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February 17, 2010
Mossad blamed for killing Hamas military leader in Dubai

Last month, a top Hamas military leader was assassinated in a Dubai hotel.

Dubai police claim that at least 11 suspects were involved in killing Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, many of whom allegedly used identities stolen from dual U.K.-Israeli citizens.

Israel’s intelligence service, Mossad, is suspected of being behind the crime, but some analysts question whether Mossad’s handiwork would have been so sloppy.

Jacky Rowland of Al Jazeera English reports from Israel about those who found their names associated with the assassination plot.

Should Israel be more forthcoming about whether or not it was involved in the killing of the Hamas leader?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please be respectful and on-point. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.

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Worldfocus is pro-news. Freedom is ensured by open news sources which will not be intimidated by people who are all to quick to cry racial foul. Who ever eliminated this murder, Mossad or not, it was a job well done and the world should respect you for it.


lets get real. Have you ever seen white Arabs?
Yes, they do exist.

For your information: Israel has black, whire and brown looking Jews.

So, what make you so sure that the people on the video are from Israel?

Are you some kind of expert about race and colors of people?

I don’t think so. You must be pro-Arab from what I can tell…


let get real, world focus is pro arab. i had posted my comment on sat and it wanished in a tin air.

M15 & M16 could be the one who took this terrorist out for good.

Mossad spy boss is not stupied to send over dozen men to do this job.

Mossad hit squad is known to be 2-6 people the most.

So, lets get real about who may have killed the Hamas terrorist/professional arms man/trader to his people as well..


If we take the term terrorist leader as a person who gives orders that directly or indirectly lead to innocent deaths then probably more than half our world leaders fall in this category, including Mr Mandela and Mr Bush. Its also the same reason Mr Mandela was called a Terrorist by Ms Margaret Thatcher.


From the photos and videos of the suspects, they look more like Israelis than Arabs. Especially that woman. Or a man who pretends to be a woman by wearing a wig.


One less terrorist in the world. Good riddance. Also did World Focus ever ask this question of Syria and its involvement in killing the president? Why are only the Israelis put under this microscope?


Over the last several days I have read the comments as they have been added here.The Israel bashers are out in full force spinning tales of Mossad conspiracy,asking to “follow the money” and making claims without any basis. So here is a quick lesson about the law: To “prosecute” anyone you need concrete admissible evidence not conjecture, assumptions or guesses.Neither the Dubai authorities or any of those accusing Israel who post here have been able to produce a single piece of evidence tying Mossad to this event.Their assumptions clearly come from a far more deeply held sinister motive which is evident in many of their ramblings.The fact that warrants have been filed with Interpol is meaningless, since they are for faces without true identities, without locations or nationalities. The fact that they have filed by Dubai does not mean there is an Israel connection.The possible list of suspect nations including Dubai itself & organizations who would want this terrorist dead(yes terrorist,he was a self-admitted murderer & not the bland & understated “militant” prefered by World Focus).So I challenge those who are so quick to claim the Mossad did it, to offer some actual, real evidence, the kind that would be accepted by a court.I doubt any of you will take up this challenge but merely responded with posting filed with less than subtle messages of hate.You fool no one.And here’s a challenge for World Focus, why not prepare a story of equal length to one you ran accusing the Mossad which explores the other nations or groups who have reasons to assassinate this Hamas terrorist. You might include the 2 Palestinians Dubai has detained in its investigation and the Hamas member similarly detained presently in Jordan for the same purposes; but of course you have never included those facts in your reporting. Thanks for a balanced even handed report.


#67 ”regarding the pals.are known for their corruption”. hamas are the most honest of the lot. they spend their money on the people. fatah will take a hot stove, and if someone had the misfortune to accidently drop a twenty dollar bill on knesset floor, only through the advent of dna would family members be able to make a positive id.




Daljit Dhaliwal and World Focus have been vindicated.
Interpol had just issued arrest warrants for the 11 suspects.


Yes!!! this hypocrital israel should be dissolved and expose; all they know about this murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I recall another sloppy Mossad operation in Norway where they killed the wrong man and later got caught by a local cop. Yes, we must be in awe of those super pros – those Mossad clowns. Seems like they are outsourcing to the cheapest thugs available. Gee!


