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February 25, 2010
More allegations emerge about 26 suspects in Hamas hit

Dubai police showing some of the suspects. Photo: Channel 10 Israel

Today there’s more on the assassination of that top Hamas official in Dubai last month.

Australia’s foreign minister has summoned Israel’s ambassador, expressing concern about the alleged use of Australian passports by several of the 26 suspects identified by Dubai officials as being part of the ring that carried out the killing.

Dubai police say they are all but certain the plot was organized by Israel’s spy agency, Mossad. Israel has not commented on the claims.

As the allegations continue to emerge about the assassination plot, is Israel’s credibility damaged by not addressing claims that it was involved in the killing?

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MARNIE, because in this forum we all know it was Israel!!! lol


why does one have to asume it was Israel ?perhaps he pissed sameone else off ?


Wow,…think of what you are saying? This guy was a “Bad Actor”,period! He’s an “Arm’s Dealer” ,selling to the highest bidder,be it friend or foe,with no regard for any cause other than making money for himself. He obviously thought he was above the law,locally,regionally,and Internationally having no body-guard. His kind,or better said ilk, will sell their wares too a countries guerrilla’s fighting for independence,and turn-around,…selling backdoor to the very country putting down the insurgents! Their is only one word,or phrase for his type,”the scum of the earth”! His brood owe their allegience to the “Almighty Dollar”,and nothing more,…fomenting calamity,and death,is his diabolical calling card! Good riddance,…! Thanks Worldfocus


The question was about Dubai did we get a little off issue by debating the whole Israel issue ?


Good on World Focus for closely following the assassination of the Hamas leader in Dubai that has resulted in the above duluge of numerous Israeli apologists and their accusations of anti-Israeli bias. Hogwash! Israel continually gets a free ride in American media, including World Focus, e.g., virtually NO mention is made of Israeli nuclear missiles despite the vast coverage of assumed Iranian nuclear weapons development.


ANY CRITICISM of Israel is always labeled “anti-semitic”.
The news today reports that Israel is going to build 600 more illegal houses on Palestinian land in Jerusalem!? Israel does not want a 2 party state or peace with Palestinians. They want every square inch and they are in the process of ethnically cleasing the area until there are no more Palestinians. Read Jeff Halper’s new book (he is Israeli) about pacification and all that Israel does. Israel has turned into a murderous, hideous little country and in NO way is it a democracy.


To the people who are anti-Israel they never had credibility in the first place and it will never be restored. To the people who are pro-Israel any actions they take are considered both justified and crucial for the nations survival; therefore, Israel is credible not matter what they may do. For the rest of us this is just a short episode which will fade when the next news worthy story comes along. Has Israel or Mossad credibility been undermined, it all depends on who you ask. To the anti-semites Israel never had any credibility to the pro-Israels Israel image is untarnished. It all depends on you point of view — none of which is an accurate reflection of the whole picture.


The world should realize that Israel is committing terrorism against Palestinians – the terror is on a small scale but just as lethal as the one the Third Reich (Nazis) perpetrated on their enemies. This is a country that would have no qualm about eliminating non-Jews.


The best thing in the world is to be just and honest.My policy is if I have something bad in me and even nobody knows about it,I would volunteer to inform others about it so that they can get accurate and true information to reach the proper judgement about me.
Whatever Israel has been doing either legal or illegal in the eyes of the world, doing it for their existence.The country is located in the midst of enemies and hence has little chance of survival for long, does not matter how powerful it is militarily. It is a small country and only few million people live there.They have been going too far to ensure their security, for example, killing key people like Ziaul Hoq of Pakistan,nuclear and other scientists of Egypt,Iran, Iraq and other countries,creating wars,chaos and confusion in the world etc- but only when perceived as long or short term security threat to Israel.The overreaction is simply a product of their past historical experience.Why Hitler killed too many of them? Whatever reason they give us, the truth is they almost took over his country.It is not Jew’s fault.They were capable of doing it by virtue of their superior intelligence, hard work and an intense quest for wealth.Every humanbeing has an intention to achieve the best but you have to have the capability of doing that. My understanding is that God created Jews with superiority in many areas compared to other people.Probably,Issac was given a genetic makeup with augmented properties e.g.,Intelligence,labor,greed,quest for life,love for materialism and selfishness,ruthlessness,poor compassion etc.The sense of justice is blurred in them because other qualities take upperhand .A Jewish friend of mine said he does not want babies because’ I will work hard to make money and these babies eat it up doing nothing’;though apparently unrelated I am giving an example how unknowingly sense of justice get blurred,’we have interest in the middle east and we have to ensure continuous flow of oil’ you often hear from americans to justify their interference and war in the middle east.If I possess something and you need it you can get it by buying it as like from the open market, you can not influence or interfere in my property unduly, you can not intimidate and harm me otherwise to get it because it is simply robbery.
Anyway, Europe, specially Britain did not want to harbor more Jews on their soil fearing what Hitler accused them of and so decided to create Israel against the will of people living around the land.
Now, for its survival the best thing israel can do is to squeeze itself even further and allowing a viable Palestine with a single piece of land; be compassionate and down to the earth to its neighbors and sacrifice as much as possible.Hostility and killings may serve the security for the time being but it is running a risk of total obliteration of the country in less than 50 years.Only 10 enemy nukes can destroy the country completely. May be your 300 nukes can destroy the whole middle east but it’s useless and does not benefit you once you lose your country.In few years there will be envoronment friendly space based weapons that can sterilize a country like Egypt in less than an hour. Not a bacteria will survive. Israel has to survive because it needs to accomodate more Jews in future should there is exodus of Jews from US and Europe and the key to survival is to control the greed.


