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February 17, 2010
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassins leave trail of clues

There remains considerable mystery over why the Palestinian militant leader might have been targeted and over Mossad’s alleged involvement.

The traces left behind by the assassins leave an uncharacteristically amateurish trail for a killing by the Israeli intelligence service.

For more on the background of this case, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews David Schenker, director of the Program on Arab Politics at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

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I agree with number 11. Pretty soon we will be USI…
(United States of Israel). It is knows since ancient times that the jews encroached themselves in other nations, finally being thrown out! Will this happen here?
I doubt it!


To Mike Bernard:
based on the track record of Mossad, they had stolen many more innocent people’s identity as a common “trick of their trade”. Many of those identity theft victims over the decades might already have suffered retaliation and died “accidentally” or mysteriously. This recent incident is different only because they have closed circuit TV recordings to show the world that there was identity theft. Otherwise, they would probably just send hitman to kill those whose passports had been used. How often do we hear from the news that nameless innocent victims died mysteriously, or by suicide bombers’ attacks? How many of those were victims of misplaced retaliation? Are you sure they would agree with your defense of the crime of identity theft? Identity theft is a very dangerous and inexcusable crime.


M Mathews: are you praising murderers, criminals, who abuse human rights, in ways directly against the principles in the U.S. constitution, and twisting honorable American principles! One can argue that your type of speech is deliberately made to incite, promote principles that violate U.S. law, U.S. constitution, among American citizens. One can argue that your type of speech should be curtailed because these are fighting words deliberately designed to promote international crimes that violate the U.S. constitution, among U.S. citizens.

Every time Mossad kills, those Arab radio and television stations condemn Israel, and target more innocent American and European citizens. That’s how innocent people get attacked at 9-11, and many of us used to be unable to understand why people hate Americans so much. People like you should start thinking about how your rhetoric creates more and more violence in the world, and among innocent people, including innocent Jews whose identities had been stolen. I’m starting to think that all those who died in bomb attacks at synagogues, hindu worship places, buses in London, or trains in Europe, lost their lives because of senseless retaliation as a result of speeches that promote violence like yours.

The more you promote violence that is disguised, hidden, and covered up, it promotes more terror in the world, because when they feel that the international community is inept or unfair or cannot be relied on, to give them justice, they retaliate and create terror for innocent communities in the world, including innocent jewish communities that disagree strongly with you.


Mossad need to train better its professional spies/hit men/women in the coming days ahead.

The CIA and other spy agencies have more people, more money, but they don’t match the people of Mossad, this is a fact that you can bank-on-it.

The CIA/NSA with billions dollars budget/hundered of thousands of people are less effective then Mossad and M16/M15.


Remember when a Mossad murdered the wrong man in Norway and the hit team got caught by a local cop. Now Mossad is outsourcing to the cheapest thugs available. Smells of Israel all over.


Let it be known that Hamas is known to kill its own leaders when it comes to taking power over this terrorist organization.

Dubai Police don’t have a clue who “Done It.”


Lets stop pointing the fingers at Israel. Their hit squad is few in numbers. Ask anyone in the know about the Mosad.


The matter of faking passports is much ado about nothing. Within hours of the Dubai police news conference everyone knew that the people who’s names were used were NOT the actual people that took place in the assassination. Those people thus suffered no harm whatsoever. It is clear that some entity is sticking it to both Dubai and Iran. While Dubai has enjoyed a reputation as a new world capital for commerce, shopping, tourism, etc, it has also been harboring terrorists doing business with Iran. Most of the nations of the EU are so frustrated with the Iranian problem that they would have little compunction whatsoever causing Dubai a bit of grief in the process of thinning out those who are working with Iran to do build their arsenal with the cooperation of Hamas agents as surrogates. This assassination put Dubai on notice about the type of business they care to conduct in their city. It also made a statement that the EU will cooperate with any entity wishing to impede Iran on its current path. Various countries will feign outrage and within a week this issue will be totally off the radar.