Everyone should read “By Way of Deception”, the inside story of Mossad by a former operative. Many horrors we were led to blame on Moslem groups were done by Mossad to get America to invade, etc. We still don’t know who really bombed the ancient Shiite temple in Iraq triggering the civil war which kept America in Iraq and still does. The ancient wisdom in the East is that nothing is done by whom it appears to have been done or for the reasons for which it appears to have been done. This screw-up by Mossad is a blessing in that Mossad is now exposed. Americans end even Europeans are babes in the woods when tangling with the folks who holocausted Jericho with fires so hot the stone statues melted.


Consider the possibiolity that Israel was NOT the culprit in Dubai. However, is it not in their interest in terms of intimidating their enemies to let people THINK that they did it. More fame and awe for Mossad. If they did not do it, and they were being blamed by so many, why not get some beneift out of the incident? Note that they do not claim any credit. Who else could it be?

Start with Hamas itself. There have been many Hamas leaders who have been killed by other Hamas rivals.

Then there is the PLO. They ahve had many of their operatives killed by the man taken out in Dubai and other Hamas operatives.

THen there is Egypt or Turkey. They are both trying to get Hamas and the PLO together and one of the couses of their failure has been the hard line of the dead man.

Then there is Saudi Arabia. Hamas could be a movement that could threaten the Royal Family.

Of course there is Hammas themselves. The Palestinians are known for their corruption, and Hamas climbed to power by claiming that they were not as bad as the PLO. What if the dead man had been on the take–was he in Dubai for the weather or managing his personal wealth that had been exported, or what. From Hamas point of view, an assassination blaming it on the Israelis is an excellent solution.

Syria cannot be overlooked either. They have a track record of political assassiantion, and good reason to keep Hamas under their control.

What is interesting is that the two pieces of “evidence” that is used to convict Mossad are 1) that is was a successful operations and 2) that Israel had reason to see the man dead. That is enouugh for 99% centainty for the Dubai police chief and apparantly many others as well. There was much MORE evidence that Saudi Arabia was responsible for the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Most of the operatives were Saudi middle class with little time spent in other Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia benefitted by turning most of the World agaisnt Al Queda which had the Saudi Royal Family as Enemy number 1. They had motive, method and opportunity. But that does not make it so.

Another arguement against Israel is that they would not risk 18 prime operatives to knock off 1 Hamas leader who can easily be taken out while in Gaza by a drone (yes the Israeli have their own designs), or by paying some Arabs to kill him. A single rocket or airstrike would do it also. The Israelis had been targeting enemy leaders and kcocking them off without any of the risk or the high cost of the Dubai operation. Even the method of the killing–strangulation–is much too risky when a slit thoat or snapped neck is much surer and quieter. And would Israel expose 18 of its well trained agents to the security cameras that everyone knows were in the Dubai hotel. If they are Mossad agents, their covers are blown and this was a VERY expensive operation for Israel.


The hypocracy of the British is extreme here. Assuming that Israel did it, the British complaint is that Israel forged UK passports to engage in their covert operations.

I would like some journalist to ask the British, “Can you assure the public that the British clandestine services have never used forged passports of another country as covers fot UK operatives?”

It was the British who taught the Americans and the Israelis about spying and covert operations. At this moment the UK intelligence operatives probably have passports ready to go from Israel, tge United States and just about every other country. Only the British are capable of appearing “shocked” by such a practice.


Mossad took this execution right out of a Holly-Wood script for a bad “B”
movie. It was a nice but ineffective attempt to confuse the public about “who-dun-it.” Thank you Syria for providing critical details about this Hamas murders planned trip to Dubai – and for only running stories of the restoration of formal diplomatic relations with the US in your government ran news papers. Mossad, no reason to not be proud of removing another Hamas terrorist without upsetting the newly reformed US-Syrian diplomatic relationship.


Israel has to UNAPOLOGETICALLY capture or kill any enemy terrorist with blood on his hands wherever it can lay hands on them without having to explain anything to anybody. America does the same when terrorists kill Americans, and Israel doesn’t need a license or permit to do the same from anybody.


One Terrorist killed by an even bigger Terrorist. As far as the world accusing Mossad of the Dubai murder, the whole world automatically blamed Syria for the Rafik Hariri murder in Lebanon, like it’s beyond the realm that someone else could have had a motive. Regarding the myth that the Gaza pullout was a benevolent gift from PM Sharon, the truth is Israel had approx. 8500 settlers in Gaza and 22,000 soldiers guarding them. Pal. pressure made life bad for the Israelis, children going to school in windowless armoured vehicles, parents cooking breakfast with machine guns wrapped around their torsos. To cut their losses they left Gaza. At the same time as the benevolent Sharon was forcing out 8500 Israelis settlers out of Gaza, he added 40,000 more people to the West Bank. I believe us suckers in the U.S. pledged 2.2 Billion to help the innocent 8500 get on their feet. I’m glad I don’t know the outcome of this pledge.


