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February 23, 2010
Top U.S. commander seeks forgiveness for civilian deaths

Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, made the unusual move of directly apologizing to the Afghan people on local television.

He sought to control the damage in the aftermath of Sunday’s U.S. airstrike that killed at least 21 people in central Afghanistan.

American and Afghan forces are trying to defeat the Taliban in Helmand province and win over the people there.

For more about the fallout from Sunday’s airstrike, Martin Savidge speaks to Rick Nelson, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a former member of the U.S. Special Operations command.

And James Bays of Al Jazeera English reports how Taliban are saying their support among the Afghan people is only increasing.




These things are bigger than one man or one policy. Personally, counter insurgency is expensive and risky because people will always do what is in their own best interest, which may coincide with the other person. Or State. Or it may not. Or it may for a while. And then change. One great thing about the US is that generally speaking one may immigrate their to have a better life. This is especially the case if your country can’t seem to get itself out of the 18th century. Some countries are money pits and can’t be ‘fixed.’ Bush knew this. He was right not to waste men and material in a country that didn’t even have a two lane black top highway traversing it. But then we would be accused of ‘abandoning’ the noble Afghans. When you’re the biggest boy on the block every one wants to take a shot.


this mail is for your kind notice,that i got threatning letter from taliban of wasti multan zone.these letters are despatched to all my neighbours too
that creat a horible situation for me and my family,where as police has closed file without investigation some one joke to me,thats amazing
then i wrote letters to military intelligence and interior minister too
the suspected one has alredy warn me to stop relatives to come to my home other wise according to nafaz e shariat he forcly stop it then after that
these letters are despatched to whole area .i live in sahiwal such a peaceful city where never such thing happens,that first time taliban threat someone like me.
plese help me they are so influent people that no one even want to raise evidence against them.i am waiting for your responce then i will send these letters to you


I don’t think that I’ll ever understand how we the US engage in combat – our “poor” soldiers, marines, navy and air force always go into combat with both hands tied behind their backs. If were going to fight a war then we need to assume certain risk including civilian causalities or else we need to stay the hell out of wars – particularly where we were not wanted in the first place. It simply doesn’t make sense at all. Jim @ USA


Finally, the US has a policy that will let the Taliban return to help govern Afganistan and let American and Nato Troops come home. President Obamas’ peace Prize may in the end been well deserved. They are just people trying to survive. Withdrawing with a stable government in place and without being defeated is victory to the history writers and is far superior to losing this protracted and unending war. It was not Afganistan terrorists who attacked US on 9/11. They were Saudi Arabian terrorists. We should hold no grudge against Afganistan, bury and honor our dead heros.


Kudo’s for the reporting. I have an idea. If general McChrystal wants to “stay ahead of the game”, why not just start apologizing now for the next massacre of civilians by U.S./NATO forces.


Muslim extremists already believe Americans are weak. This just proves it to them. They hate us, they laugh at us. And he’s apologizing for a war? War is death. War is atrocity. Absurd to apologize in front of the world.


what a great interview you guys are doing such a great job
this news is not available anywhere else!


Interpretaion: Implicitly explains all the more reason why we should not be there.

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