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February 11, 2010
Iraqi refugee family struggles to earn livelihood in Syria

More than 4 million Iraqis have fled their homes since the Iraq War began in 2003. An estimated 1.2 million have taken refuge in Syria.

In our Worldfocus original video, Charity Tooze reports on a family of Iraqi refugees struggling to survive in Syria, where they have no legal right to work.

The father, a gold medal-winning Para-Olympian, was forced to take his family out of Iraq when militia groups moved into their neighborhood in 2006.

This video is an excerpt from a multimediadocumentary project about the plight of Iraqi refugees that freelance journalist Charity Tooze is launching this summer.

Listen to Worldfocus Radio: Iraqi Refugee Crisis.

And see more multimedia work by Charity Tooze.




[…] the plight of the 2.2 million externally displaced Iraqi refugees which was recently featured in Worldfocus. To learn more about her project contact her at: […]


What’s Going On!…..Marvin Gaye where are you!


my beautiful sister- thank you for doing this very important work. as i’ve told you for years, you are amazing!


The war is winding down perhaps its time to return to Iraq.


Wow! What a powerful story! The video is so vivid it is hard to watch it and remain indifferent to the plight of the Iraqi refugees. Thank you Charity Tooze.


Very interesting and touching video that highlights a problem we don’t sufficiently talk about. Thanks for this work.


Is this not a gas. Iraq used to sit upon the world and put fear into the countries around them. It seems that many who fled Iraq used to be the ones who sat on top of the heap. Otherwise why would they be in Syria or other countries. I wonder why they are dislike in Syria could be that they do not fit in. Could be that like Saddam secret police who along with their families fled Iraq. One would figure that the rest of the Muslim world would open their arms to these poor refugees. But like the Palestinians they are out casts.


and,…as I write, the west is focusing it’s armageddon web on syria,…once they bannish the evil persians into gehenna,…for the mighty zion-belialist must have their sacrifice in begotten sharezer tabrimon blood,…shame will be their only comfort,that days,…has past,…


This video shows the true nature of this “unheard” or better said, “neglected crisis” that unfortunately has displaced many Iraqis. It is my hope that these types of pieces will resonate with the American public to pressure policy makers to do more to alleviate the plight of Iraq’s displaced. Great piece & great forum to address this!

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