I got past the cryptic dichotomy. As I previously said,the Aborigines of Australia are in a class by themselves,and if I could live anywhere in the world today,it would be with these marvelous people with literally the richest culture on earth. Thanks Worldfocus for this wonderful week of indigenous people from around the Globe. PS. Absolutely,…facinating journalism,and production :^)


I feel that Australlian Priminister Keven Rudd should see if he along with the Australlian people should try and work with these companies to preserve the rock art of Aboriginals rock art pictures I mean the Aborinals have been hurt enough when people mis treat them so to hurt their beloved rock art pictures will just cause them to get more angry and no Aussie wants that


it is remarkable to hear you misspeak regarding the aboriginal “story of creation” being similar to that in the “Christian bible”. The Old Testament”, in which the story of creation is found, is more appropriately referred to “old Testament”, which of course predates christianity

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