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February 12, 2010
Week in Review: Debt crisis in Greece and Iran’s nukes

In this week’s roundtable discussion, we focus on Europe’s economic challenges, including the debt crisis in Greece that has many Europeans worried about their common currency.

We also focus on Iran and what that regime is trying to achieve by moving to a higher level of uranium enrichment, which has prompted warnings of new sanctions from the West.

Carla Robbins, deputy editorial page editor of the The New York Times, and Garrick Utley, president of the Levin Institute of the State University of New York, join Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss these issues.




I guess Iranian Regime’s nuclear dream is just over the horizon ?. The object of their desire is
perhaps a nuclear warhead…..up next ??
We the U.S…I believe let go our vision
to put a stop to end this …by letting it go into
the hands of the U.N…ROLL OVER ..TALK OVER..
NEXT A DO OVER…they [u.n.] is so willing to let Iranian REGIM..DREAM BIG = NIGHTMARE…While they close their EYES to their TYRANNICAL WAYS.
……Mean while let’s keep on TALKING ..Because
it seem to me Iran is the only one who is …winning in this on going …T a l k s * WHY IS THAT ???


Personally, I favor the punishment for signing the NPT but not living up to it with a nuking. Those who did not sign the treaty have not committed a crime for developing nukes, as long as they can do it with their own indigenous resources.


Why doesn’t Worldfocus have a segment on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, explaining to your audience what it is, what it says, and when it came into existence, and who signed and why, and who did not sign it and why. Maybe your journalists might learn something too as well as your audience. Thank you.


The GREEK’S.. Tragedy , was dealed by their own Hands. Years of Bloated [govt.]spending . ..No budgeting !… WHOS NEXT ???


I am afraid that the Iran Nuclear Program will soon be out of the world’s hands, and more on the hands of the nation is Israel. They will not tolerate Iran having nuclear weapons, and will likely take military action to destroy any sites in Iran where nuclear weapons technology is being developed. It just seems things are going that way.


At some future point, many nations will have nuclear technology. The key will be supporting moderates in those nations, and not giving propaganda material to extremists like Ahmadinejad, which only keeps them in power — found a cool site; Balkingpoints ; incredible satellite view of earth


I guess it was yesterday’s (2/11/10) show that had an interesting segment on Greece (from Deutche Welle) and a repeat of a good story from Iran; they both sort of showed how things “really” work, as opposed to how things are supposed to work.

Separtely, the 2/10/10(?) show had a worthwhile story about Nigeria. One probably doesn’t want to create the impression of a “mean world” that only has murders and rapes, but such things do happen and bear witnessing (in edited form).


The MX missile was once planned as a mobile platform (like air and sea systems). The idea was to make it difficult (if not practically impossible) for others to keep track of all the weapon sites. Also, it was supposed to be cheaper to maufacture and move around additional dummy/decoy missiles than it was for a potential adversary to deploy countermeasures. MIRVs, aside from increasing the risks of letting one missile get through, also introduced some operational and capital economies. Building multiple enrichment sites (which may be intentionally concealed) probably isn’t a favorable economic strategy, but it does increase the risk to others of missing something. The history of the secret Manhattan Project seems to indicate that it wasn’t so secret to the Soviets at the time, but there have been more recent examples of countries — usually with direct or indirect foreign assistance — being able to establish programs with lower profiles and more rapid accomplishments. Sanctions and inspection regimes aren’t useless, but there can be limits if parties are determined to move ahead. Most people would probably accept, at the end of the day, a limited strike against a proliferating nation’s nuclear weapons program, but this may be easier said than done. People may have to decide if they want a full-scale war or learn to cope with another nuclear nation (along with new risks). Like reforming the UN, there are proposals to change proliferation agreements so that countries can’t claim exceptions for peaceful uses.

Invading a foreign country probably has some deterrent value. State human rights violations can be curbed. Weapon threats can be removed. Labelling people as “liars” after the fact can be reminiscent of a couple going through a bad divorce. However, there are also many opportunity costs. The Iraq War was frequently spoken of as a likely six-day war where most troops would be quickly withdrawn, bills would be largely paid out of Iraqi oil revenues, and oil prices would decline. Like breast cancer screenings or other decsions, possible false positives and negatives have to be weighed against hoped-for successes. In sporting terms, a talented player (in something like basketball) can often demonstrate more activity than accomplishment and endanger the outcome of a game.