When did Dubai World,the state-owned company talks begin to restructure it’s $26.0bn of partial debt due? Here’s a starting point,…late Nov/2009…Dubai contracted Moelis & Co.,the American Advisory Firm created by Moelis{(Mr.Kenneth Moelis the former investment banking president of UBS,A.G. (Swiss Bank Conglomerate)and buddy/busness assoc. of Michael (Den of Theive’s Fame) Milken, and on-off finacial advisor to America’s #10/List Billionaire Sheldon Adelson}to replace Deutsche Bank AG.,and work alongside with original partner ,…that being “Investment Bank N.M. Rothschild & Sons LTD.”of London,England. Just recently,…actually Feb.17,2010,…”Dubai World” will present a proposal to creditors in March/2010 to restructure about $22.0bn of debt after it’s advisors complete valuing the assests of the state-owned company. The completed proposal will be made after final consultations with the Abu-Dhabi Gov’t,and the United Arab Emirates'(UAE) central banks,…an official had spoken on anonymity,and privacy concerns. PS. Just note the date February 17,2010. Thanks Worldfocus


I remember when Mossard used to take out people who were camp guards for the Nazi in WWII, long after the war itself was over. For years they would track down these former guards and main or kill them. Not only in Germany, but in the rest of the world. A few people made the 6 o’clock news, but most were just seen as accidents.


He was being fellow, it does not mean that Israel did the killing. This guy was not a person that you could trust with your dead grandmother, let along anyone else. He had enemies that went far beyound Israel. Many sides wanted him out of the way. Includeing his closest friends.
He did have some bad deals with weapons that had a habit of jamming, pitted with rust, and sub standard ammo. He takes the money and screws people they want him dead.
I wonder if his death had any thing to do that one of those folks that got burnt, put a small price on his head?


Regardless of who’s responsible, you cannot expect this tiny slither of land to always be capable of defending its self within their borders.


To #31, Gunapie: How many “moral” aggressions “peace loving” Arab nations started to distract Israel?


Tit or Tat but who sees the immoratality of the Jewish state agression of Palestine – very few!!! This is because Jewish and Moslem theolgians fail to define what is morality in a cardinal sense, i.e., ONE SHOULD LIVE IN SUCH A WAY AS TO CAUSE THE LEAST AMOUNT OF PAIN AND SUFFERING TO OTHER LIVING THINGS – HUMAN AND NON-HUMAN! Sorry Middle East, you failed to explain why Jewish agression is immoral.


To michael #28: Hamas is one of the most brutal terrorist organizations. Hamas established Nazi regime in Gaza. They rule own people like Gestapo, but you do not care, because for you they are “freedom fighters”.


Back when Margaret Thatcher was MP in Britain, her government investigated, proved, and protested against Israeli government’s using fake British passport to murder people who were considered Israeli’s enemies— these historical facts have been reiterated by the BBC again and again recently. The issue here is not whether the end is justified; the question is whether Israel is justified in such acts of identity theft, which is an international crime, either in the past or, if proven, recently. For me, the answer is no. No country has the right to put innocent people at risk, by stealing their identity via fake passports.

Those who use the argument that Israel would not falsely use passports from those living in Israel— unfortunately, your argument flies in the face of historical facts. It’s much easier for them to steal identity from people living in the country where they have most control behind the scenes and pull the strings. The false pretense is also more credible because it’s much easier to leave from Israel under fake identities of innocent people leaving Israel.

It’s really chilling to hear rhetoric that justifies murders that deprive anybody due process — are these American citizens, people who believe in the American constitution, or live in the United States but willing to abridge US law due to preferential loyalty to another country? They remind me of the guy who killed the doctor who performs abortions, claiming “the world is a better place without people.. killing children” Very sad for me to hear that viewers of World Focus harbor such chilling views.


The Mossad is a Zionist criminal organisation no better than the Gestapo.


This assassination accomplished nothing. It would just invite retribution in this never ending cycle of killing and revenge.


