February 19, 2010
Haiti struggles to provide housing for quake survivors

Haiti’s government says it will have to take over some privately held land to build temporary camps for earthquake survivors.

The aim is to relieve overcrowding in the makeshift camps where many of the one million-plus Haitians left homeless have been living.

But as Haiti continues to struggle five weeks after the quake, a few stories of hope are emerging as well. Steve Chao of Al Jazeera English reports from Haiti.




As it has for many years and will for many more.


How does one think that Haiti will ever be the same. Who would want it the same. Most of the country was in a state of decay before the quake where the population was to large to be supported by the land that house them. Port-au-Prince will be pick up and drop into the ocean. There should be another 20,000 dead within a few months just from diease, it will be the weak, those whoare old, very young, and those that have deadly dieases.

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