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February 12, 2010
Israeli ice hockey gains traction in Mediterranean nation

The Olympic torch arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, last night, and some 55,000 people are expected to attend the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies tonight.

Unlike some Olympic powerhouses, Israel has just three athletes competing in the winter games, including an ice-dancing brother-sister team and a skier.

But that could change in coming years if growing interest in one Olympic sport turns more competitive.

Arieh O’Sullivan of The Media Line caught up with an enthusiastic squad of Israeli athletes who love ice hockey.

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hey that was me in goal playing in blue for team was a blast.i was last in israel in 1985 in the maccabiah games in the half marathon .distance running was pain and i ran 2:30 in the boston marathonn 1983 to qualify for maccabiah.but ice hockey is far more fun and playing on a team sport much better than individuals.i would trade my 2:30 marathon for a chance to play on the israel national hockey team in a minute. danny it was great and ill ede you next year in goal again ps i look pretty good in goal for a 49 year ive been playing for 35 years on and off


Sport on the USA is based on Money/Race, indeed.

Por Basketball is not a white man sport, its a fact and not a racist statement.

Hockey is played by 99% by white guys, the sport should open its doors to black, asian and lation men, that’s a fact that need to be corrected by those in charge of the sport..

say what you want to say, but that’s the way it is, buddy… Only time well tell if things will change about Hockey in the USA/Canada..


How about running? Competitive running as in Cross Country and Track is gruesomely hard. My sport is your sports punishment.


Case closed.


I laugh with sad face…’no other game quite as demanding.’ Have the long-in-the-tooth-lads tried basketball, not only per game but length of season. I fear they would fail. All Leagues have athletic skill, but none can compare with gutt-level and passion and endurance of a success of basketball team. It the white man’s untold true. As Tiger. The Celtics still sparkle behind the popular teams here in Boston.
Celtic has been in the story here for three years but more often than not make front page Sports Section when they loose be a heartbreak. Boston is a racist/sexist town. Read their Sport pages and listen to their sports talk radio or you will not know this state.

Hockey’s cool but Basketball is real.

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