Well spoken #14,…and the irony,or better said hypocrisy of it all is the unknown question of how we (the good ole USA) “Label a Terrorist Group,…Good or Bad”? Here’s an interesting tid-bit,…President Obama just requested $3.0bn in security assistance for Israel for FY/2011. This is the third(3rd)year of a ten(10)year “Memorandum (MOU)of Understanding”, signed by the US,and Israel in 2007 to gradually increase US security assistance to the Jewish State (sounds like a arms-deal to me,and a free one at that,but what do I know?) in order to deter increasing threats? Let’s see,…potential annilation from Iran’s humongous Nuclear Arm’s Arsenal,or the “Bottle-Rockets Hamas shoots at the sky towards “Yehovah’s” domain! This proposed aid to Israel is included in the overall request of $58.5bn in total Int’l affairs spending (have to keep our off-shore corporate welfare/no tax revenues safe,on the taxpayers dime?)! This was all done by the fouteen(14)US Jewish Senator’s constant badgering of congress through AIPAC’s enormous influence in todays American political,and foreign policy via Rahm Emanuel,David Axelrod,and Hillary Clinton(Mrs Lynn Forester de Rothschild,wife of Evelyn de Rothschild was Hillary’s campaign fund manager for president). Finally,I’d like to leave you with this: “One God is far to much for just one Religion to get it’s arms around?” Thanks Worldfocus


ALL..these groups wheather they be terrorist or not …they are under the ..ASSUMPTION ..that they are some how in control they can have a effect…predetermined course of events… It is GOD …Who is in control the ..ALPHA & OMAGA.
These so called little -men…& their little-plans…are just dust- in- the -wind.
psalms 2:1-2../2: 4-5../ 7 :14-16../ 9 :19-20../
4: 8../145:10-12! So don’t let these terrorist
gain any roots in the effect[terror -us ]they are few..but we must be forever vigilant..alert..but not frozen in fear .


To biha #17, 18: For your information, just last month “innocent” Palestinians killed 2 Jews. Palestinian Hamas is responsible for murder thousands of Jews. Do you know that, or you count only Palestinians?


Assassinated illegal arm dealer, responsible for death of hundreds of civilians, including children, used Dubai as transshipment base for weaponry transfer. Dubai police must investigate his contacts in Dubai. Looks like Dubai police is hiding something and looking for “escape goat”.


Yes, if the Arabs and Israel could make peace, and if Satan and God could only make up and shake hands, and if the Nazis and Bolsheviks could only dance the Hora, what a wonderful world this would be. But that’s a post-messianic vision. Meanwhile, down here on earth, there are certain ancient intractable divisions that make such wonderful visions nothing but delusional LSD tripping. Oh, while we’re here back on earth, the Lakota Sioux declared independence from the US back in December 2007 and have issued passports. When do they finally get their own state and a seat in the UN? That’ll make for a new passport for the Mossad to copy.


Dear World Focus:
The killing of the Hamas official has the look of a set-up to me. A squad of hitmen to do what one could easily do? Changing disguises on camera? Dual-nationality passports linked to Israel?

My guess is the people behind this comic-opera “hit” are rival terrorist groups, or possibly even rivals within Hamas.

The real tragedy is that if the Palestinians and Israelis would make a real peace, their children would no longer have to live in fear, the area would prosper and the world would be much safer.

But, alas…the current way is the way of the Middle East! The current way really is typical of the “blood feuds” that pre-dated Islam, Judism and Christianity, where one tribe or another, would fight and kill until one was wiped-out. Proof positive of the results of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden..and our need for our Savior.

Richard Anderson


Never Again means that never again will those who have Jewish blood on their hands think they can roam the world with impunity safe from justice anywhere! As for the Palestinians, Israel has given all the concession it can and will. When is China going to give concessions to the Tibetans? Or Turkey to the Kurds? When will the UK remove its occupation forces from Northern Ireland? When will the Muslims accept Israel’s right to exist?


As if Britain wouldn’t have done anything to kill Hitler during WWII. Of COURSE the Mossad has to use foreign passports to get to its mortal enemies who have sworn to destroy Israel! Most Arab and other Muslim countries don’t even recognize the State of Israel’s right to exist! How else can it possibly eliminate international terrorists? Israel must, shall, and will terrorize the terrorists! IT shall and will see to it that those who have blood on their hands get their just desserts, from Eichmann to the Hama SS Jew-killers. God Bless Israel.


This is purely a terrorist act, and it should be condemned as such.


I would like to know how the world would react if Hamas had snuffed out one of the Jews responsible for the murders of Palestinians.


My problem is not with Israel killing a specific individual member of Hamas. Indeed, that is preferable to its bombardment of Gaza, which killed hundreds of innocents. The problem arises when it appears that the Israelis used real names, and forged the passports of its allies in carrying out this operation. Such behavior is seen by drug gangs, not governments that ask for the world’s sympathy.