The operations of the Mossad are so much more complicated than that of most others because Israel does not have embassies in many of the countries where the terrorists hide out. US spies and agents can work out of, or from around their embassies. And the Mossad doesn’t have the massive amount of technical facilities available to the US. I think the other countries are envious of the skill and capabilities demonstrated by the Mossad.


Tolerances and reason ,is but gone out the window !
……the hatred that is fueled towards each other is to deep & to wide.. ? Can one assume that PEACE not in the picture anytime soon ?


Israel messed up-they cant deny it-so they are silent.Eventually someone will squeal……..


I don’t think so. All other countries have intelligence agencies that do all sorts of things that I’m sure that we are not aware of. The problem with the Mossad – they hurt so many innocent people while carrying out their missions so it goes from mission to agenda – thats the problem. Jim @ USA


Who among the worlds nation wold not seek justice for their murdered solders ? The “assassinated:” Mahmaud al-Mabhouh confessed to abducted and killing two Israel solders and procured weapons for Hamas which over the years have killed hundreds of innocent people. His “assisted” departure from this world was justified by his own homicidal acts. Israel has the right to remain silent without any harm to its credibility. In fact, this act of justice should be viewed as a warning by other Countries which harbor Hamas terrorists. Mossad and Israel have again shown the world that they will serve cold justice to those who have killed the innocent. The credibility of Israel is both intact and restored.


Re 77 to ALan

I’ve said this before here and in other forums.
The simple and obvious reason why Worldfocus, BBC, CNN and other international news outfits have become so anti-Israel and one-sided is simple: They are all vigorously competing with Al Jazeera in the huge world muslim marketplace. This was not the case 20 years ago, because 20 years ago all the Arab, and most Muslim countries, were shut tight – just like the old Soviet Union. That all changed with satellite dishes, the internet, and the particularly with the birth of AL Jazeera. But any media outlet that DARES to show something positive about Israel will be shunned by Arab audiences in particular. That’s the new world order now. And so forget about ever seeing a pro-Israel segment ever again, except maybe a puff piece about something insignificant. But all of the above-mentioned compete to see who can get the highest ratings in the Muslim world, and that means bashing ISrael on a daily basis.


After reading the other postings, I need to make a few other observations.

First why should anti-Israel Martin or his fellow Israel bashers expect the Mossad to be more transparent than any other national intelligence service? Don’t they get it, an intelligence service is secret by nature that’s how they operate. Would you ask the same of the CIA,MI-5 & MI6, French Intelligence, etc? Why do you single out just the Mossad?

Second, as part of the secrecy of intelligence agencies, they always use false names and passports and frequently those of other nations so as not to flag themselves. We do it, the Brits do it, the French,Germans, Russians, Egyptians, everyone does that.
Third when you are running an investigation, you usually look at all possible options unless you have definitive evidence pointing to a single suspect.There is no evidence here, no real names of those who participated, no known nationalities, we have only the suspicions of the police chief of a nation which is overtly hostile to an other accusing that nation.Some evidence.Frankly this has a keystone cop feel to it. The fat police chief watches the crime, allows the suspects to leave the country in an orderly way on false passports and then announces he has solved the case but has no real defendants or evidence.All this needs is a car chase.

Third, the dead fellow was traveling on a false passport himself, using a false identity and was a self-admitted TERRORIST! Weekly the US Army rightfully uses drones to single out and kill al Queda & Taliban operatives and leaders, so why may I ask is the taking out of a fellow like this any different? We have searched for years to kill Bin Lauden. We & other nations did the same regarding Carlos the Jackel and a host of other terrorists. Attention all airheads that is what nations do when they are confronted by terrorists. This fellow was not Mother Theresa.

Fourth, no innocent civilan was targeted or injured (except the pride of the police chief).

Fifth, if the dead man wasn’t a Palestinian & Israel wasn’t the primary suspect of the lynch mob, World Focus would not have covered this story at all and certainly not for over a week repeatedly asking viewers one-sided questions to respond to.If any other country was suspected of taking out a notorious terrorist it would be little more than a footnote if it was covered at all,but because Israel is in the crosshairs of its bashers they make this one more opportunity to spin tales of distortion and write postings filled with hate.