To the comments that blasted World focus for running this story, it is a major news story — even US news, even Fox News carried it. A Fox headline quoted the Dubai police that they were 99% certain Israel was involved. Ireland and the UK have called in the Israeli ambassador over the forged passports. The irony is that the Israeli press has provided indepth coverage of the story and debated the underlying issues. In the US, we need World Focus and BBC News to partially overcome the pro-Israel bias of the US press.


I think Israel should be more forthcoming when the United States hands over to Italy the CIA agents who were found guilty of kidnapping an individual and then sending him to a place where they knew he would be tortured. As for the Brits, France and other countries why don’t they acknoweldge they do the same thing. If Israel did it, the crime is that they got caught. If Israel didn’t do it, whoever did has pulled a fast one on everyone.


I don’t think it would add anything new. Israel’s Mossad (or the equivalent of the US CIA) was most likely behind that – their behind a lot of bad stuff – not that the Hamas leader did not deserve to be wiped out – but the Mossad agents are active around the world – including here in the US – there probably more Mossad agents at work in the US than we have employees in the FBI. The Mossad are masters and deception and division. They operate perhaps in many different circle from the financial markets, the media, the arts and entertainment worlds to sports – it is like front operations for the Mafia. The difference is that in the US – the CIA is regulated with security issues and the Mossad is virtually uncontrolled with a global agenda. Jim @ USA


Israel is not the one changing the world. It’s the
Islamic extremists all over the world who blow up innocent women and children (most of them other
Moslems), who “honor” maim and kill their
daughters. Israel only took land after repeated
wars and terror attacks to protect their
population from being wiped out.


Normally Israel got away with actions that no other country would be able to do: covert killings, hidden nuclear weapons program, subjugation of a big population (the Palestinians), misappropriation of territory,spying, etc. Israel with its actions has turned this world in pandemonium. Not fair for the rest of us who have to share this planet with them.


Brilliant. Eliminate one enemy, trail of crumbs to another, political mileage, manipulate press. Builds power, fear and respect in the inner circle of friend and foe.

Please report on operation costs: ten million euro plus, burn of 11 team members, messages sent to contractors, plan of exit cover, sale of plan to team.

“Follow the money” question: Why does the producer position the story as “When did you stop beating your wife”? Can it be as simple as pandering, prejudice and Marionette?


Won’t it be a great world when the animals live in peace free from the contaminated dna that’s evolved!


War is War–there are no limiting factors in defining War–only idiots attempt to define with limitations–warriors are without red coats– Dresden was a target as was Tokyo;read Che Guevera–review Al Queda’s tactics–Terrorism exists on all fronts– Guerilla Terrorists are today’s warriors, however repulsive that may seem.
The “free” world’s politicians will one day wake up to those facts, but alas, I will be Dead and Gone as will millions of innocents at the hands of those who drink Kool Aid.


Well, first of all, the israelis seemed to have gotten very confident of their habilities of doing things of this matter (assassination), too confident, perhaps, to the point of leaving so many novice mistakes of intelligence… The israelis have been in this business of terrorism for more than 70 years, along with their superior military, as their way of being the unwanted power of the region.


Framing Israeli Citizens obviously points away from Mossad. Duh!


If Muslims don’t believe in the Jewish prophecy that rebuilding Solomon’s temple for the 3rd time will bring forth the fulfillment of the Judaic scriptures, then WHY NOT let [them] rebuild their temple -and at the same time >hopefully< prove their prophecies wrong. It could be like the Chinese Olympic coliseum where the Chinese get credit for building it, but everyone gets to share in the grandeur and beauty. Hell, while we are rebuilding historical sites in the Middle East, we should serious consider rebuilding the Egyptian Pyramids to their original opulence.


