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February 16, 2010
U.S., Pakistan reap benefits of cooperation against Taliban

Mullah Abdul Baradar is the most senior member of the Afghan Taliban captured in the eight-year war against the movement.

The joint raid conducted by U.S. and Pakistani special forces suggests a change in tactics by Pakistan’s ISI military intelligence service. For years ISI was reluctant to target the Taliban, a movement initially cultivated by Pakistan to counter Indian influence in Afghanistan.

For more, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Hassan Abbas, a former Pakistani government official who is now with the Asia Society and the Quaid-i-Azam Chair Professor at Columbia University’s South Asian Institute.




What makes WorldFocus more insightful and different is the presentation of totally new angles than those presented by the big networks and corporations. I had no idea (although I had a suspicion) that the Taliban commander was close to the Pakistani intelligence in the past, I was unaware that he was a participant in the Dubai peace initiative and therefore not truly from the hard core Taliban and mainly speaking for himself and maybe a small group of moderates. I have to agree therefore with the post of Victor, that the capture may not be significant and I also feel as the expert Hasan Abbas that the capture (rather than surrender) may have been a staged one and a symbolic one and not strategic or having a real impact. I defer with Hasan Abbas in his thinking that the US and Pakistani intelligence is working together. It seems to me that it is a temporary arrangement of convenience and justification of the billions in aid that the Pakistani government has received over the years from the American tax payers and in recent months in particular. The fact that the captured Taliban commander was nabbed in Karachi, Pakistan once again reinforce and establishes Pakistan as the primary safe haven of terrorists.


If you believe that the capture of any Taliban commander, senior or otherwise will somehow deal a death blow to the Taliban movement or even make a hair of a difference then either you are incredibly naive or you are probably new to the Afghan war. Each Taliban unit works independently. There are no real Taliban commanders. There is no organised hierarchy. Even Mulla Omer has no real control over anything. This is simply Afghans trying to throw out crusading Americans and their crusading allies. Nothing more.

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