Sixth, the conduct of the nations whose passorts were forged is absolutely embarassing.They are falling over each other to condemn the Israelis and call the Israeli ambassadors in for a dressing down while having no evidence as to who did this.The haven’t fallen over each other this quickly since their embarrassing abandonment of the western ideal of free speach during the Danish cartoon incident. The most embarassing exhibition certainly goes to the French president who ignored the fact the dead man was a terrorist and publically called this assasination a murder as he stood there with Palestinian President Abbas in Paris.This condemnation comes from a man who publically called rampaging French Muslim youth “scum” a few years ago, but of course this comes from the President of a nation which actively collaberated with the Nazis and enthusiastically rounded up its Jewish population for deportation to the camps.

Frankly I suspect that we haven’t heard the last story on this from World Focus and Martin. I suspect that will keep spinning this until they can find a new story to use to bash Israel.But what can we expect from a “news” program which draws so much of its aired stories from that well known objective news source al Jezeera.


In my opinion Israels’ credibility has not necessarily been damaged by this particular incident, even if Mossad did carry out the operation, because of the care that was taken in hitting only the terrorist and not 9 or 10 other innocent people along with him, as the Israeli government has been in the habit of doing in recent decades when they, for example, fire a missile from an aircraft or helicopter at a militant who has stopped at a street intersection in his automobile and kill all the bystanders nearby. What HAS damaged Israels’ credibility are things like the way they conducted the recent operations in Gaza and Lebanon, the use of white phosphorus, the use of cluster bombs in residential areas in Lebanon, and the report that they apparently kicked over 100,000 Palestinians out of their homes and off their land back in 1946, I believe, so the Israelis could settle the territory, which is called stealing.


What credibility? The only reason anyone would give Israel any credibility would be for religion reasons only, and religion is the domain of dogmas. By their blind beliefs, people stop thinking with reason, justice, or any other value, favoring only what correspond to their own dogmas. I don’t have any “religion”. I have a personal relationship with my own conception of what I think God is. In this conception there is no room for being on the side of injustice, even for dogmatics reasons.


we’re both wrong. The Ottoman Empire was from 1299 to 1922.


There were close to 1 million Jews in Palestine in 1948. No credible historian disputes that between 6-9 million Jews were murdered. You are simply doing what the deceived do. The Jews HAVE a state. It is known as Israel. It is not up for debate. Israel has 1.5 million palestinian Arab citizens. The Jews need a country of their own for the simple and TRUE reason that throughout history governments the world over have tried to kill them all. Hitler was simply the most efficient. He was aided by people and countries with the same mind set as your self. They had Jewish friends too. You are attempting to base your argument on an illusion that ‘palestinians’ ever had their own country. If you want to go back only two hundred years that’s easy! Prior to WWII when the British obtained control of Palestine the area was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the Turks. They ruled with an iron fist. They didn’t think much of the people you call palestinians. And kept the peace for 800 years. Unfortunately, Western democracies simply don’t have the ability to rule with an iron fist. When they back off Arabs always see it as weakness. Israel is a Western Democracy made up of Jews from all over the world. They come from Russia, Ethiopia, Sudan, the US, Spain, England, France, Poland, Germany among others. They speak many different languages and would love nothing more than to be at peace. But that simply is not the Arab way. And it never will be.


Here we go again,World Focus and Martin in particular are obsessed with producing reports that place Israel in a negative light.On this story they have been acting like a dog with a bone,they have sunk their teeth into it and cover it daily reporting little more than the unproven suspicions of the Dubai police long after the rest of the news media have moved on to more timely stories. The fact that neither the Dubai police nor anyone else has discovered any evidence to link this op to to Israel seems to get sweep under the rug.Simply put there is NO EVIDENCE linking the assasination to the Mossad, but not having evidence has never stopped any Arab country from accusing Israel of the worse violations imaginable. Frankly everything about this op points towards an attempt to set Israel up as the fall guy in this international sideshow.Why would the Mossad use the names of Israeli citizens? If it was a Mossad op why would 2 of the “suspects” leave Dubai for Iran,the most inhospitable middle eastern country for Israelis and Jews? Why didn’t the Dubai police act as they watched all of this take place on their closed circuit tv? The motives of Dubai to pin this on Israel are obvious,but the motives of World Focus are more subtle.Interestingly while they are obsessed with this story offering more coverage on it than any other news program and longer reports than on most other subjects they cover in the same broadcasts,they don’t seem all that curious as to other possible state actors.In tonight’s broadcast they included a story about a Shin Bet (World Focus incorrectly identified the agency as Mossad, perhaps to build a false link to the Dubai op) spy within Hamas which they took from a story in the Israeli Daily Haaretz. Interestingly, they never bothered to include any details from the story regarding the Hamas acts of terror the spy overted by his cooperation, including a planned assasination of Shimon Peres, then foriegn minister.He also supplied detailed information on Hamas bombers who targeted Israeli civilians. Didn’t this aspect of the story warrant as much coverage as the Dubai story,especially since it is a new story and the Dubai op has been a subject of world focus extended coverage for more than a week?What is truly fascinating about World Focus’s coverage is their total lack of curiousity about who this Hamas terrorist was, especially since he is alleged to have significant links to Iran. Ironically in an other story which appeared in Haaretz on that same day,a confident of the terrorist said that al-Mabhuh was in the habit of altering his appearance and using multiple passports in order to facilitate Hamas’s arms trade.His confident said”he had many passports of different nationalities — all Arab” and further noted that the dead man “used to supply money and arms to Hamas and other allied factions”. In that regard,the article noted that Dubai police have not commented officially on the passport Mahbouh used to enter the emirate but his brother has stated that he entered Dubai with a passport that used the false last name of Hassan. The terrorist’s confidant also stated that the terrorist used assorted Arab passports to enter European countries because they aroused less suspicion.Gee wouldn’t all of this added an other dimension to the story, but I guess that dimension would have reminded viewers as to who this fellow was and the kinds of things he had done.I guess that would have made him and Hamas less sympathethic & World Focus can never have anyone but Israel look bad or evil.Your coverage of this event mirrors the slanted coverage you daily give the middle east dispute, but the magnitude of this coverage all based on wild unsubstantiated allegations which you repeat daily as if they were fact truly shows where you stand on this issue and that you take that bias into your “reporting”.