I have been reading some of the other comments and I guess we all should ask ourselves a question. How can we survive if we don’t modify [The Geneva Convention] our rule book of cordial customs and etiquette? An example: in the US Civil War, Generals would stand on opposite hills and tell their soldiers to walk straight into the gun fire of the opposing force (it sounds crazy). The etiquette of these battles made for beautiful paintings but the reality was that it was not an effective method for winning or holding ground and resources. In time, small groups sprawled out of the weaker army, and started fighting as bush-whacking terrorists. Once a war degrades to either party taking to terrorism, an opposing force must drop to that same level to survive. This is why the U.S. can spend over one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars and eight (8) year on a war and still not be winning. -Just an Opinion, Treynia


In the business of spying and counter-intelligence, anything goes as long as you don’t get caught. When Gary Powers of the famed U-2 incident and the Rosenbergs in the 1950’s in the U.S. and Kim Philby in the U.K., a few years later, got caught, nothing changed. Government’s and organizations around the world are constantly spying to gain information to try to eliminate (or kill) their adversary over the Internet.

The Pentagon recently announced there have been many incidents of malware and spyware that found its way into many Department of Defense operations-Internet. Satellite technology, often referred to as weather technology, is constantly spying as is the drones in operation in the Middle East.

This was a sloppy operation and there was tremendous exposure on the part of the Mossad of Israel. Pressure must be put on the Israeli’s from other governments and journalists throughout the world to let Israel fully understand, their people might be exposed in other operations.

It’s all a pressure game and according to many novelists, great fun (i.e., James Bond had a blast!).

Regardless of what action, if any, will be taken against Israel, nothing will change. Who knows whose other identity might have been stolen and utilized by some intelligence gathering agency and or operation currently in process.


I don’t think it made Israel any safer. Al-mabhouh is probably already been replaced by a successor. If anything it degrades Israel’s image even more.


what is the world turning to?…this is complete injustice..First the Israeli invades the Palestinian land and this..Hamas is not a terrorist organization. They were a democratically elected government in palestine. The US label them as a terrorist org because hamas is not in bed with them. The oppressed are now the oppressors. First the we Jews cried foul against the Nazis and now they are in the seat once occupied by the Nazi. The world is unfair and the US is hypocritical. Israel has nuclear weapons and any other country in the Middle East trying to acquire it becomes a problem. The world is watching and i trust Hamas to retaliate and this will put jewish ppl at harm. I feel sorry for the poor ppl whose identity were stolen and this goes to show that no one is safe esp in the middle east. I am jewish and i see this a wrong..and i hope that the Mossad is not involved because innocent jews in Israel will suffer.


This feels like a U.S. operation on the outside. The clear trail back to the Israeli’s is a typical trademark of a well executed clandestine operation. Additionally, President Obama did have Hamas removed from the U.S. Treasury’s terrorist watch list, so they could monitor the movement of money and high ranking members of this terrorist organization. However, in light of the “easy access” to kill this man, one should look beyond the murder itself and focus on the potential repercussions of all parties [obviously] involved. Who wants to maximize Middle Eastern friction? I suppose we should even consider Al-Qaeda as a possible instigator of this assassination. Another reality is, the U.S. doesn’t like large scale ops like this, as they lead to leaks years later which can be very embarrassing.


Israel is fighting an unconventional war against terrorist entities. The Mossad is Israel’s silent arm of action in this war. Denial is a standard way of protecting those involved in what might be termed legally questionable operations. Justice, however, is not forgotten. Mabhouh was responsible for the deaths of two Israelis. He was involved in procuring arms which would be used to battle Israel. Who is responsible for the assassination is ultimately not so important as to the fact that a terrorist has been eliminated. Israel will continue to fight the war against terrorism.


No, this guy was fair game for Israel.


I hope the effort to rid the Mideast of Hamas and similar hoodlum groups should be encouraged and supported. Israel’s enemies are also our enemies.


Of the 41 comments, #6 made the correct link. The world court is the proper agency to try international criminals. If Israel is responsible and what it did was right than any country or group has the same rights.