# 3 Earl of Florida. I read your entire comment and I could not have said it any better – you did a masterful job in depicting past and present politics and achievements and underachievement in Washington – congratulation to a well written comment!! I have long said that the economy was well under way with HW Bush and that was a stepping stone for Clinton and then G W Bush ran us in the ditch and Obama doesn’t have a clue as to how to get us out and with Axelrod and Emanual – Obama needs to fire both of them. Jim @ USA


Instead of worrying about Iran,or the “No-Where-to-be-Found…al Qaida”,…but for only the rag-tagged thousand or so hapless Taliban freedom fighters, what has this country really done to solve our own internal problems at home? I might be a bit off-topic,but I feel all is relative. Hear me out,..”The Psychosis of a Polarized Government”? President George H W Bush (#41) in 1988 said emphatically ,read my lips “No New Taxes”! Ironically, those very words came back to haunt him three years later,when he raised taxes! This backdraft,or reneging on a promise resonated instantly throughout america as a rallying cry for the “liberal Left” as the “Achilles’ Heel” that would topple his presidency for his second term. Although his economic team had the country on the path for strong economic growth,his timing couldn’t have been worse with the mild recession still shadowing his administration. Bush lost to Bill Clinton, who actually owes a great portion of his upset victory to independent presidential candidate Ross Perot for slitting the GOP vote. President Clinton walked right into economic nirvana,the fruits of Bush #41 labor would fall into his lap,which took approx. one year to come into full blossom. Clinton’s administration economic team went-all-out, full-throttled ahead in reducing the countries deficit,which he dramically reduce. Needless to say he won reappointment to a second term,and continued his stalwart onslaught reducing our countries debt. Late in Clinton’s first term he moved to the center,and demagnitized the polarization of the congress to work together with a centrist theme that worked remarkable,until the “Famous Honey-Pot” scandaled handcuffed,or better said shackled his policies. The far-right Neo-Cons villified Clinton, virtually leaving him a lame-duck president with approx. thirty-plus months left in his tenure remaining. This drove a wedge through the heart of a centrist government that worked for the good of the people,as President Reagan had done so admirably during his administration. The shame of it all, after successfully reducing the countries debt,and leaving the new President with a healthy fiscal ledger to work with was paramount to President Bill Clinton. Unfortunately,…George W Bush (#43) wins the Presidential race against Gore (via Floirda/Jeb Bush?) and walks into the greatest economy since Truman. But what President George W Bush (#43) administration (Andrew Card,Karl Rove,and co.) wanted was total polarization ,a “divide and conquer” neo-strategy, with absolutely no regard for the countries well being concerning the everyday citizens. Bush #43 lowered taxes for the wealthiest of Americans, and fought “Two-Wars” almost con-currently without raising taxes too fund them,literally wiping out all of Clinton’s eight years of lowering the Nat’l Debt! He fired Paul O’Neil Treasury Sec.,and Larry Lindsey “Chief Financial Advisor” for publicly comming out on the real cost of the wars! He had in eight short years taken,and divisively polarized the entire country,thus putting our financial house in ruins,…knowingly there would be no chance for a “Gop” re-election to win the White House! His administration was on target for handing-off to the next democratic administration a near depression. After seeing,and learning through empirical knowledge his own fathers mistakes, he would never give the incoming party a fighting chance. The country was in crises mode,and debt up to it’s maximum ceiling. The shame of the Bush #43 administrations “take-no-prisoners”,ruthless barbaric politics has literally poisoned our “Executive, Legislative ,and Judicial Branch of Government” putting our country on a path,or course too “Political Civil War”, having no regard for it’s citizens,but only who controls power. President Obama wins but not with the overall numbers one would expect,considering whomever gets the nomination was a shoe-in. Unfortunately, President Obama ,and Rahm Emanuel (Chief of Staff) have polarized the country even more with the help of Nancy Pelosi,and Harry Reid. His administration has done a horrific job with utterly no-sound governance or direction. Obama is an idealist, unable to lead,with absolutely no pliable narrative of how governance works financially. His administration’s picks,or choices are the, “who’s who” of the past two administration with no-change visable,period! The country wanted a change ,but we were flipped,…we went directly into the frying pan…we picked the wrong horse! President Obama’s accomplishments have polarized the country in one year ,to actually seizing-up,with no compromise on the horizon until the 2010 mid-term elections roll around. The people wanted a change,and change they got,…the disconcerting fact that Obama is oblivious to his rhetoric,and philosophical rants,only solidify my darkest beliefs, that rather the countries best interest is in his heart,but rather it is his legacy which is on the pinnicle of his selfish achievments. Unfortunately, all is for naught,for he has manifested a slippery slope in a vaccum of his own doings! I personally put alot of blame on Emanuel,and Axelrod,but the rudder-master is solely in the hands of Obama’s myopic polical compass. Bush #43 could not deal with no more than one subject,whereas Obama can’t deal with one,and our country is on the path of a “Mental Breakdown of the Worst Kind”,…that being “Polarized Psychosis via Political Suicide”! Thanks Worldfocus


Great interview by Daljit regarding the debt crisis in Greece. Where is the euro heading? A more intriging question might have to do with the American Dollar that is pluging into an abyss. Word is the Treasury will try and switch to the euro in place of the American Dollar at the cost of many Americans life savings. If the Euro is to be brought down by European debt..where does the US go next? Hold your breath this could be big!


I generally appreciate all of your coverage of world events, but was a bit taken aback when you highlighted the Olympic Ceremonies and showed the gentleman lighting the Olympic Flame; it seemed a bit of a spoiler.

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