To agarwala again,

For 400 years, up to WWI, the entire Middle East was under Ottoman Turkish rule. There were no Arab states. The Ottoman empire chose to side with Germany during WWI and lost to the Allies. At the time, there altogether 22 million Arabs in the world mostly living in the former Ottoman empire. There were 9 million Jews in the world at the time, many of them still stateless and in flux. Now there was no province of “Palestine” in the Ottoman empire at all. There is no Turkish map with the name “Falastin” on it. The Europeans brought back the name itself.
The British had promised the Jews a homeland in 1917 there. They had also promised the Arabs independence, which they did not have under Turkish rule. The League of Nations created “mandates” over new territories called Iraq, Syria and Palestine. These were eventually to become independent, and they did later on.
In Palestine there were 650,000 non-Jews, mostly Muslim Arabs, and about 50,000 Jews. But the League had to take into consideration the millions of Jews who had been abused and shuffled around for centuries, as well as the promise that Britain had made to the Jews. Nonetheless, they took part of Palestine and created a new Arab state called Transjordan. West of the Jordan river was supposed to be for Jewish resettlement. But the hostility of the Arabs against Jewish immigration made things very difficult. Nevertheless, right or wrong, the Council of the League of Nations had authorized the Jews to return to their ancient homeland and resettle all areas that were not privately owned. As for private property, they could buy it if the landowners did so freely. No private property was taken from Arab owners until the war of 1948 when the Arab states attacked Israel and lost, causing two refugee problems: A Palestinian one and a Jewish one for 900,000 Jews who had to flee the Arab countries after 1948.


To 66, agarwalla,

The Council of the League of Nations 1922 ruled that the “Jewish National Home” is in the region of Palestine, and gave Jews the right to return and resettle “wastelands” and “state lands” and to create self governing institutions. In 1947, the UN General Assembly by 2/3rds vote authorized the creation of a “Jewish state.” Those are the legal bases under international law for the reestablishment of Jewish settlement and sovereignty in that area.


#68.You are misleading me about your history.I have a map of palestine from 1935 infront of me.I just wanted to know the history of Jews a couple of hundred years ago. By the way I am not aniti-jew.I have two sets of encyclopedia published from NY (1923 and 1935)edited by people including Jews which says total Jewish population in Europe was not more than three millios and five millions respectively.Even if all of them died it can not be more than five million.That does’nt matter.Even if one Jew dies I feel bad.I know a lot of Jews better than any other people that I know.Even occupying an empty land I don’t mind.Why you have to get a separate Jewish state where already you have been living in peace with others and you are getting it by expelling others from the area by force and terror!That is not right.Before 1948 only 200,000 Jews were living in Palestine.If you claim 5 mil died in Europe,then what was their homeland,Germany or Palestine? Please be truthful and honest.


It’s called the war on terrorism. Israel doesn’t care if it is ‘credible’ in the eyes of people who don’t know the basic definition.


Can anybody answere me some basic questions.Jews occupied Palestine and created Israel because god promised them the land in Taurah.They were slaves of Egyptians amd Moses rescued them and brought back home.Then why they abandoned their home again.any abandoned home in a city will be occupied if not by humans at least by cats,rats or bats.Palestinians occupied the abandoned land which is natural.After thousands of years of ownership and occupation by Palestinians,jews can not claim it as theirs.Hitler killed thousands of Jews but why Jews were in Germany in the first place.Why they abandoned their promised land again and again I don’t understand.Last few years thousands of Jews migrated to China,Iraq and other countries, why? If you are too greedy and want to snatch all the wealth of the planetand lose your so called ‘promised’ land,blame yourself; please do not create chaos and wars among other peaceful nations by your stupid actions.