Really,Daljit, don’t you think you could do a better job of being a journalist? Your source today was, by his own answers to your limited questioning, opinionated, even saying two different things, that Mossad wouldn’t be that
sloppy, then that they most likely did it. This isn’t even reporting, but slanted, uneven opinions
and not based on anything like investigative digging for the truth. English Aljazeera is a major source for a lot of what you put on the air.
Slanted already. Up until now I’ve enjoyed your show for the most part. But this piece today is,
by good reporting standards, very slim and unbelievable. Basically it’s Israel-bashing. What
are you thinking? Enough already with this lefty
By pretty much avoiding the daily, ongoing Hamas
bombardment of innocent Israeli civilians (Sderot,
etc, and as far as Haifa, then Tel Aviv apparently
with the known help of Iran’s newer rocket supplies), your program and others, don’t give a realistic picture of what Israeli civilians are
experiencing daily. Hamas recklessly continues its
war to eliminate Israel, and this barely makes
“news”. Why is it, and how come you don’t do a better job of giving us a full picture?
Israel’s relative restraint is hardly ever given
its due – they gave Gaza away (didn’t have to)
along with a good infrastructure that Hamas proceeded to waste. Israel withstood several years
of rocket bombardment (approximately 10,000) and
the capture of Gilad Shalit before finally striking back to try closing the tunnels.They sent
out thousands of flyer & phone warnings to Gazans
to take cover before Operation Cast Lead, yet Hamas leaders and fighters chose to hide behind
the women and children to purposely put Israel in
a bad international light. What about Hamas’
treachery towards its own families? Why does this
not get a Great Deal of attention???
Please do better. Your viewers and proper reporting deserve no less.


Someone who’s responsible for the murder of men, women and children through suicide bombers and rockets, etc., etc., etc., cannot be murdered- can only be justifiably eliminated.


Majority of arabs think Israel guilty anyway so little benefit for Israel to claim responsibility?


The World should Applaud Who did this for their Effort in taking out of service a Terrorist.


Whomever bailed-out Dubai’s default $$$ problem got one “Free Kill”,…of their choice. Now,who’s got that kind of spare change? “Follow the Money”?


Problem is that Arabs are revenge-minded. Every Jew around the world is a potential target for revenge. Google “Leon Klinghoffer”.


Wish there could be more such killings.I am surprised why there is so much of coverage for a killing of a terrorist…!? Well done!!!


Both the Bush and Obama administrations have failed to take a Zionist pro-Israel position. America needs to be less concerned about political correctness and less fearful of the terrorists. God is the one to fear and Jerusalem belongs to the Jews.


I appreciate the balanced news coverage that is presented by World Focus and hope that this incident will be brought to light by the objective reporting done by Daljit Daliwal. It is important for all the world to see that criminal behavior is punished to the full extent of international law.
So I plan to increase my donations to PBS to counter the jingoistic narrowness of the above comments that threatens our freedom to information. My suggestion to those above commentators who need the pablum of nationalism please listen to American talk radio you will find it satisfying. PBS keep up the good work. You are appreciated.


I dosn’t matter who did the hit, as long as that they killed that terrorist bastard. Let’s keep up the good work and keep fighting the forces of evil around the globe. Also the U.S. needs to quit feeding the snakes in the mideast and turn Iran into a sheet of glass.


There has always been a history of arrogance and and false morality concerning the state of Israel and its usage of it’s intelligence agency Mossad. If indeed they were involved in the handiwork of the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhoub, then they will only intensify and escalate the resistance of the Palestians and those Arabs who support the idea of a Palestinian state. Here lies Israel’s Achilles heel, in thinking that ultimately there will never be consequences for their actions. Ironically, they forgot what happen to nation-states that did not reign in their intelligence services, and therefore were destroyed by their own narrow-minded nationalism and religious zealousness masked with so-called democratic virtues.
An intelligence service is only as good and discipline as its master. If Israel cannot play by the rules of intelligence gamemanship, then it will have to be prepared to pay the consequence for its intelligence debacles. The most secure and resilient intelligence agency is the one that does the least amount of assassinations, while obtaining the most valuable intelligence informantion, and Mossad no longer fits into that small realm of elite services.


Israel has a clear policy about its espionage outside of its border: not comment at all. If it disclose or admit its involvement in the killing, it would be a blow for the spy agency that has been relentlessly working for Israel’s security. These spies should have access to disable the hotel’s CCTV before going to kill the guy.


Israel has a clear policy about its espionage outside of its border: not comment at all. If it disclose or admit its involvement in the killing, it would be a blow for the spy agency that has relentlessly been relentlessly working for Israel’s security. But it seems a child play because these spies should have access to disable the hotel’s CCTV before going to kill the guy.