Hillary Clinton is very selective about who is a terrorist, and who is not. That is why her comments about “terrorists” have no credibility in other countries.

Yes, it is true that many of the terrorist groups were the founders of Israel, Irgun, the Stern Gang, Ester ….
Israelis are skilled in terrorist activities, but to no avail. They are pressing against the logic of history; they cannot colonize, terrorize, occupy and subjugate Palestinians for ever.


So, David Schenker used to work at the “Pentagon” ? My guess is that he worked at DOD, when Wolfowitz, Doug Feith and the Neocon crowd were at the helm. When Sec. Gates came on board, all these Neocon elements packed up and left the DOD; they either went back to WINP, or AIPAC

WINP, (Washington Institute for Near East Policy) is a front for Israeli rightwing elements. WINP’s offices are connected through corridors to the back of the Israeli embassy.


To LG: Israel was founded by the UN as a place for jews to go who where uprooted from there homes by the Nazi regime. So the UN are terrorist, let me guess u and Bin Laden are just everyday hard working people? Sounds like an uneducated brainwashed future al queda guinea pig if i ever heard one.
Can’t c dubai police being able to decipher all that video and pinpoint all the members of a mossad hit squad in such a short period of time. Somethings fishy, either way hopefuly bin laden’s next.


Um. Hello. Of course this was an assasin team. Can you blame them after all the innocent carnage the other side has reked? Please. Stop the nonsense talk here. I believe in the sanctity of life, but Hamas is pure evil. They do not want to talk. Sloppy job from Israel by American Standars? Yes. But job done. Yes. The End. Bye.


Israel was founded by terrorists. The tradition continues with their American lapdogs applauding.


Does David play guitar? Does he have a brother named Michael or Rudolf?

“Hit Team”? The amateur killers are caught red handed in Dubai. These are not A-Team killers. They are the F-Team. They are destined to be dishwashers in the Army surely out of a good job for the rest of their lives (no disrespect to dishwashers or a-team killers intended). It’s nice to see that their employer ropes in a dozen goons to do the job of one – true amateurs indeed. Didn’t it take twenty USCIA to kidnap one in Milan? Didn’t they also leave a long and detailed paper trail? This mission was filmed for youtube consumption!

Dubai did not allow Russian puppet Chechen to get away with killing Sulim Yamadayev and they will not allow US puppet Israel to get away with killing Mahmoud Al Mabhouh.

Of all the hundreds of people shown in the film, why are two faces blurred out?

gulfnews dot com shows The murder of Mahmoud Al Mabhouh and proves the team are amateurs who got caught red handed.


World Focus = Wild Hocus Pocus – on this issue anyway.


If it was Israel, they should be congratulated. Groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hizbut Al Tahir, The Muslim Brotherhood pose a threat to the world and not just the Middle East.


Curious how we rush to blame Israel, isn’t it? When the US hits a militant leader, the would applauds. The same with MI6, or the French, …


It’s unfortunate that Daljit Daliwal posed the question as “Should Israel be more forthcoming…?” All the segments were twisted to point fingers at Israel.

The whole operation could well be a setup. How can one trust the videos and claims of the Dubai police to start with? Dubai is hardly a model of transparency – it is a tightly controlled regime.

And then why would they use passports of dual citizens, pointing to Israel?

Hamas and Fatah have been involved in warfare for ages, and Hamas has been fighting with Egypt for a long time. How do we know Egypt was not involved, and then set up Israel to be blamed?


February 17, 2010
Whoever was responsible for the assassination did a dastardly deed, irrespective of whether the victim himself was guilty of horrible crimes. I’ve elsewhere argued that political assassination is never morally justified,and I continue to maintain that view.


Why would you need such a large squad to bump this guy off?It looks like a deadly clown show,so I would bet it is the Israelis……..


World Focus is really Israel’s apologist and spin machine. You operate under the guise of international news but really simply provide a platform for excusing Israeli terrorism. Hamas and the right wing Israeli government are cut from the same cloth. Israel is the number one terrorist state along with its US lapdog.


Whoever did this they have done right thing exterminating professional murderer responsible for death of hundreds of civilians including children.


so an arms dealer, a dealer in death, reaped what he sows,a killer of Israeli soldiers, the world is a better place without this lawless indvidual stalking and walking on it. George

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