Really, Israel hasn’t much credibility left to erode. You can’t operate as a terror group and a state at the same time. A state uses its power to arrest a suspect and put them on trial. Not for illegal murders, or assassination bombing by drone and killing any nearby unfortunates. This is true, even if your opponents are terrorists. Same goes for the USA , of course.


Gosh it’s been fun realizing there are as many useful idiots as there ever were! But I’ve got to go watch MI5. Keep the faith jgarbuz! By the way the One True God’s name is YVWH ADONAI!


I wonder? Did he mean nations like Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq? Let’s face it, just another antisemitic tract to get Israel to buckle and give up land for peace. I think that was done by Nevel Chamberlain and Hitler. It worked really well. 9 million Jews dead. 26 million Russians. 180 million dead world wide. But yes, if Israel would just get with the ‘civilized’ nations of the world like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt, and lets not forget the ‘holy’ warriors around the world bombing train stations in Spain, schools in Chechnya, buses in London, rioting in Paris, and of course the twin towers and fighting for a return to the Caliphate of 750 AD. I’m sure things would be better. Let’s go back to the ‘good old days’ when everything was the fault of the kikes. Then we can get along with Muslims, even if they think we’re kafirs. Yes, you’re right. That makes complete sense.


Europe is alienating Israel to pander to their growing Muslim populations. They have returned to the appeasement policy of the 1930s. THey will never appease the Islamist fanatics anymore than they were successful in appeasing Hitler. And they were weak against the Soviet threat as well, but thankfully Reagan did not cave in to their weak-kneed nature, and successfully stood up to the Bear and prevailed. They were lucky the US was there to protect them over those many post-war decades.


Of course when the IDF uses white P on the women and children in the UN compound in Gaza, the American lapdog Zionist imperialists will applaud. Ah, so righteous a group of friends we have. Is Pollard still in jail, too bad.


Arrogant is sitting in the safety of your domicile at your lap top with a cuppa second guessing decisions of a government tasked with protecting the Jewish diaspora who’ve immigrated to Israel.


Ambassador Oren had an op-ed article published in the Sacramento Bee recently in which he made his case for Israel to “take it’s rightful place in the family of nations”. This is not a good way to go about achieving that goal! They’re alienating 6 or 7 European countries and now Australia.


BTW, the Hamas terrorist had MANY Arab passports he travelled under, some of them probably false. Information about him is just being uncovered. Besides which he had had plastic surgery and many bodyguards. He didn’t become a top Hamas commander by being careless!


As we all know from the recent fiasco with the Christmas day bomber in Chicago, sometimes the security apparatus doesn’t work as well as we’d like. If you are a nation on a constant war footing since your inception and attacked multiple times by the hostile nations that surround you. Probably your threshold for playing patty cake with the politically correct (and safe) goes down a bit.


Who’s the terrorist? When the facts emerge, the identity-theft victims must be compensated — with correct diplomacy offered to their countries of origin. Israel must not be allowed to run roughshod over international law, like a rogue state. Prime Minister Rudd’s outrage is justified and refreshing.


Presumably Israel wouldn’t need to use forged US passports, because hopefully the US authorities would pick up an arch Hamas terrorist when tipped off by ISrael, as Israel would pick up an Al Qaeda terrorist if tipped off by the US. Unfortunately, much of the world, including the Europeans, seem to give terrorists who hit Israel a pass they wouldn’t give to terrorists who hit their own countries!


How would you feel if the scales fell from your eyes and you realized the world isn’t a University class room?


Better than if the HAMAS was able to carry out another attack against Israel


How would you feel if they used forged US passports, Robert ?


The Israelis wouldn’t have to steal passports if they weren’t surrounded by hostile nations who don’t accept their passports.


What makes the terrorists think they can murder and then take refuge all over the world? The US followed Osama into Tora Bora! It didn’t have to steal any passports. It just went in! Did Israel send the IDF into Dubai to get this archterrorist? No, it used agents, and naturally those agents had to have passports to get around. Next time, should Israel send in paratroopers to snatch an arch terrorist?


The U.S. and Nato forces are taking out enemy combatants, terrorists and cause unintended collateral damage. The Israelis are so careful to get their man without causing unnecessary deaths. “When the Arabs begin to love their children more than they hate the Israelis, perhaps only then can peace even be a possibility”. Golda Meir was so right when she spoke those words.


Fine, if we’re going to engage in philosophical debates. There is a generally accepted theory of moral relativism. It’s why nations can fight ‘just wars’. Clearly, stealing passports to kill one of the heads of HAMAS (whose responsible for murdering hundreds if not thousands) is not the same as stealing purses in a department store.


