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February 18, 2010
NATO’s new Afghanistan strategy focuses on Marjah

This week, NATO launched a large operation to take the Taliban-controlled town of Marjah, as part of its new counter-insurgency strategy.

NATO hopes to wipe out the Taliban presence in this part of Helmand province, clearing the way for the Afghan government to take control.

At the same time, NATO hopes to encourage lower-level Taliban fighters to give up fighting and negotiate with the Afghan government.

Daljit Dhaliwal talks about about this first real test of President Obama’s new strategy for finishing the war in Afghanistan with Marvin Weinbaum, a scholar at the Middle East Institute and a former State Department analyst.

James Bays of Al Jazeera English reports on NATO’s campaign in Marjah, as coalition forces try to root out the Taliban and win over the local population.




We are doing the most we can to stop the rebals,with just a few monthes left till we pull out give them a break they are at war.friendly fire will happen,to bad they were Afghan civilans.NATO gave ther word to see nothing like that will ever happen anymore ever.


We will never win the fight until the team of lawyers following around each soldier is eliminated !
Cant fire on civilians? Just who are the civilians anyway? These heathens dont wear uniforms……Geneva convention? I say kill em all and let god sort em out !


Marjah could be a psychological victory for NATO forces, but it is one small town in a vast country.


Marjah next door to Kandahar Airport is world’s busiest one-runway airport in world with 5,000plus flights per week. Will be built-up as a military strategic airfield. The US/UK will be able to out-flank Iran’s western border. Don’t need permission from Afghanistan to fly sorties. The US/UK arm forces will build-up Kabul’s main artery Route 1 to southern Helmand province ,logistics,etc. the US military budget for FY10 is a whopping $1.03 tn, largest ever annually to completely finance the US/UK occupation as permanent occupiers for US/UK enterprises/interest on the taxpayers dime. The congress just passed HR2194,and S2799 to sanction Iran’s “refined petroleum act”,and “comprehensive sanction accountability,and divestment act” called IRPSA thusly initiated ,implemented and inacted by AIPAC. Just recently Israel’s PM Netanyahu wet to Russia,…to talk sanctions, he wanted it,so Hillary got it for him. News Flash: Hillary says Iran ready to Nuke the world,and is the largest supporter of terroism in the known universe, with actual tangible nuclear weapons,..deja’ vu? What’s going on,…I’ve seen the exact scenerio play-out “Seven-Years ” ago,…?


Well,yes you can conquer this area-but the morons charged with holding it will revert to type,and it will be lost again.Repeat this 20 times and then give up.These (Afghans) are not honorable people………….

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