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February 15, 2010
NATO offensive clears Taliban stronghold in Helmand

On the third day of the biggest allied military offensive in Afghanistan since 2001, U.S., British and Afghan troops have converged on Marjah, a Taliban stronghold and opium hub in Helmand province.

Coalition forces are said to be engaged in numerous firefights throughout the city.

Meanwhile, the ongoing problem of civilian casualties again reared its head when two U.S. rockets hit a house over the weekend. And today a NATO airstrike killed five people mistaken for insurgents.

Brian Katulis, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, joins Daljit Dhaliwal for more on the NATO offensive.

Katulis discusses the strategic significance of the assault on Marjah and the Afghan army’s involvement. He also talks about the Afghan government’s ability to take control of Marja once international forces leave.

For more on Afghanistan visit the Worldfocus extended coverage page: War in Afghanistan.




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These terrible,horrific,and ungodly opium trafficker’s known now only as the Taliban…grow their crops thoughout Afghanistan,but unfortunately the (name given to tribal chieftains when fighting the invading Russian Army),”Afghan Warlords” are the main producers of the [(Columbia/Mexico/Peru/etc.)(quite similar to the pot crops grown in Calif/Vt/Fl/etc.,etc.,)] crop to support their small armies,and feed,clothe,house,and educate their indigenous brethren,etc.! Now,…one must ask himself/herself why would they need armies when the Russians were defeated so many years ago with the help of Osama bin Laden,and co.? Simply said,…they fear their own government,and the corruptable leaders who would sell out their own people for a few shekels,…and that especially holds-true for the current Afghan Army! I would like to point out the strategic geography of Marjah,within the Helmand Province,and how closely it borders Kandahar Province to the east. But, there is another strategic stronghold the US/UK must secure,and fortify (similar to the walled-in cities in Iraq for US/UK personel as a war-room/negotiating oil/gas contracts compound) that will never leave once built,…that being Herat Province, approximately 150 miles north. The reality for this massive military surge regarding the US/UK military operations is about the vast amount of money to be made by the few (I won’t name names,… yet?),thus making way for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pipeline [(TAPI)/(Blue-Gold “Gas Rush”)of the 21st Century] originating from the “Dauletabad Gas Fields” (known as Sovietabad in the early 90’s in the Ahal Province of Turkmenistan) in South Central Turkmenistan, traversing down through Herat Province Afghanistan,veering downward into Kandahar Province,Afghanistan,…crossing the Afghan border into Quetta,Pakistan heading directly west to Multan,Pakistan,and finally ending in the border-city of Fazilka,India which is the end of the current route proposed for now. Please be well advised that the Afghanistan Gov’t will recieve approx. 8% of TAPI projects revenue,and the everyday citizen of Afghanistan will likely never see a penny? Lastly,…this is all about shutting-down,or closing completely the “Iran-Pakistan-India” Natural-Gas Pipeline(IPI)thus sucking-out Iran’s financial lifeblood,and giving victory to Israel,…? Someone,…anyone,please explain what the Taliban did to deserve their incineration,they didn’t bomb the “Twin Tower’s”,the Arab’s were responsible,…they aren’t the al-Qaida,and lastly what has Iran done to us? Iran won’t have a nuclear Bomb until 2015 at the earliest,…even if they decide to actually make one,and America should “STOP” assumming,and yet Israel wants,and rants about blowing them too “Kingdom Come”,and probably starting a worldwide “Islamic Holy War”,that could escalate into WWIII. What gives with todays United States leaders,…have they no brains,or does “AIPAC” lead them by the pocketbook?

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