This story reminds me of an encounter many many years ago when I was a medical student. I had to interview a patient with kleptomaniac, who, even by her own account, had stolen thousands of times because her mother had not given her the appropriate attention. On the other hand, she was given immense praise and admiration by her friends about how smart she was after stealing and getting away with it. It became a motivation for her to keep stealing things. Before long, she started stealing things that she did not need, and items that she otherwise had ample other ways to afford. My heart went out to her. As I basked in how succesful I was, in connecting and empathizing with this young girl, and submitted my student write-up to my professor, I got hit on the head by my professor. He asked, “when is her court date?” When I looked surprised, my professor answered, “if she has stolen a thousand times with impunity, I must ask, ‘What is she trying to steal from me?'”

My professor was correct. The true story was that she had finally been caught, and came in to ask for a doctor’s letter to give to the judge. At that very moment, it suddenly dawned on me that, my compassion and empathy for her had made me completely forget about the thousands of people she had stolen from. Had any of them gotten into real financial trouble? Has anybody gotten falsely accused of her theft, taken her place in prison, gotten blackmarked for life unfairly, lost a job, or gotten divorced? And how did her placing her self esteem on her triumphs over the police hampered her from taking the necessary effort to improve her relationships with her own mother?

With that lesson, I must ask how many thefts of passports does Isreal have knowledge of in the past decades, i.e., the entire history of Israel? Of those, does Israel know how many victims had suffered consequences for those identity thefts, directly, or indirectly. Israel needs to issue an apology to all past victims, not just to the current ones, and compensate them.

If it is not Israel’s doing, the Israeli intelligence being so smart, they must know which organization has a track record of planting those false trails. As yet, I cannot imagine a reason why they have not stated their innocence, if they are truly innocent. Israel would have simply said they’re innocent when the news first broke, had they been innocent– sorry, I cannot side with people who put innocent citizens at risk. Remember, many of these victims are jewish. It reminds me of Irish clergy abusing their own Irish children– pathetic.


Yes, you are quite correct. Better to behave ‘responsibly’ and die.


Abusing other countries sovereignty and stealing their citizen’s identity is arrogant and reckless and is not the behaviour of a responsible country.


That’s the definition of self defense. That’s how it works. Israel should not lay down and die simply because it makes on line Western females “uncomfortable”. The very same females who would be kafir, unbelievers, worthy of rape and death in ANY Muslim country. But no please, let’s hear some more politically correct objections from people who’ve never been anywhere but the US, Australia, Canada or Western Europe. Turkey is currently debating whether to make adultery a ‘crime’ once again. Who do you think they’ll punish first? Not the men. It won’t be in the name of self defense. It will be to defend Islam. You know, believe or die.


Yeah..Israels credibility is damaged. Just like every time the CIA does a good job and the U.S. doesn’t come out and explain to the world exactly what, why & how. Give me a break! The mossad just did a good job helping defend their country and those REAL terrorists who would “wipe Israel from the map” don’t like it. Get real people!


A prior commenter said: “nothing Israel does in its own self-defense is wrong”. Yikes!


Yes, out of the 9 MILLION square miles occupied by Muslims, Jews are ENTITLED to 9 THOUSAND square miles of peace and quiet. That’s 1/10th of 1% what Muslims occupy on this earth. If that’s asking too much, then let the earth burn!


A rogue country blinded by a false sense of entitlement…Current day Iran, North Korea, Syria, South Africa before the end of apartheid, WW II Germany, militant Muslims in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Ethiopia, South Asia and finally, sleeper cells all over the world taking advantage of poor (in mind) so called educated elites. You’re right of course, if the Israelis would just get with the program and hand their country over to the rabble we could all go back to pre 1948 when the area was just a vast desert waste land with no irrigation, no forests, no fish farms, no airports, no highways, no schools or universities and no democratic government in the Middle East. By god you’re right they are rogue.


Israel’s silence is arrogant and one more example of a rogue country blinded by its false sense of entitlement.


Israel’s roughly 7 million population has about 1.5 million so called palestinian Arabs with full citizenship rights; two official languages, the second of which is Arabic and equal access for all no matter what religious belief or no belief. The average Arab ancestry citizen of Israel is 23% wealthier than his counter part living in a supposedly more supportive nation of Muslims. Yet somehow Israel is responsible for the fact that in nations all over the world anti-semitic governments like the one in Dubai harbor the HAMAS and dupe their own people into jihad for the demon god allah, while Israel must fight to survive and apologize for taking legitimate steps to kill the enemies of civilization.


As long as the Arab and Muslim states, with its 1.5 billion Muslim inhabitants, refuse to recognize the Jewish state’s right to exist, and continue in every way to try to delegitimize and destroy it, nothing Israel does in its own self-defense is wrong. The law of survival overrules all others in every and any moral code of ethics. The US used the atomic bomb. Nothing is illegitimate if your very survival is at stake.


This was a simple case of a known terrorist getting what he had coming to him. The UN should put out a Proclomation Thanking the People whom ever they are that pulled this off a Vote of THANKS. Every Country that does not support Terrorist would sign it.