Using Al Jazeera to report on Israel is like using the former Soviet Tass news agency to report on the US.


fatahs military wing was behind this. they have had ties to sinn fenn and beider meinhof help for years. if as hamas claims this guys travel itinerary was limited to a very few people in their organization, then it’s obvious it points to a fatah mole in their midst. by making things look like it was israel it interfers with any solution on shalit making hamas look like a stumbling block to peace in the eyes of “palestinians”. it also would add pressure by the world on israel to concede to abbas’ demands enough to get the peace initiative back on, thus making abbas/fatah look better. with iranian help and syrian help they all thought is was a win-win for the fundamentalists. if the world truly falls for it, then lets all start studying up on sharia law because it WILL soon subplant the constitutions of non-muslim countries.


What gives Israel the right to vigilante “justice”? I choose not to visit the middle east. Israel’s vicious attacts on the native population has turned the region against the USA. The killers are not only guilty of murder, but also of identity theft of innocent Irish citizens. I wonder why Israel is not brought before the World Court in the Hague for human rights abuse and murder.


It is not first time Daljit Daliwal posed the question and falsfully accusing Israel in wrong doing. I remember her from Lebanon war when she worked for BBC, professional and pathological liars, and learned how broadcast fraudulent information on Israel. Moreover, ITN is also notorious for false, fake and fraudulent publications from Kosovi case and on.


I think that they shouldn’t say anything. If they deny it, then opinions wouldn’t change. Many people will not change their opinions no matter what was put forward. Hamas is a terrorist organization, that while having some new found legitimacy now, wants to keep fighting instead of peace. use civilians to hide behind, and play on sympathy to get their way. The US or Pakistan don’t get nearly as much flak from targeting Taliban leadership. Why does Hamas get special treatment?


One further thought:
As we have seen, Dubai has this incredible network of cameras observing everything happening in its domain.So one might ask when they saw a man enter a men’s room and then leave in a disguise why didn’t they investigate that? Why did they allow this same man to leave the country?They seem to have clear photos of his face, so it should have been easy to act if they wanted. Could all the Dubai public outrage & finger pointing be little more than smoke & mirrors to hide their own involvement in the operation? Dubai’s rulers have little sympathy for Hamas, support Abbas and have every reason to want to see senior Hamas operatives dead. Disguising it as an Israeli operation offers them great cover when media outlets like al Jeezera & World Focus are only to happy to spread the speculation as fact.If we are going to speculate, then why not speculate on ALL of the possibilities.


Next time you go to Dubai, be comforted that there security cameras will cover you scratching your nose. And will they sell the images to Al Jazeera English?

But then World Focus seems to act as Al Jazeera’s mouthpiece on public TV.


Yes, they should be forth coming. Because the world pretty much knows they did it. So, they should actually be forthright, (something Israel do not do very often)and take credit for his killing.


World Focus = Wild Hocus Pocus – on this issue anyway.


If it was Israel, they should be congratulated. Groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hizbut Al Tahir, The Muslim Brotherhood pose a threat to the world and not just the Middle East.


Curious how we rush to blame Israel, isn’t it? When the US hits a militant leader, the would applauds. The same with MI6, or the French, …


World Focus has descended into Wild Falsification. The whole segment was speculation, starting from its blind faith in the statements of the Dubai regime.


Instead of spending a whole programme on the death of a terrorist, why did World Focus not cover the Pune bombing in India that killed 8 people a few days ago? It was claimed by Pakistani militants, and apparently directed at a Chabad center close to the restaurant that was hit.


Israel has gone from the arrogance of power, to the power of arrogance, to the arrogance of arrogance. And it has nothing to do with this latest Dubai Hotel incident. They have demonstrated their arrogance and murderous ways last December with the brutal attack on Gaza. The Justice Goldstone report confirms this.


It’s unfortunate that Daljit Daliwal posed the question as “Should Israel be more forthcoming…?” All the segments were twisted to point fingers at Israel.

The whole operation could well be a setup. How can one trust the videos and claims of the Dubai police to start with? Dubai is hardly a model of transparency – it is a tightly controlled regime.

And then why would they use passports of dual citizens, pointing to Israel?

Hamas and Fatah have been involved in warfare for ages, and Hamas has been fighting with Egypt for a long time. How do we know Egypt was not involved, and then set up Israel to be blamed?


Israeli state terror is often outsourced and applauded by American coconspriators of imperialism. What else is new about the warfare state?


