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February 19, 2010
Week in Review: Afghanistan and Pakistan

There was a major blow to the Taliban with the arrests of three senior leaders in Pakistan, including the number-two Afghan Taliban official. While this was a victory for U.S. and Pakistani intelligence, it was also a reminder of how the Taliban have used Pakistan as a base.

In our weekly roundtable, we also look at the big offensive against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan and what’s likely to be achieved.

Joining Daljit Dhaliwal are Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, and Susan Chira, foreign editor of The New York Times.




Many neo-conservatives voice their venom. What would be their comments if Sarah Palin was the current vice-president and we were in a global depression? Obama has shifted too far to the right! The war of revenge for 9/11 is not going well, partly because revenge is a bad reason to go to war. We Christians in the USA can never understand the Palestine situation (INJUSTICE), nor the narrow geo/socio-sentiments in the Moslem world that assure they will get us off “their land”. The sooner we see that this is humanity’s land – the better! Cardinal human valuse are lost to us.


America is now completely weakened and the American President is a lame duck. President Obama came with much fanfare, but he is a burst bubble. America needs a leader not a shiny thing used to distract. Obama’s inexperience permeates all things American.


Its very clear that the intentions of local forces can’t be determined. But who are we to say that they haven’t received political revelation? This is a new turn for fighting the Taliban. There’re many loopholes of course to consider but help won’t be rejected because anything is beneficial when fighting warlords.


These countries are milking the West for every dollar or Euro they can get and laughing all the way to the bank.


Do not tell President Obama of America because he will want them to be read their rights and to have a lawyer with them. He might even want to turn over to UN forces so as they can be given an open hearing. Instead of water boarding them, put their heads into a bucket of sand.

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