This unbelievable event, along with decades of Israel’s brazen and ongoing violation of any rules and laws that don’t further their illegitimate goals (e.g. their not so clandestine nuclear weapons), succors, day by day, to turn what few sympathetic folks still exist (including President Jimmy Carter – Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid) to abandon them and their radical cause.

With fewer fair minded folks left supporting Israel, one day they will accept that the use force to solve all of their problems was a flawed strategy for the start.

Hopefully that realization will come soon, especially for the majority of fair minded Palestines that are living under a modern day holocaust at the hand of Israel and it’s citizens.

What a shame!


Who cares ? Only Martin Savage and his Al Jazeera reports care. Two Palastinians were arrested and two took a boat to Iran. Yep, that is a place where the Mossad would go. Maybe the Palastinian Authority did it. You do not mention that since that would be against Arabs. A murderer gets murdered, Sweet Justice.


We all know that the spy agency that did this is ruthlessly efficient at finishing off its enemies but this time they went too far and employed the most unholy and illicit means to hurt national pride of countries that issued the authentic passports only to be faked for this assassination operation. I have read reports that this operation was carried out with the authorization from the prime minister to whom this spy agency chief reports. No one is shedding tears over the loss of a hard core terrorist but the state-sponsored manipulation and faking of passports is also an act of terrorism as it is a criminal violation of decent citizens from several allies who are rightfully outraged by the abuse of most treasured travel document information to conduct a state sponsored operation


Israel cannot benefit by this diplomatic disaster. It merely further compounds the situation caused by the Goldberg report on Israeli illegality in Gaza and their intransigence over expanded settlements in the Bantustan of the West Bank.

Israel is rapidly becoming a pariah state, not only with governments formerly well disposed, but also is losing credibility with American Jewry.

The assasination is an unnecessesary return to the Jewish terrorism previously meted out when Menachim Begin’s Irgun assasinated Count Bernadotte and blew
up the King David hotel in Jerusalem.

The present criminals do not even have the excuse of desparation. They may even consider themselves clever. Time will tell,


As far as I am concerned,the world did NOTHING to save my family from annihilation before or during WWII, and did nothing to stop the Arabs from attacking Israel in 1948, and therefore Israel can DO NO WRONG when it comes to saving itself from further destruction. Period. Nobody is going to save Israel if it doesn’t save itself. Good work Israel, and good hunting in the future!


If you want to see how US Zionists cover Israel’s murderous tracks, study the case of the American sailors killed on the USS Liberty. Discern the web of Israeli lies! Read what the US generals later said and what the survivors said. If you want more sloppy Mossad work look at the Jordian hit or much earlier the Norwegian hit. The hit men were caught. All murders done by Israeli state terrorists are justified – national security. Americans continue to be lapdogs of Israel.


Israel has already all but admitted they were behind it, so I don’t know why some Israel apologists are working so hard to try to deny involvement. Israel could not possibly damage it’s credibility with me, since it has no credibility. They lie and distort the truth in almost every instance, so why should this situation be any different. Anyone who can’t see that Israel is a terrorist and fascist regime either has their eyes closed or is choosing to believe a delusion. Israel doesn’t care about anyones life or survival unless it benefits them. Mossad has a logo which bears the motto ‘With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war’.


The Mossad is a Zionist criminal organization. Unfortunately the U.S., British, Irish, French, German, Spanish, Dutch,Austrian or Australian governments do not have the courage to stand up to them. A shameful state of affairs.


Dubai is a corrupt, racist, sexist society. Foreign workers are treated badly. Women are treated poorly.

Why should we pay attention to their state “police”?


Reading the comments, like Agarwala’s #24, shows how well Mossad plays into conspiracy theories. Yes, blame it all on Mossad. Blame it on Israel.

Then you don’t have to face up to your own problems. This is exactly what Arab leaders have been doing for decades – distracting from their own failures by indoctrination against Israel.


we know only the tip of the iceberg of the mossad victims.I know for sure they killed Gen Ziaul haq of Pakistan along with his 12 top generals and US ambassador to Pakistan in 1988.But i have never heard of anybody talking about it except the then US ambassador to India who was called insane by US administration;pulled him from Delhi after many years gave him a prestigious award for his service.the doctors who evaluated him and called him crazy apologised.Mossad killed numerous people.What Pakistani leader did to Israel? Nothing.He was for manufacturing a nuke for his country.Israel already had more than 200 of them.


The only one killed was the murderer who was in Dubai to purchase high-tech weapons to be used againt the citizens of Israel. Israel deserves our respect and praise for doing what any nation threatened would do. Nice job!


Kudos to the Israelis and the young heroes they recruited in eliminating that heinous Hamas murderer. I’m disappointed they didn’t cover their tracks better. At this point they need to openly acknowledge this otherwise brilliant execution and apologise to the persons and Governments whose passports were faked.