First, typically of your middle east coverage, you spent nearly half of your broadcast on a story which was meant to put Israel in a negative light without an ounce of evidence.Frankly this is hardly a story which warrants the amount of time you alloted to it except that it is consistent with your on-going Israel bashing “reporting”.
As to the event itself, I find it interesting that you & others seem to believe that no other intelligence agency in the entire world could have the skill to pull off an action like this or that no one else in the entire world might have their own reasons for executing this senior hamas operative. You seem to overlook the on-going Fatah-Hamas violence (never mentioned in your report), the deep divide between Egypt & Hamas or Jordan’s concerns with Islamic militants like Hamas.The use of the names of Israeli citizens on the false passports rather than pointing to Israel would seem to point to the operation being one of an other intelligence service.The use of those names was clearly an attempt to point the operation towards Israel and frankly why would the very professional Mosad use anything that would point to Israel, rather it would be in the interests of others to make it appear so.It is interesting that this event happened at a time when Israel & Hamas are attempting to negotiate a prisoner swap which is actively opposed by Syria & Iran & both nations have active security operations and reasons to act now.(Including diverting news coverage from Iran’s domestic violent oppression of its own people)Typically that aspect was never part of your coverage nor was there any real exploration of possible other sources of the operation.In reality there is absolutely no evidence to tie this action to Israel, but of course that has never served as an impediment to those who need no provocation to bash Israel.Speculation is not evidence nor is it news. What this reporting amounts to is little more than speculation & rumor offered as news by sources as “neutral” as your very favorite source Al Jeezera. Shame on you.
As to your question as to whether Israel should be more “forthcoming” regarding its intelligence operations, are you crazy? Intelligence operations, espionage & the like are secret by nature. Would you make the same demand on the CIA, MI-5, French Intelligence or even the operations of any Arab country. Once again you are implying that Israel must adhere to a standard not applied to any other nation, so much for unbiased coverage.
At a time when financial resources are very scarce for PBS, I find it disgraceful that PBS supports programming which is little more than propaganda masquerading as objective news.


is veri easy for israel do something lake this and easy will be to do opinion is to answer wiht the same. only be targets thats that way


This was a major terrorist, everyone knew and no one did anything to stop him and his followers. Whoever did it should be praised and the United States should take lessons and learn from the Mossad, in case they were the ones involved.


Hey who better to accuse, than Israel. After all this is what the world has done best for the past 2000 years.But after being established in their eternal homeland they need to take care of #1 and protect their citizens just as every other nation does. Whoever it turns out to be Israeli or other be assured the world of political corrected nearsightedness will have Israel in it’s cross hairs.


I think to consider the death of this avowed terrorist as something extraordinary is outrageous. Hamas sends suicide bombers to kill civilians – the elderly, men, women and children without discrimination. Yet you think that the targeting killing of one of the masterminds of Hamas’ illegal, immoral terrorist attacks is worthy of discussion as to right and wrong. Shame on you!!


Congrats to whoever did it. This Hamas terrorist
brings in weapons into Gaza from Iran, the world’s
biggest supporter of terrorism and hatred towards
the west,


Very Good Israel, do not tell the world any thing.


If Israel did it, I want to know. The Israeli citizens whose identities were stolen certainly have a right to know. If the Moussad were behind it, I don’t realistically expect them to admit it. Whoever did it, the act should be condemned. If the murdered man was a war criminal or terrorist, then due process should have been followed in internationally issuing a warrant for his arrest, and he should have been apprehended and rendered to the Hague or any place he could have been tried under international law. This was done with war criminals in Serbia, and similar warrants have been issued for alleged war criminals in Africa. International law is the proper instrument for promoting justice and global stability. Assassinations only risk making the global situation worse.


Congratulations Israel, Can you also strike Iran? You seem to be the only ones standing up to a faction like the nazi’s which is a small percentage of Muslum but it only takes a small percent of radicals, to mess up peace.


Israel’s government spreads lies and half-truths so often, it is really hard to believe anything they say. The typical tactic of Mossad and Israel’s government is further ambiguous statements regarding their involvement in murder and atrocities.


Who ever did it should keep quiet and deny it. It was a clandestine operation, that means they are secret. If the US had the ability or intelligence to do acts like this, then the Iraq and Afgan wars would not have been necessary, but then of course neither of these countries had anything to do with 9/11, that was the Saudis. To whoever did it, congratulations and keep up the good work. I have always supported the position “step on my toes, I break your legs.” As long as you follow through with it, it works very well.


I’m sure Terrorist Hamas’s hands are not so will! sooner or later KARMA..going to get yeah .


The only thing Israel should be is congratulated
if they were involved.

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