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February 16, 2010
Afghan Taliban military leader captured in Karachi

Pakistani and American agents recently captured the second-in-command of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

Hailed as a major victory in the war in Afghanistan, last week’s raid was revealed today by the New York Times.

The seizure has raised big questions about whether the Pakistani government knew of Baradar’s whereabouts all along.

Zeina Khodr of Al Jazeera English has more on the Afghan reaction to this major development.

Will the capture of the Afghan Taliban military chief make life any easier for U.S. troops there?

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No, I do not. It’s a strong possibility that this is all whitewash and was arranged in advance for publicity and intended to bolster US propaganda that we are making a difference over there. Perhaps to justify the billions of money spent and countless lives lost. They are unsuccessfully trying to convince US citizens and others that we still should fund this war and we’re so much safer now.


In the short term possibly. In the long term I would think that the Taliban have replacements in line – the good news is that the Taliban will know now that they can run but they can’t hide – sooner or later we’ll get them. We need to get Bin Laden for sure – that will deal a severe Psychological blow to the Taliban because he is their inspiration to carry on. I can’t believe that with the US and British intelligence agencies we haven’t caught up with Bin Laden yet. But we have to give a lot of credit to our wonderful US Marines who are doing a great job retaking the Helmond province. Our military personnel are the best there are and no one should doubt that – I’m sure that the Taliban know that by now – GO MARINES!!!!! Jim @ USA


I think that it could make life easier for U.S. troops partly because of the way the operation was conducted in this case. If it had been done by killing a group of 10 or 15 civilians, say, including women and children, then it probably would have been tactically counterproductive, since, for one reason, the Taliban may be more of a movement than just leadership. During WWII, the allied bombing in Nazi Germany reportedly killed a little over 650,000 civilians, while we were fighting a Nazi army of perhaps around 12 million men with technology comparable to our own. That is a ratio of about 1 civilian killed to 18 military men that we were trying to stop. If you kill 10 civilians in order to get 1 militant, say, as some of our drone attacks are prone to do, that is a ratio of 10 to 1, which is a factor of about 180 TIMES HIGHER than it was EVEN IN GERMANY DURING WWII!! This is one reason why the argument that some people propound that what happened in WWII somehow justifies the unnecessary or careless killing of civilians in the present situation does not hold.


gary Says:”…unitl Israel decides to anihilate the the enemy…” <— to relieve acute case of paranoia, some afternoon tea and crumpets would do


Inasmuch as the Taliban is made up of many individuals who are very unstable and disgruntled about everything, the capture (if it was a capture and not some pre-arranged surrender) of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has a symbolic victory attached to it rather than a clean capture of a leader of an enemy force.

There are too many tribal leaders and independents operating under the guise of the Taliban. Eradicating the Taliban must be a village by village, town by town operation.


Give me 6 months to a year…and I could clear this situation would be brutal but effective…if anyone is interested which I highly doubt…I will articualte….but generally…it would be to anihilate the enemy…it would not include the use of a nuclear option either


I dont think so…the USA has not fought a war to win since World War II…until the US decides to anihilate the enemy…unitl Israel decides to anihilate the the enemy…this situation will fester for decades to come…


I do not think it is that much significant that he was captured. Think aboubt it, U.S. Military have officers in place take over if a general was to be killed or so
something else. I feel that the Taliban is set up the same way. After all most of the Taliban has U.S. Military traning. The capture might slow thier efforts down, but that’s about it.




What will we say about this news a year, six months, a month from now?
This is war? It’s like a game. With actual human life and resources hanging in the balance.
The enemy?is too fragmented to be led by one commander. Whack a mole!?



The troop surge is working ! KEEP THE LAWYERS AT BAY !!!! lol !


The capture of this leader has no effect whatsoever on the security of our troops. This war may drag on for a year or for decades — towards the same destiny. We will leave Afganistan and Agganistan will be returned to the Afgan people.


Pakistan will hand over any significant Taliban, if it means getting the United States out of it’s internal affairs. There currently is a underlying rift going on in the ad-hoc post-colonial British ruled state,…that being there probably next on the “War-on-Terror” dissection (dismemberment sound familiar?) agenda? There are four provinces that make-up the “1947” emancipation of this young republic,…Punjab,Sindh,Baluchistan,and the Northwest (NWFP) Frontier. Pakistan has “100-Nuke’s” in it’s formidable nuclear weapons arsenal,…located in Sargodha, Punjab Province,and Kamra located north of Islamabad in “No-Man’s-Land”( don’t really know what province)? Please note: Pakistan is currently a failed state in all reality,…Baluchistan Province which was carved-out last,and ironically comprises 42% of Pakistan’s land-mass,…and having only 5% of the countries total population is a strategic prize highly sought-out by the “Land-Whales”? The US/UK would love to get their hands on Baluchistan as a broken-up (brokered-deal) parcel,thusly paying-off the Government of Pakistan a huge substantual sum of cash,and various sweeteners for it’s (quartered)independence. Why? Solely because of it’s geographical location (I’ll leave the imagination for working this out?)? This is certainly going to happen in the not so distant future for the very fact that Mr. Omar has taken-up residency in the port city of Gwadar,Pakistan! PS. Just think of the $$$ Trillion’s to be made by the “Free-Pass” from Quetta via west to Multan directly west into the “Mother-Load/$$$” of the Indian border town of Fazilka,India. Thanks Worldfocus


Hard to say. I think others are there to take the leaders spot, but the nuse is certainly tightening around the terrorists groups. I would hate to be a terrorist with those drones flying overhead and not knowing when a missle or bomb will fly up your ###.


If we can get some info from him on the operations, yes but if not thats all we can get now.


Of course not!! They have a chain-of-command just like any military organization. Maybe the next in line will be better, and cause more problems. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

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