I personally have no problem with Hamas leaders ending up dead anywhere in the world. Israel has been surrounded by hostile, duplicitous neighbors since her inception as a nation and before. Mossad is way better at this than the liberal idiots would like to admit and it certainly wouldn’t take 26 agents. Dubai is paranoid and exaggerating. Probably for domestic Muslim consumption.


By now its very clear that Mossad was involved in the Dubai killing. They are shameless and will go to any length to get what they want. They however screwed up this time and ongoing investigations will embarrass them further!!


Instead of the obsession with this issue, real news.


If Mossad was involved, it was likely together with the Palestinian Authority.

Two Fatah members were involved – World Focus excluded that.

And then the three who went to Iran. Either the Dubai policeforce is exaggerating, or there are other elements to this story.


You would think Al Mabhouh was a hero, not one who sent in suicide bombers, and personally boasted of murders.

The world is better off without him.


#14 is right. Can one trust the allegations, and even the “video evidence” of the Dubai police? It’s easy to manipulate video footage.


How like Martin Savidge to ask such a leading question.!

I don’t believe Israel’s credibility has been hurt much – in the eyes of those who give it a fair chance.

In the eyes of critics like Savidge, it’s a different matter.

What is shocking is the uncritical belief that Savidge has in any statement from the Dubai police. Dubai is an authoritarian principality, whose police are political pawns.


Israel’s credibility was damaged long before these revelations ever occurred and the damage is beyond repair. This country has been a serial violator of international law and most international conventions almost from the day it was established in 1948. This just adds another log to the fire, as far as I am concerned. I am amazed that the European Union has been so timid in its response to what is obviously a case of identity theft of some of its citizens. Although I was heartened to read that the Australian government has read the Israelis the riot act over this matter, I don’t think that nothing will ever come of this in terms of diplomatic sanctions of censure.


Israel has little credibility to start with. Duplicity is their norm. Their Government is handling this just as we have come to expect. By not admitting their involvement in the killing, they avoid diplomatic consequences. By not denying it, they maintain its threat value. Anyway, if everyone thinks it was such a sloppy job, maybe we should consider our own CIA.


Well I’m sure the Israeli secret service, had a good reason for killing him.


If the assassinated party was Osama bin Laden, the Americans would be cheering. But of course, the CIA has repeatedly proven itself impotent in getting its man, unless captured by Pakistan or some third party.
Yes, Israel has often used foreigners to help it get the bloodiest terrorists when it could, and has had to make use of forged passports since so many countries have no diplomatic relations with Israel. And obviously, an Israeli passport is a dead giveaway. I doubt any Mossad operative would ever use an Israeli passport. So are terrorists free to roam the world after killing Israelis. But what angers me more than the hypocrisy of the world in making such a big fuss over this good deed, but rather the leftist traitors over at Ha Aretz who practically revel every time Israel is drawn into an umbroglio. The grandparents of the traitors who write for that red rag called “Ha Aretz were lucky to get out of Germany alive, some on forged passports, and into Palestine when nobody else would have them! I hope when Iran strikes with its thousands of missiles, it burns Ha Aretz and the homes of the traitors who scribble there to the ground!




As Mark has said, it’s almost beyond reason to believe the Mossad
would be so sloppy as to use people who are not Mossad trained Israelis and could be exposed so easily. It is not beyond belief that whomever is behind the killing of Mahmaud al-Mabhouh has succeeded in the blame being placed on Israel’s Mossad. After all, the world believes that if an Arab terrorist is killed who else could the killers be. A covert operation of 26 untrained people to assassinate 1 man?


I agree with Mssrs. Bernadiner & Masterson and
by the way Mr. Mabhouh was no saint, but an
admitted murderer in his own right as proclaimed by Al-Jazeera’s (above comment #2).


By the way, why do we expect Israel to see the immorality of murder, since it does not see the immorality of occupying Palestine and harming Palestinians?


I find this investigation to be flawed from start to finish. We all know that countries in that part of the world blame Israel for everything from global warming to riseing prices. They are terrorists as far as I am concerned. I support Israel.


According to reports broadcast on Al-Jazeera in February 2010 Mahmaud al-Mabhouh CONFESSED to abducting and KILLING two Israeli soldiers. Mabhouh admitted his involvement, saying he had “disguised himself as an Orthodox Jew” apparently to gain the confidence of his intended victims. He should have known that his confession would bring about a swift and fair sentence of death from the Legitimate Government of Israel.

Israel should be proud of its swift execution of the confessed killer who killed two IDF solders. Solders who served their country should expect loyalty and justice in return.

Mossad and the government of Israel should issue a joint statement which accepts full responsibility for the carying out of the execution sentence against the confessed killer of two IDF solders by Mahmaud al-Mabhouh.


By the way, nobody paid attention to the fact that one Irish man, whose passport date was stolen, has never been in Israel. Moreover, 26, so far, people involved in assassination of just one terrorist is not Mossad stile as we remember Munich massacre bandits liquidation.

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