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February 17, 2010
Colombian right-wing militias accused of rights abuses

In Colombia, authorities recently arrested a fugitive right-wing militia commander in a suburb of Bogota. Arnolfo Santamaria Galindo faces charges in connection with 2,500 murders.

Between 2003 and 2006, more than 30,000 militia members were de-mobilized as part of a peace process with the government, but many others refused to lay down their arms.

Human Rights Watch has said that the de-mobilization has been flawed and that violent new successor groups, which count thousands of members in their ranks, operate in three-quarters of Colombia’s departments.

To document the abuses of these militias, Human Rights Watch produced the multimedia project Deadly Threats and released a report, Paramilitaries’ Heirs.

In conjunction with photographer Stephen Ferry, Human Rights Watch profiles three men who have received death threats — a lawyer, a doctor whose father was murdered and a journalist who writes about the paramilitary groups.

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I’m Colombian and I know this misinformation. The FARC guerrilla and the Communist party (paradoxically called “Polo Democrático”) are experts on propaganda.


Just gives Speaker Nancy Pelosi another reason not to bring the Colombia Free Trade Agreement up for a vote.(Which she should).


I have a great deal of empathy for these people,…but why is it always ,”The United States” that must come to the rescue? America,our beloved homeland is in crises mode, unbeknown to it’s politician’s whom seem to be in a time-warp of denial regarding our finite financial sovereignty. If we fail to clean-up our own house,…we to could find ourselves in the very same anarchistic state as our South-American neighbor, Columbia.

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